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  Wednesday 12th of June 2024 09:18 AM

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Use the field below to search for incident reports around an address - it will also auto suggest up to 10 incident addresses as you type.

Latest Bed Bug Incidents and Infestations

Incident Radius: 400 Miles

We cannot vouch for the truthfulness of any report on this site. If you feel a location has been reported in error, or want to dispute a report, please contact us.

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Are Bed Bugs Still a Problem For These Four Cities in Michigan?

There are four cities in Michigan that have significant problems with bed bugs.

Unfortunately, Michigan is a hot spot when it comes to bed bugs. Earlier this year we told you about four cities in Michigan that made Orkin's 2022 list of the 50 worst cities for bed bugs.

The Michigan cities included includeDetroit at #4,Grand Rapids at #11,Flint at #23, andLansing at #48. Chicago was #1 on the list for the second year in a row.

We're only going to assume that these cities are still in a bed bug battle as they're usually on the annual list every year. It's not a question of whether or not they're on the list, it's more about where they are on the list. We won't knowif these Michigan cities have fallen off until theupdated Orkin list comes out in January.

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We get a preventative treatment applied inside our house every few months. It's not because we had bed bugs, it's because we don't want to risk ever getting them.

You can pick up bed bugs from anywhere. You could simply go to the moves and sit in a seat where someone with bed bugs was sitting and then unknowingly bring them into your home. It's a risk that we're not willing to take.

Getting rid of bed bugs is not an easy task, it's almost impossible without hiring professionals. However, there are a few things you can do:

Now youunderstand why we get preventative treatments.

Michigan has more than a handful of creatures that can kill or hurt you. Be careful out there.

These Genesee County buildings are part of the National Historic Places Registry

Check out the top male and female baby names from 1980-2021 in Michigan.

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Are Bed Bugs Still a Problem For These Four Cities in Michigan?

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What to expect after bed bug treatment – MSU Extension

There are steps to take after a pest management professional has treated your home for bed bugs.

When working with a pest management professional (PMP) to eradicate bed bugs, it is important to cooperate and follow all steps that are specified by the PMP. According to research, individuals who work cooperatively with their PMPs can make the eradication process much shorter. The Michigan State University Extension article, Preparing Your Home for Bed Bug Treatment, outlines the steps that should be taken.

If the PMPs treatment included pesticides, they will tell you how long to wait before re-entering the home. Once inside, air the rooms for an hour. Linens and clothing that were left in the treated rooms should be washed and dried. Wash in hot water and dry on the hot setting for at least 30 minutes. The PMP will tell you when the room can be vacuumed.

Bed bug management is a time consuming and difficult task. After physical repairs, cleaning and treatment have been conducted it is important to monitor for surviving bed bugs. If the PMP used conventional treatment, there may be some surviving eggs that will hatch. This doesnt mean that the treatment was ineffective. As these eggs hatch it will be necessary to continue monitoring and to have follow-up treatments. A conventional chemical treatment program will usually require at least one follow-up treatment two weeks later.

You may continue to sleep in your bed after treatment. Encasements should be put on mattresses and box springs. Any surviving bed bugs in the mattress or box spring will not be able to escape the encasement or bite. Encasements also prevent bed bugs living in other parts of the room from establishing themselves in the mattress or box spring.

After treatment the PMP will inspect to determine whether the treatment has been effective. If a significant reduction in bed bugs is not observed, it may be necessary to consider a combination of methods or an alternative to the treatment that had been used. You will have to follow any steps outlined by the PMP prior to the follow-up service to prepare the room(s) or home. Monitors such as sticky traps or bed bug interceptors may be helpful in the weeks following treatment.

There are several reasons why a treatment may not be effective:

For information on how to prevent or treat bed bug infestations, visit the Michigan Department of Community Health website,

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What to expect after bed bug treatment - MSU Extension

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Lincoln Manor property manager responds to bed bug issue WBKB 11 – WBKB-TV

LINCOLN, Mich. You may recall our story from last week where residents at Lincoln Manor were voicing concerns about a bed bug issue. Their management office has reached out to us to provide an update on this matter.

The issue of bed bugs at Lincoln manor dates back to approximately 2018.

According to Lincoln Manor, Property Manager, Melvin Ward, they are doing all they can to get the problem under control.

One 92yearold resident, whose apartment was infested with bed bugs, received a notice that her lease will not be renewed. Ward denies that the renewal has to do with her infestation but rather with her ability to maintain her apartment.

Ward says they have been unable to get rid of the bed bugs in this tenants apartment.

He said they are not an assisted living facility but an apartment complex and they do inspections on the apartments as well as welfare checks on the tenants.

We asked where the tenant will go and Ward said its up to her family to help find her a place.

Ward claims both Alpena and Michigan as a whole is facing a huge bed bug problem.

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Lincoln Manor property manager responds to bed bug issue WBKB 11 - WBKB-TV

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Bed Bug Control | Pesticide Research Institute

More PRI Pest Management Bulletins

Worried about bed bugs?

While public health agencies recommend against do-it-yourself treatment of bed bug infestations, knowing whats involved from correct identification to the range of treatment options available will go a long way towards ensuring a safe and successful resolution to your bed bug problem.

Bed bugs are stealthy insect parasites that live with people in their homes. Adults are brownish-red, oval-shaped and flattened like a lentil. By day bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices, mostly in and near beds, and by night they become active to feed but they are happy to adjust to their hosts schedule. Bed bugs are not known to spread disease, but most people experience painful itching and swelling from their bites.

It only takes one mated female to start an infestation, and populations can double within 2 weeks. Bed bugs can last several months in the home, but without feeding, all life stages die after about 70 days.

Stop Bed Bugs From Inhabiting Your Home

Bed bugs are transferred between residences, hotels, and other facilities by stowing away in items that people move around, primarily luggage, clothing, and furniture. They can also move between rooms and apartment units through cracks in floors and walls. Bed bugs are just as likely to infest a clean home as a messy one even surviving months in an empty home but clutter does make control more difficult. Here are some important steps you can take to prevent bed bug infestations.

Tips for the Home

Tips for Travelers

How Do I Know If I Have An Infestation?

Read on to learn more about low-impact approaches to managing bed bug infestations. Also included is a comparison of the active ingredients commonly used in bed bug pesticide products.

Interested in finding out more about specific bed bug insecticide products? The Pest Smart app is now available in the iTunes Store. Conveniently access pesticide data on your iPhone and iPad while on the job, in the store, and at home.

Using a combination of non-chemical methods for treating and preventing bed bug infestations is important for any successful control plan. These are measures that you can take, as well as methods that require special equipment and services provided by pest control professionals.

Exclusion Dont panic! Most items can be treated and saved. Throwing everything out is expensive, could further the spread of bed bugs and cause more stress, so discard infested belongings only if necessary.

Sanitation Sanitation is key for both treatment and prevention. Keep clutter down to reduce hiding places.

Heat Treatment For Rooms Pest control professionals have developed total-room heat treatments that are highly effective at killing bed bugs and their eggs. Pestec was an early adopter in using heat to manage bed bug infestations for residential, commercial and hospitality clients and continues to use this technique for treating heavier infestations, cluttered spaces and contaminated items.

Steam Treatment for Beds and Furniture Steam cleaning is an effective way of reducing bed bug infestations, particularly in locations where insecticide use may be undesirable.

Cold Treatment for Infested Items Exposure to an extended period of below-freezing temperatures can kill all life stages of bed bugs.

Recognize that when you use bed bug control pesticides, you should be ready to deal with these potential consequences:

Precautions to Take When Using Bed Bug Control Products

If you determine that pesticides are necessary, take these precautionary steps to reduce the potential for adverse effects:

There are more than 300 pesticide products approved for use against bed bugs; most of these contain compounds called pyrethroids as the active ingredient. Many bed bug populations have developed resistance to pyrethroids and their botanically derived cousins, pyrethrins. Some bed bug pesticides are restricted for use only by licensed pest-control professionals. In general, professionals have the resources and experience to apply pesticides more effectively than residents can do on their own.

Lower Impact Pesticide Bed Bug Treatments

Pesticide Bed Bug Treatments With Significant Adverse Effects

The Federal Strategy on Bed Bugs Draft was released for public review on September 9th, 2013 and can be accessed on the EPAs web site. By combining their collective expertise and knowledge, the Federal Bed Bug Workgroup (EPA, CDC, HUD, USDA) created this strategy for the Federal government and others who are affected by bed bugs. By providing current science-based, quality information and education materials, encouraging objective evaluations of interventions, and promoting research to improve prevention and control techniques, the Workgroup seeks to raise awareness and increase collaboration among stakeholders.

This resource is organized in sections devoted to the prevention of bed bug infestations, surveillance and IPM for bed bugs, community efforts, education and communication, and research. This document is in draft form and continues to be developed as an important resource for bed bug control

EPA has created an online product-search tool specifically for bed bug pesticides, enabling easy access to up-to-date, basic information about EPA-approved pesticides. The agency has also issued a pesticide alert to help people avoid the most common problems associated with bed bug pesticides.

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Bed Bug Control | Pesticide Research Institute

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Ypsilanti library to reopen Thursday after closure for bed bug treatment –

YPSILANTI, MI -- The Ypsilanti District Library on Michigan Avenue will reopen Thursday after bed bug treatment and inspection forced its closure Wednesday, March 4, officials announced.

One bed bug was found around closing time Tuesday night, Assistant Director Julianne Smith said in an emailed statement Wednesday. Officials opted to close the building all day to allow for pesticide treatment and a vacated building.

Exterminators used Temprid and RapidFreeze to treat the building, Smith said. Both pesticides are commonly used in bed bug treatment.

The branch, located at 229 W Michigan Ave., also closed in October 2019 after a bed bug sighting, Smith said. No additional evidence was found by the pest control company. A team of bug-sniffing dogs also found no further trace.

Ypsilanti District Library has an on-call exterminator and the dogs inspect the building quarterly, Smith said.

It is very unfortunate that this happened, but it certainly isnt unheard of. Bed bugs really dont want to be in libraries they much prefer access to sleeping bodies, Smith wrote. That said, they are hitchhikers and will travel on clothing or luggage or the belongings of people. No one wants to get bed bugs, but its important to know that bed bugs are not known to transmit disease. They are also not associated with any concept of 'dirtiness or social class.

Bed bugs have never been found in the library collection, Smith said.

This story has been updated with additional details.


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Ypsilanti library to reopen Thursday after closure for bed bug treatment -

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