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  Alaska, United States Bed Bug Registry Map
  Wednesday 22nd of March 2023 05:04 AM

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Zoom In on the above map using the map controls for more detail, and select an incident by clicking on it for address details.

Use the field below to search for incident reports around an address - it will also auto suggest up to 10 incident addresses as you type.

Latest Bed Bug Incidents and Infestations

Incident Radius: 400 Miles

We cannot vouch for the truthfulness of any report on this site. If you feel a location has been reported in error, or want to dispute a report, please contact us.

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How do You Get Bed bugs? | Where do Bed Bugs Come From?

How do people get Bed bugs in the first place? To some it seems like they just magically appear, and people are often left scratching their heads (and other areas), confused and frustrated that theyve wound up with a bed full of bugs. However, it is no mystery how bed bugs are spread from place to place; humans have helped spread bed bug infestations for hundreds of years.

How Bed Bugs Spread

The incorrect assumption is that dirty locations attract bed bugs and house bed bug populations. Although most dirty locations do attract a host of nasty insects that spread germs and contaminate areas, bed bugs are pleased with clean or dirty.

Bed bugs are able to spread via human travel and movement. The unique flattened and small round shaped of the bed bug allows them to hide just about anywhere they can squeeze.

They hitch rides onto the fabrics of furniture, mattresses, luggage, clothing, etc., where they ride until they find a suitable host area, like your bedroom. This is where bed bugs can establish populations, which they can accomplish fairly quickly.

Where You Can Get Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are most often found in homes, apartment buildings, college dormitories, and hotels, which are all places with consistent hosts at rest for bed bugs to feed. But bed bugs have also been found in daycares, movie theatres, and even city buses; these places generally dont have large established populations, but bed bugs can be picked up and transferred from people resting in these areas. Since people are constantly rotating in these spaces, bed bugs can be deposited and picked up on clothing, bags, and purses and taken home.

Bed bugs hiding in furniture, mattresses, and other items you might bring into your home is another common way of picking up these little hitchhikers.

Since bed bugs are hitchhikers, they travel commonly by luggage. Hotels and motels, no matter how clean or shining the reputation, can be susceptible to bed bug infestations. This is one of the most common ways people get bed bugs, when the bed bugs hitch a ride back to the travelers home.

Steps to Prevent Getting Bed bugs

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If you already have a Bed bug infestation, read our article: How to Get Rid of Bed bugs

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How do You Get Bed bugs? | Where do Bed Bugs Come From?

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Orkin Pest Control Prices, Treatment Plan, And Payment

How much does Orkin charge for its extermination services? Is Orkin insulation worth it?

Should you hire this pest control service?

In this guide, we will look at the average pest control prices, including factors that influence what the company charges you for its service.

We will also discuss why people go with Orkin for their pest control needs.

Renowned for providing comprehensive and satisfactory pest extermination services to households and corporate clients, Orkin has become a trusted name in the pest control industry with its exceptional services making it a major player in the industry.

How much does Orkin charge? Lets find out the standard rates.

Theres ample information regarding Orkin services online.

These include detailed reviews from clients who have used their services. As a result, youll find more clients satisfied with their services than those who arent.

On the other hand, clients are offered a guarantee. This means that in the event of a disappointment or a pest problem that persists, it will provide repeat treatment at no added charge.

Orkin is a formidable company with an international presence. However, its about an important aspect of their operations that we seek to learn more about; pricing and payment plans.

But why is this important?

This is because pricing plays a huge role in the demand and supply of vermin removal services.

Hence for the reader whos interested in the average quotes for comparison purposes, we are confident that you have come to the right place.

Join us as we go through the financial implications for hiring an Orkin man;

Orkin is an industry leader when it comes to the provision of pest control services. This company has a presence in about 46 states within the U.S with over a century (about 119 years) since it was founded.

This reflects a huge experience in the pest control services sector.

Are you wondering what states have no Orkin presence? Wonder no more. The company is absent in the states of Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Orkin is also an international pest control brand with a presence in about 83 countries and counting. It also has a presence in 5 out of the 7 continents of the world.

Orkin Canada is the largest pest solution service in Canada.

Most times, clients seek answers to questions such as Should I go with Orkin?

Well, the answer(s) to this question depends on several aspects of its services compared to others. As regards the pricing of its services, affordable and comprehensive plans are offered to clients.

These consist of a wide range of services having different pricing plans.

In summary, Orkin man prices fall within industry standards. Details of such services will become clearer as you read through.

An advantage of having an Orkin man re-visit your home or business is that you will be incurring a significantly lower rate compared to the first visit.

When inspecting your home or business to check the level of infestation, you incur zero cost as the service is free.

Depending on the type of service required, Orkin has different plans which it charges its clients, as there is no fixed rate.

Some services come with higher charges due to the treatment required and based on how tough it is to eliminate a particular pest among several other factors. These are adequately captured in their pricing model.

For a new client, a first visit sprays the price ranges from $170 to $180.

This treatment covers insects such as ticks, roaches, and ants among several others.

Is Orkin expensive? well, it depends.

This is yet another common question asked by potential clients.

However, there isnt a single answer to it. This is because the company offers solutions for a variety of pests. These all fall under various plans.

Although this is the case, prices for all types of pest services range from $70 to $1,500 or more depending on the severity, size, and type of pest involved.

So how much is Orkin pest control?

Orkin rates will differ depending on the type of pest problem you have at hand. Therefore, it isnt fixed for all services but fixed for particular pest issues.

However, for the latter, the size will come into play as the cost is determined per square foot. Hence the bigger the size or area infested, the more square foot covered, which translates to a higher rate.

In addition to that, the severity of infestation can impact the cost.

In other words, the less severe the problem, the lesser the charges, and vice versa. Therefore cost estimates for service will depend on the above factors.

This section will discuss some of the most common services provided by Orkin as it relates to prices.

This makes it much clearer as we zoom our lenses on specific services as seen below;

Looking for Orkin prices for termites? Here is an estimate.

Out of most pest categories, termites are among the most dreaded and destructive. These are even more dangerous because their activities are hard to detect.

As such, severe havoc is caused by the time the problem is spotted. They pose danger to structures especially wooden as well as any source of cellulose. Orkin is equal to the task as it provides a comprehensive termite control countermeasure.

Orkin termite cost could be anything from $800 to $3,000 especially when subterranean termites are involved.

A bed bug problem is unbearable and immediate treatment is necessary. Orkin will offer you treatment options to select from.

Hence the cost you incur will depend on factors such as the size of the infested area, whether its a commercial property (such as a hotel etc) or a private one.

This still boils down to size as private properties are generally smaller.

Its bed bug control includes a guarantee and covers a period determined by the plan you choose.

As such, a standard bed bug service is within $1,000 to $3,200.

Fleas like bed bugs feed on blood and will make your life unbearable. If you need the services of Orkin to reclaim your home, it first does an on-the-spot assessment of the problem.

This inspection is thorough and will lead to the application of the best extermination measure.

Their flea solutions are also determined by the plans available. Whichever option you prefer, the price range for a one-time spray will fluctuate within the $300 to $370 bracket.

Coverage area includes full interior, limited exterior as well as tips on preventing a re-infestation.

How much does Orkin cost for ants? Like most pests, multiple varieties of ants come with different quotes.

Control rates for ants also follow this pattern.

Therefore you should expect a fee with a low of $150 and a high of $1,400.

Of course, prices for ants are also determined by the size of the infested area, the species, severity of infestation among other things.

Roaches are also included in Orkins long list of pests.

Hence no matter the extent of the problem, this pest management company is always ready to provide professional assistance.

So how much does Orkin cost for roaches?

A single roach job is between $100 to $400. Its inspection is mostly free.

However, a large or commercial property may attract an inspection fee from $40 to $75.

A lot of factors impact Orkins cost for roaches.

If youre faced with a rodent problem, no matter how severe, Orkin is ever ready to put an end to it.

But this comes at a rate, though not beyond your reach.

How much does Orkin cost for mice and other rodent species?

Orkin typically charges clients fees ranging from $100 to $700. This isnt so much because rats, mice, and other rodent species are very difficult pests to deal with.

For instance, Orkin squirrel removal cost ranges from $250 $550.

In most situations, people who decide to get the job done themselves later get overwhelmed. Despite such, the problem will likely persist.

For this fee, Orkin takes total control of the situation.

While the company offers free pest inspection services for most pests, the same also applies to termites.

This is especially true for subterranean termites because they are the most destructive yet difficult to detect until substantial havoc has been caused.

A thorough termite inspection is carried out by Orkin and involves a whole lot of procedures.

However, no inspection costs are required by it.

This is a huge deal considering the destructive yet hidden nature of termite activity.

Does Orkin do payment plans? Yes.

This information can be used in choosing the ideal plan for your home or business. Pricing as discussed above includes multiple plans. These are designed to make options available for everyone.

Also, a particular pricing plan will determine to what extent its services are offered.

This also covers the duration of time.

Based on this information, we cannot adequately discuss Orkin pest control pricing without considering the following;

Under Orkins pricing structure, financial implications are determined by the type of pest services needed. In other words, theres no particular rate for all pest issues.

Instead, the type of service provided will determine the cost.

In addition to this, size, distance, severity, and type of treatment determined its pricing.

Therefore to know how much you will be charged for a pest removal service, you only need to reach out. After an on-site inspection, you are given a quote.

Whenever a payment is being discussed, the focus is usually set on convenience. Clients need to find out if they can conveniently pay for services.

Thankfully, Orkin provides clients with an easy payment method. Its AutoPay plan saves time and allows you to pay for services using your bank check card or credit card.

All you need to do to start using this method is to simply sign up.

You can choose one of three easy ways to sign-up for Orkins AutoPay. The first is by calling its toll-free line on 877-291-3707. Here, you are carefully guided through the signup process.

The second method is by finding out your local Orkin branch.

An added option is by calling the local branch and providing your bank card information over the phone.

The third is by filling out its online form. This form has been provided for this specific purpose. After filling and submitting the form, a representative will contact you immediately for further assistance.

As stated earlier, this service provides multiple plans to clients whose pest needs may differ. Your pest issue, as well as the scope and severity, will determine the service cost.

Your location will also influence the cost.

So how much is Orkin a month? Ill say thisdepends on an inspection of the pest problem.

Quarterly plans are long-term and provide comprehensive protection from major pest issues. It involves scheduled inspection and treatment as well as preventive maintenance.

Orkins quarterly service cost ranges between $200 to $400.

Like its quarterly plans, annual plans cover inspection, preventive maintenance as well as treatment of any pest issues that may arise. The rate for the yearly plan falls within the $400 to $600 range.

However, this is different when theres a case of an infestation and will cost you between $500 to $2,000.

Being a formidable brand in the pest control industry, Orkin has built a reputation over the years by providing reliable services to clients covering a diverse pest population, as well as providing reasonable pricing for its services.

Through the development of its AIM system which stands for Assess, Implement, and Monitor, cases of pest infestation are professionally handled through well-trained professionals who assess the level of damage as well as the causes, implement effective treatment/extermination strategies, as well as monitor to ensure pests are effectively exterminated and do not return.

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Orkin Pest Control Prices, Treatment Plan, And Payment

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Cedar Rapids Among the Worst Cities For Bed Bugs –

No, this is not a list you want to make on an annual basis. But Cedar Rapids, Iowa has done it. Actually, they've even moved higher up on the list, which is troubling, to say the least!

Among the things that continue to spread around the nation, other than COVID, are bed bugs. The little critters can hitch rides and travel from city to city with ease. And as PRNewswire points out, the lack of staffing in the hospitality industry the little bugs are probably not being monitored as closely as they should be. The annual list that has just been released is based on data from the Orkin company. It looks at the metro areas where the company performed the most bed bug treatments between December of 2020 through November 30th, 2021.

The city of Chicago has the honor of being the worst city in the nation for bed bugs. Rounding out the top five are the cities of Philly, New York, Detriot, and Baltimore. But Cedar Rapids also makes this list, coming in at #30, up five spots from last year. Not exactly the list you want to be featured on if you want to boost tourism to your city. So what can be done?

PRNewswire says that the folks at Orkin provide these tips. First, at your home;

During travel, Orkin suggests you remember the acronym S.L.E.E.P.

Hopefully, by following some of these tips, you can avoid staying someplace that has bed bugs, and avoid bringing them back home with you!

Read on to learn the average life expectancy in each state.

Here are 50 of your favorite retail chains that no longer exist.

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Cedar Rapids Among the Worst Cities For Bed Bugs -

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Alaska Bed Bug Hotel and Apartment Reports |

Bed Bug Hotel and Apartment Reports. Click on the city below to find our latest bed bug reports in Alaska on hotels. To report a new bed bug incident, navigate to our city page below to see further details.

Recommended tips after hotel check-in: 1. Pick up the mattresses in the rooms and look under it. Check around the edges of the box springs. 2. Check under the box spring. 3. Lift up each headboard an lay it on the bed. Carefully inspect the hole where the headboard was lifted out of. Also, inspect all niches and corners of the headboard. 4. If you decide to stay in the hotel, do not put any clothes in dressers. Keep them in your luggage and your dirty clothes in plastic bags.

The date was February 13, 2020 and I woke up this morning at approx 6:30am and found a bed bug on me. It was in suite #206 of comfort inn ship creek. After realizing it was an alive bug... I panic...

We checked in at about 4 pm 10/25/19 and were given the room directly above the front desk. Unsure of the room number. My son was on one bed doing some homework while I was laying on the other bed. At...

I've been staying here since Saturday Dec 16th... the entire week I have been noticing brown tiny stains on my sheets.. so I obviously cleaned them.. then Thursday the 22nd of December my fingers had...

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Alaska Bed Bug Hotel and Apartment Reports |

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These 10 Bugs Found In Alaska Will Send Shivers Down Your …

When the average person hears the words bug and Alaska in the same sentence, they are sent into some sort of frenzy; absentmindedly swatting at the air, and talking about football sized mosquitoes waiting patiently at the door of your tent like a blood sucking hover craft. Luckily, Im here to tell you that the mosquitoes in Alaska may be alittle larger than life but they arent all that bad, nor are they the only bugs that will completely and totally creep you out. Beware scrolling through this list, your skin will start crawling (heaven knows mine did as I wrote this) and I guarantee youll check your sheets before going to bed tonight.

This spider only gets creepier as it gets older. You see that sticky looking hair it's covered in? That actually collects dust and lint as it ages, making it look more and more like this giant, evil fluffy thing that bites like no other. Only it doesn't bite, no, it stabs you with its beak! The beak is meant to kill other insects by repeatedly stabbing them to death. Possibly the worst thing about the Masked Hunter is that its main prey is the bed bug. That means if your bed has bed bugs, it probably also has some of these Masked Hunters creeping around too.

Let's cool things down a bit, after learning about that horrific Masked Hunter it may be nice to know that there is this thing called a non-venomous spider and one of them is the Feather-Legged Spider.

I was always under the impression that a stink bug only stinks when you step on it, but in reality the stink bug can emit it's stinky stink pretty much any time it wants! So don't piss this little guy off, he's got a big smell about him and I promise you wont like it. The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is mostly a pest to fruit plants and trees so you don't need to worry about it crawling in bed with you. The funny thing about this bug is it was accidentally imported from Asia and now it can be found all over North America, even Alaska!

The Black and Yellow Mud Dauber is actually a wasp, but it's much more laid back than other wasps out there so don't fret, this guy isn't as scary as he looks. Check him out, he wont be interested in stinging a person unless they really mess with him.

The Assassin Bug is in the same family of insects as the Masked Hunter. It too has a beak that's used to aggressively stab it's prey to death and suck the life juices out of it. The bug is also well known for inflicting painful bites on humans so if you ever see one, step away!

This bug should come with a hovering DO NOT TOUCH sign because it has a seriously painful and dangerous sting. The Cow Killer may look like an ant but it is simply a really hairy wasp with a sting strong enough to tip a cow. That's right, this tiny little bug can kill cattle! Imagine what it's bite would do to you.

Legs, legs, everywhere! This bug has 15 pairs, that's 5... 7... plus 13... carry the 2, 30 legs on this sucker!!! I'm pretty sure in the bug world, the more legs you have the creepier you are. Luckily, the House Centipede is a friendly little guy who's tasked with the removal of other, more frightening pests from your home. Be thankful to these really scary looking buggers.

The Himmelman's Plume Moth isn't a bug to worry about but it can be intimidating if you catch it flying straight toward your forehead. These guys can either look like a mosquito or just a dead piece of leaf on the ground when not in flight. Either way, they wont hurt you. Sheesh, it's just a moth, calm down!

A flash of light from the ground, you jump, you squeal, you run! The Metallic Crab Spider has won again. These spiders are members of the Running Crab Spider clan but don't worry they can't catch up with you. They just use their super fast speed to catch other bugs, not your ankles!

A scary name for a seriously scary bug. The Wolf Spider is feared pretty much anywhere it can be found. They are like a hairy, big, black tarantula. Only maybe not so big... just equally as scary. Don't worry, even they hang out in houses they really only come out at night, so just keep your bedroom door shut tight... unless you're too late and they are patiently waiting behind your dresser or night stand.

Which of these bugs bugged you the most? Let me know in the comments.

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These 10 Bugs Found In Alaska Will Send Shivers Down Your ...

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