Kill Bed Bugs

How to Kill Bed Bugs

Many of us were put to sleep with the saying, 'good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite' as children, but have you ever really thought about what bed bugs were? Bed bugs are not as bad as everyone thinks they are, of course. They don't carry vicious diseases or imply uncleanliness--bed bugs can be picked up without you ever having to do anything but they are certainly a great deal harder to get rid of than they are to get. Luckily, learning how to kill bedbugs is not hard to do at all, and many of the things that you might have heard about their dogged tenacity to make your life miserable isn't true at all. Nobody wants to have to know how to kill bed bugs, but you may be among those who've had to do the deed. How did you kill bed bugs for good if you were the unlucky host of these unwanted pests which love to follow you home from the hotel or hostel? Read our advice on how to kill bed bugs, and then add your own -- no need to (really) register or log in! Tell Us All! If you see bug sign when you get into a hotel or hostel room, consider grabbing your stuff before bugs hop on and cruising straight back to the desk to ask for a new room, and tell 'em why. Even if you don't see sign, don't put your backpack on the bed or other furniture in order to lessen chances of the bugs hopping on. If the room has a suitcase stand, use it. If you've got bites, or you know you've spent time in a room harboring the bugs, vacuum your suitcases, backpack, camera bag -- leave no seam un sucked. Wash everything you own in the hottest water possible to boil the little biters. The same rules on how to kill bed bugs while traveling apply at home: vaccum your living space relentlessly, including furniture, changing the bag outside (hatchlings can wiggle through a stitch hole). Wash or dry clean everything moveable (clothes, bedspreads, throw rugs) in hottest water. If one happy couple escapes, though, it's all for naught. Steps Taken to kill bed bugs are :
1. First of all, thoroughly check for bed bugs in your home. Take a bright flashlight and search every nook and corner of your house, including mattresses, carpets, books, old clocks, wall sconces, electrical switch plates, wall posters, books, magazines, and so on. Make sure to leave none of the things lying near and on your bed unchecked.
2. The next step will be to clean your apartment thoroughly. Dirty and damp places are most likely to harbor bed bugs. Wash all your linen in extremely Hot water and vacuum your mattress, baseboards, carpet edges, switch plates, floor cracks and all the furniture. Clean each and every showpiece and personal item. Throw away the dirt outside your home.
3. The first place where you should attack the bed bugs comprises of their hideouts. Put anti-bug dust, like Drione dust, in all the cracks and crevices. Wall voids, baseboards, switchboards, etc should all be sprinkled with the dust. You can also use liquid insecticides or Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) products. Make sure to wear gloves and a face mask while using such products.
4. The next step will comprise of treating the bed. First of all, check out the folds and seams of the mattress, headboard, foot board, box of the bed, frame, etc for bugs. Make a light application of a residual or an aerosol on all these places. Turn the bed and spray liquid insecticides on the underside as well.
5. Now, comes the turn of furniture In every nook, corner and crevice of the furniture items, apply liquid residuals or spray aerosol residual. In case of upholstered furniture, make sure to treat the mattress and box spring with the residuals. Turn the furniture upside down and spray the insecticide there also. Even the metal framing of the furniture should be treated.
6. After you have thoroughly cleaned and disinfected your house from bed bugs, do not be completely at ease. Make sure to once again thoroughly re-investigate the entire house after two weeks, for any traces of bed bugs. If you do not encounter any major problems, just use a contact spray with pyrethrins to retreat the major areas.
7. If you still think that you have not been able to get rid of the bed bugs, it is the time to get professional help. They will completely disinfect your home and make it bug-free.
8. Now, you can rest easy. However, do make sure to check your house occasionally for any signs of bed bugs. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

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