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Ferndale is a city in Oakland County of the U.S. state of Michigan. It forms part of the Detroit metropolitan area.

Native Americans were the first known inhabitants of the area now known as the City of Ferndale. In the 1800s farmers began cultivating the land. After the invention of the automobile and the assembly line, the population density of Ferndale increased rapidly.  Ferndale was incorporated into a village in 1918. It was then incorporated into a city on March 7, 1927 by vote of the citizens of the village.

The city has recently experienced a dramatic revival of its downtown through the progressive policies implemented during the last ten years.

Ferndale's downtown is formed by two major thoroughfares, Nine Mile Road and Woodward Avenue. Several years ago the city made the downtown more pedestrian friendly by narrowing West Nine Mile Road, the heart of the downtown, to one lane in each direction and adding on-street parking. The result has been a return of pedestrian traffic and an influx of new stores and restaurants. The city has continued to make itself more accessible to people by reducing traffic lanes on Hilton Road and Pinecrest Road, two major local north/south streets, and adding bicycle lanes.  A recently updated zoning ordinance has similarly led to some positive development in Ferndale as well as to one of the biggest resident uproars in recent Ferndale history. The multi-year process concluded with a final round of public hearings in which residents' concerns were noted and largely incorporated into the zoning map and ordinance.

The city now encourages mixed retail and residential land uses along its major corridors. Additionally, the city is currently experiencing an increase in residential construction with more new homes being built than at any time since the 1950s.

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