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Best Yet Insect Spray is the top safe alternative to the other bedbug treatments on the market. Made entirely from natural products it is a multi-purpose treatment, killing a whole host of other insects including fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks. In fact, the makers say that it is so safe it can even be used as a head lice treatment on your own head. Clinical tests have proven these ingredients to work together effectively to eliminate bed bugs that tend to be resistant to most products on the market today.

Best Yet contains the powerful combination of red cedar oil and melted quartz rock to completely exterminate bed bugs, fleas, ticks, lice and mites without the use of chemicals. Tests have proven this bed bug spray to be safe for babies, pets, your home and yard. Best Yet Spray is an EPA rated effective bed bug treatment for use on all types of wood, furniture, mattresses, carpets and any other surface without staining. Best Yet kills fleas without harming your pet, eliminates bed bugs and lice instantly.

Best Yet Bed Bug Spray has food grade ingredients so it does not smell bad, feels better on the skin. Other bio based bed bug killers must be washed off your skin when you return indoors. Experts consider it an all-in-one that is safe for the environment as well as all the members of your household including pets.

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Dermisil promotes their products as all natural and environmentally friendly. However, when you do further research you find that some of the products contain chemicals. When you search their site they actually state that the difference between the Benzarid Environmental Spray and the Bug Control bed bug treatment is the choice between chemical or all natural.

Bug Patrol is another all-natural treatment, and is made from a combination of various plant extracts to achieve its unique formula. It is free from pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals, and this is the main selling point of the product. The Bug Control product is a 100% all natural bed bug killer made from significant concentrations of plant extracts. Experts have found this ingredient combination to kill bed bugs within moments of contact.

The Benzarid Environmental Spray is used on mattresses and other hiding spots to exterminate bed bugs. This bed bug spray consists of the active ingredient benzalkonium chloride which is a mild chemical, and crushed fossil shell dust.

Both Dermisil products are highly effective at eliminating bed bugs. You choose whether you wish to use a chemical or an all-natural alternative. Both the Benzarid Environmental Spray and the Bug Control can be used on upholstery, fabric, carpets, and shoes without staining.

Additionally, Dermisil claims fossil dust to be safe for pets, but the Benzarid Spray contains a chemical mixed in with the fossil dust which could be confusing for the consumer.

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Kleen Green claims to be the “most superior non-toxic remedy on the market”, a boast which comes from the fact that it is not based on pesticides or insecticides, but rather on enzymes. It is an instant treatment, claiming to kill all bugs on contact, and it is harmless to animals and children. Kleen Green Naturally Enzyme Cleaner is a highly concentrated, fast acting, chemical free, bed bug treatment and multi-purpose cleaner. It is hypoallergenic, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, ecologically safe, and U.S.D.A. rated biodegradable.

Kleen Green Naturally Enzyme Cleaner is economical, does not produce toxic fumes, and is safer than pesticides. It safely cleans and deodorizes floors, walls, chrome and other surfaces not harmed by water. This product can be used with pressurized, mechanical or manual systems, hand sprayers, mops or cloths and is children and pet safe. Kleen Green claims to highly effective bed bug killer, dissolving fleas, biting mites, roaches, head lice, scabies, dust mites, fire ants, and parasites.

The enzymes leave no toxic residues and the enzymatic effect on the insect exoskeleton is quick and safe. Product is not a pesticide and may be used by pregnant and nursing mothers, young children and most people with asthma and allergies. This bed bug treatment product is concentrated for greater value, and is highly effective at a 30 to 1 dilution in water. Although this product is endorsed as being non-toxic, if you read the small print, irritation to the skin and eyes can occur and the product should be handled with care.

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PuraCleenRx is a non-pesticide solution which does not use permethrins or pyrethrins. However, it is not a natural treatment like some of the other products. Its primary ingredient is benzalkonium chloride, which is commonly used in hospitals as a disinfectant, and this is one of the extra qualities that the solution claims to offer.

PuraCleenRx Bed Bug Spray is a proven safe non-pesticide, institutional strength, solution that is used to eliminate Bed Bugs on contact. This specially blended bed bug spray does not use harsh pesticides, such as permethrins and pyrethrins, which are commonly found in many traditional bed bug treatment methods. The primary ingredient of this bed bug treatment, Benzalkonium Chloride, has been safely and effectively used in hospitals for decades.

PuraCleenRx Bed Bug Spray does not produce any strong or offensive odors. After treating your bed, it is still safe enough to sleep on it that very night. Unlike other pesticide options that run the risk of being toxic to your family or the environment, PuraCleenRx Bed Bug Spray is safe and effective. It won't harm your family or pets. PuraCleenRx Bed Bug Spray claims to be so effective, it even works to kill almost any type of insect, including but not limited to: bed bugs, ants, lice, mites, fleas, mosquitoes, and more.

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Diatect Bed Bug Killer is 99% natural and has a pleasant citrus scent with no strong chemical odor. It kills bed bugs or other insects by paralyzing and dehydrating them. The combo of Pyrethrins and Diatomaceous Earth is known to cut into the cuticle of the insect. This bed bug treatment can either be used as a dust or as a moistened powder. The active ingredients break down, leaving no residual contamination. The product vacuums easily and will not leave any stains.

Results Bed Bug Killer is a chemical-based formula, which is a tough selling point for those who do not want to use chemicals in their homes. Diatomaceous powder is the base ingredient used to dehydrate the insects. However, the product differs from the other powders on the market because chemicals have been added to it to increase the effectiveness of the formula.

Although it is a chemical insecticide, it claims that it does not create a toxic build up in the atmosphere, meaning that it is safe for home use. It also claims that it does not have any “known” harmful effects on humans or animals. However, if you believe any of the other biological products, the pyrethrins and PBO (piperonyl butoxide) that it consists of are potentially very harmful in a home environment.

Areas are treated either with the powder alone, or by mixing the powder with water and spraying the affected surface. However, the solution is toxic for fish, so it is important that it does not find its way into the water system.

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Sleeptight is another biological formula in the battle against bedbugs. It comes in a ready-to-use spray that simply needs to be applied to the affected areas, and it will kill the bugs on contact. However, there is no follow-up treatment, meaning that you are expected to kill all of the bugs in one go, something which is easier said than done.

SleepTight breaks down the waxy membrane that protects the bed bug from the elements. Once protective membrane has been compromised, the bed bug soon dies. It is a non-toxic bio-based product which means the product is completely safe for your home, your family, and your pets. It is safe to use on fabric or clothes to prevent bringing bed bugs home in the first place.

SleepTight Bed Bug Killer is safe for you and is safe for the environment. The product is made from ingredients from organic materials, which pose absolutely no pollution threat to our environment. This bed bud treatment product can be used for pre-treating luggage or clothing or any fabric to which bed bugs may cling.

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Tallman is slightly different from the other treatments in that it promotes an entire three-step system to eradicate bedbugs. This involves using various treatments from its selection of products to get the results that you need, so it is not necessarily the most convenient treatment around. However, the fact that it is not trying to sell a “miracle” treatment could mean that its system is more effective than others.

Tallman Scientific Bed Bug Control is a system that kills bed bugs through a three way eradication method which means Protect, Attack, and Defend. This bed bug killer is easy to use, fast and effective, non-residual, and non-toxic. The complete Control Kit and Basic Control Kit are designed to cover one average sized bedroom and are available as professional solution and home solution as an effective bed bug treatment.

The first step is to decontaminate the affected area by applying bedbug barrier tape to the bed frame, and spraying it with Bed Bug Contact Killer, the trademarked spray which aims to kill the bugs immediately.

After this has been done, the second step is to treat all of the infested rooms with the same Contact Killer. This claims to kill 90-95% of all of the bugs in one go, suggesting that it is unlikely that you will be able to find and kill every single one.

The third step is to use the Diatom Dust XR, which is the commonly used dust treatment employed by many products, and aims to kill the residue left over from the spray treatment.

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Steri-fab claims to possess a whole host of properties beyond the ability to kill bedbugs. Its long list of benefits includes the ability to kill bacteria, fungi, mold, germs, and mildew, as well as being a disinfectant and a deodorizer on top of this.

However, it also seems to come with a few weak points, which may provide an explanation for its cheap price tag. STERIFAB Bed Bug Cleaning System is a viricide, bactericide, sanitizer, fungicide, insecticide, germicide, deodorizer, disinfectant, mildewcide, bacteriostatic, and fungistatic all in one, eliminating the need to keep many different single-use products on hand.

STERI-FAB is an easy to use bed bug treatment, with no dilution or prep required. You can use STERI-FAB bed bug spray on mattresses, bedding, furniture, carpets, vehicles, and any other inanimate surface to kill bed bugs, fungus, germs, mildew, mold, and odor-producing bacteria.

STERIFAB dries clear in 15 to 20 minutes with absolutely no residual aftermath to clean up. It is non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets. STERI-FAB is available in plastic pints with individual sprayers, plastic gallons and plastic five gallon containers.


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