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The Best Bed Bug Treatment – Don’t Waste Your Money

Bed bugs are an ongoing problem across the globe. In fact, if you travel often, youre likely to encounter them at some point. The problem is, these invasive pests tend to hide in mattresses and box springs, where they remain unseen. You often dont even know you have bed bugs until days after youve been bitten, when you see a series of small red bumps that itch.

If you suspect you might have bed bugs, its important to get the infestation under control before it becomes worse. Remove your bedding and search your mattresses for small red or rust-colored stains. This can be a sign that bed bugs have been crushed.

Also search for signs of live bed bugs. Theyre small but easy to spot. As an infestation worsens, youll start to see them in the seams of furniture, under loose wallpaper and wall hangings and in drawer joints. They typically stay close to where people sleep.

Getting rid of bed bugs typically requires treating your surfaces with chemicals. Some choose to hire a professional to take care of it, but you can do it yourself with the right products. Make sure you research any product you buy to keep yourself and your homes occupants, including pets, safe before you start treating.

Its important to note that you might not completely eradicate bed bugs with one treatment. You may find you have to treat again in a few weeks or a couple of months. Dont get rid of any spray you dont use. Store at room temperature in a safe location of your house so youll have it on hand in case you see a reemergence of bed bugs.

With some bed bug treatments, you get a concentrate that you mix with water. This ensures your solution will last a while, giving you plenty of applications. But in most cases, youll need to use your mixed concentrate within hours of making it and dispose of any mixture that remains.

The Best Bed Bug Treatment - Don't Waste Your Money

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Bed Bug Spray Protects Your Family Without Toxic Chemicals? – SayByeBugs

I am taking time to write this to enlighten folks who are or have never experienced a bed bug infestation. There is no way that I can make this a real short story but I think you might be interested in something that you think could never happen to you.

I always lived in a very clean home in suburbia always in an upscale neighborhood.

I had put some things in storage and after a year I decided it was ridiculous to keep spending $100.00 a month on stuff that I would probably never use again. So, I brought the stuff into my home with the idea of giving most of the things to charity. I left the stuff sit for about a week and began getting rid of most of these belongings.

Well, a few weeks later I noticed two very unfamiliar bugs on my ankle at about 8 am.

After confirming that these were bed bugs, I just flipped out. The first mistake I made was to call an extermination company who touted bed bug control not extermination, but at the time I didnt care. I wanted these things out of my home. I unfortunately signed some papers and after all was said and done I was out $4000.00 and I still had bed bugs.

Naturally I called and cursed them out and it seemed whatever I said fell on deaf ears. Next, I went to Home Depot and bought every product that even intoned that their product killed bed bugs. I sprayed my entire home. By now Im getting educated that there is more to this process than just using pesticides or bombs.

It is extremely important that you vaccum your entire home on a daily basis and do lots of laundry on the hottest cycles available to you.

I did not begin to see any real positive results until after I went online and discovered SayByeBugs. I made my first order of two 24 oz. bottles of non toxic bed bug spray, which appealed to me in itself. I began spraying behind every picture and yes I saw a few behind a few pictures.

Underneath antiques and actually all my furniture. Just think that just a few of them can turn into hundreds in a very short time so I cannot emphasize enough that you have to be diligent. I live in South Florida where we have all types of creepy things but I grew up with them and none ever bothered me like these resilient bed bugs.

There are luxury hotels, cruise ships, and yes storage units and on and on where infestations have occurred. Its usually a hush hush matter with respect to a business as you can well imagine why. Nobody is immune from the possibility of this happening to them.

Gradually with the spray and laundry products they have developed I began to see positive results. It actually took me about a month to finally get a decent nights sleep. These bugs are nocturnal so their sleeping lives are the antithesis of ours.

No human can sustain sleep deprivation for a prolonged period of time but thats what happens because they are constantly on your mind after midnight until the sun rises.

The ones I had must have been from hell because there wasnt a hour of the day I couldnt find one at the onset. Truth be told the CIA uses sleep deprivation as a form of torture. And when it becomes self inflicted you must act.

If it were not for Say Bye Bugs I just dont know what I would have done other than trying to sell my home and move into a brand new one, which just wasnt a realistic remedy.

So, if you have or even travel be exposed get Say Bye Bugs and spray everything. Im talking about baggage and other types of luggage you have used after a trip. Spray your luggage outside before bringing it into your home. I know you probably think that I am a bed bug paranoia freak.

Well, truth be told after what I experienced I am and you would be as well. Do yourself a favor, even if you think it cannot happen to you have a couple spray bottles at the ready.

I cannot thank SayByeBugs enough that they had an inexpensive way do deal with this problem. I am not being compensated for this to long of a letter but I just would hate to see anyone have to go through what I did. At any rate, I hope I was able to shed some light on a growing problem that none of us are exempt from.

Everyone should have at least a bottle of Say Bye Bugs which hopefully you will never have to use.

Do yourself a simple favor and pick up the phone and call SayByeBugs (855 290-8300) or simply email them at [emailprotected], they are very accommodating as they know what you are going through. I just cannot say enough about a product that returned my life to normalcy and Im very thankful for that.

I wish you all the best of luck in life and prosper and most importantly be happy. Thank you for taking the time to read my unfortunate encounter with the damn bed bugs.Robert S.

Official website:

PS: See how fast SayByeBugs kills bed bugs:

Bed Bug Spray Protects Your Family Without Toxic Chemicals? - SayByeBugs

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5 Homemade Bed Bug Sprays – Recipe & Options – VerminKill

In this guide, Ill give you tips on how to make homemade bed bug spray.

Bed bugs are one of those pest insects that will ensure that you do not have a good nights sleep. They are fast crawling insects that suck on the blood of humans as well as mammal pets.

There are many ways to rid your home of them. You could go to a pest control store and buy an insecticide spray, or you can just make one at home.

Keep reading!

To make an effective homemade bed bug spray, you need to first understand the bugs, their habits, and their weaknesses.

Bed bugs thrive on the blood of humans and mammal pets. Without an adequate intake of blood, they will be dead. They prefer human blood, but if youve got cats or dogs around, they can suck their blood too.

Bed bugs arent ticks, so do not get them confused with each other. Ticks will latch on to a host, while a bed bug bites and moves on.

Bed Bug bites arent necessarily painful, but they can cause several forms of irritation on the skin. These include redness, blisters, and can cause the victim to itch.

They are most active at night and can be found hiding under pillows, mattresses, cushioned seats, and around your pets sleeping areas.

These annoying pests can make their way into your home without you even knowing it. They can hang on to your clothes, bags, or on your pets as you walk into the house. As you move from one area to the house, the more you spread them around.

You can be sure you have bed bugs in your home if you notice small patterns of blood on your mattress or pillows. Also, they leave blackish smear marks on the walls, mattresses, or on the floor.

When you notice any of these, then you know youve got some unwanted bugs to deal with.

These bugs are allergic to several natural scents and food. These include cinnamon, fresh mint, garlic, strong alcohol, lavender, and a host of others.

Lets show you how to use the above-mentioned substances and make a spray that can kill or repel bed bugs.

There are many combinations you can try using natural foods and substances. Below are some recipes you can try.

Its hard to imagine that any living being on Earth would hate the smell of fresh mint. Humans love it, but bed bugs dont. Good news for us, bad news for them.

The scent of fresh mint not only irritates the bugs but also affects their central nervous system.

To make a simple fresh mint spray, you will need a decent amount of mint (depending on the level of infestation), some water, and a spray bottle.

You some water into a pot and add the fresh mint into it. Boil the water (with the mint inside) until it starts to steam.

Upon doing this, you will find that the mint is completely dissolved in the booking water and your entire kitchen and other parts of your home will start smelling like mint.

The minty smell from the vapor alone will start to irritate the bugs, but thats not where it stops! Allow the water to cool off then pour it into a spray bottle.

Take the bottle with you as you visit the areas where the bed bugs are very active and spray directly on them, and around the areas where they crawl through.

Spray under your bed and by the sides. Also, spray around the couch and sofas, dont forget to spray around your pets sleeping area too.

The mint scent is something the bugs cannot bear, they will leave any area where they can perceive it and will die if they remain exposed to it, as it severely attacks their nervous system.

The mint spray for killing and repelling bed bugs is one of the easiest you can make at home. The mint smell is also known to help relieve stress in humans, so youll be getting rid of bed bugs and relieving yourself of stress at the same time.

Cinnamon powder is another ingredient you can use to make a homemade bed bug spray.

Similar to fresh mint, bed bugs also hate the smell of cinnamon. Using this knowledge, you can whip up a super cinnamon spray to keep the bugs away!

Heres what to do.

Go to a store near you and buy some cinnamon powder, thats if you dont have any in your kitchen already. Its not too expensive either, so you can buy as much as you will need.

Just as you can do with fresh mint, you only need some water and a spray bottle to attack the bugs.

The powder is a substance that dissolves easily, so you will have no problem blending it nicely into water.

Pour an adequate amount of powder into a container of water and stir continuously until the powder is well blended in. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and shake the bottle thoroughly to achieve a better mix.

Head on to the areas where the bugs hang out and spray the cinnamon powder solution all over.

The water will eventually evaporate, but the cinnamon powder will be left lodged in the areas where you have sprayed.

You can apply the powder directly to the infested areas, but using it in form of a spray will help it reach very tight areas where the bed bugs are hidden, thanks to the water mist that carries it along.

You could hardly find any insect that can stand the scent of garlic or the burning effects of cayenne pepper. On their own, they can kill or repel bed bugs, but together, they work faster and more effectively.

All you will need is to grind some cloves of garlic and get some cayenne pepper powder. The quantity you will use depends on the number of bed bugs you are fighting. 3 to 4 cloves of garlic and 3 tablespoons of cayenne pepper will do.

Pour some water into a pot and add the ground garlic and cayenne pepper powder to it.

Light up your burner and let the water boil with the garlic and pepper all together. Keep stirring as the solution boils to achieve the best blend.

As it boils, the smell of the garlic will start to manifest around your kitchen and other parts of your home and this will begin to irritate and weaken the bugs.

Let it boil for about 15 minutes then turn off the burner. Allow the solution to cool off just a little bit, the solution should get cold before you apply, as the heat will also help to kill the bugs.

Using a pair of kitchen mitts, pour the garlic/cayenne pepper solution into a plastic spray bottle. Visit the affected areas and spray the solution as required. The heat combined with the sulfur from the garlic and the burning seen of the cayenne pepper will drive the bed bugs away.

The smell of alcohol is one that bed bugs cannot stand. To make matters worse for them, you can combine it with one or two cloves of ground garlic.

All you have to do is pour some alcohol into a container and add some ground garlic to it. Stir it properly so the ground garlic is well spread.

When youre sure its all blended in, pour it into a spray bottle and apply it in the infested areas.

You could also combine alcohol with cinnamon powder if you wish. Prepare the same way and spray it in affected areas.

Unlike some of the materials mentioned above, bed bugs do not hate vinegar because of its smell, rather it is for deadlier reasons.

This acetic acid does a great job of disrupting the nervous system of the bed bugs and killing them eventually.

You can make a homemade spray using just vinegar, or you can combine it with lavender.

To make a vinegar Spray, all you will need to do is go to a shop and buy some white vinegar and a spray bottle. Thats if you dont already have one.

Pour the vinegar into the spray bottle and add some lavender to it. Shake it thoroughly and spray into cracks and crevices, as well as every other hiding place the bed bugs may have lodged.

READ: Will Sevin Dust Work For Bed Bugs?

Besides the fact that is easy to make, it is also a quick remedy to an urgent bed bug issue. Lastly, the materials needed are non-toxic to humans and pets.

I trust this article on how to make homemade bed bug spray has been helpful.

Follow the tips above and try different combinations. Maybe youll discover a new recipe.

Good luck!

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5 Homemade Bed Bug Sprays - Recipe & Options - VerminKill

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Man in need of furniture after ordeal with bugs – The Brandon Sun

A Brandon resident still reeling from having to flee his Manitoba Housing apartment in Winnipeg says he appreciates the help he has received, but needs other things to get his life back to relative normalcy.

Victor Bouvette, 68, had his life turn into a bug-infested nightmare when he tried to move from Brandon to Winnipeg to be closer to family. What was supposed to be a new start became what he called a fight against cockroaches, bed bugs and building management.

Since he left the Carriage Road apartment on July 19 with few possessions, he said the remainder had to be left behind and as of Aug. 19, they have been thrown out.

Victor Bouvette says he's grateful for the help he has received, but is currently seeking furniture donations after he had to leave most of his possessions behind in Winnipeg when he found his apartment infested with cockroaches and bed bugs. (Karen McKinley/The Brandon Sun)

That includes most of his furniture, personal possessions and paperwork, like his tax receipts.

Since then, he said he has received many offers of help and a few donations of small household items like dishes and clothes. While he is pleased with the kindness, he said what he really needs is help getting some furniture for his apartment.

A pensioner and of fragile health, Bouvette said he cannot afford to buy new or even used from the charity outlets.

Not one to ask for charity, he said he needs help because with a fixed income and has already incurred debt to buy some food, clothes and pay rent on both his current apartment and final two weeks rent on his previous one.

What money I had saved up, about $2,000, went to pay for the move and I couldnt afford to go back to Winnipeg, or hitchhike, he said. It hurts knowing all they did was go in and throw my stuff in bags and throw it out. They told me they were coming in to spray, so they had to get rid of it.

While he added he understood much of his furniture was likely contaminated from the roaches, he said he still wouldve like to have had a chance to go through it to get some personal possessions and keepsakes to bring home.

He had bought some furniture to accommodate his newer, but smaller, apartment in Winnipeg as well, giving or selling much of his old furniture away.

He also said he understands his family couldnt help him because of fear of inadvertently picking up roaches or bedbugs.

Bouvette had been living in his Lawson Lodge unit for 15 years and applied to transfer to a unit, which he was told there was one available in a building at 125 Carriage Rd., in the St. James area of Winnipeg. At the time, he said one of his sisters looked at it on his behalf and said it looked clean.

He moved in on July 2, and within a couple days noticed cockroaches. He was initially given some sticky paper traps, but those were quickly used up and he had to go get more from an exterminator. It got to the point where they were in his bed, his food and were constantly scurrying around his floor and walls.

He tried to take refuge in his bathtub, with several traps around the rim.

At that point I had barely slept and I just passed out in there, he said. Even then, I woke up to them in the traps around my head and crawling around the floor.

He was told a maintenance crew that works for the province was coming in to spray by Aug. 19. He found out the building has had a roach problem for 18 years. He also found bed bugs were in his unit.

He left his apartment behind, and without money for a cab or bus fare, he hitchhiked back to Brandon. Once he returned to Brandon and told the Manitoba Housing people what happened to him, they quickly got him back into his old apartment.

Bouvette said he has had to deal with cockroach infestations in the past, but often dealt with private exterminators.

Manitoba Housing has its own pest control team that services its housing units, but Bouvette said there is a marked difference in effectiveness.

Im sure they are not spraying properly, he said. When they go into a unit to spray, its really short, maybe a couple minutes.

Since Bouvettes ordeal was first published, Manitoba Housing has followed up with a statement regarding pest control and working with Bouvette.

Manitoba Housings Integrated Pest Management Group is dedicated to addressing all pest activity on Manitoba Housing properties, a spokesperson with the provincial government said. We recognize that dealing with pests can be stressful, and as a result, Manitoba Housing takes pest control seriously. Eradication of cockroaches takes time and requires co-operation from tenants to ensure they are prepared for treatments, which includes performing in-between treatment cleaning and removing potential food and water sources.

To prepare a unit for a future tenant and treatments, Manitoba Housing staff asked Bouvette to remove the remainder of his belongings after notice was provided regarding their move and tried to come up with a suitable date for him to return, they said.

Bouvette insists he tried, but that required him to travel, which he was unable to do.

He said all he has is his bed, TV which he said he wrapped in plastic to stop bugs from getting in a table, a donated chair and some of his clothes.

Ive asked at some places that had some furniture that looked good, but they said they couldnt make deals, said Bouvette. Im hoping someone out there has some furniture, like a couch, kitchen table, chairs, stuff like that, so I dont have to sleep in my living room.

He added his nervousness has subsided, but still finds himself waking up periodically, or thinking he sees movement in his peripheral vision.

Twitter: @karenleighmcki1

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Man in need of furniture after ordeal with bugs - The Brandon Sun

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Im a pest controller how to protect your home from spider and bug armies and the critter you bring back… – The US Sun

SNEAKY pests are the house guest no one wants, but they always seem to find a way in.

But by making these simple changes, you can make it harder for spiders, bugs and rodents to set up shop in your home.


With an invasion of sex-crazed spiders on the way as mating season begins, now is the best time to start pest-proofing.

Here, pest control expert Stuart Halliday, 43, owner of Kill and Cure Pest Control, breaks down what you need to do to evict unwanted house guests - and how to stop them from arriving in the first place.


While spiders have their uses, such as eating flies, most people aren't keen to welcome them into their home.

One simple way to stop the crawlies getting in is to seal up any cracks around your doors and windows, Stuart says.

"Sometimes if you have your windows changed, or if you live in an older property, there can be gaps both on the inside and outside meaning spiders and other insects can get in," he said.

"You should make sure these are sealed up and then to help keep the spiders out put lemongrass cleaners or oil around windows and doors as they don't like the smell.

"Also growing basil, thyme and rosemary on windowsills will keep the pests out and deter wasps, woodlice and other small crawlies."


Wasps, like spiders, are not a fan of certain plants and citrus fruits, but growing your own lemon tree in the UK isn't particularly feasible.

Instead, Stuart recommends taking steps to ensure you're not left with unfriendly wasp hive in your home or garden.

He said: "Make sure you paint all of the wooden furniture in your garden or coat it in a varnish. This means the wasps can't strip away the wood to make nests.

"This goes for any dead wood lying around as well. Either store it somewhere airtight or just get rid of it rather than abandoning it in your garden."


If eating outside, burning a citrus candle can help deter wasps from getting too close as they hate the smell. It should also help keep away most other flying pests.

Hornets are likely to take up residence in your loft, especially if you have old hay-based insulation as it makes a great nest.

They can also bring in wood and other nest materials from outside if your house is nice and warm.

The best way to stop it is to have newer insulation and to keep an eye on dead wood near your home.

If things get really bad you can fit a UV light in there to kill off any unwanted flying pests.


A slightly larger, and furrier problem, are rats and mice.

Stuart said: "While an open door is the easiest route into your home, airbricks near ground level are another.

"Broken ones can have large enough gaps for a rat to squeeze in and older bricks are often big enough for a mouse to gain entry.

"As a rule of thumb anything a pencil can fit into, so can a mouse. If you can get your thumb in the hole a rat can squeeze through."

Stuart also advises blocking up any old pipes that are no longer in use as rats can sneak in through them as well.

He warns not to have bird feeders in the summer - as rats will eat there - and to clean the outside drain that your kitchen sink goes into regularly.

While the rodents might steer clear while your pooch or kitty is downstairs, as soon as they're out of sight, the rats and mice will make the most of it."

Another breeding ground for rats is compost heaps that aren't in a container. It's somewhere they love to live and provides a constant source of food.

And don't think having a cat or dog stops you from being at risk.

Stuart said: "Unfortunately they don't keep away rats and mice. While the rodents might steer clear while your pooch or kitty is downstairs, as soon as they're out of sight, they will make the most of it.

"Most pet cats are too well fed to kill and eat a rogue mouse or rat. They might play with a mouse but that's about it."

Stuart also recommends keeping your toilet seat down to stop any intrepid rats who've climbed up your sewage pipes. The lid style is designed to try and stop them from climbing out.


The very thought of bed bugs might give you the creeps, but you could unwittingly be bringing them into your home coming from holidays.

Stuart revealed that your case in the hold of a plane can pick up some of their sticky larvae.

He said: "No matter how nice your hotel is, always have a quick check for bed bugs when you get there. You're looking for what looks like black mould in the joints of the bed, under the mattress and anywhere sunlight doesn't reach during the day.

"If the black is there then it's likely to be bed bugs. If your holiday accommodation is clear it doesn't mean you're safe.

"You can pick the bugs up from other peoples' suitcases when you fly home as the eggs are a bit like velcro. Treat your case like it has the plague.

"So make sure to wash all your clothes when you get home and keep your case in a black bag, tie it up tight and pop it in the loft or garage to protect your home."

Storing them in lofts and garages is ideal because they can get quite warm or very cold - both conditions that kill off the bugs.


Carpet and cupboard beetles are bad news and a nightmare to get rid of once they've settled in.

The cupboard variety can be stopped by taking all food out of bags and storing in glass or plastic containers.

Stuart says this means that if you accidentally end up with some in your food, they'll be contained and stopped from going mad in your cupboards.

Also do the same with your pet food as they can come into your house in bags of cat, dog, or other animal biscuits.

Stuart said: "You can tell if you have cupboard beetles because all of the bagged food in will have tiny compass-sized holes where they've chewed through to get to the food.

"You can kill them off using a fly killer that leaves a residue to kill off the eggs and throwing out all the affected food as well."

Another beetle that likes to invade your home is the common carpet or clothes beetle.

These can fly in through open windows so if you want to be extra secure, buy fly mesh to fit to your windows.

Once inside they will munch through your clothes and carpet as they like natural fibres like wool.

You can tell if you've got the nightmare pests as they will munch through carpets and leave patches in low-traffic areas like under the bed or a bedside table.

If you do get an infestation, either in the carpets or your cupboards, it's a task for the hoover and meticulous cleaning.


Moths' favourite foods are wool items, anything made from animal fur and silk.

If you are unfortunate enough to end up with some moth-ridden threads, there's a cheap hack to kill them off.

Stuart said: "Vaccum pack the infected items and pop them in our freezer for two days.

"The freezing temperature will kill off the moths and eggs leaving your clothes pests free again for little expense."

Stuart also advises cleaning the wardrobe using a moth spray to get every last possible egg or adult.


Cluster flies, which include fruit flies, are a pain in the summer and seem to get everywhere.

Stuart says the best way to tackle these critters is prevention.

"Stagnant water anywhere on your property is going to attract all sorts of flies. It can be in your drains, your gutters, in buckets or plant pots. They're not fussy," he explained.

"Make sure to remove all possible places for water to be still and clean those hard-to-reach gutters, especially during summer.

"Another big attraction is food. Make sure to put all food away and when it's going in your bin, make sure it has a lid on it."

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Im a pest controller how to protect your home from spider and bug armies and the critter you bring back... - The US Sun

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