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The Best Mattress Protectors to Keep Your Bed Clean – Bob Vila

Mattresses are a major financial investment that can make sleep more comfortable, so buyers want them to last for years. A mattress protector puts a defensive barrier between the body and the mattress to further the life of the mattress. Plus, protectors repel body fluids, liquids, dust, dust mites, allergens, and, in some cases, bedbugs. The best mattress protectors are also easy to wash and dry. This buying guide includes some of the best mattress protectors available.

Mattress protectors come in many types and varieties, including pad protectors, fitted protectors, and mattress encasements. The climate, presence of allergens, and personal preferences come into play when you decide what features you want in the best mattress protector for you.

Pad protectors are somewhere between a mattress topper and mattress protector. They provide extra padding and are a barrier from dirt, dust, and body fluids. Some pad protectors have elastic straps at the corners to hold them in place, providing protection for only the top of the mattress. Others are like fitted protectors with a padded top and fitted sides.

Pad protectors may be hypoallergenic and/or waterproof but some are designed as a padded layer of protection that stops dust and dirt. Theyre sometimes used to provide extra padding over a fitted protector or mattress encasement.

Some pad protectors come in standard twin, queen, and king sizes, while others are made in lengths and widths that make them smaller than a standard mattress. These smaller models provide a highly portable waterproof barrier thats used on one side of the bed or the other. Pad protectors are easy to use and wash since theyre usually machine washable and dryable.

A fitted protector is put on the mattress the same way as a fitted sheet. They have elastic edges that tuck under the mattress to hold them in place. These models often have waterproof tops and some are hypoallergenic as well. While they dont provide waterproof protection on the sides of the mattress, theyre an effective barrier against allergens, skin cells, and dust.

Waterproof models often have cotton or absorbent top layers with vinyl or vinyl-like second layers that act as fluid barriers. Hypoallergenic fitted protectors typically have waterproof membranes on the back of their fabric top layers and are free of vinyl and other materials that trigger common allergies. Like pad protectors, fitted protectors are relatively easy to clean in comparison to cleaning a mattress. Almost all protectors are machine washable and many are able to withstand machine drying, too.

Mattress encasements provide the next level in allergen and bed bug protection. They fully cover all sides of the mattress, like a giant pillowcase, and zip closed. Encasements are a viable option for those with severe allergies or for anyone who lives in an area where bedbug infestations are common.

Mattress encasements may be waterproof and/or hypoallergenic. They dont provide padding, so some people pair them with fitted or pad protectors. Mattress encasements take some work to install, because you have to lift the entire mattress. If its covered with a pad or fitted protector, you can wash the encasement less often, opting to more frequently clean the smaller protector.

Mattress protectors are made in different combinations of fabrics and materials that suit specific preferences. Some combinations create more noise, while others are more breathable. The materials, temperature control, and resistance to liquids and spills are a few of the features and characteristics to consider when you decide on a mattress protector.

Mattress protectors are made in a wide variety of materials, including but not limited to polyester, cotton, bamboo, down, vinyl, and polyurethane. Cotton and bamboo add breathability, which prevents overheating plus adds absorbency to the mattress protector.

Vinyl, polyurethane, and similar materials create waterproof barriers. Some protectors have waterproof membranes that allow air but not liquids to pass through, which enhances breathability so sleepers dont overheat.

Mattress protectors come in sizes smaller than a crib sheet all the way up to king size. If you need extra protection for a child that has nighttime accidents, a small pad protector might be all that you need.

Fitted protectors and mattress encasements are available in standard mattress sizes, including twin, twin long, full, queen, king, and California king. Not all mattress protectors and encasements come in every size.

Mattress protectors provide a barrier between the mattress top and body fluids and other liquids. Some mattress protectors are water-resistant, which means they can prevent fluids from seeping into the mattress for a short time. This type of mattress protector is best when you want to protect the mattress from sweat or an occasional spill.

If the mattress is at risk for heavier spills and messes, opt for a mattress protector thats 100 percent waterproof. These waterproof mattress protectors usually have a vinyl, polyurethane, or waterproof membrane attached to it and some are covered by a more absorbent, breathable fabric such as cotton, polyester, or bamboo. Waterproof membranes allow heat and air to pass through but block liquids, so theyre more breathable than protectors with vinyl or polyurethane.

Vinyl and polyurethane trap body heat, which may be uncomfortable for some. Natural fibers like cotton and bamboo are naturally breathable, absorbent and are often used as a top layer over a vinyl or polyurethane protector to enhance breathability. Some mattress protectors also include airflow or breathability technology that increases the exchange of air through the mattress protector, further reducing heat retention.

You may be among those that made a $2,000-plus investment for your mattress, so you want it to last at least eight to 10 years. When you consider most people spend eight hours or more in bed, its easy to understand how a protective barrier can lengthen a mattresss life.

Protectors that fully encase the mattress also protect it from bedbugs, which can destroy a mattress or require costly fumigation.

Fitted protectors and mattress encasements provide the best allergy barriers. Look for models specifically designed to guard against common allergens such as dust, dust mites, and pollen. Waterproof models may also provide protection from allergy-triggering mold and mildew.

Its important to note that some mattress protectors contain vinyl and other materials that may trigger allergies. If you need to protect those with allergies, remember to look for a protector thats hypoallergenic.

In some areas of the country, bedbugs are a serious issue. Once theyve infested a mattress, its expensive to fumigate it and it may need to be destroyed. Not all mattress protectors provide an adequate bedbug barrier, so consider an encasement that specifically guards against bedbugs.

Some fitted protectors can help keep out bedbugs too, but they leave the bottom of the mattress open for an infestation. Its better to use them in conjunction with a mattress encasement for two layers of bedbug protection.

The best mattress protectors have several, if not all, of the features and characteristics that truly protect a mattress. The models on this list successfully block dust, dirt, and other debris. Many of these models are also waterproof and hypoallergenic to further protect the mattress.

The SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector ticks all the boxes when it comes to premium mattress protection. It has a hypoallergenic cotton terry top layer with a waterproof membrane backing that gives this protector breathability but prevents liquids from seeping into the mattress. Even though this model is waterproof, it isnt noisy since it blends seamlessly with the mattress during movement. Its also OKEO-TEX Standard 100 certified, which means the SafeRest was tested and found to be free of harmful substances like PVC and VOCs. This makes it a safe choice for people with allergies and chemical sensitivities. The SafeRests deep pocket fits mattresses up to 18-inches thick, which accommodates most modern mattresses. This machine-washable model safely tumbles dry on low heat. The SafeRest includes a 10-year warranty to protect from defects in materials or manufacturing.

The LUNAs soft terry cloth top layer cradles the body while it offers breathability and absorbency. Its backed with LUNA AirFlow Technology that allows air to circulate but prevents liquid seepage into the mattress. It also cuts down on heat buildup for a cooler nights sleep. The hypoallergenic cotton surface doesnt make noise, so its less likely to wake light sleepers. Its design materials keep out common allergens like dust, dust mites, and pollen. LUNA uses Invisi-Lay technology that keeps the protector flexible, so it doesnt change the feel of the mattress. Finally, the LUNA comes with a 15-year warranty as long as the user follows all washing and use instructions.

Linenspas mattress protector has a liquid-proof membrane that lets air and heat pass through but keeps liquids on the surface. It effectively prevents body fluids such as sweat and urine from penetrating the mattress, yet lets the body breathe to prevent overheating. Dust mite and allergen protection are also built into the design. This protector has an ultra-thin fabric that doesnt crinkle under movement, making it a quiet, hypoallergenic alternative for light sleepers. Its backed by a 10-year warranty.

Dust mites feed on dead skin cells. The SureGuard creates a barrier between the sleeper and dust mites and pollen that have made their way into the mattress. At the same time, it keeps allergens from permeating the mattress, and the hypoallergenic back acts as a barrier against water, bacteria, mildew, and mold. Although the SureGuard provides excellent protection, it doesnt change the feel of the mattress. The lightweight fabric moves with the mattress to cut down on noise and enhances breathability so the sleeper stays comfortable. SureGuards mattress protectors are GreenGuard Gold certified, so theyre free of substances like fire retardants and Phthalates. This protector also comes with a 10-year warranty.

The ZAMATs soft terry cloth top layer prevents noise but also wicks away moisture as part of its waterproof features. Its backed with TPU technology that repels liquid and keeps it on the surface of the mattress for easy clean up. An OEKO-TEX certification assures that chemicals and materials, such as phthalates and PVCs, are not in this mattress protector. Its machine washable but has high-durability elastic at the edges to withstand repeated machine washing and drying. ZAMAT offers 24-hour customer service and a warranty.

Cool flow technology circulates air and heat through the mattress protector yet keeps the mattress safe from allergens and liquids. This protection comes with an OEKO-TEX certification, which means the protector is free of PVC, vinyl, and other potentially harmful substances. Its also quiet during nighttime movements, so it wont disrupt light sleepers. A deep 18-inch pocket fits most standard mattresses. Red Nomad provides a full 90-day, money-back guarantee backed by a solid 15-year replacement warranty.

Sensitive skin may not tolerate synthetic fabrics. Mattress protectors with 100 percent cotton, like the AirExpect, are gentle and naturally breathable. When backed with a waterproof TPU membrane, it keeps water on the surface of the mattress. The AirExpect also has airflow technology that allows air to circulate through the mattress protector to reduce heat retention.

This mattress protector has a noise-reducing surface that also doesnt allow bacteria or allergens to enter the mattress. With a deep 18-inch pocket, it can fit most modern mattresses. The warranty-backed protector is also hypoallergenic and free of fire retardants, phthalates, PVC, and vinyl.

Utopias bamboo mattress protector combines the natural breathability and softness of bamboo with ultra-tech polyester. The soft top layer repels liquids, while the TPU membrane keeps that liquid on the surface. As well, the membrane allows air and heat to pass through the mattress, which enhances airflow and heat circulation. The membrane doesnt crinkle like vinyl or plastic so that translates into a quieter nights sleep. The company backs the protector with a warranty.

Utopia also has a smooth grip system in the skirt that makes it easier to stretch around the edge of the mattress. A 17-inch pocket fits many modern mattresses and stays snug throughout the night. Its designed for a tight fit that works well for restless sleepers as it stays in place despite heavy movements.

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The Best Mattress Protectors to Keep Your Bed Clean - Bob Vila

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Up to 2.7 Million in New York May Have Been Infected, Antibody Study Finds – NBC New York

What to Know

Preliminary results from New York's first coronavirus antibody study show nearly 14 percent tested positive, meaning they had the virus at some point and recovered, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday. That equates to 2.7 million infections statewide -- more than 10 times the state's confirmed cases.

The study, part of Cuomo's "aggressive" antibody testing launched earlier this week, is based on 3,000 random samples from 40 locations in 19 counties. While the preliminary data suggests much more widespread infection, it means New York's mortality rate is much lower than previously thought.

As of Thursday, nearly 16,000 people in New York have died of virus-related complications. With 260,000-plus confirmed cases, the mortality rate would be as high as 6 percent. With 2.7 million cases, it would be around 0.5 percent -- much lower, though still much higher than the seasonal flu.

Cuomo was quick to caution, though, that that the death toll was higher than even the state's own official report -- it counts deaths in hospitals and nursing homes, but not at-home deaths or other "probable" cases. In other words, the mortality rate is still hard to determine properly.

New York City had a higher rate of antibodies (21.2 percent) than anywhere else in the state and accounted for 43 percent of the total tested. Long Island had a 16.7 percent positivity rate, while Westchester and Rockland counties saw 11.7 percent of their samples come up with the antibody. The rest of the state, which accounted for about a third of those studied, had a 3.6 percent positivity rate. There were early variations by race/ethnicity and age as well.

Cuomo says further analysis of the antibody study findings is underway. The early estimates mirror findings from a study in Los Angeles County, California. Researchers there found COVID-19 could have been 55 times more prevalent than reported, which would mean a far lower morbidity rate than believed.

One prominent New York City doctor reacted to the results by saying they were plausible but by no means certain, and that even if 21 percent of NYC residents had antibodies, it didn't mean they were immune.

"It means a lot of us in NYC have been infected. But that's not surprising news - we've seen high levels of cases for over a month. It means the virus is STILL spreading in NYC. It means that the MAJORITY of us are still very susceptible! It means we still need to #StayHome," said Craig Spencer, a Manhattan emergency room doctor, Ebola survivor and prominent social media voice during the crisis.

About a quarter of the state's total fatalities have been in long-term care facilities, which have been dubbed ground zero of the national crisis.

By law, nursing homes must provide personal protective equipment and temperature checks for staff. They must isolate COVID-19 residents, ensure separate staff for virus patients and notify all family members within 24 hours if any resident tests positive for COVID-19 or dies from infection.

That's not always happening. More families are finding themselves blindsided by a loved one's nursing home death before they were even told a particular facility had a virus problem. In some cases, that reflects a home's lack of awareness. In others, it's an absence of reporting.

Declaring nursing homes a "top priority since Day 1," Cuomo said the state would crack down on centers that don't comply with current regulations and executive orders. Attorney General Letitia James will lead that investigation in coordination with the state Department of Health, the governor said.

The federal government has pledged better tracking and information-sharing on nursing home outbreaks, which the Associated Press reports have been linked to at least 8,500 deaths across the country. The real toll is likely much higher; the virus is adept at killing, Cuomo has said, and the people in nursing homes, the frail and the elderly, are most vulnerable to its attack.

Experts say the outbreaks have been fueled by the industry's chronic challenges with controlling infections and staffing shortages. Many homes have not reported their deaths and state counts may not include those who die without ever being tested for COVID-19.

Cuomo has incorporated nursing home data into the New York state coronavirus tracker; it currently lists nursing homes and adult care centers that have reported fatalities by name and breaks out the total numbers by county. As of Wednesday, 22 percent of the state's 15,740 fatalities came from nursing homes or adult care centers. The state tracker does not list all the centers that have reported infections. Last week, the governor ordered nursing homes to begin supplying this information to the state. Noncompliance may lead to civil penalties.

Some of the nation's biggest outbreaks have been local, including 55 deaths at a nursing home in Brooklyn. The borough now has the highest virus death toll (3,540) of any county in America, per state and NBC News data, accounting for 7 percent of all U.S. deaths. Five homes in the outer boroughs have reported at least 40 deaths each. Part of the issue is the vulnerability of the population itself; part of it is reporting and access to testing. Supplies and personal protective equipment for staff have been problematic as well.

Earlier Thursday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled stepped-up efforts to fight that battle in the five boroughs. He says his administration has sent nearly 10 million N95 and surgical masks, gowns, gloves, face shields and other PPE to the city's 169 nursing homes in weekly distributions to date. On Thursday, he announced the city would increase its weekly shipment by at least 50 percent, adding to the over 40,000 N95s, 800,00 surgical face masks 40,000 face shields, 1.5 million gloves and 105,000 gowns or coveralls that went out last week.

To help with urgent staffing needs, de Blasio has sent 210 clinical staff volunteers to 40 NYC nursing homes and will double that, bringing the total number of personnel to more than 420, the mayor said Thursday. His administration has established a task force to work with about half the nursing homes citywide, collecting data on staffing, PPE, death management and other metrics to ensure nursing home needs are continually met through the crisis.

Our citys nursing homes are home to some of those most at risk for COVID-19, de Blasio said Thursday. They need our support more than ever, which is why we are stepping in and sending more staff and support to assist those who protect and care for our most vulnerable.

New Jersey, which has seen about 40 percent of its total COVID-19 deaths come from nursing homes, launched a new webpage earlier this week that names all 446 long-term facilities where outbreaks have been reported and those where residents have died. One home in particular, a sprawling facility in Andover, came under fire after an anonymous tip led to the discovery of 17 bodies piled inside a makeshift morgue. According to the New York Times, they were moved there after being temporarily stored in a shed. Gov. Phil Murphy said he was outraged by the gruesome find and pledged a thorough investigation.

Current and former employees at the Andover home described vile conditions there even before the pandemic hit.

"There would be urine and fecal matter on the floor, in the hallway, in the bedroom, like it was just gross ... I have seen bedbugs in patient beds," one former employee said. "We have reported this a couple of times and nothing is being done about it. Nothing. And then with the virus happening ... things just got 10 times worse."

Cuomo has said reopening states will be a gradual process -- and that can't really begin until the data supports it, meaning hospitalization and death rates are completely under control. The numbers have been trending in the right direction, but the volume is still high overall. Cuomo says it'll never be zero.

"The number will decline to a level that is basically a low constant. You can't stop all transmission of the virus," Cuomo said during an interview on The Daily Show late Wednesday. "When you get down to the lowest level you can, that's your low point. Once we hit that number, then we can talk about starting to reopen."

New projections from the widely watched Gates Foundation-backed IHME model, the one relied upon by infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci and often cited by Cuomo, suggest New York and New Jersey could relax restrictions after May 27, presuming strong containment strategies remain in place, including testing, contact tracing, isolation and crowd limitations. Connecticut's timeline would be a bit later, after June 9, the model says.

The new "nation-leading" contact tracing program Cuomo announced Wednesday will help with the containment part of the equation. The plan is still in its very early stages; former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has committed $10.5 million to develop and implement it in partnership with Johns Hopkins researchers.

Cuomo said the plan would be regional in its approach, rolled out in coordination with New Jersey and Connecticut. Gov. Ned Lamont later said he was still evaluating it.

IHME revised its death forecasts upward for Connecticut again Wednesday night, for the third time in a week. The state could now see 3,006 deaths through June 2; it has reported about half that to date.

The new model slightly lowered projections for New York (23,232 deaths through May 23) and New Jersey (7,058 deaths through May 21), though those numbers are still higher than in the model's April 17 iteration.

The newer forecasts take into account New York City's reporting on probable fatalities (it has 5,121 of those to date) and data compiled by The New York Times.

"People are about to burst, on one level. On the other hand, we had 474 people die yesterday," Cuomo said Wednesday of reopening. "You tell me how many people go outside and touch other people, I'll tell you how many people go into a hospital three days from now. It's an impossible balance."

On Thursday, Cuomo added another 438 fatalities to New York's growing toll, it's lowest single-day toll in weeks and a fourth straight day below 500. The state now has 15,740 dead, not counting NYC's probable fatalities. New Jersey's toll has reached 5,368, while Connecticut has seen more than 1,500 lives lost.

Casewise, the tri-state area has reported more than 385,000 infections -- 263,460 in New York, 99,989 in New Jersey and 22,469 in Connecticut. New York City reported its first confirmed case on March 1. A new model from Northeastern University suggests nearly 11,000 people could already have been infected in the city by then, according to The New York Times. De Blasio said Thursday he still believes half of the entire city could ultimately become infected.

The stark numbers and the uncertainty have New Yorkers, tens of thousands of whom have lost their jobs amid this crisis, torn between their desire to get back to normal and their fear of what could happen when restrictions relax.

People may not look at a crowded subway train the same way again; they may be leery of walking into a Broadway theater. The New York area has endured debilitating hardships since the shutdown; hardships will linger when it lifts.

The stresses of this crisis -- physical, psychological, financial and otherwise -- are profound. Cuomo says they'll lead to lead to "PTSD for an entire generation."

New York and New Jersey have launched mental health hotlines amid the pandemic. Here are more ways to get help.

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Up to 2.7 Million in New York May Have Been Infected, Antibody Study Finds - NBC New York

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Fighting meth-fueled ‘chemsex’ in the LGBTQ community, West Hollywood takes a stand – Los Angeles Times

It was the kind of town hall meeting that could, perhaps, only be held in West Hollywood.

Were going to talk about sex, City Councilman John Duran warned the crowd, feigning surprise.

Behind the scenes a few minutes earlier, one of the panelists, a drag queen in a sparkling halter top, had asked him how much swearing was appropriate, given the topic. (Try to avoid F-bombs, Duran advised.)

But what they were talking about, in such a colorful way, could not be more serious.

The topic at the packed town hall Wednesday night was a growing crisis, especially in the LGBTQ community, that health experts say is not talked about enough: chemsex, or using drugs like methamphetamine, cocaine and MDMA to enhance sexual activity and lower inhibitions.

Also called party and play, chemsex has become pervasive on online dating apps like Adam4Adam, Scruff and Grindr, where people use constantly changing code words and emojis to show they want to use or buy drugs and have sex, said Jimmy Palmieri, founder of the Tweakers Project, a support group for people struggling with crystal meth addiction.

I dont think theres anyone in West Hollywood that hasnt been touched, somehow, some way, by meth, Palmieri said.

In West Hollywood, methamphetamine was involved in 47 deaths between 2015 and 2018, and meth-related hospitalizations have steadily ticked upward for the last decade, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

The event follows the overdose deaths of two black gay men in the West Hollywood apartment of Democratic donor Ed Buck, who was accused last fall of injecting fatal doses of crystal methamphetamine into victims for his own sexual gratification.

For far too long, I think, meth has been overlooked as a public health crisis, said Dr. Lello Tesema, an associate medical director at the L.A. County Department of Public Health Division of Substance Abuse Prevention and Control.

While it does not have the same national attention as the opioid crisis, methamphetamine in the Los Angeles area is actually incredibly prevalent and incredibly dangerous, she said.

The town hall came at a time when, city leaders say, there is a critical shortage of spaces in West Hollywood that can and will accommodate addiction recovery groups. Currently, the fate of a run-down log cabin on Robertson Boulevard that hosts some two dozen sobriety meetings each week is up in the air. Beverly Hills owns the lot on which it sits and wants it gone; West Hollywood officials are trying to lease it to keep the meetings going.

Town hall panelist Jason De Puy, a drag queen, said that the problem is rarely discussed openly. There are influencers on Instagram with a hundred thousand followers, and theyre doing crystal meth on the side, and no one understands or even knows that and everyones scared to talk about it, he said.

De Puy, who has been sober for eight years, said that, like many young gay men who come to West Hollywood, he had not been taught about gay sex and was ashamed by it. He was introduced to crystal meth at a bathhouse, and it seemed to make intimacy easier and more euphoric.

The addiction quickly took over his life. He was homeless for a spell before moving into an apartment filled with cockroaches, fleas and bedbugs.

Meth and sex kept me from having to deal with life, De Puy said.

When I got sober, I had to learn how to have sex again because I was used to this seedy, dangerous, risky sex.... You can go to the orgies, honey. You can go to the bathhouse. You can do this stuff sober, De Puy said.

De Puy, 29, said hes had so many friends die unexpectedly from overdoses.

Jason De Puy, dressed in drag, talks about his sobriety and former use of drugs during sex as a member of a panel at a town hall for a discussion about sex and the use of substances such as meth, GHB, cocaine and MDMA at the West Hollywood City Council chambers on Wednesday.

(Genaro Molina/Los Angeles Times)

In recent surveys of nearly 1,600 people in West Hollywood, more than 70% of respondents said that meth use at community events, bars and clubs is a pressing issue for the city, according to the Safe West Hollywood Community Coalition.

The coalition and city employees recently have begun going to major events like LA Pride and West Hollywoods Halloween Carnaval to hand out free naloxone, a medication that can reverse drug overdoses, as well as condoms and testing strips to determine whether recreational drugs are laced with fentanyl.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the contamination of illicit drugs like methamphetamine with fentanyl a synthetic opioid 50 times more potent than heroin is a growing public health concern. Often, users are unaware that it has been added.

People dont even realize theyre doing fentanyl, Duran said. Were seeing a lot of people in our community who just thought they were going to party and not waking up the next day.

When you throw in sexuality, oppression, shame, stigma, HIV, meth and then add fentanyl in the mix, its a deadly combination.

The town hall panelists said that one of the tragedies of chemsex is that it often stems from loneliness and LGBTQ peoples shame around their sexuality or gender identity. Tesema said that in a world increasingly connected by technology, were in a crisis of loneliness.

The questions from the audience reflected that: Can you talk about how this ties in with mental health and self-esteem and suicide prevention? How can I get people to rally around this issue?

Melissa McCracken, a chemsex counselor for Breathe Life Healing Center in West Hollywood, said people lose self intimacy when in the throes of drug addiction and that meth use disables empathy, which is one of the tragic casualties.

Eric Fletes, an outreach specialist with the Los Angeles LGBT Center, shares information about fentanyl and substance abuse treatment with the public at a chemsex town hall meeting in West Hollywood.

(Genaro Molina/Los Angeles Times)

Giving yourself the space and the time to actually connect with another person is difficult, but its not impossible, she said.

Tesema noted that people often become depressed when they relapse after trying to stop using meth, even though relapse is not only common but an expected process in recovery.

In the lobby afterward, where naloxone and fenantyl-testing strips were being handed out, a 31-year-old man said the town hall was a nice change of pace from the crystal meth and alcohol addiction recovery meetings he attends.

The man, who asked that his name not be used because he was in recovery, said he works as a property manager for a 187-unit building in Westwood and has had to call authorities twice recently because of tenants overdosing on heroin.

Sobriety meetings are peer-to-peer, he said. Seeing issues like chemsex and meth use be discussed bluntly by experts, in a City Council chamber, gave him hope that they would get more attention, he said.

To see that the city is behind it is amazing, he said. It elevates it, for sure.

Fighting meth-fueled 'chemsex' in the LGBTQ community, West Hollywood takes a stand - Los Angeles Times

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California Bed Bug Hotel and Apartment Reports …

Bed Bug Hotel and Apartment Reports. Click on the city below to find our latest bed bug reports in California on hotels. To report a new bed bug incident, navigate to our city page below to see further details.

Recommended tips after hotel check-in: 1. Pick up the mattresses in the rooms and look under it. Check around the edges of the box springs. 2. Check under the box spring. 3. Lift up each headboard an lay it on the bed. Carefully inspect the hole where the headboard was lifted out of. Also, inspect all niches and corners of the headboard. 4. If you decide to stay in the hotel, do not put any clothes in dressers. Keep them in your luggage and your dirty clothes in plastic bags.

I stayed at this hotel on November 16th when I went to bed I had no bites on my arms. I woke up on the 17th with bites all over my arms and wrists. I had to leave early but later I called the hotel to...

My son & I (eydie) stay at economy inn for a week 11/13/2019 to 11/20/ 2019.out of the week I was there for only there for 4 days it happen over night Housekeeper never came to clean or bring clean to...

October 9 2019 room 304 at 6:30aReported to hotel staff. Was moved and hour and a half later to a room on the 4th floor. They had the room cleaned and had the room inspected the following day! ...

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California Bed Bug Hotel and Apartment Reports ...

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5 Animals That Have Evolved Recently Now. Powered by – Now. Powered by Northrop Grumman.

We often think of evolution as an imperceptible, gradual change over time. But consider animals that have evolved right before our eyes: bugs, fish, birds and more. The degree and speed of change varies, depending on environmental conditions and the amount of time between generations. Some species evolved rapidly to adapt to major changes in their environment.

Back in the 1850s, Darwin had assumed that evolution was a slow, invisible process that could take as many as thousands of generations to produce a new species. However, Discover Magazine reported that in 1981 a researcher named David Reznick demonstrated that you can see animals evolve within a lifetime. This was a pivotal moment in changing the way scientists understand evolutionary biology. It turns out that some animals evolve so quickly that researchers can actually observe the changes.

Resznick wanted to watch evolution happen in real time, so he experimented with changing the predators in guppies environment. He moved one group of guppies to a stream without predators to see if they would thrive, and added predatory fish called cichlids to guppy sites that previously didnt have predators.

In just four years, or six to eight guppy generations, the guppies adapted to their new environments. The group in the stream without predators were larger, matured later and reproduced slower. The guppies who lived with cichlids matured at an earlier age and produced more babies.

When brown anole lizards invaded green anole territory in Florida, the green lizards adapted in just 15 years. Discover Magazine reported that only 20 generations after the invasive brown lizards arrived, the green lizards developed larger toepads and more scales, which helped them cling to higher branches to avoid competition from the brown lizards on lower branches.

Salmon have remained resilient, despite several challenges caused by humans. When commercial fishing in the 1920s threatened Chinook salmon from Alaska to California, the fish became smaller and shorter-lived, according to Discover Magazine. Pink salmon have adapted to migrate earlier because of climate change. Salmon are migrating from the ocean to the river two weeks earlier than they did 40 years ago, in response to warmer ocean temperatures. Furthermore, Mental Floss pointed out that this isnt just a behavior change, but a change at the genetic level, with natural selection favoring fish that migrate earlier.

One of the peskiest animals that have evolved quickly is pesticide-resistant bugs. Bedbugs were common in the 1940s and 1950s, according to the BBC, but when humans introduced DDT and other insecticides to control the bugs, the plan totally backfired. By the 1960s, future generations of the bugs were equipped with thicker shells, more resilient nerve cells and an enzyme that helps break down toxic substances. Now, New York City hosts super-strong bedbugs that are 250 times more resistant to pesticides than bedbugs in Florida, according to Mental Floss.

Tawny owls in Finland adapted their coloration in response to warmer winters. The owls are either pale gray or reddish brown. Previously, more owls were pale gray, which helped them avoid predators by blending in with the snow. According to Discover Magazine, a 2011 study revealed that while temperatures rise and theres less snow in Finland, more Tawny owls are brown. As winters are becoming milder, natural selection is favoring feathers that camouflage with the brown forest instead of snow.

In stable conditions, theres no reason for a species to change. If there is a major change to the environment, such as new predators, human interference, an invasive species or rising temperatures, then the species will adapt and evolve. Natural selection will favor the animals that are better suited for surviving the new environment.

Climate change is placing environmental stressors on animals right now, therefore several species are evolving faster than ever before.

We can see that animals have evolved in our lifetime, and humans are still evolving, too. Were not a perfect species, and even if we were, new environmental pressures could make us favor certain traits. Some evidence for current human evolution includes a reduction in Alzheimers genes, the ability to digest cows milk and Dutch men getting taller, according to Popular Science.

Evolution isnt just part of our history; its happening right now, to all sorts of species, even our own. Its just easier to observe these changes in animals that have shorter lifespans because we can witness their generational turnover.

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