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How you get bed bugs? How they infest your home and what you can do. – USA TODAY

A common phrase is, Sleep tight. Dont let the bed bugs bite! But what are bed bugs and how do you get them? Bed bugs are oval-shaped insects that are about 5 millimeters long as adults. They come out at night and cant fly, though they can crawl very quickly.

Bed bugs feed on human blood which causes itchy bites. Outside of bites, signs you have bed bugs are live bugs themselves, shell casings, fecal spots, eggs, bloodstains on sheets and an unusual, musty odor, according to M&M Pest Control in Long Island City, New York.

Bed bugs can travel quickly and have an ability to latch onto furniture and other items. They can be brought into the home from places where people are dormant for periods of time, like bus seats, airplanesor theater cushions, etc. They can sneak into your home through purses and luggage as well.Once they are in the home, they can hide in bedroom furniture such as a mattress, box spring and bed frame.

Stink bugs: One of summer's worst pestsheres how to deal

Just curious?: We're here to help with life's everyday questions

Here is how to get rid of bed bugs at home, according to WebMD.

Though these tips can stave off bed bugs, it is best to use chemicals to exterminate bed bugs. For the best results, WebMD suggests hiringan exterminator with experience dealing with the pests.

The Environmental Protection Agency has a detailed version of home remedies to get rid of bed bugs.

Although they can be annoying, bed bugs bites are not something to fret over. Theyre not contagious and dont carry diseases.

The Cleveland Clinic recommends treating them by washing gently with soap and water, then applying an anti-itch product to the bites (like hydrocortisone 1%). But, you shouldnt use it on your face.

If the bites itch, apply the product one to two times daily. If the itching is more persistent,your doctor might be able to prescribe you a stronger cream or advise you to take a different medication.

While scratching is tempting, the Cleveland Clinic also advises to not scratch your bites because it can cause skin tears or infections.

How to clean your pillows: Because they're full of dead bugs

Bed bugs cannot live in your hair.

According to ABC Home & Commercial Services, located in Central Florida, Texas and Oklahoma, bed bugs are attracted to bare skin and aremorelikely to bite you on your face or neck.

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How you get bed bugs? How they infest your home and what you can do. - USA TODAY

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LSNJLAW – Bed Bugs: Your Rights as a Tenant

Return of the Bed Bugs: Know Your Rights as a Tenant

Bed bug problems were common in America before World War II. Because of widespread use of the pesticide DDT, they became less of a problem during the 1950s and 1960s. By 1970, bed bugs had been almost wiped out in this country. They could be found in Africa, Asia, and parts of Eastern Europe, but they were rarely ever seen here.

That is not true anymore. As most tenants already know, bed bugs are back. Scientists discovered that DDT was extremely dangerous for people and animals. DDT was banned, and it has finally been almost eliminated from the environment. That is good for peoplebut it is also good for bed bugs. Because other pesticides do not do a good job of killing them, bed bugs have not only returned, they are also spreading very rapidly. More and more, bed bugs are turning up in apartment buildings and homes, motels and hotels, health care facilities and dormitories, and every other place where people live.

Learning about bed bugs

Bed bugs are small, brown, flat insects. They feed only on the blood of people and animals. Bed bugs are active mainly at night. During the day, they prefer to hide close to where people sleep. Bed bugs can easily hide in tiny cracks and crevices, such as those found in mattresses, box springs, other pieces of furniture, walls, floors, ceilings, suitcasesyou name it, bed bugs can probably hide in it.

If an apartment has bed bugs, you can usually see them if you look in the right places, such as between a mattress and a box spring. Sometimes you can tell bed bugs are around because you see dark spots or stains on sheets and blankets. Sometimes you even see blood stains in a bed caused by the crushing of bed bugs. One good thing is that, so far, bed bugs have not been shown to transmit diseases to people. But that does not mean much to adults and children who are covered with bed bug bites. Bed bugs make people feel bad physically, emotionally, and mentally. An apartment filled with bed bugs is not fit to live in.

There are some other important things to know about bed bugs. One is that being a good housekeeper does not guarantee that you wont have bed bug problems. Bed bugs are hitchhikers. They usually get into a home or apartment by hiding in luggage, clothing, furniture, or other things. Beg bugs can also get in by hiding in the clothing of tenants, landlords, superintendents, tradesmen, home health aides, people delivering meals, the mailmaneven exterminators.

Because bed bugs feed only on the blood of people and animals, once they get into an apartment, cleaning alone will not get rid of them. (Even if the people leave, that does not mean that the bed bugs will die. Bed bugs can live for a year or more without food.)

Pesticides alone do not work

Another thing to know about bed bugs is that trying to get rid of them by using pesticides alone does not work. The poisons that do kill them must be sprayed right on them. Once the pesticides have dried, they dont work on the bed bugs.

Another problem is that bed bugs often live in used furnishingsespecially beds and couches and other used items. One of the best ways to avoid them is to avoid buying or using second-hand things. But lower-income people often cannot afford new furniture. Landlords may try to blame the tenants if there are bed bugs in an apartment, saying that they should not have bought used furniture. This is unfair. There is almost no way a landlord can prove for sure how bed bugs got into an apartment because there are so many ways that hitchhiking bed bugs can get in.

Ways to get rid of bed bugs

The best way to get rid of bed bugs involves using more than one treatment. Good exterminators will spray pesticides on bed bugs they can see. They will also spray them into cracks in furniture and walls where bed bugs are probably hiding. Good exterminators will put things like furniture and appliances into bags and then pump in high heat or cold, which is a good way to kill bed bugs. Putting clothes, shoes, toys, and other items in a clothes dryer at medium to high heat for up to 20 minutes will also kill them. And sometimes there is no choice but to throw infested things away. But even doing all of these things does not guarantee that the bed bugs will be gone right away. It often takes many tries before they are finally eliminated.

Getting rid of bed bugs is hard. Doing all the things needed to eliminate them can be really hard on older tenants, tenants with disabilities, and families with young children. This is especially true if the tenants have to get rid of things, such as cribs or beds or mattresses, that they cant afford to replace.

Knowing your rights is important

If you are a tenant with a bed bug problem, it is important for you to know your legal rights. It is also important for you to do the things you need to do to protect yourself from being blamed for a problem that you didnt cause. What your rights are, and what you need to do, depend on the kind of building you live in.

If you live in a building with more than one apartment, you should notify the landlord in writing as soon as you see bed bugs in your home. (Send the notice certified mail, return receipt requested, and keep a copy for yourself.) Since anyoneincluding the landlords workerscould have brought the bed bugs in, it will be very hard for the landlord to prove that any one tenant is the cause of the problem. That is why it is important for tenants to keep their apartments clean. An apartment that is not clean will not cause a bed bug problem. But you can be sure that the landlord will try to blame the tenant if the apartment is not clean. This could cause a problem for the tenant if the case goes to court. On the other hand, keeping a clean apartment will make it very hard for the landlord to try to blame a tenant for bed bugs.

If you live in subsidized housing, including public housing, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has given special written instructions to local housing authorities and landlords about how to deal with bed bug problems. It is still very important for you to give written notice about a bed bug problem as soon as possible to the Housing Authority (if you live in public housing) or your landlord (if you live in a privately-owned subsidized apartment). If the Housing Authority or landlord does not come out and begin to work on the problem right away, or if they try to blame you, you should contact your local Legal Services program for help.

The courts in New Jersey have said that it is a landlords duty to provide his or her tenants with a safe, livable apartment, one that is not infested with bugs or other things. This is called the warranty of habitability. Unless the landlord can prove that the tenant caused a problem, it is the landlords duty to fix it. This is true in the case of bed bugs as well. Since a landlord cant really prove who caused a bed bug problem, the landlord must hire good exterminators to get rid of them.

If you live in a building containing three or more apartments, state regulations known as the Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Health and Safety Code also say that it is the landlords duty to get rid of bed bugs if they are in more than one apartment. The Code also makes it the landlords job to take good care of the building in order to prevent infestation problems. (The number given by the state to the Code is N.J.A.C. 5:10-10.2.)

If you rent a single-family house, or rent one apartment in a house with only two apartments, the laws are a little different. Local housing codes make it your responsibility to exterminate bed bugs or other pests, unless you can show that the problem was caused by the landlord not taking good care of the building. However, if the bed bugs are there when you move in, or there are bed bugs in both apartments in a two-family house, then it is the landlords duty to get rid of them. Just like tenants in larger buildings, you should notify the landlord in writing as soon as you see bed bugs in your home.

Getting legal advice and help is important

Where bed bugs are concerned, you should get legal advice and assistance if:

You live in a building with two or more apartments and your landlord tries to make it part of your lease that you will be responsible for getting rid of bed bugs.

Your landlord wants you to pay to get rid of bed bugs in your apartment. Even if you live in a single family house, you should get legal advice before you pay for extermination services.

Your landlord refuses to do anything to get rid of bed bugs in your apartment.

The exterminator that comes to get rid of bed bugs wants you to do things that will be very hard on you and your family, such as throw away furniture that you cant replace. These may be the right things to do, but you should get advice to make sure that the exterminator knows what he or she is doing.

You have to throw infested things away. If you do, you should get legal advice to find out if an agency or community organization must or can help you replace them.

Your landlord says that he or she is going to evict you or sue you because of the bed bugs. If this happens, you should get legal help immediately.

Your regional Legal Services office will be able to help you if you qualify based on your income.

If you find bed bugs in your home, the important thing is not to wait to do something. The best way to deal with bed bug problems is to get help as soon as possible.

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LSNJLAW - Bed Bugs: Your Rights as a Tenant

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SayByeBugs – Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Its simply not TRUE you have to use harsh chemicals to get rid of resilient pest like bed bugs. Our research has shown our product is highly effective to bed bugs in all stages of development all while having a gentle water based formula that doesn't affect non target species.

We can talk about our product all night long but the real proof are our customers. We are constantly getting happy stories from people all over the US using our products and getting rid of bed bugs.

"My husband is a prominent travel agent, but much to my chagrin we picked up bed bugs while staying in some of the finest hotels. I learned of your product through a young man who was traveling with a tour group. After suffering with unsightly bites and an infestation at home, I was eventually able to rid myself and my household of this dastardly problem by using your product.Thank you!"

Sue K.

Valued SayByeBugs Customer

"It worked great. Would recommend this product over using exterminator."

Ronnie J.

Valued SayByeBugs Customer

"You may want to write some of this info down for future reference. ...... This stuff WORKS! .... It stopped the infestation almost within two days. ... Over a period of a couple months we did see a couple. After another spray, nothing for another month then only one. Nothing more since . ... With the other we tried we had to keep spraying every other day.

It also kills fleas and ticks. .... And we hardly ever see a cockroach anymore since I have sprayed the rugs and furniture just to cut down in fleas..."

A. C

Valued SayByeBugs Customer

"This stuff works like magic!!!"

Rhonda B.

Valued SayByeBugs Customer

"Was skeptical but desperate to find a way to get rid of the bed bugs. So far I have no new bites and I spray the bedding and surrounding area every few days. No smell or cleaning up after foggers so I have been very pleased."

Lisa J.

Valued SayByeBugs Customer

"It works! And when you have had dust mites or bedbugs you know that a product actually working is the highest praise one can get!"

Daniel E.

Valued SayByeBugs Customer

"HUGE thank you! Apparently I recently had bed bugs. No signs of them other than getting eaten alive between my shoulder blades. No live bugs, no fecal that I could see, no blood marks and even checked under the sheets just before dawn. Still no signs. But I knew I was getting bitten by something and it was happening during the night which was freaking me out to say the least. And oh my word do those bites itch like crazy!

Bought 2 bottles of your product. Stripped the bed and washed linen in hot water. I sprayed the mattress and box spring all over (I know you said a light spray but I was nervous and sprayed EVERYWHERE). I had read that, like lice, it wasn't about being clean or dirty because I'm a little OCD on cleanliness. But I also read that bed bugs like to hide in the cracks of furniture, especially those that are old like curbside or thrift store furniture.

Ding ding ding. That was the light. I have a renewed furniture shop and I am constantly bringing in old pieces. So that's where they came from. Now to rid of them.

So I'm spraying the mattress, box springs, carpet, curtains and surrounding furniture. I do this 2 days in a row. My "bite marks" are healing and I haven't had any more bites since.

So long story short, you have truly been my hero. Thank you for rescuing me without me having to empty my savings account and for your product to work so quickly and give me back my peace to go to sleep without worry of being a bug's buffet.

Thank you. I will continue to buy!!!!!!"

Tonya B.

Valued SayByeBugs Customer

"Hi, I love the spray products. I had fought some nasty bedbugs for several months until I found Saybyebugs. I have been bedbug free since March 19, 2016."

Kimberly R.

Valued SayByeBugs Customer

"We have had very good results with your product to date. We were not heavily overcome with the problem. Fortunate that it was very light. However, other product we have tried never stopped them completely. We have seen none after a second spraying with your product so far. We will be looking forward to the next shipment as we want to keep it on hand."

Allen C.

Valued SayByeBugs Customer

"Thank you. Your product did work. Killed on contact."

Bob G.

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"I am very pleased with the effectiveness of the SayByeBugs product! I wish I had found you a long time ago!"

Daniel E.

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"Your product worked wonderfully, thank you."

Gerald F.

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"I ordered some bed bug exterminator spray, I ordered it like someone recommended to it, not knowing if this product was going to work or not, I prayed to let this product work and prayed that i didn't waste my money. The exterminator told me that I would be wasting my money ordering products when they claim that they are the only solution. I'm here to tell you that, that's not true I've used this product Say Bye Bugs and it works no waste of your money and no spending thousands of dollars."

Erica F.

Valued SayByeBugs Customer

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SayByeBugs - Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

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Can My Co-op Charge Me to Get Rid of the Bedbugs in My Apartment? – The New York Times

Q: I live in a small Manhattan co-op. Last summer, my apartment had a bedbug infestation, which I treated by calling an exterminator. The process entailed multiple visits and cost several thousand dollars. I never billed the co-op, partly out of embarrassment, even though I might have been able to. I later learned that my upstairs neighbor also had bedbugs and treated them on her own. Now a year later, the board is updating its proprietary lease so that the treatment of bedbugs is entirely the responsibility of tenants. Can it do that? Do any state laws govern a co-ops response to bug infestations?

A: New York City tenants, including co-op shareholders, are entitled to live in apartments free of bedbugs. As the landlord, your co-op board is legally obligated to exterminate bedbug infestations and prevent them from returning, although the rules dont say who has to pay for the treatment. The city gives landlords 30 days to deal with the issue. The co-op is also required to file an annual report with the city and provide residents with a written notice of the buildings bedbug history.

Theres a practical reason for this: Bedbugs like to move around, frequently spreading to neighboring apartments, which could explain why you and your neighbor had an infestation around the same time.

The co-op is in the best position to handle a building-wide infestation, said Lisa A. Smith, a real estate lawyer and partner in the Manhattan office of the law firm Smith, Gambrell & Russell. The board can call a qualified professional who can treat the affected unit and inspect neighboring ones. The neighbors are not going to do that among themselves, Ms. Smith said.

Treating the infestation is one thing. Paying for it is another: The board could foist that bill onto shareholders. Most co-ops and landlords pay for extermination costs, while tenants pay for the costs associated with preparing their apartments for extermination and containing the infestation. The real cost is the prep, Ms. Smith said. Tenants, for example, often replace mattresses and sofas, and dry clean and wash all their clothes and linens.

Look at the proposed change to the lease and see what it says. Per city and state housing rules, the board cannot abdicate its responsibility to exterminate. It can pass extermination costs along to shareholders, but you can push back; those costs are not extraordinary for a building, but they may be large enough to stop an individual shareholder from coming forward about an infestation.

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Can My Co-op Charge Me to Get Rid of the Bedbugs in My Apartment? - The New York Times

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The Best Bed Bug Spray Options of 2022 – Top Picks by Bob Vila – Bob Vila

Bed bugs (cimex lectularius) are tiny insects that feed on human blood, hiding in blankets, sheets, mattresses, and more. Bed bugs can also migrate to infest all areas of the house where you and your family hang out, leaving itchy, swollen bumps at the site of a bite.

The best bed bug spray typically uses active ingredients ranging from powerful insecticides like pyrethrin, pyrethroid, imidacloprid, and acetamiprid to pet- and child-friendly geranium oil and clove oil. If you want to rid your home of bed bugs of all life stages, read on for shopping tips and the most effective bed bug sprays available in their respective categories.

Bed bug spray can control and even eradicate infestations, but they can come with harmful levels of toxicitynot to mention strong chemical odorsthat require vacating the area until the spray clears.

Sprays are generally water- or oil-based formulas, the former of which could possibly damage electronics, documents, and wooden surfaces if used in excess. Oil-based sprays can stain whatever theyre applied to, and often leave a sticky residue, though thats typically removable with soap and water.

To avoid these issues with sprays, some folks plagued by bed bugs try alternative measures. These include steam cleaning and washing items in hot water, as exposure to temperatures of 185 degrees Fahrenheit kills bed bugs.

Diatomaceous eartha silica-rich powder made from the sediment of fossilized algaecan be employed to banish bed bugs by destroying their exoskeleton. There are also traps designed to lure and eliminate bed bugs. You may wish to consider the preventive measures and treatments below before reaching for a bed bug spray.

If the DIY treatments and the sprays described here fail to kill the bed bugs, then you may need to hire a professional exterminator to deal with the infestation.

Dont just grab the best-looking bed bug spray available. A flashy logo on packaging might draw attention, but the ingredients inside, application method, and longevity matter most when choosing a bed bug spray. You should also consider whether the bed bug sprays work on contact to immediately kill bed bugs or if its a residual treatment that kills slowly to increase poison transmission to other adult bed bugs and bed bug eggs.

Bed bug sprays are generally split into two types: Contact bed bug spray and residual bed bug spray.

Its necessary to determine the ingredients of a bed bug spray so that you know what the potential dangers are to you and your family, as well as the effects of the spray on the bed bugs. Common bed bug spray ingredients include pyrethrins and pyrethroids, desiccants, cold pressed neem oil, chlorfenapyr, neonicotinoids, and insect growth regulators.

Typically, bed bug spray is relatively easy to use. The most important step is to carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer before you start spraying to ensure it is safe to use on bedding, as well as any other precautions and recommendations.

Typically, you simply spray the product in common locations where the bed bugs travel, like cracks and crevices, then leave it for a few hours to several weeks, depending on the longevity of the spray. If you have a mild bed bug treatment that is safe for use on pillows, bed sheets, and mattresses, then apply the spray to the bed, allowing several hours for the bed bug spray to work.

Keep in mind that bed bugs can also hide in cracks and crevices in the headboard, footboard, rails, support slats, box spring, and any drawers that your bed may have. Additionally, bed bugs are likely to flee a toxic environment, so make sure you have enough spray to treat the entire room. If you are concerned about bed bugs in the walls, floor, or ceiling, consider using a bed bug fogger to ensure the chemical treatment seeps into all the narrow gaps, nooks, and crannies in the room.

After application, the bed bug spray will begin to work. When a bed bug comes in contact with the spray it is either immediately affected by contact killers or it may spread the treatment to other bed bugs if it was a residual killer. The longevity of a bed bug spray is not an indication of how long it will take to kill, but how long it remains active after application.

On average, a bed bug spray will remain effective for about 2 weeks after application, as long as it is not washed, rinsed, or otherwise disturbed. Some bed bug sprays can even last for up to 16 weeks, ensuring that the treated areas continue to control the bed bug population for up to 4 months. Always check the longevity of a product before investing in an easy bed bug spray.

We selected some of the best bed bug sprays in their respective categories based on high customer approval, overall efficacy, availability, and popularity.


The HARRIS bed bug spray is a powerful spray designed to be used on cracks, crevices, furniture, closets, wall moldings, mattress seams, bed frames, and almost anywhere else a bed bug could hide, without leaving behind stains and odors or damaging fabrics.

The chemical spray kills bed bugs on contact with imidacloprid, n-Octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide, and phenothrin. It continues to treat the infestation for up to 16 weeks, even eliminating bugs and eggs that are resistant to traditional pyrethroid insecticides. While this product is EPA approved for use in your home and around pets, it should not be used on your clothing, pillows, or bedding. Always follow label directions to ensure safe use.

Product Specs



Get the HARRIS bed bug spray at Amazon, Walmart, and The Home Depot.


While other sprays can damage a mattress bedding and other fabrics, Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Aerosol Spray, with its water-based formula, can be used on all fabrics, wood furniture, and carpets to kill bed bugs and their eggs. This dual-action chemical treatment that includes imidacloprid can kill pyrethroid-resistant infestations, destroying bugs on initial contact and remaining active for up to 2 weeks.

Its safe to spray on every part of the bed, behind wall fixtures and on the carpet or hardwood floor without concern. The spray is non-irritating to humans and common pets, but should never be used in a food preparation area or around consumable food and beverages, as its unsafe to ingest the spray.

Product Specs



Get the Bedlam Plus bed bug spray on Amazon and at Walmart.


Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer is an affordable bed bug spray that treats infestations in every part of the bed, upholstered furniture, luggage, baseboards, and carpets. The water-based imiprothrin and lambda-cyhalothrin formula kills bed bugs, bed bug eggs, and fleas on contact, but needs to be reapplied every 2 weeks if infestations persist in problem areas.

The spray leaves no oily residue or stains behind and theres no noxious chemical odor. However, because the spray also kills fleas, the manufacturer specifically states that the spray must not be used on pets due to its harmful toxins. If the dog or cat comes down with fleas, see the veterinarian for an approved product to treat them.

Product Specs



Get the Hot Shot bed bug spray on Amazon and at Walmart.


MDXconcepts Natural Organic Bed Bug Killer is safe for the environment and all members of your household. The bed bug spray uses a natural, 100 percent plant-derived formula to instantly kill bed bugs on contact. The active ingredients, peppermint oil and spearmint oil, effectively treat bed bug infestations, imparting a fresh, pleasant scent.

This bed bug spray can be used on all moisture-safe surfaces and items, including mattresses, baseboards, and carpets, without staining or leaving an oily residue. Repeat treatment per the manufacturers directions until the infestation is eliminated.

Product Specs



Get the MDXconcepts bed bug spray at Walmart.


If more than one insect species has invaded a space, JT Eaton Oil-Based Bed Bug Spray is a broad-spectrum solution that targets multiple pests, including bed bugs and their eggs, fleas, brown dog ticks, silverfish, spiders, carpet beetles, and some roaches.

It relies on a pyrethrin and piperonyl butoxide formula and can be sprayed on all bed parts, baseboards, and flooring to kill on contact. It may leave an oily residue if too much is used, and its harmful to both humans and pets, so be sure to follow manufacturer directions exactly to ensure your safety.

Product Specs



Get the JT Eaton bed bug spray on Amazon and at Walmart.


This efficient bed bug spray uses three different active ingredientsdinotefuran, pyriproxyfen, and pralethrinto quickly and effectively treat all stages of bed bug infestations and can be effective on pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs. Despite its impressive results, PT Alpine Flea and Bed Bug Killer is rated for use on all areas of your bed, including your mattress, pillows, and other bed coverings.

Its specially formulated to avoid drenching fabrics and it dries quickly so that you wont need to air out the house for too longbut it does have a chemical smell characteristic of powerful insecticides. Use a respirator mask during application and follow manufacturer recommendations for reentry.

Product Specs



Get the PT Alpine bed bug spray on Amazon and at Walmart.


Bed bugs in upholstery can be tricky to treat because they hide in the folds and stitches of furniture. Fortunately, Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer outsmarts the insects with a unique battery-powered application wand. It delivers multiple spray patterns for precise application and a finger trigger for continuous spraying.

This odorless bed bug spray, which relies on bifenthrin, imidacloprid, and piperonyl butoxide, can be used once every 2 weeks on bed frames, couches, chairs, and baseboards to kill pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs, bed bug eggs, fleas, and ticks. It should not be used on mattress bedding, clothing, or pillows, however, and the manufacturers treatment instructions must be followed for best results and to ensure safety.

Product Specs



Get the Ortho bed bug spray at Amazon, Walmart, and The Home Depot.


HARRIS 5-Minute Bed Bug Foaming Spray is best for use in baseboards, cracks, crevices, bed frames, box springs, and wall moldings thanks to a unique formula that expands into these areas, eliminating hidden nests within 5 minutes of contact. The spray continues working for a month before needing to be reapplied if bed bugs persist.

This spray relies on metofluthrin, clothianidin, and piperonyl butoxide to kill pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs in all stages of life. The foaming spray is non-staining and odorless, allowing it to be used all over the home without concern for residual stains, and it turns clear when it dries. While the EPA has approved the product for use on the entire mattress, the manufacturer recommends bed linens not be treated with this product.

Product Specs



Get the HARRIS bed bug foaming spray on Amazon and at Walmart.

For long-lasting bed bug control, HARRIS bed bug spray reliably treats bed bug populations for up to 16 weeks. However, if you are concerned about the treatment irritating or affecting you, your family, and any pets, then its better to opt for the more mild treatment of MGK Bedlam Plus bed bug spray.

One problem currently affecting the bed bug extermination industry is that many populations of bed bugs have become resistant to pyrethrins and pyrethroids. So, during the selection of products, it was necessary to keep this in mind and look for top-quality options that could deal with pyrethroid-resistant infestations.

Extensive research into the ingredients, longevity, application, and effect of each bed bug spray was necessary in order to determine the top options for this list. The best bed bug sprays treat infestations while causing minimal disruption to the daily life of users and their family. Additionally, both natural and chemical bed bug sprays were selected to provide a range of treatment options.

Take a look at the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about bed bugs, bed bug treatments, and how to deal with bed bug infestations.

There are many reasons bed bugs might find their way into your home, but the most common cause of bed bugs is travel. The insects get into your luggage and clothing from hotel or motel beds, allowing them to infest your home if they are not killed immediately, which is why its a good idea to spray your luggage outdoors as soon as you get home, and then wash all contents of the bag.

Yes, you can sleep on a bed that is infested with bed bugs, but expect to wake up to itchy, red bite marks. You wont even feel the bed bug bite or them feeding for up to 10 minutes due to a numbing agent in the bite of the insect, but the evidence will be there in the morning.

Professional exterminators can use a range of options to kill bed bugs, like heat treatment, foggers, powders, and sprays. Common professional bed bug sprays will contain pyrethroids, pyrethrins, imidacloprid, piperonyl butoxide, bifenthrin, or lambda-cyhalothrin.

If you suspect that bed bugs may be hiding, then you can use a hair dryer to increase the heat over the suspected area to force the bed bugs to come out of hiding. Hold the dryer about 3 to 4 inches away and move it back and forth across the area for about 30 seconds to a minute.

The best way to permanently get rid of bed bugs is thorough repetition and diligence. Wash and dry clothes, bedding, and other linens at temperatures of at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit to kill bed bugs in the laundry. Vacuum regularly to suck up bed bugs from the carpet and make sure to immediately seal and throw out the vacuum bag.

If you have items that cannot be heated up enough to kill the bed bugs, consider freezing these items for at least 4 days straight to ensure they are bed bug-free. You will also need to regularly inspect the home and treat with a bed bug spray as necessary.

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