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  Tuesday 21st of March 2023 18:32 PM

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Latest Bed Bug Incidents and Infestations

Incident Radius: 400 Miles

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Bed Bug Bombs & Foggers: Do They Work? | Terminix

People commonly use bed bug bombs - commonly known as insecticide foggers- to fend off bed bugs and other pests in their home and other areas. But do they work? Like most DIY treatments, it depends. Factors like environmental conditions, intensity of infestation and method of treatment application can all play a role in determining control success. Read about the three DIY bed bug foggers below for a better understanding of their efficacy. Essential Oils

Volatile essential oils are frequently used as a treatment option due to their less harmful effects on bed bugs and on humans. However, consumers tend to over-apply natural and other insecticide treatments due to a general lack of training on proper application techniques. Hence excess insecticides may wind up in areas like beds and couches where humans and pets may inhale them, potentially causing non-target effects.

In 2013, researchers conducted a study to determine the efficacy of a variety of essential oils to treat bed bugs. While findings indicated that essential oils could kill the bed bugs, researchers identified many other factors that may influence efficacy of control. By containing the bed bugs in a lab, the essential oil could be applied directly onto the bed bugs, allowing the bed bugs to completely absorb the oils. In a home or other natural environment, however, bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices, making direct contact impractical.

Additionally, essential oil products include other substances that may contribute to killing the bed bugs. Since natural products are exempt from the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, they do not have to disclose all ingredients on their packaging. Consumers using essential oils should consider that they may not know exactly which ingredients they are actually using.

Researchers believe that the smell of bed bug nymphs (immature stage) may deter other bed bugs. Bed bugs emit one scent when theyre babies and a different scent when theyre adults. Researchers from Lund University discovered that the smell of nymphs was discouraging to other bed bugs, including both adults and nymphs. This method requires extensive knowledge of bed bug smells and is therefore not a recommended bed bug solution.

Another home-treatment option often suggested involves store-bought bed bug foggers. Ohio State University researchers found that foggers were unable to infiltrate bed bug hiding spots. The ingredients in the foggers caused the bed bugs to divide and migrate to other areas. This can make treatment more difficult. Additionally, foggers often contain DDT, a chemical compound that bed bugs have built resistance to. Its also dangerous to use multiple foggers in the same location, as the products may explode if too many are used in one area. Since there is no proof of the effectiveness of bed bug foggers, they shouldnt be sought after as a reliable treatment.

So, do bed bug bombs work? DIY solutions may not be effective for areas with high infestation levels. The more bugs that are present, the longer it will take to see success with these solutions. To help get rid of bed bugs quicker, appropriate methods must be used to target the infestation and environment. This requires prior knowledge and experience of handling bed bugs and treatments.

Since DIY solutions cannot guarantee success, call Terminix to help get rid of bed bugs. Our customized treatment plans can aid in tackling infestations around your home so you dont have to worry about experimenting with your own solutions.

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Bed Bug Bombs & Foggers: Do They Work? | Terminix

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Bed bugs take over public housing complex in Charleston – WOWK 13 News

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) We have all heard the nursery rhyme, Dont let the bed bugs bite, but what happens when that becomes your reality?

For Charleston-Kanawha Housing residents like Chad Robinson, it so happens that bed bugs are real, and they have taken over his own home.

They jump on you, and they stay on you, said Robinson, who lives at Carrol Terrace. They attack you. They prey on you, and also, they suck your blood and they wont stop.

Robinson said he went to the hospital after a bed bug dug into his leg. Now, he is asking that management does something to permanently squash the problem.

We do have a number of cases of bed bugs from time to time in our units that we have to address, said Jeff Knight, Chief Operations Officer of Charleston-Kanawha Housing. So, we try to do our best, but we got to know about it before we can deal with it.

Knight says they see the most issues in their high-rise apartments, like Carroll Terrace, located on Kanawha Boulevard.

In our lease agreement, we place the requirement on the family to inform us so that we can treat because obviously, unfortunately, bed bugs can move from unit to unit if its not quickly treated, he said.

Carroll Terrace residents said that is not good enough.

It has been an ongoing problem, said Melissa Cagle, Carroll Terrace resident. In one apartment I was in here, I was sprayed at least three times.

Cagle said she has lived there for 13 years, and no matter how many times they spray, it never gets better. She said there is only one solution.

You have to get rid of furniture because spraying isnt good enough, and its really awful, Cagle said. The best thing to do is tear down the building and build it back up.

Other residents, who have no where else to go, are wishing for something less drastic.

I just wish and pray that we can get the solution solved because it scares me to stay here, and this is the only place that I got to stay, Robinson said.

Knight said they already have a protocol in place to remove bed bugs, which includes residents having to remove all of their belongings from their apartment before it can be inspected and treated.

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Bed bugs take over public housing complex in Charleston - WOWK 13 News

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McHenry County Opioids Update: Learning to live without addiction – Woodstock Independent

As reported last week in The Woodstock Independent, McHenry County had 21 overdose deaths in the first seven months of this year the lowest number for the January-to-July period in five years, counter to the national trend of rising overdoses during the coronavirus pandemic.

But while the decreasing number of overdoses is good news, even better news comes in the stories of people who, with the help available in the county, are learning a new life without drugs or alcohol.

Sober living homes provide people who have completed alcohol or drug rehabilitation a structured environment in which to recover and transition back to normal life.

New Directions runs three sober living houses in the county, with a total of 26 beds. The Independent recently visited the Lincoln Home for women in recovery.

A recovered home

When New Directions bought the 1910 home just a few blocks west of downtown Crystal Lake, the listing advertised it as not a fixer-upper for a normal handyman. It seemed to be a solid house, the listing continued, that needed just about everything.

Thats an apt metaphor for what a sober house does taking the hand of someone who has completed drug or alcohol rehabilitation and teaching them skills, instilling accountability, and building confidence to restore that persons solid structure.

The home was taken down to the studs, said house manager Virginia S., age 55, whom the four current residents affectionately refer to as Virg.

Lincoln Home opened in January 2018 not without opposition from the neighbors, Virginia said.

But as time has gone on, the restored house and its recovering residents have become part of the neighborhood. The man who lives next door mows the propertys large yard with his lawn tractor, and a woman who lives down the street invited the residents and some of the neighbors to a cookout so everyone could get to know one another.

To live in the home, residents must stay sober, pay rent, get a job, open a bank account, obey curfew, attend regular recovery meetings, and pitch in with cooking dinner and house chores.

I love the rules, Hannah C. said. I need stability in my life.

Hannah, who is 26, said her addiction began with alcohol, then methadone.

I used drugs every day for six or seven years, she said.

During addiction, she could not hold a job and was raped twice. After two one-month stays in rehab, she relapsed both times. She came to Lincoln Home after three months in the Northern Illinois Recovery Center.

Although they come from different backgrounds and misused different substances, all residents agree that a 28-day rehab stint, as romanticized in the Sandra Bullock movie 28 Days, is not enough for a successful recovery.

Twenty-eight days gets the drugs out of your system, said Casey M., 25, but you have no skills.

Before going to a sober living house, you need 90 to 180 days in rehab, Virginia said.

The last straw

Bed bugs drove Casey to rehab.

Caseys drug-of-choice was alcohol, along with a little of everything else.

She and her boyfriend of seven years became homeless and took refuge on a friends couch. Horrified to wake up covered with bed bug bites, Casey called her mother, who said she would pick up Casey if she would go into rehab.

She entered Timberline House in Lemont and then completed treatment at the Northern Illinois Recovery Center. After three months, she became a resident at the Lincoln Home, where she is learning to deal with lifes curveballs.

I couldnt go through challenges without Virg, Casey said.

Virginia relishes the role.

I am proud to live in the sober house and help these girls, Virginia said.

While her title is house manager, Virginia functions more as a house mother.

Her own troubles began with opiates after a difficult C-section with the second of her four children. The problems intensified with an ensuing 21-day migraine, a later broken tailbone, and a difficult divorce.

She used opiates off-and-on for 10 years, followed by two decades of constant use. During the final four months, she became a heroin user.

Neighbors who lived next to the townhome she shared with a roommate called police about suspicious activity.

Police raided the townhome, and Virginia was taken to jail something she calls a blessing in disguise.

Substance-free since May 2018, she enforces the rules, provides the sympathetic ear, and dispenses Mom advice.

You cant order fast food for the rest of your life, she reminds the young women who are tasked with making dinner.

Time to heal

Generally, residents stay for six to 18 months, Virginia said, but a longer stay is possible.

Christine C., who goes by C.C., is 52 years old and will have been at Lincoln Home for two years this coming November, after 35 years of addiction to alcohol and drugs.

A stint in rehab when she was in her 20s and one when she was in her 40s did not work, she said, because I was doing it for everyone else.

But then things got much worse.

I almost died twice, C.C. said.

Determined to survive, she found herself on a month-long waiting list to get into a rehab center.

While waiting, I went to five meetings a day so I wouldnt relapse, C.C. said.

In addition to working on her recovery, C.C. had to get her body back to health and have extensive dental work done.

AA and New Directions saved my life, C.C. said.

Daring to dream

Rachel B., age 26, agreed to enter rehab after her father drove up behind the car she and her boyfriend were in while they were wasted.

She received suboxone treatment for her heroin addiction before coming to the Lincoln Home.

Now working at a fast food restaurant, she wants to find a good job that pays well so she can realize her dreams of traveling and supporting herself as a yoga instructor.

Daring to dream again is one sign of recovery.

Virginia wants to spend time with her children and grandchildren, while OK, sober, and happy.

Hannah, who has worked her way up to a full-time job in one of the big box stores, wants to marry and have children. Casey, an employee at a home goods store, hopes to graduate from cosmetology school. C.C., who prepares breakfast and lunch at a gas station convenience store, would like to find that good job, save money, have my own place, replace my car, and help people.

All five of the women share C.C.s foremost desire: to learn how to live without alcohol and drugs contentedly.

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McHenry County Opioids Update: Learning to live without addiction - Woodstock Independent

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West Virginia State Bed Bug Laws and Ordinances for Bed …

Bed Bug Laws in West VirginiaCharleston, Huntington, Parkersburg, Morgantown, and Wheeling

Were you and your family harmed after being exposed to a bed bug infestation? Were you harmed as a result of a bed bug infestation at an apartment or a hotel/motel? If you and your family were affected by bed bug bites or suffered any damage to your property after exposure to a bed bug infestation, you are likely interested in learning more about West Virginia bed bug bite laws. Were you affected by a bed bug infestation in Charleston, Huntington, Parkersburg, Wheeling, or Morgantown? If you would like to review bed bug law and legal statutes in West Virginia and learn more about your rights to sue a hotel/motel owner or sue a landlord in West Virginia for bed bugs, do not hesitate to contact Bed Bug Legal Group.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of pursuing a claim with a West Virginia bed bug injury lawyer, do not hesitate to contact our law firm as soon as possible. When you contact Bed Bug Legal Group, you will have access to all the information that you need to understand both your rights as a tenant and your rights as a hotel/motel guestdo not hesitate to contact our law firm today.

About Bed Bugs and Bed Bug Infestations in Apartments, Motels, and Hotels A quick look through a bedbug registry makes the bed bug problem in West Virginia clear. Bed bugs are pests that feed on human blood. Bed bugs are usually associated with bed bug bites; however, they could cause a number of other effects, such as skin infections, allergic reactions, skin infections, and extensive mental/emotional suffering. Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures; they hide in areas with easy access to a blood meal and feast when unsuspecting victims are deep in their sleep. A few weeks after exposure to bed bugs, the affected parties could start identifying visible bites and other complications. Quick inspections for bed bugsif you are inexperiencedcould result in no findings. Bed bugs hide in places in which many people would fail to search. Where would you search for bed bugs? Most people would only inspect their beds; however, bed bugs are known to hide in a number of places, such as beds, mattresses, wooden furniture, carpets, rugs, chairs, sofas, and couches, for example. Bed bugs could also hide behind picture frames, in walls, and under floorboards. Because bed bugs could hide virtually anywhere, bed bug infestations often result in a number of lossesspecifically to personal property. Bed bugs are often resistant to generic bed bug pesticide; therefore, professional extermination is usually always required. If you suffered any injuries or damages to your property due to bed bugs in West Virginia, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance to learn more about your right to pursue a claim.

What are the apartment bed bug laws in West Virginia? What are the West Virginia hotel bed bug laws? What bed bug laws in Wheeling, Morgantown, Parkersburg, Huntington, and Charleston protect you and your family?

Consider the following:

As you could see, the laws in West Virginia regarding bed bug infestations in hotels, motels, and rentals (such as apartments) are clear. West Virginia law protects you and your family in case of harm caused by exposure to bed bugs. There are certain health laws, building codes, and city ordinances that establish hotel/motel owner and landlord responsibility in terms of bed bug infestations; these same laws, codes, and ordinances protect you and allow you to pursue legal action. For more information about bed bug laws for hotel bed bugs in West Virginia and West Virginia landlord bed bug laws, do not hesitate to contact Bed Bug Legal Group at your earliest convenience.

Your Right to Pursue a Claim As you could see, there are clear bed bug infestation laws in Parkersburg, Morgantown Charleston, Huntington, and Wheeling. Your right to pursue a bed bug lawsuit in West Virginia is based on negligence. If a hotel owner, motel owner, or landlord was aware of the bed bug infestation but failed to take action (including both informing you of the infestation prior to moving in/staying in the room or exterminating to eradicate the infestation), then they could be held liable for the harm that you suffered. If you would like to learn more about hotel/motel laws and West Virginia renter bed bug laws, do not hesitate to contact our firm today. Our experts will provide you with the information that you need to learn more about your right to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

Important Steps to Take after Suffering Harm due to Bed Bugs Bed bug cases in West Virginia require significant attention. Besides becoming familiar with West Virginia apartment bed bug laws and West Virginia landlord tenant laws regarding bed bugs, it is essential to be familiar with a few important steps. Bed bug lawsuits can be worth significant amounts but values could decrease or be obliterated if the claimant fails to act appropriately. Some important steps include the following:

Following the steps above ensures that you and your family have the tools necessary to pursue a claim against a liable party. For more information about bedbug laws regarding renters and landlords, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance. Our firm will provide you with laws regarding bed bug infestations and laws regarding West Virginia bed bug exposure.

Statute of Limitations for a West Virginia Bed Bug Case in West Virginia Yes, West Virginia bed bug law allows you to pursue a claim after suffering harm due to exposure to a bed bug infestation. However, even though West Virginia bed bug laws protect you and your family, it is possible to lose your right to sue if you do not act promptly. All claims are subject to a statute of limitations; a statute of limitations defines the deadline that applies to your claim. In other words, a statute of limitations establishes the time that you have to pursue your claim. If your claim is not filed within the time allowed by the statute of limitations, you will likely lose your right to file a lawsuit.

Consider the following timelines that apply to West Virginia bed bug cases:

The statutes of limitations listed above are outlined by W. Va. Code 55-2-12(b) and W. Va. Code 55-2-12(a) respectively. Although specific timelines apply to your claims, the length of time that you have to pursue your West Virginia bed bug lawsuit, there are many exceptions that could also apply and lead to tolled or extended statutes of limitations. For more information regarding the time you have to sue for bed bugs, you should seek legal assistance immediately.

Bed Bug Legal Group What West Virginia state bed bug laws protect you and your family after being exposed to a bed bug infestation? Under what bed bug laws in West Virginia state do you have the right to pursue a bed bug lawsuit? West Virginia tenant bed bug laws and West Virginia motel bed bug laws protect you and your family and give you grounds to pursue a claim. Although it is possible to pursue a claim without legal assistance, it is always recommended to contact a law firm that could provide you and your family with the representation that you need to file a successful claim.

Bed Bug Legal Group is a law firm dedicated to handling West Virginia bed bug infestation lawsuits. Our experts have many years of experience representing those suffering from bed bug injuries and other damages after exposure to bed bug infestations in West Virginia. If you would like to benefit from the legal services offered through Bed Bug Legal Group, do not hesitate to contact our firm. You could benefit from our free consultations and free second opinions. You could receive all the information that you need to pursue a claimincluding all the information on West Virginia statutes and constitution that apply to renters and hotel/motel guests, for example. If you are interested in scheduling a free consultation or a free second opinion, do not hesitate to contact the experts at Bed Bug Legal Group today.

Our free legal servicesfree consultations and free second opinionsare available as part of a Zero-Fee guarantee. Our Zero-Fee guarantee ensures that you will never have to worry about paying any upfront legal fees for any of our legal services. Our firm is also based on contingency; therefore, clients are never expected or required to pay legal fees until after their claim reaches a successful outcome. If you would like to learn more about West Virginia state law regarding bed bugs, contact Bed Bug Legal Group today.

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Westmoreland Co. Housing Authority To Use Dogs To Sniff Out Bed Bugs – CBS Pittsburgh

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Making Access To Mental Health EasierThere are new ways to try and access mental health, KDKA's Nicole Ford reports.

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Westmoreland Co. Housing Authority To Use Dogs To Sniff Out Bed Bugs - CBS Pittsburgh

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