Bed Bug Eggs & Hatchlings

One female bed bug can make over 200 eggs in her lifetime. These are perhaps the most difficult part of a bed bug infestation, as they are so difficult to see, and missing them while cleaning will only keep these pests around longer causing you a huge headache.
Each bed bug starts out as tiny pearly-white egg that can be almost invisible to the naked eye. Each individual egg is about the size of a dust speck, so using a magnifying glass is necessary to completely exterminate them. These little eggs tend to be only 1mm in length, and are attached to surfaces such as furniture and bedding in a “bed bug goo”, so scrubbing them off with a rag or brush is the only way top get rid of them. Be Sure to scrub long and hard on all over furniture and cracks and crevices within the home. Use hot water and soap. Once you have scrubbed, do a thorough sweeping and vacuuming to ensure all the eggs that have fallen onto the floor are sucked up and never get the chance to hatch.

Bed Bug hatchlings are tiny and clear and in this first stage of life all they search for is a blood meal. These too, being the size of eggs, are very difficult to see without a magnifying glass because they are translucent. After their first blood meal, nymphs will begin to turn bright red from the blood inside of them and begin to grow substantially. Bed Bugs can go from an egg to a hatchling, to an adult within a month if they feed enough. Bed Bug eggs are often incorrectly described as Bed Bug Larva or Bed Bug Larvae, but bed bug larvae photos and images are really just images of bed bug eggs, when bed bug eggs hatch, the babies are called instars.

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