Champaign Man Upset Over Apartment Bed Bugs

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A Champaign man got a disgusting surprise as he drifted off to sleep Tuesday night. He found a bed bug crawling on his wall. Robert Ross was watching a movie, when his fiance noticed the bug.

"We were laying down for bed and that's where he was when I squashed him," Robert Ross said.

He wasted no time to get away from the problem. He packed up his fiance and kids and went to a hotel.

Wednesday, he wanted to make sure the bugs were gone. He washed all of the family's clothes and hired a cleaning service. It has cost him thousands of dollars.

"We've got to use all of our savings to get things cleaned," Ross said.

The property manager of Wellington Place Apartments tells us he offered to pay for a preventative treatment. He says Ross moved into the apartment three weeks ago and may have brought the bug in with him. The place has new carpet and was recently inspected for bugs and none were found.

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Champaign Man Upset Over Apartment Bed Bugs

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