How to prepare for treatment
To maximize the effectiveness of a treatment, it is important to prepare in advance.
1. Remove clutter off floors and away from walls.
2. Launder bed linens, bedspread, etc. in “hot” water. Leave bed unmade.
3. Wash clothes in “hot” water or have them cleaned. After cleaning, store in
garbage bags (not in infected room)
4. Remove ALL items from drawers (nightstands, dressers, desk etc.). All drawers must be treated.
5. Remove switch plates from outlets and switches
6. Remove any items that are mounted to the walls (ex. pictures, mirrors, but do not remove these items from the room) .
7. VACUUM THOROUGHLY! (Every other day)
8. Purchase mattress covers for mattress and box spring.
9. Never bring bed frames, mattresses, box springs or upholstered furniture found on the street into your home.
10. Check all used or rented furniture for bed bugs.
11. When traveling, inspect the bed and furniture. Keep suitcases off the floor and bed, and inspect them before you leave.
12. If you suspect you have been around bed bugs, immediately wash and dry your clothing on hot settings or store it in a sealed plastic bag until you can.
13.Seal cracks and crevices with caulk, even if you don't have bed bugs. This will help prevent bed bugs and other pests from coming in.

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