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Latest Bed Bug Incidents and Infestations

Incident Radius: 400 Miles

We cannot vouch for the truthfulness of any report on this site. If you feel a location has been reported in error, or want to dispute a report, please contact us.

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This is What a Tented House Means – Bob Vila

A: Your neighbors have not turned their place into a circus. Theyve hired an extermination professional to put up whats called a fumigation tentan important aspect of effectively destroying bed bugs, termites, rodents, and other pests. The entire process of house fumigation involves sealing the home with a tent, pumping in poisonous gas, allowing the gas enough time to kill the pests, then removing the tent to allow the gas to dissipate.

Tenting for termites, bed bugs, and other pests isnt typically dangerous for anyone in the neighborhood because the fumigation gas is trapped inside the home. If there is a leak in the fumigation tent then gas can escape, but it dissipates rapidly in the open air. Additionally, fumigating does not chase pests out of the home and into nearby dwellings, because all of the pests are sealed inside with the concentrated fumigation gas. So as long as you do not enter the tented home, youre safe from the fumigation gas, while the pest population is quickly eliminated.

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When a tent goes up in the neighborhood, it can draw the attention of concerned adults and spark the curiosity of kids, but this is simply a sign that the homeowner is dealing with a severe pest problem in a definitive way, instead of using sprays, traps, and other DIY solutions. Bed bug, rodent, and termite tenting involves sealing the premises entirely and pumping in poisonous gas to eliminate the pests.

The chemical most commonly used in the tent fumigation process is sulfuryl fluoride, an odorless, colorless toxic gas that shuts down the central nervous system of any living creature trapped inside the home. Some fumigation companies may also use a mixture of sulfuryl fluoride and tear gas to help keep people away from the house during the fumigation process. After a few days, the tent is removed and the gas quickly dissipates in the open air. Occupants are not allowed back into the home until the fumigation company has tested the air and confirmed that the chemical levels are below 1 part per million (ppm).

The multicolor tents traditionally used by pest control companies are specifically designed to keep toxic gasses sealed inside the home. These tents are made of heavy vinyl-coated nylon tarpaulins that effectively prevent hazardous gas from leaking out of the home during the fumigation process. Tenting is done, first and foremost, for public safety. Faulty tents are unlikely, since the concentrations of toxic gas must be high enough to be lethala leak would drop the concentration to non-lethal levels, and the process would fail. Pest control experts ensure that the house is covered properly and the tent secured with stakes, tape, and plastic sheeting. Most pest control companies also lock the tent to prevent the entrance from being accessed after the gas has been pumped into the home.

The purpose of tenting a house is to eliminate severe pest infestation problems with a powerful toxic gas that shuts down the nervous system. However, the entire home is sealed with heavy-duty vinyl-coated nylon tarpaulins to prevent the bed bug, rodent, or termite fumigation gas from leaking out of the home. If the home is properly sealed and no one enters the tent, there should be no danger to people and pets in the neighborhood.

Even after the fumigation is complete and the tent is removed, the neighborhood is still safe because the toxic gas rapidly dissipates into the outside air. Consider the carbon monoxide produced by city buses and passing traffic. Humans and pets manage to live with it outside, but that much carbon monoxide concentration would be fatal if it was trapped in a sealed or poorly ventilated space.

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Its a common misconception that a neighbors infestation will spread to nearby homes when the property is tented for fumigation. Tenting seals the infestation inside the home with a powerful toxic gas that kills the entire pest population, so insects and vermin dont have the opportunity to leave the premises before falling victim to the gas.

The primary reason people believe fumigation causes pest infestations to spread is that when one home has an infestation severe enough to warrant tenting, the invading pests are typically already highly active throughout the neighborhood. And, yes, other homes in the neighborhood may have simultaneously occurring infestations that residents are just noticing because the tent prompted a more careful inspection of the premises.

However, pest infestations can spread. If a neighbor uses over-the-counter pest repellent products, instead of having the home fumigated, for a serious infestation, then there is a high chance that the pests infesting that property will spread to surrounding homes that are not treated with repellent. This means that a fumigation tent actually prevents the spread of pest infestations, while repellents only protect the treated property.

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Ideally, the rodent, bed bug, or termite fumigation preparation that the pest control company completes prior to tenting the home includes delivering fumigation notice cards or fliers to the houses in the neighborhood. While this neighborhood notification is a legal requirement in a few states (e.g., California), exterminators in most states are not required to do so, which can lead to surprise and concern upon seeing a tent on a neighbors house. Fortunately, figuring out how to prepare for termite tenting in the neighborhood is relatively straightforward.

Neighborhood fumigation preparation involves simply staying away from the tented property and advising any neighbors that you see about the situation, just in case they dont know what the tent indicates. This is especially important for neighbors with children or pets, so they can be sure to keep their more curious family members away from the tent.

Its also a good idea to check your home for any signs of infestation and consider contacting a pest control company to conduct a thorough inspection. While fumigation tenting doesnt chase pests into neighboring houses, it is a sign that these types of pests are highly active in the area and could already have invaded your home.

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This is What a Tented House Means - Bob Vila

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These People Experienced Once in a Lifetime Perfect Fits – Obsev

They say that there's no such thing as "perfection," but these images prove otherwise. There are lots of things in this world that are a perfect fit for something else. Some jobs are perfect for certain people's personalities. An actor can be a perfect fit for a TV show or film, too.

But sometimes a perfect fit can happen when two elements or objects fit together so well, they're pretty much aligned to perfection. And it's oh so satisfying. Here's a satisfying collection of totally unrelated objects that perfectly nestle next to or inside each other.

A bowl cut or a mushroom cut is a simple type of haircut where the front is cut with a straight fringe and the rest of the hair is a bit longer. As a result, someone like the person in this photo ends up with a hairdo that sort of looks like a mushroom. And best of all, this style is seriously timeless. But for mysteriously cosmic reasons, this kids' haircut perfectly matches this oval photo frame.

Someone told this Redditor that all these board games would fit perfectly inside this wooden cabinet's shelves and they weren't kidding. All the board games fit to perfection and they fill up every inch of space. There's just something so appealing about how this collection of board games is set up that it almost makes you want to throw away your PlayStation and phone. ALMOST. It's safe to say that this family will always have a backup plan for what to do if the power ever goes out.

The owner of this cigar cutter was stumped for 3 weeks because they had lost their wedding ring. This Redditor explained that they looked in the usual spots like the kitchen and bathroom sink as well as between the couch cushions and in their car but the ring had mysteriously vanished. Then, as they reached for their cigar cutter, they noticed that their wedding ring was perfectly stuck in the groove where they stuck their finger in.

This person must have been a whiz at playing Tetris because all the items in the back of this moving truck are aligned perfectly. They have two couches, a couple of boxes, some duffle bags and seat cushions and there's still plenty of space to add more. But it's a good thing that this perfect alignment didn't cause all of their items to disappear like the line blocks in the game or that would have been a major problem.

A wafer is generally a crisp, sweet cookie that's thin, flat and light. While some people prefer to eat them on their own, wafers can also be used for decorations on cakes or ice cream. Some even have tasty vanilla, strawberry or chocolate filling sandwiched between two wafers. But the wafer design isn't limited to cookies, which is something this person discovered when they saw the building in the photo. In a beautiful turn of events, their wafer aligned well with the structure in the distance, and our OCD brains couldn't be happier. Ahhh!

Unlike conventional sofas, sectional couches contain various independent pieces that can be arranged in different positions to create one type of seating. And the exact composition of a sectional couch varies by design, but one thing you have to always do is make sure that it fits in your living room. Unfortunately, this person was afraid their sectional couch wouldn't, but then they set it all up and it aligned perfectly.

Trying to catch the sun is like trying to catch a falling star. It's virtually impossible... or is it? This crane was either intentionally or accidentally aligned with the setting sun on the horizon. So it looks like the crane captured the sun, but of course that's impossible because the sun's so freaking hot that it would have melted the metal crane in seconds. But it's still a perfectly aligned camera shot.

This slice of Belgian Passendale is a soft and flavorful type of Abbey cheese that oddly enough happens to be the exact match in shape to the bread slice under it. Although not everyone has an issue with this, some folks don't like it when a slice of bread sticks out because they feel tempted to munch on the outside first. This is totally okay to do when you're at home, but you might get odd glances from people if you do this at a restaurant.

This truck driver didn't waste any space when it came down to stacking these tires. They are so perfectly aligned that they almost look like giant ropes crocheted to form this giant pattern. Whoever did this must be a major Tetris aficionado, and we really respect that! But we'd hate to be the one that would have to unload all these tires because it's quite obvious that it's almost as difficult to take out as it was to stack.

Wrapping a present can be a major pain in the backside. First you have to unroll the wrapping paper face-down, and place the gift on top. If the gift is a rectangle, you can align the longer sides of the box to so that they're parallel to the end of the roll. Then you fold the end of the paper up and over the gift until it's completely wrapped. But even then, the odds of getting the design on the wrapping paper to align this perfect is like 100 to 1.

The way those IKEA shelves were installed on that wall is flawless. Its obvious the person who did this took their time making sure everything was symmetrical. But the one thing that was accidentally perfect was the way that speaker fit on top of the gray box in the center between the yellow and the dark blue box. Its too bad that the cable hanging in front of the yellow shelf on the left hand side makes everything look so uneven.

This person had quite a messy desk, but they eventually got around to decluttering it and what they found was astonishing. It turns out that they now had just enough space to fit their Canon printer in the cubby underneath. But it looks like a tight fit so hopefully they are able to extend the paper feed support part so that it prints correctly and check that the vents arent covered or it might catch on fire.

A P.O. Box or post office box is an addressable lockable box located inside the post office that people can visit to retrieve their mail. But this person was very surprised to find that a package had managed to fit so perfectly inside their post office box. Unfortunately, it fit a little too well and got pushed all the way to the far back. So, this person probably had a hard time getting their package out. Hopefully they had long arms.

The driver knew that the front of his truck would be able to get across this bridge in Australia but they werent so sure about the wide load they were carrying. Luckily, it was attached to a lowboy trailer which had adjustable suspension. This made it easier for the driver to make the necessary adjustment to get across. But admittedly, it was a very tight fit and it could have just as easily caused the wide load to scratch the roof of this bridge or rip it off from the truck entirely.

This person was arranging her Godiva Chocolates in her drawer when she realized that she had arranged them all in a perfect single layer. Most people are able to stack their chocolates fairly well, but it rarely looks as perfectly organized as this shelf. Perhaps the chocolate gods smiled upon her that day. But it must have been really difficult to ruin this perfection by taking a chocolate and eating it.

This guy discovered that he fit perfectly under these hospital stairs because hes so tall. And that perfect fit also matches how well his clothes fit him, too. But he should probably get out from under there because theres a superstition that passing under a staircase is a bad omen. This belief reportedly dates back to the time of the ancient Egyptians who believed that passing under the stairs disrupted the sacred triangle shape created between a stair and the wall. Triangles were considered sacred to them, which is why it was a bad omen.

The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Blu-ray DVD box collections fit perfectly on this shelf. But overall, most of the DVDs and Blu-rays on the shelves are nice and neat except for the final shelf on the lower right-hand side. But to get those extremely long The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit DVDs, the person is going to have to use a suction cup. Otherwise, they risk damaging the beautiful box that they are in if they squeeze too hard while trying to get it out.

Notice how perfectly the color of the tea matches the color of the cup? But has anyone ever heard of pink tea before? Well actually there are some teas that do change color. For example, Rooibos tea is red, but will turn pink if you add some milk to it to cool it down. Another type of tea that can turn pink is Kashmiri Chai, which if why its often just called Pink Tea.

Those Longhorn Steakhouse knives fit so well inside this shelf organizer tray that made their hearts expand with love for life. But they might be rushing to the emergency room if theyre not careful because getting those knives out is tough. Theres no space to grab on to one of the handles, so anyone looking to grab a knife will have to grab it by the blade very, very carefully to avoid cutting their fingers off.

Most people use doormats to take dirt and moisture from shoes and hold it so that people dont drag all that mess inside the house. Theyre also used for aesthetic purposes to accentuate the look of an entrance. But shower mats are also used to keep someone from slipping when they get out of the shower. And yet, this person discovered another purpose for their shower mat. It actually fit perfectly under the door to keep the cold air from coming into the house.

This parking spot is located between two buildings in a hutong or narrow street or alley commonly found in northern Chinese cities like Beijing. Hutongs serve as alleys formed by lines of courtyard residences. And the owner of slender vehicles like this one find it easy to park inside one of these hutongs. But they have to get out using the back door because the alley is too narrow to allow drivers or passengers to open their side doors.

Those Nespresso boxes all fit perfectly inside that drawer. The only thing thats not so perfect is the fact that not all of the boxes have the same design, particularly the next to last box that has a bluish-green color with gold while the other boxes are mostly black. The boxes are also so tightly packed that it must make retrieving one of them extremely difficult unless you rip the tabs on the corner or use a hook to get one out.

Its pretty ironic that they have so much disorganized stuff on the carpeted floor given that they just set up this cupboard that fits just right in the corner next to the door. Maybe theyll get to stuffing all those miscellaneous items inside those shelves. But they should probably watch their step when they open that door to enter the other room because that cupboard is so close to the entryway that they might accidentally stub their toe with the furniture.

Wood pellets are biofuel made from compressed wood fibers, but in laymans terms, theyre recycled wood waste from the milling of lumber or compacted sawdust. And thats exactly what are in these perfectly stacked bags in this cubby. So, it looks like this person was stocking up for the season to use these pellets in lieu of charcoal, oil and gas or firewood. Then again, they might have needed it for other purposes such as animal bedding for their horses.

Most shoppers arent as neat as this person. They generally sit their bags in their shopping cart and jam all of their food items into their reusable shopping bag before they leave the supermarket. But this person was pleasantly surprised to learn that their two boxes of whole grain cereal fit perfectly inside their shopping bag. Its not exactly a huge victory, but when life throws something good your way, you have to appreciate it.

There are a lot of places that a guest can choose to stick their suitcase in when they arrive at their airbnb, but generally, they stick it in the closet. However, this guest found an even better place to put their suitcase. It turns out that it fits perfectly right under the safe between the wall and the bed. But most travelers will tell you that this is a bad idea because bed bugs can easily jump over to the suitcase and breed inside the clothes.

This guy had one nice thing to say about his ex-wife, which was that her car has a cubby in the center console that doubles as a French-fry cubby. And while the empty cubby certainly wasnt intended for this purpose, it could most definitely be used to hold condiments like ketchup or barbecue sauce to dip those delicious crispy fries into before sticking them into the French-fry cubby in their face.

The person who owns these cookies had two reasons to smile. First of all, they were happy because they were finally putting the cookie jar that once belonged to their beloved grandmother to use. The other reason was that the vanilla sandwich cookies all fit perfectly into five pillars. But given how delicious those vanilla sandwich cookies are, its obvious that the cookie population started to dwindle in no time, making the pillars less even.

Everything about the way this breakfast was set up screams OCD, not that theres anything wrong with that. Its perfect from the way the glass of orange juice and fork and knife are placed next to the pancake that fits so perfectly into the plate. Unfortunately, its not going to look quite so perfect when the person starts tearing into that pancake with their knife and fork. Luckily, they took a photo for posterity.

Most folks would cringe at the idea of having this small cabinet/end table so close to that wall heater. But its almost like this furniture was destined to fit in this spot because the drawer opens and closes without banging into the heater. But hopefully, nothing small falls between the cabinet and the wall or that feeling of perfection will be totally wrecked.

You know its going to be a great day when you discover that your scrubbing brush fits under a metal shelf. Nobody knows why humans find things that fit perfectly into other things so satisfying but when two objects that dont generally go together fit, they provide people with a sense of joy. Perhaps its because humans know how much it hurts when they dont fit in with other groups, so finding a perfect fit is mentally symbolic.

There are a variety of types of pizza. Theres Neapolitan pizza, Chicago pizza, New York-style pizza, Sicilian, Greek, California... the list goes on and on. But one thing thats common knowledge is that they are generally round, but they can also be square-shaped as seen in this picture. But what are the odds of a square-shaped pizza being the same size and dimensions of a chopping board? Not likely! But this pizza and this chopping board seem to have been made for each other.

This Beats Solo Hard Travel Case also holds the Beats Solo Pro Wireless headphones, which is arguably one of the best pair of headphones that anyone can own. The case was designed to keep the headphones and safe and also has a soft interior to keep the headphones safe from scratches. But this person discovered that the case had another practically use. It turns out that their Xbox One S Controller fit perfectly inside the case, too.

A stroopwafel is a wafer waffle made from thin layers of baked dough and put together by caramel filling. Its generally eaten like a cookie, but this coffee drinker noticed that their stroopwafel fit perfectly on top of their paper coffee cup. But if it had been any smaller, it would have sunk into the cup and if it had been any bigger then the steam from the coffee wouldnt have warmed the stroopwafel evenly.

They set up a slide inside this outdoor alcove on the playground. But whoever did it wasnt thinking because its impossible for a child to climb up those steps since theyre so close to the wall. But if by some miracle a kid could climb to the top, they would slide right into the wall. Luckily, the slide doesnt seem to be secured in concrete, so a grownup could probably pull the slide out so the kids can play.

This black cubby fits perfectly inside this alcove and the green wall in the background accentuates the color of the furniture too. The only thing that would make this even more perfect is if they could buy themselves a model of the exact same cubby to stack on top and fill up this wall. But that doesnt seem likely since they have the internet router mounted on the side of the wall.

This may be the most mouthwatering image of perfection on this list. Who knew that 12 packs of mint chip ice cream sandwiches could fit so perfectly on this mini-fridge's door? Unfortunately, its not going to stay like this forever, especially if theres more than one person living in this house. Also, they might want to eat them sooner rather than later or store them deeper in the freezer because freezer doors arent as chilly and no one wants to eat a mushy ice cream sandwich.

This person reached out to grab the cabinet handle to open the door but their ring slid off their finger and got stuck on the handle, which is probably the best outcome. It could have slipped off right after and fallen under the cabinet where it would have been difficult to reach. But if the ring can slip off their finger that easily, then its probably time to get that sucker resized.

At first glance, it looks like this car drove across a narrow ledge and parked there. But who would drive along a ledge like this? Actually, they didnt. This photo is not what you think. You have to tilt your head to realize that the vehicle, like the photo, is on its side. Somehow the car managed to fall and fit perfectly between this extremely narrow canal. The reflective surface is actually water.

Canada Post is to Canada what the US Postal Service is to the United States, and while they strive to provide excellent service, they really messed things up here. Oh, it might not look like it because that Vitamix box fit perfectly inside that mailbox. But be grateful that you dont have to be the person that has to remove the box. Unfortunately, this person had to and was finding it tough to find enough space to stick their hand inside to pull the cardboard box out.

This omelette du fromage is basically a regular omelette thats very easy to make. All you have to do is beat a couple of eggs in a bowl and add some salt and pepper. Then you heat olive oil in a pan and pour the eggs in and spread the eggs evenly in the pan until its nice and cooked. But this person discovered something quite unexpected when they transferred their omelette onto their plate. It turns out that it fit perfectly. It also looks like a giant egg yolk surrounded by egg white.

This person had managed to take the can of beans top off using a can opener, which can be a major pain to do sometimes, especially if you suffer from arthritis. But they did it. Unfortunately, the top fell in the sink when they tipped the can over the sink to drain the excess water. And it didnt just land anywhere. It landed inside the sinks drain hole which made it impossible to take out. They couldnt even wedge it out with a butter knife. But admittedly, it did fit perfectly.

Some of the reasons people look forward to weekends is that they can unplug and think about future plans or recharge so that they can start the new week. Others use this time to exercise, travel or spend quality time with their family and friends. But those arent the reasons why weekends are so flawless on this calendar. Its because they align perfectly in two columns, which probably made looking forward to the weekend even more visually appealing.

This subway rider is so cute for sitting comfortably across two seats and she fits! Its almost like this space was designed just for her. Even the way shes wearing her mask is downright perfect. But the problem with being this comfortable on a subway train is that you can fall asleep quick and easy, especially when youre wearing sunglasses like she is. Hopefully, this dear lady didnt miss her stop and end up on the other side of town.

This gamer doesnt need to buy a stand for their Nintendo Wii because it fits surprisingly well with this metal cabinet. Another surprising checkmark in the plus column is the fact that the color of the game console and the stand are the same. So, if it werent for the letters on the Wii and the game slot, guests would assume its a part of the furniture. But the owner should probably take it out of here because the Wii will definitely overheat when its in use.

The post on its own is flawless. Alright, so maybe it has a couple of stains on the top and on the sides. But what makes this post so perfect is the fact that it aligns perfectly with its shadow on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, it only remained a perfect fit for a couple of moments. Then the sun moved and completely wrecked the illusion of the perfect post. And the shadows angle will only occur for a couple of more days before the Earth moves and the suns angle completely changes.

Toilet paper isnt generally considered visually pleasing but this is definitely the exception because all the toilet paper rolls fit so perfectly in this drawer. It turns out that the homeowners 5-year-old took care of refilling the drawer for their parents. Unfortunately, there was one unforeseen consequence. The grownups thought that the organization was so flawless that they didnt want to take a roll out even though they needed one.

They say that furniture should be the last thing to go inside a moving truck so that the movers or homeowners are able to unload these first into the new home or apartment. But whoever stacked these pieces of furniture did a very good job using up all the space in the back. Now the homeowner will have more than enough room to add all of their other miscellaneous items like bicycles, garden items, lamps, and boxes full of clothing.

Long before this alcove became the new home of this Diego Sideboard cabinet, the homeowners had planned to turn the area into a bookshelf. But they kept stalling and the project was never carried out. But they wanted to do something with the space, so they went furniture shopping and found this cabinet that fit just right in this alcove. Ironically, they werent really sure that it would fit until they tested it out.

Gibson and Schecter are two separate brands of guitars, but as this guitarist discovered, their headstocks or pegheads were interchangeable. Now the primary function of a headstock is to house the pegs or mechanism that holds the strings at the head of the guitar. And generally, every brand has their own style of headstocks. But Schecters headstocks were so similar that they simply inverted theirs so that they would seem different from Gibsons headstocks. This was probably a smart move as they avoided getting sued by Gibson.

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These People Experienced Once in a Lifetime Perfect Fits - Obsev

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It was hell: Tales of living at Northeast Properties in Worcester include mushrooms, bed bugs and birds amo –

As Marie Ramos carried boxes up to apartment 4L on the fourth floor, her new neighbors periodically stopped her.

Are you moving in? Ramos remembered them asking.

After she told them she was, they all responded the same way: Find a new place.

Ramos didnt immediately believe the warnings given to her about 87 Pleasant St., managed by Northeast Properties in Worcester. She heard the stories as she unloaded her belongings. They focused on infestation including roaches, bed bugs and mice.

Her concern, however, focused on a leak. Northeast notified her about it which delayed her move-in date to the beginning of May 2019. But they assured her, they would address the problem.

The promise of a fix offered a false sense of security that would soon evaporate.

Shortly after Ramos carried the final box up four flights of stairs, she realized her neighbors experiences were now also hers.

The first night Ramos said her cat chased two mice across the kitchen. The leak that Northeast assured her had been fixed was now replaced by four mushrooms sprouting out of the wall.

The living conditions at 87 Pleasant St. in Worcester included mushrooms growing out of the wall and damage walls.

The next morning when she called Northeast and noticed more mouse droppings.

The following day she woke up with bed bug bites on her arms, legs and near her left eye. Even at work, she couldnt escape the apartment from hell.

Her retail employer sent her home to prevent possible spread.

Ramos eventually lost her job due to the infestation. Northeast blamed her family for bringing the bed bugs with them.

Her mother, who lived with her, was hospitalized with an allergic reaction to one of the bites. To seek shelter from the bugs, her mother stayed with friends or slept in her car.

It was hell, to be completely honest, Ramos said.

Ramos apartment represents just a fraction of the residential properties owned by Felicio Lana, president of Northeast Properties, across Worcester, Uxbridge, Leominster and Garder. Lana declined to provide an exact number of properties and units he owns across Central Massachusetts.

While Lana didnt offer an exact number to MassLive, in an interview with the Worcester Telegram and Gazette in 2020, he said he more than 1,000.

He also owns prominent commercial properties in downtown Worcester such as the Midtown Mall.

We can tell you we remain committed to providing quality living spaces to all our tenants. Our goal is 100% tenant satisfaction, Lana said in a statement through his attorney. In reaching for this goal, we understand that it is important to continually seek to correct and improve our performance.

In the statement, Northeast Properties didnt reference any of the questions regarding rodent and bug infestation, electrical issues, heating problems or severe leaks.

Instead, the statement focused on the difficulties the COVID-19 pandemic presented for the company.

Ramoss experience represents a common theme repeated by a half dozen tenants who spoke with MassLive about their experiences with Lanas Northeast Properties. And the issues far predate the pandemic. Many of the grievances are backed up through more than 100 complaints filed against Lana in Worcesters housing court over the last decade, well before the pandemic.

Many other complaints never reached court such as the situation experienced by Ramos. It wasnt until she and her mother threatened a lawsuit that Lana finally began to help her.

Thats when Felicio sat down with us and said well give you a better apartment, just ease out of the court issue, Ramos said. We agreed to it because at that point I didnt have the money to just up and move out.

Beyond moving, Ramos also went on to work for Northeast Properties in August 2020 before quitting on Christmas of that year. Ramos wasnt able to discuss her time as an employee due to signing a non-disclosure agreement.

I was hesitant [to work for him] because of our past with each other, Ramos said.

After the problems she experienced on Pleasant Street and to avoid court hearings, Lana provided Ramos with a new apartment, at 82 Elm St. for a lower cost of rent beginning in July of 2019, which made her feel better about the job opportunity.

For the most part, the apartment hasnt had many issues, but Ramos said recently mice have started to appear.

The property appears in a pair of suits brought by the city against Lana for issues ranging from cross metering (where a tenants electric account includes lines from other tenants apartments) to rodent infestation. Both suits were voluntarily dismissed by the city.

The city dismisses enforcement cases when the work is done and all fines and costs have been paid, the city of Worcester said regarding the complaint, but didnt elaborate on the habitual nature of the issues from one of its most well known property owners.

Infestation is only one of the problems at Lana-owned properties that surpass the annoyance of a run-of-the-mill absentee landlord and enter more serious issues.

David and Maggie Grenier moved to Worcester from California at the end of October 2020.

David grew up in Massachusetts and returned home to be closer to his family with Maggie, who never lived in the Bay State before.

She was moving back to my home, Grenier said. This was nothing like what I was hoping for. Not even a dull situation. It was the exact opposite situation for what I wanted for my wife.

The Greniers became neighbors with Ramos on Oct. 30, 2020.

We immediately had problems, Maggie said.

Coming from California, the couple only viewed the apartment online until they arrived. They conducted a walk-through before moving in. They said everything was working great.

In the first chapter of their new life in Massachusetts, Maggie picked up dinner and the two sat on the floor to eat in their new apartment. After a few bites, the lights went out.

It sparked a two-month-long nightmare that ended with the city of Worcester forcing them to evacuate the apartment at 82 Elm St. at the end of December of 2020 due to safety issues tied to the electrical wiring in the home.

[The city inspector] told us we essentially had to grab our essentials and be out within 30 minutes because it was so dangerous, Maggie said.

The Greniers shared about 80 videos with MassLive that revealed paper-thin walls, water leaks from the ceiling but most of all comical, but dangerous, electrical issues that involved situations like kitchen light controlling the power to the oven and the refrigerator door turning off lights in other rooms.

Lights flickered or lost power when they tried to use electricity in other rooms. The apartment contained mostly outdated two-pronged outlets that dont include a grounding wire. They provided little power or at best inconsistent surges, the couple said.

Weeks after the couple moved in, Northeast installed new electrical outlets in the kitchen, David Greiner said. It forced the couple to run extension cords throughout the apartment back to the outlet in the kitchen for lamps, laptops or any other electronics.

All the while, the refrigerator and oven still affected the lights in the ceiling.

There were two times we tried to connect to the two-pronged outlets, Maggie said. One time my computer almost blew up in my face and another time a fan almost blew up in his face. It was so unsafe. We were terrified to plug in anywhere except the outlets in the kitchen.

David described the fan suddenly becoming super-charged in one of the two-pronged outlets, rotating faster and faster until he unplugged it.

While the fan became a dangerous propeller, the refrigerator didnt work consistently due to the uneven power sequences. The Greniers told MassLive Northeasts quick-fix solution was to plug the appliance into the outlet in the hallway through the front door.

He literally ripped out the ground prong of the refrigerator so it could fit into a two-prong outlet, Maggie said. We were there for that.

David continued, I saw him do it with the pliers. He ripped it out and I was like, Well thats not right.

The electrical concerns crossed over with the water leaks in the bathroom as videos show drops falling above the kitchen sink and near the only workable outlets in the home.

The never-ending issues caused literal sleepless nights for Maggie, who lived in constant fear of a fire erupting within the home.

With having all of those electrical issues and those exposed wires, I was constantly terrified of a fire. I got to a point where I wasnt sleeping, Maggie said. I developed insomnia and basically got terrified to eat because I was afraid to cook.

For the two months they lived at 82 Elm St. in Worcester, the couple ordered takeout nearly every day because of the electrical issues and the problems with the oven and refrigerator.

Amid a pandemic, David struggled to work from home as extension cords slithered across the hardwood floors of the apartment acting as his own hub for electricity.

Lana offered to charge them half the cost of rent for November and December, but never actually came through on the offer.

He would say, Oh thats in the finance department, Maggie said.

On the morning the inspector arrived at the Greniers apartment and told them they had 30 minutes to leave, Northeast Properties had been in the unit earlier.

Maggie said several men, who she identified as Lanas workers, pounded on the back door of the apartment. They told her they needed to grab some things from the laundry room on the enclosed porch.

Maggie returned inside the apartment to socially distance herself from the men, but she said she heard a commotion back in the kitchen.

Theyre in my kitchen and theyre ripping out all of the new wiring from the new outlets and the extension cords, Maggie said. Theyre ripping it all out, our only form of electricity. They never asked me if they could enter my home and they never told me they were going to do any of that stuff and none of them are electricians.

Northeast Properties owns 16 Windsor St. which tenants said is plagued with leaks, rodents, dilapidated exterior and problems with heat and hot water.

Liz Whynot lives at 16 Windsor St., a large Victorian beauty thats showing its early 1900s age. Plywood covers space above the windows. Holes pepper the exterior allowing rodents like mice or as large as birds to enter the residence.

Like the Greniers, Whynot experienced Northeast Properties empty promises firsthand.

Whynot reached out to Northeast on July 8, 2019 about the unit, and was approved to move into the apartment on Aug. 1. Part of the agreement between the two parties was the bathroom would be complete, Whynot said.

On Aug. 1, she moved into an apartment that didnt include working facilities. Whynot said the bathroom work didnt begin until Aug. 6 and wasnt completed until more than a month later on Sept. 10.

The bathroom when Liz Whynot moved into her apartment. Northeast Properties said it would be done when she moved in. It wasn't.

Without a bathroom, Whynot worked all day only to arrive to a bathroomless apartment at night. While she waited for the work to be completed, she showered at her friends house and stayed the night before returning to her apartment in the morning to feed and check on her cat.

It was ridiculous, Whynot said.

Northeast Properties owns 16 Windsor St. which tenants said is plagued with leaks, rodents, dilapidated exterior and problems with heat and hot water.

Bianca Rantala lives in the same building as Whynot. She has two dogs, which led her to move into a Lana-owned property last year even after having a bad living experience in the past and having worked for Northeast Properties.

I had a deadline and I moved into one of his apartments in Gardner, Rantala said. Long story short, because of the dogs. I had to pick and choose my battles. Im not giving up my dogs. I didnt want him as my landlord but my hands were completely tied. There was nothing out there.

Rantala worked for Northeast Properties for four months during the pandemic. She, like Ramos, signed a non-disclosure agreement regarding her employment.

In January of 2021, she left the apartment in Gardner where streams of water poured out of the ceiling for apartment 1R at 16 Windsor St. She left one leaky ceiling for another, but Lana, she said, promised her the leaking ceiling in Worcester would be repaired.

He said there was a ceiling leak and it has to be renovated, Rantala said. But he said Im not going to move you in until everything is all set.

At the end of December, Rantala walked through the apartment, which appeared to have a brand new dropped ceiling. She moved in on Jan. 1, 2021, the leak started the next day.

He changed the ceiling tile and got rid of the evidence of a ceiling tile, Rentala said. That was not fixed.

Northeast Properties owns 16 Windsor St. which tenants said is plagued with leaks, rodents, dilapidated exterior and problems with heat and hot water.

More than seven months later, the leak remains in the spare bedroom. The only solution Northeast provided her for the leak was removing the ceiling tile, which now exposes a large hole in the room, and a large blue bucket for the water to drip into.

Their solution was to give me a bucket for it, Rantala said. They werent answering my calls. I was calling from January to May. May was when I finally called the city.

The city, Rantala said, is in the process of bringing a suit against Lana related to the leaks.

Like others, shes also dealt with rodents. In the apartments above Rantala, the holes are so large that a bird once flew into Whynots apartments.

I woke up to a bird flying around my kitchen, Whynot said.

Whynot said its not a rarity. For the last six months, small critters have crawled into her top-floor apartment.

Whynot shared more than 70 text messages with MassLive that she sent to Northeast Properties. The texts addressed issues from the heat not working to rodents living in her apartment, including a possum stuck in her ceiling. Text messages show days passed before a response.

Texts from Whynot show she reported the issues on May 7 that a possum was stuck in her bathroom ceiling again. A month later, the texts continued with the animal problems persisting.

Northeast Properties often didnt respond to the message. When they did respond, no one came to help.

I have been sending them pictures of the ceiling tiles moving. I sent them pictures of the bird coming in and they did nothing, Whynot said.


Texts show Northeast Properties ignored tenants

In February of 2021, Whynots renovated bathroom didnt have hot water. Lana responded and pointed the blame at her, she said. Lana told her to use the hot water, she had to also turn on the cold water.

The Greniers experienced a similar issue. At 82 Elm St., both the hot and cold water had to be turned on to receive warm water for a shower.

Inexplicably, the cold water would cease to work on random occasions.

The water would become scalding, Maggie said. It happened multiple times and there was one time in particular where it completely burned Daves back.

Plumbing problems extend beyond the anecdotal evidence provided by the tenants that spoke to MassLive. According to court records, since 2017, at least three properties have been cited for improper plumbing without permits by the city of Worcester.

On Oct. 3, 2017, the city responded to a complaint at 60 Chatham St. in Worcester, according to court records. The city said multiple water heaters were installed without permits. The inspector described the installation as unworkmanlike and leading to unsafe conditions.

Lana was given until Oct. 10 to fix the issues, but when the city returned on Oct. 11, nothing was done. The city eventually, dismissed its complaint after the problems were fixed and fines were paid.

But even when problems are fixed, others appear.

Headaches reemerged in Whynots bathroom last month. For the last week or so shes been without hot water and heat as she battles a cold.

Northeast Properties replaced the hot water heater last week, she said, but never activated it.

So for now, she has hot water, but shes hesitant to say for how long.

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It was hell: Tales of living at Northeast Properties in Worcester include mushrooms, bed bugs and birds amo -

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The French chef who makes the food of the future with crunchy insects and worms: Its still a luxu… – Market Research Telecast

In a city of Paris revolutionized by the arrival of Lionel Messi at PSG, it is another revolution that the chef prepares over low heat Laurent veyet in his small restaurant in the typical Les Halles district: the one for the food of the future, the insects.

The entomophagy -as the human consumption of insects is called- is not a new practice: it is part of the millenary culture of several peoples, mainly in Asia, Africa and in some Latin American countries. It is estimated that at least 2 billion people they supplement their diet with insects in the world.

At first, nothing seemed predestined for 50-year-old Veyet to cook critters. In Europe it is not something that we know well because for climatic reasons we did not have to resort to these types of resources, he said in dialogue with

In fact, he acknowledges that like the vast majority of people, at first I had rejection. His position changed when he was commissioned, about six years ago, to create some recipes with insects. The first thing he tried was some ant eggs and they did not leave a very pleasant memory. But they aroused his curiosity and little by little he conquered his prejudices. The more he read about its properties, the more he got excited: Insects are great for health and the environment. They are ecological, with low carbon emissions, and very easy to produce in a short time , he stressed.

In May, the European Food Safety Agency approved the sale on the market of an insect for human consumption: the mealworm. It is the larva of a small beetle, the tenebrio MOLLITOR. He is an old acquaintance of Veyet: he has been using it in his restaurant for five years, Inoveat. And it is his favorite. It has an elegant, subtle flavor. Visually it is nice, he said.

The mealworm, he says, has an almond and hazelnut flavor although some of its guests speak of a taste to cereals or to prawns.

It is estimated that there are about 2,000 edible species in the world, but in France only two are mainly found: the mealworm and the domestic cricket (Acheta domesticus).

In most countries where insects are eaten, they are cooked in a basic way, to the frying pan . For this reason, Veyet tries to promote its consumption through the restaurants dishes, in a playful way, having the audacity to include insects in a gastronomic menu, to say that they can also be part of a refined cuisine.

25 years ago, Veyet began his career with the creation of Chefs domicile (chefs at home), a proposal that was novel at the time: to cook at the home of his clients. I didnt want to work in a restaurant, it was a real decision on my part. But the insects made me change my mind and I decided to open a restaurant in 2017, He counted.

However, Veyet kept some aspects of his first venture: very few covers a maximum of 12 and an open kitchen that allows you to exchange with the chef. It is a human-sized place, it maintains the spirit of a chef at home. Youre in the middle of the kitchen, its a bit like being at home .

The chef serves a tasting menu composed of six plates by just under 60 euros. Its star dish is a sand of mealworms and Comt cheese, hummus, vegetables, herbs and flowers from the garden and crispy grills. The concept is to bring the garden to the plate, he said.

The menu also offers other delicacies such as a Buffalo worm burger with its fresh vegetables from the market, crunchy insects and mashed sweet potato with spices or a bao bread made with larvae flour.

About his clients he said that they are mainly curious who come on purpose, with an open mind and are generally very surprised because they find it richer than they expected . It is an experience original and interesting, he claimed. In the place he also gives cooking classes with insects and according to he told, children are generally the ones who are more willing to try the dishes and are very creative with the combinations.

Eating insects in France It is still a luxury, like caviarVeyet said. They are quite expensive because there are still few farms in France and Europe, explained the cook who supplies himself with about nine European Union hatcheries, five of them French. It is a niche product that it costs between 600 and 800 euros per kiloHe said, so beef still seems to have long years ahead of it.

Mealworms, and insects in general, are a sustainable, low-carbon food source. They also have a high content of proteins, vitamins and high quality amino acids, as emphasized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), which promotes its consumption to fight famines but also to reduce meat consumption of a growing global population.

In 2030 we will have to feed more than 9,000 million people, in addition to the billions of animals that are raised annually for food or recreational purposes and as pets, said FAO.

The environmental impact It is something that Veyet stressed a lot in his talk with If we eat insects, we can eat less meat. It is beef and intensive agriculture that destroy the environment, generate deforestation. To produce a kilo of meat, thousands of liters of water are needed, some say that in 20 years there will be no more fish in the sea the production of insects needs almost nothing .

The talk with Veyet took place just days after the UN published a lapidary report on climate change and its consequences, such as heat waves, melting ice and rising sea levels. We see climate change with fires right now in Greece, California, Algeria Its the apocalypse. This has to make us reflect. Eating insects or algae is going to be more and more necessary, Veyet said.

In a report, FAO stressed that a number of 15,000 liters of water to generate a kilo of beef. On the other hand, an insect farm is going to consume a hundred times less water than one of traditional animals, they told the channel. France 24 from the French company Agronutris, one of the leaders of the sector in Gallic land.

Livestock also represents the 60% of greenhouse gases of the agricultural sector And according to some experts, if cows formed a country, it would be the third in greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, livestock occupies the 30% of the earths surface of the planet and 33% of all arable surface, destined to produce forage. The logging to create grasslands is one of the main causes of deforestation, especially in Latin America, where 70% of the forests that disappeared in the Amazon were dedicated to livestock, highlights the UN.

That is why the international body asked in 2019 to reduce the consumption of beef to reduce the environmental impact of the sector. Our use of the lands [] it is not sustainable and contributes to climate change , said then the co-chair of the Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Climate Change of the United Nations, Valrie Masson-Delmotte.

As reported by FAO, the insect production is very efficient. On average insects can convert 2 kg of feed into 1 kg of insect mass, while cattle require 8 kg of feed to produce 1 kg of body weight gain. In addition, it generates significantly less emissions of methane and other greenhouse gases. Among other positive aspects, the insects can be raised using various waste streams, such as food waste and facilitate the composting process.

Experts also speak of a safe consumption, at a time when zoonosis. According to the entomologist Philippe Le Gall from the French Research and Development Institute, evolutionarily they are very different from us and this remoteness means that they have very little risk of transmitting their infectious agents to us, either virus or bacteria .

Veyet also considers that coronavirus pandemic, of possible animal origin, can help change eating habits. With the pandemic, we gain time, the reflections are made more quickly, people are more predisposed to change their behavior, is increasingly aware, he said.

However, Veyet is under no illusions. I dont think the French will one day eat insects like they eat meat, he said. In his opinion, the consumption of insects does have a good chance of growing as protein supplement, noodles and various snacks.

Noodles are the product that can grow the most because you cant see the insect, He opined like other preparations such as energy bars or hamburgers made with cricket or worm flour. In his restaurant Veyet sells everything from chocolate bars to crackers made with these bugs. Also flavored insects ready to eat like french fries.

Veyet has already traveled to some Asian countries to see how insects are cooked, returned inspired and created a fresh mango salad cooked in the Thai way, with lobsters and mealworms. Now the chef is waiting impatiently for the pandemic to end so that he can travel to one of the main countries of the insectivorous revolution: Mexico, where about 300 species are consumed.

As a cook, Veyet affirms that insects awaken his creativity and represent a real challenge in what is the search for the flavors and ingredients to accompany them. It is only a beginning, everything is to invent with insects. Be it dishes, products, you can create a lot of things .

According to FAO, the most consumed insects are beetles (coleopterans), which represent 31% of the total, followed by caterpillars (lepidopterans, 18%) and bees, wasps and ants (hymenopterans, 14%). They are followed by grasshoppers, locusts and crickets (orthopterans, 13%), cicadas, fulgoromorphs and leafhoppers, mealybugs and bedbugs (hemipterans, 10%), termites (isopterans, 3%), dragonflies (odonates , 3%), flies (Diptera, 2%) and other orders (5%).

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The French chef who makes the food of the future with crunchy insects and worms: Its still a luxu... - Market Research Telecast

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The Best Mattress Protectors to Keep Your Bed Clean – Bob Vila

Mattresses are a major financial investment that can make sleep more comfortable, so buyers want them to last for years. A mattress protector puts a defensive barrier between the body and the mattress to further the life of the mattress. Plus, protectors repel body fluids, liquids, dust, dust mites, allergens, and, in some cases, bedbugs. The best mattress protectors are also easy to wash and dry. This buying guide includes some of the best mattress protectors available.

Mattress protectors come in many types and varieties, including pad protectors, fitted protectors, and mattress encasements. The climate, presence of allergens, and personal preferences come into play when you decide what features you want in the best mattress protector for you.

Pad protectors are somewhere between a mattress topper and mattress protector. They provide extra padding and are a barrier from dirt, dust, and body fluids. Some pad protectors have elastic straps at the corners to hold them in place, providing protection for only the top of the mattress. Others are like fitted protectors with a padded top and fitted sides.

Pad protectors may be hypoallergenic and/or waterproof but some are designed as a padded layer of protection that stops dust and dirt. Theyre sometimes used to provide extra padding over a fitted protector or mattress encasement.

Some pad protectors come in standard twin, queen, and king sizes, while others are made in lengths and widths that make them smaller than a standard mattress. These smaller models provide a highly portable waterproof barrier thats used on one side of the bed or the other. Pad protectors are easy to use and wash since theyre usually machine washable and dryable.

A fitted protector is put on the mattress the same way as a fitted sheet. They have elastic edges that tuck under the mattress to hold them in place. These models often have waterproof tops and some are hypoallergenic as well. While they dont provide waterproof protection on the sides of the mattress, theyre an effective barrier against allergens, skin cells, and dust.

Waterproof models often have cotton or absorbent top layers with vinyl or vinyl-like second layers that act as fluid barriers. Hypoallergenic fitted protectors typically have waterproof membranes on the back of their fabric top layers and are free of vinyl and other materials that trigger common allergies. Like pad protectors, fitted protectors are relatively easy to clean in comparison to cleaning a mattress. Almost all protectors are machine washable and many are able to withstand machine drying, too.

Mattress encasements provide the next level in allergen and bed bug protection. They fully cover all sides of the mattress, like a giant pillowcase, and zip closed. Encasements are a viable option for those with severe allergies or for anyone who lives in an area where bedbug infestations are common.

Mattress encasements may be waterproof and/or hypoallergenic. They dont provide padding, so some people pair them with fitted or pad protectors. Mattress encasements take some work to install, because you have to lift the entire mattress. If its covered with a pad or fitted protector, you can wash the encasement less often, opting to more frequently clean the smaller protector.

Mattress protectors are made in different combinations of fabrics and materials that suit specific preferences. Some combinations create more noise, while others are more breathable. The materials, temperature control, and resistance to liquids and spills are a few of the features and characteristics to consider when you decide on a mattress protector.

Mattress protectors are made in a wide variety of materials, including but not limited to polyester, cotton, bamboo, down, vinyl, and polyurethane. Cotton and bamboo add breathability, which prevents overheating plus adds absorbency to the mattress protector.

Vinyl, polyurethane, and similar materials create waterproof barriers. Some protectors have waterproof membranes that allow air but not liquids to pass through, which enhances breathability so sleepers dont overheat.

Mattress protectors come in sizes smaller than a crib sheet all the way up to king size. If you need extra protection for a child that has nighttime accidents, a small pad protector might be all that you need.

Fitted protectors and mattress encasements are available in standard mattress sizes, including twin, twin long, full, queen, king, and California king. Not all mattress protectors and encasements come in every size.

Mattress protectors provide a barrier between the mattress top and body fluids and other liquids. Some mattress protectors are water-resistant, which means they can prevent fluids from seeping into the mattress for a short time. This type of mattress protector is best when you want to protect the mattress from sweat or an occasional spill.

If the mattress is at risk for heavier spills and messes, opt for a mattress protector thats 100 percent waterproof. These waterproof mattress protectors usually have a vinyl, polyurethane, or waterproof membrane attached to it and some are covered by a more absorbent, breathable fabric such as cotton, polyester, or bamboo. Waterproof membranes allow heat and air to pass through but block liquids, so theyre more breathable than protectors with vinyl or polyurethane.

Vinyl and polyurethane trap body heat, which may be uncomfortable for some. Natural fibers like cotton and bamboo are naturally breathable, absorbent and are often used as a top layer over a vinyl or polyurethane protector to enhance breathability. Some mattress protectors also include airflow or breathability technology that increases the exchange of air through the mattress protector, further reducing heat retention.

You may be among those that made a $2,000-plus investment for your mattress, so you want it to last at least eight to 10 years. When you consider most people spend eight hours or more in bed, its easy to understand how a protective barrier can lengthen a mattresss life.

Protectors that fully encase the mattress also protect it from bedbugs, which can destroy a mattress or require costly fumigation.

Fitted protectors and mattress encasements provide the best allergy barriers. Look for models specifically designed to guard against common allergens such as dust, dust mites, and pollen. Waterproof models may also provide protection from allergy-triggering mold and mildew.

Its important to note that some mattress protectors contain vinyl and other materials that may trigger allergies. If you need to protect those with allergies, remember to look for a protector thats hypoallergenic.

In some areas of the country, bedbugs are a serious issue. Once theyve infested a mattress, its expensive to fumigate it and it may need to be destroyed. Not all mattress protectors provide an adequate bedbug barrier, so consider an encasement that specifically guards against bedbugs.

Some fitted protectors can help keep out bedbugs too, but they leave the bottom of the mattress open for an infestation. Its better to use them in conjunction with a mattress encasement for two layers of bedbug protection.

The best mattress protectors have several, if not all, of the features and characteristics that truly protect a mattress. The models on this list successfully block dust, dirt, and other debris. Many of these models are also waterproof and hypoallergenic to further protect the mattress.

The SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector ticks all the boxes when it comes to premium mattress protection. It has a hypoallergenic cotton terry top layer with a waterproof membrane backing that gives this protector breathability but prevents liquids from seeping into the mattress. Even though this model is waterproof, it isnt noisy since it blends seamlessly with the mattress during movement. Its also OKEO-TEX Standard 100 certified, which means the SafeRest was tested and found to be free of harmful substances like PVC and VOCs. This makes it a safe choice for people with allergies and chemical sensitivities. The SafeRests deep pocket fits mattresses up to 18-inches thick, which accommodates most modern mattresses. This machine-washable model safely tumbles dry on low heat. The SafeRest includes a 10-year warranty to protect from defects in materials or manufacturing.

The LUNAs soft terry cloth top layer cradles the body while it offers breathability and absorbency. Its backed with LUNA AirFlow Technology that allows air to circulate but prevents liquid seepage into the mattress. It also cuts down on heat buildup for a cooler nights sleep. The hypoallergenic cotton surface doesnt make noise, so its less likely to wake light sleepers. Its design materials keep out common allergens like dust, dust mites, and pollen. LUNA uses Invisi-Lay technology that keeps the protector flexible, so it doesnt change the feel of the mattress. Finally, the LUNA comes with a 15-year warranty as long as the user follows all washing and use instructions.

Linenspas mattress protector has a liquid-proof membrane that lets air and heat pass through but keeps liquids on the surface. It effectively prevents body fluids such as sweat and urine from penetrating the mattress, yet lets the body breathe to prevent overheating. Dust mite and allergen protection are also built into the design. This protector has an ultra-thin fabric that doesnt crinkle under movement, making it a quiet, hypoallergenic alternative for light sleepers. Its backed by a 10-year warranty.

Dust mites feed on dead skin cells. The SureGuard creates a barrier between the sleeper and dust mites and pollen that have made their way into the mattress. At the same time, it keeps allergens from permeating the mattress, and the hypoallergenic back acts as a barrier against water, bacteria, mildew, and mold. Although the SureGuard provides excellent protection, it doesnt change the feel of the mattress. The lightweight fabric moves with the mattress to cut down on noise and enhances breathability so the sleeper stays comfortable. SureGuards mattress protectors are GreenGuard Gold certified, so theyre free of substances like fire retardants and Phthalates. This protector also comes with a 10-year warranty.

The ZAMATs soft terry cloth top layer prevents noise but also wicks away moisture as part of its waterproof features. Its backed with TPU technology that repels liquid and keeps it on the surface of the mattress for easy clean up. An OEKO-TEX certification assures that chemicals and materials, such as phthalates and PVCs, are not in this mattress protector. Its machine washable but has high-durability elastic at the edges to withstand repeated machine washing and drying. ZAMAT offers 24-hour customer service and a warranty.

Cool flow technology circulates air and heat through the mattress protector yet keeps the mattress safe from allergens and liquids. This protection comes with an OEKO-TEX certification, which means the protector is free of PVC, vinyl, and other potentially harmful substances. Its also quiet during nighttime movements, so it wont disrupt light sleepers. A deep 18-inch pocket fits most standard mattresses. Red Nomad provides a full 90-day, money-back guarantee backed by a solid 15-year replacement warranty.

Sensitive skin may not tolerate synthetic fabrics. Mattress protectors with 100 percent cotton, like the AirExpect, are gentle and naturally breathable. When backed with a waterproof TPU membrane, it keeps water on the surface of the mattress. The AirExpect also has airflow technology that allows air to circulate through the mattress protector to reduce heat retention.

This mattress protector has a noise-reducing surface that also doesnt allow bacteria or allergens to enter the mattress. With a deep 18-inch pocket, it can fit most modern mattresses. The warranty-backed protector is also hypoallergenic and free of fire retardants, phthalates, PVC, and vinyl.

Utopias bamboo mattress protector combines the natural breathability and softness of bamboo with ultra-tech polyester. The soft top layer repels liquids, while the TPU membrane keeps that liquid on the surface. As well, the membrane allows air and heat to pass through the mattress, which enhances airflow and heat circulation. The membrane doesnt crinkle like vinyl or plastic so that translates into a quieter nights sleep. The company backs the protector with a warranty.

Utopia also has a smooth grip system in the skirt that makes it easier to stretch around the edge of the mattress. A 17-inch pocket fits many modern mattresses and stays snug throughout the night. Its designed for a tight fit that works well for restless sleepers as it stays in place despite heavy movements.

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The Best Mattress Protectors to Keep Your Bed Clean - Bob Vila

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