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  Friday 12th of May 2023 08:19 AM

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Zoom In on the above map using the map controls for more detail, and select an incident by clicking on it for address details.

Use the field below to search for incident reports around an address - it will also auto suggest up to 10 incident addresses as you type.

Latest Bed Bug Incidents and Infestations

Incident Radius: 400 Miles

We cannot vouch for the truthfulness of any report on this site. If you feel a location has been reported in error, or want to dispute a report, please contact us.

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Sample Bed Bug Notification Letter For Tenants

In collaboration with community partners, LCBH staff attorneys have prepared a sample bed bug infestation notice and instructions for use. Please read and understand the instructions prior to using this sample letter.

Under the Chicago Bed Bug Ordinance, a tenant who sees or suspects bed bugs in their unit must notify the landlord in writing, within 5 days.

The bed bug ordinance applies to all rental units.

You should copy/paste or re-type the letter and include the date, your name, the landlords name, etc. where indicated.

You should use the rent deduction section of this letter only if you live in a unit that is NOT excluded from the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance (RLTO). Exclusions include:

If your unit is excluded from the RLTO, you cannot use the rent reduction section of the letter and may only use the bed bug portion of the letter. If you live in a unit that is funded by a subsidy you should consult with the subsidy provider before including the rent reduction portion of the letter.

If you are not sure whether you can reduce your rent contact an attorney at the Lawyers Committee for Better Housing, other legal aid agency, or the Metropolitan Tenants Organization.

You should consult with an attorney or an expert on rent reductions before deciding what amount to deduct. It is important to be conservative when deducting money from your rent because you may have to justify this amount before a judge in an eviction court case, and the outcome in any case is uncertain.

Additionally, it is a good idea that if you choose to deduct that you keep the money in an escrow account in the event that a judge orders you to pay the amount because you have deducted too much or cannot justify deduction.

The Bed Bug Ordinance also provides that tenants have an obligation to cooperate with the landlord to eradicate the bed bugs. This means you cannot interfere with any inspections. You must grant access, make necessary preparations, and dispose of any personal property that is untreatable (unless you live in an assisted living or shared housing establishment).

Once the letter is complete, deliver it to your landlord in person or mail it to the proper address.

Keep a dated copy of the letter for your records.

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Sample Bed Bug Notification Letter For Tenants

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6 Tiny White Bugs That Look Like Dust And Lint (Pictures Included)

This guide reveals the tiny white bugs that look like dust and chunks of lint on clothes and skin.

Some of these bugs are so tiny that experts categorize them as little white microscopic bugs.

Thats why spotting them can be a big challenge when their numbers are low.

But in this post, youll learn to spot the early signs of their presence, identify them, how they enter your home, their hiding places, and the safest ways to get rid of them.

Plus, youll find out which of these tiny white bugs bite and which ones are harmful to your health and wellbeing.

Keep reading.

Heres the list of 6 tiny white bugs that trick you into thinking theyre specks of dust.

All of these little white bugs are outdoor bugs that infest plants in your garden or yard.

However, they can enter your home too, especially when you introduce plants infested by these white bugs in your home.

Dust mites, woolly aphids, whiteflies, and mealybugs are tiny white bugs that can stick to your clothes and fabric and appear as chunks of lint.

It happens mostly when you walk through vegetation that has these bugs on them.

So, how to identify these bugs? In what seasons are they active?

How on earth they spread into your home? And how to get rid of them?

The following sections answers all these questions specific to each of these bugs.

White spider mites are tiny white spider-like mites that infest plants and damp wooden surfaces.

These mites belong to the arachnid family. Its the same family where the spiders belong.

Hence, they share a feature of spiders, which is eight legs.

Spider mites are primarily garden pests that attack plants during the spring months.

Their main targets are the undersides of the plants leaves and the little branches.

They feed on the sap of the leaves and twigs. That leads to the weakening of the plants.

It also causes the leaves to turn yellowish and wither off.

White spider mites grow only up to 0.5 mm to 0.7 mm. So, they can be hard to spot when their numbers are low.

However, they multiply fast.

And when their numbers increase, white spider mites look like tiny transparent particles of dust crawling on the plants and moist wooden surfaces in your yard or garden.

White spider mites spin silken cobwebs on the plants leaves and between branches. Thats a clear sign of their presence.

White spider mites can also spread inside the home, especially when you introduce plants with spider mites inside your home.

Strangely, your home is an ideal breeding ground for spider mites.

These spider mites will multiply quickly and spread in your home.

Hence, you can notice white spider mites in places like your bed, carpets, curtains, rugs, sofas, and even inside dresser drawers.

White spider mites will look like tiny clear white spiders on your bed. At a casual glance, they look like small white baby spiders.

However, theyre not.

The main difference between white spider mites and white baby spiders is that white spider mites have a shine on their body.

Spider mites are not only white. They can be red and greyish too.

Fortunately, you dont need to hire a pest controller for the job. Neither you need to use any chemical pesticides.

You can quickly get rid of them with natural home products.

The best way to get rid of white spider mites from plants is by spraying a mixture of white vinegar and soapy water on the plants leaves.

Spray the mixture where you notice the silken cobwebs and on the undersides of the leaves.

The acidic nature of white vinegar is harmful to spider mites. It kills them and protects your plants from white spider mites.

Steam cleaning the soft furnishings in your home with a steam cleaner is an ideal option for removing white spider mites.

The heat from the steam cleaner is lethal for the spider mites. It kills the white spider mites belonging to all the life stages, including adults, larvae, eggs, and their pupae.

Use a steam cleaner to clean the curtains, bed mattress, carpets, couches, and other soft furnishings where youve noticed spider mites.

If youre using a vacuum cleaner, ensure that you wash the soft furnishings like bed sheets, pillow covers, and curtains with warm water after vacuum cleaning.

If there are white spider mites on damp wooden surfaces, then wipe off the surface with a cloth soaked in soapy water.

That would get rid of them.

No, white spider mites dont bite humans and pets. They dont spread any diseases either.

However, their presence can cause allergic reactions in the elderly, children, and sensitive people.

White spider mites dont damage the wood despite infesting damp wooden surfaces.

They feed on the mold that forms on the moist wood.

Mold mites, also know as grain mites, are small clear white bugs common in homes with a lot of dampness and moisture.

High humidity in homes attracts different types of bugs and insects. And it also attracts tiny white bugs like mold mites.

The dampness causes the formation of molds on hard surfaces, including floors, wooden furniture, and walls.

High moisture doesnt even spare books. Molds form in the books that also attract tiny blackish bugs known as booklice.

Mold mites feed on the molds that form on the surfaces.

Your kitchen and bathroom are the two areas where water usage is the highest.

Lack of proper cleaning in these places leads to the formation of molds. That attracts the mold mites to feed on the molds.

Mold mites are clear white, crme, or, depending on what type of mold theyre eating, greyish tan bugs that can be hard to detect initially.

They soon become a nuisance if you dont remove the molds.

And when their numbers increase, mold mites can also spread to your stored food, especially stored grains.

Mold mites are common pests in food storage warehouses and big grocery stores. They infest the bags of grains.

Hence, mold mites are also known as grain mites.

When their numbers increase, these tiny whitish mites appear as little crawling white ants on the moldy surfaces.

However, mold mites can also look like tiny black specks if theyve fed on the molds on damp walls.

Mold mites also invade moist electrical appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators as these appliances are moist from the inside.

Thankfully, getting rid of mold mites isnt rocket science.

And you dont need any particular pesticides for them.

The best way to get rid of mold mites is to remove the molds from hard surfaces with the help of a mold cleaner.

And secondly, which is most important, its to fix water leakages in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, and near your homes foundation.

Leaky pipes in these areas increase the level of moisture in your home. That attracts mold mites and many other bugs, including invasive pests like ants and roaches.

If an excess of moisture has damaged the walls and the floor of your home, then itll be best to repair them.

The cracks on the walls and the floors become the hiding and breeding place for many bugs.

If youre living in a humid area, then installing a dehumidifier to control the moisture levels inside your kitchen and bathroom works wonders.

Fortunately, getting rid of mold mites isnt a big deal. All you need is a little bit of patience and an eye to spot the places of mold mite infestation.

No, theyre not. But mold mites have tiny hairy bristles on their bodies which can cause itching if they crawl on your skin.

Those hairy bristles can also cause allergic reactions in sensitive people.

Dust mites, also known as house mites, feed on your dead and dry skin.

They spread faster in your homes than mold mites. Its because dust mites have a ready supply of food, which is your skin.

And dust mites are adaptable to spread in the human habitat.

When dust mites numbers increase in your home, youll start to notice them all over in your home, including in places like beds, mattress, sofa, carpet, rugs, and clothes.

An increase in their number make them spread everywhere inside your home including on your clothes. On your clothes dust mites look like lint trying to make their way to your skin.

If your skin is dry, then youll experience bites from dust mites. Those bites are from the dust mites feeding on your skin.

Another tiny bug that can live on your clothes and bites are the body lice. But theyre not white, theyre brown.

Dust mites bites cause severe itching. Red welts and rashes also develop on the bitten area of your skin.

But you wouldnt be able to see whats biting you. Thats frustrating!

The peak season for dust mites are from the month of May to October. Its during these period many homes face dust mite invasion.

The dust mites die with the arrival of winter.

Dust mites are active starting from late spring to early winter months. These tiny white mites in homes invade homes starting from May till October.

Thankfully, getting rid of dust mites doesnt need a pest controller. You can do it on your own.

Heres a three step guide to get rid of dust mites

Dusting and vacuuming go a long way to get rid of these dust mites from your home.

Keeping the bed accessories, like bedsheets and pillow covers, clean and washing them weekly in warm water kills the dust mites.

However, theres one method that kills dust mites for sure. And thats steam cleaning.

A steam cleaner produces heat that dust mites cant withstand. Steam cleaner kills dust mites instantly.

Steam cleaners are also effective in killing biting pests like bed bugs and fleas.

There are many types of biting mites that enter homes in different ways.

But gaps and cracks on the walls, windows, and door frames are points of entry for dust mites from outdoors.

The dust mites will crawl through the thinnest of the crevices on these places.

Seal these gaps with a quality sealant like a silicone-based sealant.

Dust mites can also enter homes through open windows.

Hence, its always a wise move to install a window screen mesh.

Open windows are prime entry points for dust mites and drywood termites, beetles, moths, and many other types of bugs that artificial lights attract.

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6 Tiny White Bugs That Look Like Dust And Lint (Pictures Included)

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From blankets to backpacks to key fobs, Shawna Gilleland wore her love for the Iowa Hawkeyes – Des Moines Register

A Cubs fan, the "flower lady," husbands, wives, and more are part of the more than 1,400 Iowans lost COVID-19 as of early October 2020. Des Moines Register

Shawna Gilleland always ended nightly chats with her mother with the same few phrases.

"Good night. Sweet dreams. Don't let the bed bugs bite. Love you and talk to you tomorrow."

Although Shawna lived in a Burlington group home a few hours from her family in Lake Ozark, Missouri, she kept them close through frequent phone calls, ensuring their bonds werent severed by the distance, said her mother, Martha Gilleland. Shawnaloved hearing stories about her nieces and nephews and talked fondly about the familys camping trips.

"She called me at least half a dozen times a day," Martha said.

Shawna, who had been living in the eastern Iowa river town for about a year, died of COVID-19 on April 25, less than a month before her 45th birthday.

Despite a learning disability, Shawna Gilleland earned her driver's license and enjoyed crossword puzzles and romance novels.(Photo: Submitted)

Shawna was born at Illinois Chanute Air Force Base. When she was 6 months old,a mysterious, antibiotic-resistant infection left herwith a burning fever. Unabating, the prolonged fever caused brain damage that resulted in a learning disability.

Doctors told Martha her daughters life had been irrevocably changed. Shed never be able to live independently, they said, or get behind the wheel of a car.

"ButI worked and worked and worked with her very hard for several years, and she was able to do both, Martha said.

Shawna lived in her own apartment off and on for several years while holding down a job as a cashier. When her living situation allowed, shed take in a cat to cuddle with as she watched movies or listened to country music.

At 18, she got her driver's license. She had difficulty understanding the written test, but when asked the questions aloud, passed with flying colors.

She drove much like she lived: carefully andwith determination.

Despite her disability, Shawna enjoyedcrossword puzzles and books, especially romance novels.

"She didn't want a romance for herself, but she loved reading romance," her mom said with a laugh.

Shawna Gilleland loved attending Iowa Hawkeyes football and basketball games.(Photo: Submitted photo)

Shawna was known to wear her love for the Iowa Hawkeyes whenever she could, and jumped at the chance to attend any home football or basketball game.

"She wanted everything Iowa Hawkeye, from blankets to backpacks to key fobs, jackets, clothing," Martha said. "It was all Iowa Hawkeye."

Her love for Iowa sports was eclipsed only by her generosity.Quick with a smile and a hug, shed buy trinkets for family and friends on trips to Walmart, excited to see their reaction when she gave them as gifts.

"She was one of those who would give her shirt off her back to anyone who needed it," Martha said. "She ended up giving away a Hawkeye jacket to a friend who really wanted it."

Shawna made at least one good friend at each of the group homes she livedin, her mother said, and could recall their names and a few tidbits about them years after she moved out.

"By the time she was in her 40s, she could remember every address number, every phone number we had from the time she was little, Martha said. And we had lived in over a dozen places.

When her mother finally allowed her to have a smartphone last year, Shawna reached out to her old friends on social media. She loved Facebook, her mom said, and even tracked down babysitters whod watched her as a child.

Shawna Gilleland, top left, poses for a family photo with her sisters, Kelly and Chera Gilleland, and their parents, Randal and Martha Gilleland.(Photo: Submitted)

As the pandemic raged across America, Shawna added a frame to her profile picture that read Stay Home Save Lives and posted reminders to wear masks.

Now Martha leans on some of the small gifts Shawna gave her over the years for comfort. The little teddy bear holding a heart emblazoned with I Love You. The decorative sign hanging in her parents camper that declaresFamily lives here.

Each is a reminder of Shawnas quick smiles, warm hugs and the special way she ended every phone call.

"Good night. Sweet dreams. Don't let the bed bugs bite. Love you and talk to you tomorrow."

Iowa Mourns: The Iowans we've lost to COVID-19

Iowa Mourns is a series of remembrances about Iowans who lost their lives to COVID-19 during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. If you've lost a loved one to COVID-19 in Iowa, let us know by filling out this form or emailing Iowa Columnist Courtney Crowder at

The following aredeaths from COVID-19 added in the past week to our list of more than 200 Iowans who have died from the disease,found

Daniel Lee Boon, 69, Rock Rapids. A car aficionado who carefully restored a1957 Chevy police cruiser to pristine condition.

James Quinten Cahill, 91, West Branch. Wrotethe Cahill Cooperative Newsletter, which covered history and current events for those connected by the Cahill surname.

Marvin MaynardClark, 84, Carson. A collector ofmarbles, John Deere toys and beer steins.

Thelma Doescher, 91, Mason City. A "from-scratch" baker who handwrote dozens of Christmas cards annually.

Anna Dudgeon, 93, Durant. Former president of theLiedertafel Ladies.

Tom Heath, 61, Iowa City. A one-time accountant who also drove a cab.

Gary Hudgens, 74, Altoona. Worked as a pressman for the Des Moines Register for more than 20 years, and retired, along with the presses, when the company automated.

Christine Jensen, 67, Des Moines. Loved to sing songs with her twin sister, Andrea.

Jack Klingborg, 83, Cherokee. An activity therapist and teacher atCherokee Mental Health Institute.

Kenneth Lien, 101, Nora Springs. Awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star after being wounded in 1944 in Italy.

Sanford Naiditch, 97, Ankeny. Knew the Ohio State Universityfight song by heart.

Stephen Palmer, 69, Des Moines. Helped people with intellectual disabilities through his 20-year involvement with Special Olympics.

Robert Probasco, 69, Des Moines. Served in the U.S.Army in Germany from 1971 to 1974.

Henry "Hank" Steinwandt, 84, Mason City. Loved John Waynemovies.

Jerry Dean Stoffregen, 79, Waverly. Worked in the banking industry for more than 25 years.

Nathan Stupka, 48, Elkhart. An All-State pitcher for Ballard's Bomber Baseball team.

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From blankets to backpacks to key fobs, Shawna Gilleland wore her love for the Iowa Hawkeyes - Des Moines Register

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Early Humans Knew the Art of Creating Comfy Pest Free Beds According to Study! Is it true? Details here – Gizmo Posts 24

Ever since the beginning of the creation of life, humans have always used creativity and ingenuity to overcome their problems. Hunting an animal? they created spears and sharp tools. Carrying something on a cart? they created wheels so they could travel and carry their belongings with ease. Each time they met with an obstacle they found something to overcome their problems. And dealing with bedbugs was very common in early humans and something which gave them a very hard time. But do you know humans already had the means to create comfy pest-free beds according to study! Shocking right? Wondering what else early humans created? Then read on more to know about early humans and their methods of dealing with pests.

According to a study conducted by researchers, early humans learned how to control fire and create comfortable beds that kept pests away. Confirming this theory researchers discovered fossilized grass beds placed on top layers of ash in border cave. Located in archaeological sites in South Africa. The cave is located between on a cliff of eSwatini and Kwazulu Natal in South Africa. Exploring more on the inside of the cave, researchers found pancoid grass in bundles that have long fossilized and date back to 200,000 years ago. The pancoid grass can be found in warm temperature areas.

The grass was arranged in a manner which acts as a repellant to pests and the plant-based bedding used by our ancestor was difficult to track. The researchers also discovered plant-based bedding in the stone age consisting of camphor bush on top of the grass. From one of the oldest bedding found inside the cave. People in rural areas use this method to repel insects in East Africa. The oldest plant bedding from ancient humans goes back to 77,000 years ago.

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Early Humans Knew the Art of Creating Comfy Pest Free Beds According to Study! Is it true? Details here - Gizmo Posts 24

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How To Check for Bed Bugs – Illinois Bed Bug Registry …

How to check for bed bugs: Bedbugs are the little oval-shaped pests with a coffee-brown color that prosper on the blood of human beings and animals. An adult bedbug can grow as much as the size of an apple seed, and it has a flat body. Nevertheless, after they feed, their bodies will experience swelling and will have a reddish color. Though these insects dont fly, they can move extremely quickly in walls, floors, and ceilings. Female bed bugs can produce numerous eggs over their lifetime. These eggs are so tiny; they are nearly the same size as a speck of dust.

Young insects are described as nymphs. They shed their skin a minimum of 5 times prior to they reach maturity. However, they need to take in blood before they can start shedding. If they are exposed to the ideal environment, bed bugs can mature in simply a month and lay 3 or more generations each year. Though problematic, they dont send any form of the disease.

If youre questioning how to look for bed bugs, you must understand that being extremely tiny, insects can enter your home undetected. They can attach themselves to clothes, baggage, sofas, throw pillows, bed linen, and other family products. Their flattened bodies enable them to enter narrow areas, even those with a width of a charge card.

However, bedbugs dont have a breeding ground, though they normally come in groups in hiding locations. Generally, their hideout consists of box springs, bed mattress, headboards, and bed frames. These are hassle-free places for them to eat their victims in the evening. Later on, they might spread through various parts of the bed room, huddling into any covered spaces. They likewise have a tendency to spread to neighboring houses or rooms.

Since bed bugs feed upon blood, having them in your living location does not imply that you are unhygienic or dirty. As a matter of reality, you can even discover them in homes and hotels that are spick and period, as well as those that have mess.

The More You Know: To find out if you have a bed bug issue, you may want to begin by seeing a bed bug up, close and personal. Heres what a bed bug looks like.

Before we discuss how to look for bed bugs, it is essential to know when they bite. Typically, vermins are active during the night and they typically feed upon sleeping individuals, biting, and sucking blood while their human host sleeps. Using their long beak, they pierce through the skin and sip the blood for usage. Their feeding procedure takes at least 3-10 minutes prior to they end up being satisfied and move away undiscovered.

At first, insect bites will not sting, but gradually will end up being itchy and inflamed. Compared to flea bites that are generally discovered in ankles, bedbug bites are found in parts of the skin that are exposed while sleeping. In addition, the afflicted location doesnt show a red area in the middle, unlike flea bites.

Individuals find it challenging to discover a bed bug invasion because they are minute bugs. In reality, the itchiness from bed bug bites is normally associated with other causes, including mosquito bites. In order for you to understand how to find bed bugs, you must learn how to check for bug bites. By having the ability to distinguish a bed bug bite, you can secure against these nuisance insects and complimentary your house from such invasion.

Bed bugs bite into a human by inserting 2 tubes into its skin. One tube secretes saliva that makes the bite location numb. This likewise thins the blood, so its much easier for the bug to consume it. The second tube is known as the feeding tube and is utilized for one purpose only; sipping the blood from the human.

Its not surprising that vermin bites are hard to spot. Not only are their bodies small, however their bites are likewise difficult to see utilizing the naked eye. Normally, when individuals are bitten by vermins, they usually complain about a subtle pinch while they sleep at night. However despite this, usually, the bites wont right away trigger inflammation or inflammation on the skin.

Nevertheless, later, irritation and soreness will appear when your skin reacts to the saliva of the insect. In the case that you experience this, it means that you have actually currently been bitten a couple of times and your space has now end up being a den for bed bugs, which can potentially result in a break out. Bed bugs are fond of biting in rows. They generally feed for 3-4 times along the part of the skin they travel to. The pattern of the bite is somehow associated to flea bites, and this is the main reason misdiagnoses constantly happen.

If theres one thing that bedbugs abhor, its light. Thats why they constantly strike during the night when their victim is fast asleep in an infested bed. It is difficult to catch living bed bugs in your bed linen. Nevertheless, when finding out how to look for bed bugs, there are indications that will inform you if they are eating your skin. These indications include the following:

You May Have An Interest In: Learning you have bed bugs can be a shock. And it typically needs expert intervention. However, here are some home remedies for bed bugs you can follow.

Once vermins are pleased with their meal, they go back to their secured area till they are prepared to feed once again. The significant feeding locations for bedbugs are mattresses straps, buttons, creases, and tags. When looking for how to discover bed bugs, bear in mind that these locations are practical since as it is where they can easily locate and connect to their victims.

As discussed before, you must watch out for bloodstains, husks, and feces to determine if your bed is bedbug plagued. Furthermore, you can also search for nymphs, fully grown vermins, and eggs. The fastest way to examine your bed mattress is by utilizing a flashlight and an old credit card.

Perform these simple steps:

If you believe you have actually found out all there has to do with how to inform if you have bed bugs, remember that there are eggs to think about. Insect eggs are small and round, which are nearly comparable to a poppy seed. Nevertheless, these eggs are loosely placed on the mattress or bedding, where they are usually laid by an adult insect and are simple to scrape and remove from the fabric.

On the other hand, fully grown and nymph bed bugs have a transparent color. With this, their blood consumption is visible in their stomach in the form of a red dot. Typically, a fully grown bed bug is comparable in size to a grain of rice.

You can immediately get rid of any insects from material using the exact same approach that you use to examine your bed mattress and bedding. When thinking about how to inform if you have bed bugs, bear in mind that although bed bugs do not have the capability to jump or fly, they are fast travelers. Generally, they crawl onto individualss clothing and attach up until they discover potential bed linen to infest.

To help you determine additional bedbug invasion in your materials in your home, follow these simple actions:

Get a trash can or tarpaulin and use it to capture fall out husks, eggs, or feces when you wave loose materials such as drapes, clothing, and linens.

Before you discard vacuum bag or canister, look for signs of eggs, nymphs, insects, and husks.

Carefully take a look at the creases and joints of your household furnishings. You can utilize an old charge card, much like what you did with your mattress, to scrape unwanted feces, husks, and eggs.

Previously, we discussed how to tell if you have actually bed bugs based upon their hiding spots. So how do you capture them? Because bed bugs are afraid of the light, they are challenging to remove since they stay in dark areas. You need to thoroughly search every dark corner of your house to catch them.

Below is a list of some of their typical hiding spots:

Bed bugs are well-known for infesting lots of homes. Being minute; they can suit any little and dark location in your home, infesting your beds, mattresses, and other fabric products whenever they have the opportunity. They go unnoticed the majority of the time, which makes them a problematic insect.

However, since bed bugs live in nests, a problem will produce an odor that is somehow akin to cilantro or coriander. If you occur to find this unusual odor, call a respectable pest exterminator right away. They are experienced in removing these pests, and they can avoid a damaging break out.

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