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  Sunday 26th of May 2024 14:21 PM

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West Texas pest control expert shares tips to avoid and combat bed bugs –

According to the owner of Brown Pest Solutions, oftentimes, people will go days or even months before realizing they are dealing with a bed bug infestation.

MIDLAND, Texas On March 21, the City of Midland said the customer service office, located on Andrews Highway, would be closed for a few days amid concerns over bedbugs. It's the second time this month that the issue has caused the office to close its doors.

The widespread message of bed bugs may not come as a surprise, considering the season we're in. It's the busiest time of the year for Stan Brown, the owner of Brown Pest Solutions, and his team, as the warmer temperatures and rainfalls bring along many insects.

"A lot of the times there's people who do not realize they have bed bugs," Brown said. "And they'll treat for many different things, when suddenly they start finding a bug on them or bites."

Brown said some of the signs of bed bugs include seeing dark little spots on things like your bed. It's the blood they've been consuming that they later secrete.

"I tell our customers that one bed bug is an infestation because once they start feeding on you, they start multiplying," said Brown.

According to Brown, the responsibility of getting rid of the bed bugs is shared between the pest control expert and the property owner.

"I really tell people that 75% of the responsibility for getting rid of them is how they prepare the house for us by following a list of things to do before we get there," said Brown.

For homeowners, some of the items on that list include but are not limited to these two things:

"It's almost like you're moving out," Brown said. "You have to go through everything, and that's you really want to be serious about getting rid of them."

During a press conference in March, the senior services manager for the Midland Health Department, Dr. Whitney Craig, sid bed bugs are not dangerous.

"They're a parasitic insect, but they're also a nuisance," Dr. Craig said. "So they'll create itching, and then because they do bite during the nighttime while you're asleep, that may create insomnia because you're up scratching all night."

According to Dr. Craig, the reactions people may have to bed bug bites are different from person to person. Some people may not see bites at all, while others may experience something more severe such as an anaphylactic shock.

Dr. Craig said most of the times it's common to experience itching.

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West Texas pest control expert shares tips to avoid and combat bed bugs -

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Two Texas Cities Land On List Of Cities With The Most Bed Bugs In The U.S. | News Radio 1200 WOAI – iHeart

Bed bugs are sneaky pests that invade the coziest parts of our homes when we least expect them. Nobody wants to deal with these creepy critters that leave itchy evidence of their infestation. However, some of us have to encounter them more than others.

Orkin released its annual list of the worst cities for bed bugs. The 2024 edition saw some new additions to the list that has locals shivering:

Texas was included twice on the list with Dallas-Ft. Worth at number 22 and Houston at 38. While Dallas-Ft. Worth dropped five points from last year's list, Houston rose six points.

Two Texas Cities Land On List Of Cities With The Most Bed Bugs In The U.S. | News Radio 1200 WOAI - iHeart

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Texas is Crawling with Bed Bugs, 1 City Among U.S. Most Infected –

Perhaps San Antonio, TX? Maybe Houston, TX? No doubt you are more likely to find bed bugs in big cities, but how do Texas cities stack up when it comes to these pests?

It wasn't long ago that two major Texas cities had the dubious distinction of being ranked inside the top 10 onOrkin's Bed Bug City List,they've both, thankfully, dropped a bit in the rankings.

"Typically 3/16 inch long, red to dark brown in color and are mostly nocturnal insects that come out of hiding to take blood meals from sleeping humans. These pests are hematophagous, which means blood is their only food source," according toORKIN

What makes bed bugs such good survivalists? Like most insects, rapid population growth.Female bed bugscan deposit one to five eggs a day and may lay 200 to 500 eggs in their lifetime. What's even worse for us is that they can survive for several monthswithout a food source.

When traveling,think of the acronym S.L.E.E.P. to help you remember the following action stepsto help avoid bringing bed bugs home with you.

Alright, let's find out where Texas cities rank:

The list is based on treatment data from the metro areas where Orkin performed the mostbed bug treatmentsfrom December 1, 2021 November 30, 2022. The ranking includes both residential and commercial treatments.

Each year Orkin puts together their list of the Top 50 Bed Bug Destinations in the United States. Let's take a look and see which cities top the list.

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Texas is Crawling with Bed Bugs, 1 City Among U.S. Most Infected -

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Year In Review #1: New York Is Crawling With Bed Bugs, 2 Cities Among Most Infested – Hudson Valley Post

As we continue to look back at our top stories of 2023, here is our top-performing story of 2023. New York Is Crawling With Bed Bugs, 2 Cities Among Most Infested

Below is the original article:

Orkin recently released its list 50 cities across the United States with the most bed bugs. Two cities in New York State made the list.

Typically, bed bugs are 3/16 inch long. They are red to dark brown in color, according to Orkin.

Bed bugs are extremely resilient, making them difficult to control, Orkin entomologist Ben Hottel said. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are visible to the naked eye, but are excellent at hiding. Involving a trained professional at the sight of a bed bug introduction is recommended.

A popular city in Upstate New York and another downstate made the list. In fact, one location in New York State ranked second. If you're wondering, Chicago tops the list.

Is your hometown on the list? Do you live near? See the list below and then how to spot bed bugs.

Every year the pest control gurus at Orkin put together a list of the Top 50 Bed Bug Destinations in the United States. Which areas do you travel to that you should take extra care to watch out for these blood-sucking insects? Let's countdown to the most bed-bug-riddled city in the United States.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

Buffalo, New York ranked 29th on Orkin's list. In 2022, Buffalo placed 30th.

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New York City has more bed bugs than last year. In 2022, New York City had the 3rd most bed bugs in the nation. Now, New York City ranks second. Yay....

Bed bugs typically come out of hiding to feast on human blood as you sleep, according to Orkin.

Blood is their only food source. They can survive for several months while waiting for their next blood meal, officials say.

Bed bugs can easily travel from place to place by clinging to items such as luggage, purses and other personal belongings.

This year was a very busy year for the New York State government. Overall 682 bills wereintroduced passed by the legislative and signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul this year.

Gallery Credit: Dave Fields

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Year In Review #1: New York Is Crawling With Bed Bugs, 2 Cities Among Most Infested - Hudson Valley Post

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Why Do Bed Bugs Even Exist? Discover Their Purpose in the … – AZ Animals

Other than to drive you absolutely bananas, what is a bed bugs environmental purpose? To begin with, its a common misconception that there is a direct correlation between bed bugs and a filthy environment. There isnt. Bed bugs are just as happy to move in beneath Egyptian cotton sateen as they are cotton dipped in motor oil.

Its commonly understood that bed bugs have no reason to exist. There are no predators that consume them. They do not pollinate and they offer no distinguishing benefit to their surrounding environment. They simply do two thingseat and make more bed bugs.

So, a bed bugs environmental purpose is nothing, at least insofar as all of the knowledge we have of them and their interactions with life and their surroundings. While that may sound cruel, its not a question of eradication, simply one of non-purpose. However, if you look for anything hard enough, you often find something you didnt expect.

7th Son Studio/

When asked if he could have a magic wand, would he wave it and make all bed bugs disappear, Mickey Eubanks, a Texas A&M insect ecologist said, Id wave it twice, just to be sure. As far as spiders and other predatory arachnids or insects are concerned, going after bedbugs is a waste of time.

Thats not to say that bedbugs dont end up as meals for spiders but it is to say that the spiders could do without. Life on this planet is a series of cycles, most of which are easy enough to decipher by simply observing our natural environment. The problem with bed bugs is, there is no observable cycle in relation to their environment.

However, like most other species on earth, a bed bugs environmental purpose is a cycle of self-interested survivability.

Bed bugs want what almost every living creature on earth wantsfood, shelter, and a source of water. If you can provide those things, bed bugs will move right on in and happily unpack their suitcases. So, from the point of view of having a purpose, a bed bugs purpose is to survive.

Its the things that bed bugs do to survive that drive us crazy, such as infesting beds, the cracks, and crevices in bed frames, couch cushions, and basically any upholstery that isnt leather or some variation of it.

Looking at a bed bugs environmental purpose from the PoV of the bed bug, it loves to reproduce. In fact, bed bugs reproduce at an insane rate if they arent discovered and summarily destroyed. If a female bed bug gets a bite to eat at her favorite fast food restaurant (otherwise known as a part of your body), she can begin the reproductive process.

The female bed bug is capable of producing between 1 and 7 eggs per day for ten days, so long as she has access to blood a single time. Thats between 10 and 70 eggs in a little over a week. Since the female bed bug lives for up to a year, she can lay a ton of eggs. Also, thats just one female.

Males also get pretty boisterous about mating after they have a blood meal. Unfortunately, the type of mating bed bugs engage in looks like the scene of a homicide. The male bed bug quite literally gashes the female open to insert the sperm. The female will then use this sperm to continually fertilize eggs as she creates them.

This means the female can go without a male for a long time, simply relying on the inseminated sperm to continually fertilize new batches of eggs as she produces them.

Media Marketing/

Theres not much to add to this other than the fact that bed bugs are not a part of the all-important act of pollination. Without pollination, its likely that the planet would not exist as it does today. In fact, many scientists believe that life on Earth would come to an end, with the food chain broken.

Since bed bugs dont contribute to crop pollination, of which 75% of the entire planets supply requires pollination, theyre irrelevant to the potential apocalypse.

Here is where most of the argument over the necessity of bed bugs takes place. As for a bed bugs environmental purpose, some believe that they are an important part of the food chain, where spiders are concerned. Others believe that spiders wouldnt suffer a bit if all the bed bugs in the world vanished overnight.

It would be like taking corn dogs out of the freezer, with all of your other frozen foods remaining. The corn dogs arent exactly good for you anyway. The argument against a bed bugs part in the food chain is a simple onethey only propagate in a relatively obscure and secluded environment (aka your bed).

Bed bugs play no role in the control of other species because they dont go after any other species. They only prefer to feast on human beings (at least for the most part). Unless they happen to transfer some wild disease, they may aggravate humans but certainly dont kill them.

The running theory is that bed bugs are descendants of bat bugs, the latter of which decided (way back when human beings were finger painting in caves) that human beings were far more tasty than bats. At some point, these bed bug ancestors made the decision to stick with humans exclusively and the rest is history.

One thing that bed bugs havent done over the passage of thousands and thousands of years is change much. Why bother? Humans are yummy and readily available. Unfortunately, that also means that bed bugs havent become an important and inseparable part of the food chain either.

All they do is eat, breed, and come back for seconds.

One argument that can be made in favor of the existence of a bed bugs environmental purpose is the spreading of disease. That sounds weird, however, were applying purpose to bed bugs and (outside of possible meals for spiders) there simply isnt much to go on.

Once upon a time, it was assumed that bed bugs didnt really pass on any diseases, at least not anything truly debilitating. A study conducted by the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene changed all of that.

The study found that Trypanosoma cruzi, a type of parasite capable of spreading Chagas disease, can spread to human beings via bed bug infestations and bites. Basically, the bed bug delivers the vehicle and the vehicle delivers the payload. Chagas disease is deadly, killing upwards of 50k people each year.

Though it sounds ghastly, you might say that a bed bugs environmental purpose is assistance in population control.

Theres very little in the way of scientific evidence that the existence of bed bugs serves a necessary purpose. If they all vanished overnight, we and the animals we share this planet with would go on living just as we always have. In fact, many of us would go on living in a more comfortable state, especially at bedtime.

While that kind of determination wont blow anyones socks off, its nice to know that bed bugs arent exactly a crucial necessity. Sure, spiders eat them. But, thats the equivalent of having a lone snack in the refrigerator that no one else likes. Its all thats left so you might as well dig in.

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Why Do Bed Bugs Even Exist? Discover Their Purpose in the ... - AZ Animals

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