Hiding Places

BedBug Hidding Places
Before you can go about killing bed bugs and getting rid of them for good – you must first find them. This can be a very difficult task due to the fact that there are so many spots for them to hide it can make it a very tedious task to get rid of bed bugs. This is why professionals make so much money because they know all of the hiding spots of bed bugs and what to look for as far as evidence of an infestation goes.
The most common hiding place for bed bugs is of course your bed – as many would think though. They love to hide in places of the mattress that are inconspicuous. They also do not mind just hanging out in the box sping of the mattress either, so make sure that you flip the mattress often when you are checking for bed bugs in your mattress. There are certain types of covers that can limit the bed bug from getting into those crevices where bed bugs love to hide out in. Although I do not believe that they are 100% effective, the effectiveness of them is up in the 90% area in my personal opinioin.
Some other spots they like to hide out in are the corners of walls, if you have a pop corn ceiling then this is also one of there favorite spots to hang out at during the day. Under window sills is another place that they can camp out at, also if you have blinds or curtains in your bedroom you should check those to thoroughly for any signs of bed bugs hiding out there.
Behind outlet covers is another tight spot that not many people would think that a bed bug may be hiding or laying their eggs. So make sure that you do not overlook this when you are trying to pin point and destroy these insects. Some other common spots that you should check are night stands and lamps. Also if you have clothes laying around there is no reason at all that they will not use that as a hiding spot.
If you really think about it the bed bugs are not very fast movers and in most cases they are hiding within about 20 feet of where you sleep as they know that they can quickly step down while you are sleeping to get a bite to eat. As they can travel much further than that in most cases they will not so this will make it easier for you to track them down, kill them and there eggs and saving you loads of money when it comes to this type of extermination.
If you have carpet in your bedroom you will want to make sure that you have it steam cleaned on a regular basis as they will hide there too. Do not over look anything when it comes to trying to discover their hiding spots – so the next time you are looking for bed bugs, you must remember that they can virtually hide anywhere they want to.

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