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18 Natural Home Remedies For Bed Bugs Bites

Updated: 09/03/2019

Are you suffering from the symptoms of bed bug bites that are itchy, swelling, and inflammation[1]? Do you want to know which natural treatments are best to deal with bed bug bites? If your answer is Yes, you can keep reading this writing to understand more. There are many ways of healing bed bugs bites at home by using vegetables, fruits, herbs, and many more. In this article, we will show you 18 best natural home remedies for bed bugs bites.

Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. It may help neutralize acidic chemicals which may lead to itchiness from bites of bed bugs. Besides, it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and aids in reducing swelling and redness[2].


The Medical Experts are all here to answer your questions online or with a phone call.

Witch hazel is known as a liquid astringent which you can buy from a drug store. It is mostly applied as a facial cleanser. However, it has tannins[3] that contain a mild anesthetic, and thereby, it may help in calming itching that is caused by bites of bed bugs[4].


Cucumber slices and peels contain a large amount of caffeic acid and vitamin C that are good for health[5]. Besides, this vegetable may reduce inflammation and give relief from swelling and itching caused by bed bug bites because it contains many minerals and antioxidant properties [6].


Thanks to containing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, tea bags have many benefits on health, especially for heart health[7]. Using moist tea bags to treat bites of bed bug may help you in combating the itching and swelling which is caused by the bed bug as well as other insect bites[8].


Oatmeal is famous for treating skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis[10]. Because of its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, oatmeal is an excellent remedy to decrease skin irritation and itching that is caused by many insect bites[11] [12].

Remedy 1:

Remedy 2:

As we know, aloe vera is known as a plant that can help improve skin health by moisturizing skin, protecting the skin, and healing wounds[13]. It is also beneficial for reducing swelling and relieving burning sensation caused by bed bugs[14] [15]. You may get aloe from a store; however, using fresh aloe vera from the aloe vera plant is the most wonderful way to eliminate the itching from bed bug bites.


Ice has a cold temperature, which may help in numbing the nerve endings and thereby relieving the itching sensation that is caused by bed bug bites. Besides, it will help to calm the swelling[16] [17].


Using neem leafis one of the simple natural home remedies for bed bugs. The antimicrobial properties of neem may help in treating swelling and itching effectively[18] [19].

Remedy 1:

Remedy 2:

Thanks to its potent antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, honey is an effective way to treat skin disorders. It may relieve burn, heal wounds, and reduce dry skin. Using honey may help in reducing the redness when you are bitten by a bed bug[20] [21]. Besides, cinnamon is known as a prostaglandin inhibitor. It may decrease inflammation, pain, and soothe itchiness that is caused by bed bug bites[22] [23].

You can mix these ingredients at an equal ratio and rub it to your affected areas to treat bed bug bites. Keep this process until you feel better.

Soaking yourself in a bathtub with warm water is one of the simplest natural home remedies for bed bugs because you use many ingredients which are helpful to relieve bed bugs. You prepare a cup of one of the ingredients such as peppermint oil, oatmeal powder, baking soda combined with a little salt or Alka-seltzer (if you do not have any allergy with aspirin). Then, you mix it with warm water in the bath. Next, you soak yourself on it for about 30 minutes. You should do it regularly to have the best results.

You can wash the affected areas with water and mild soap [17]. To do it, you use a bar of soap with enough water to wet your hands. Then, you rub the lather to your bites of bed bugs liberally. You have to repeat this process until the entire areas are covered. Make sure that you allow it to be on there and do not rinse. You let the soap lather dry over your bitten areas. You will get immediate relief from the itching and swelling.

Mint contains menthol that people use it as a home remedy for a lot of diseases such as inflammation or upset stomach. To use mint to treat itching that is caused by bites of bed bugs, you can get some drops of peppermint oil and rub it to bites of bed bugs[24]

Another option, you can use the peppermint leaves to make a tea. To do it, you drain out the water. Then you use a clean cloth or cotton ball to put the tea to bites of bed bugs.

Lavender is one of the interesting home remedies for bed bugs. It may help in treating itching effectively[25]. It may immediately get rid of the itch. In addition, many people agree that taking a bath with lavender before you go to bed to prevent the appearance of bed bugs during the night because the smell of lavender may make the bed bugs go away.


Apple cider vinegar is one of the effective remedies for bed bugs bites. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and acetic acid content [26], it can help in relieving itching and burning. If you cannot take apple cider vinegar, you may use white vinegar to replace.


Cloves and juniper berries are an old-world natural treatment for many diseases, including bites of bed bugs. These berries have a dark purple color, and they belong to the family Cupressaceae. They have a large amount of vitamin C [27] and the byproduct that is considered as oil. The oil can help in reducing itching while vitamin C has the ability to help in fortifying the immune response. Besides, clove contains eugenol that also helps in numbing bed bug bites.


Lemon juice is a natural astringent. It can help in drying out rashes that caused by bites of bed bugs as well as keep itching at bay. Besides, its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties [28] may help you to decrease redness, swelling, and prevent infection.


Note: Lemon juice can make the skin susceptible to sunburn. Remember not to go out for a few hours after you use this remedy.

If you want to know more about natural home remedies for other diseases and conditions, go to our main Home Remedies page. After reading the article of the top 18 natural home remedies for bed bugs bites, we hope that you can find out the best solution to get rid of bites of bed bugs quickly and easily. However, all content provided is for informational & educational purposes. We recommend you consult a healthcare professional to determine which method is appropriate for you and to avoid the side effects when applying these methods. In addition, asking for healthcare professionals advice may help you know that you have to take medicine or not.

If you have any questions or opinions about our article today, please share with us in the comment box. We are glad to hear your feelings and try to answer as soon as we can.

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18 Natural Home Remedies For Bed Bugs Bites

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6 Symptoms / Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation – News Anyway

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Some questions have been reaching us more and more frequently from our customers in recent years before they bought our ultrasonic bed bug repeller. If you notice a sting or bite on your body, many people today usually immediately think of a parasite but need the help of an expert for more clarity.

A thorough inspection of the bedroom with a flashlight and magnifying glass can help find the pest hiding places, knowing what the hiding places and breeding grounds for these sucking parasites are.

Bed Bug: These are the questions:

Bites, bloodstains, feces, or even a sweet smell: The signs and symptoms that you can use to recognize a bedbug inversion. An expert pest controller will help you with clear determination, but these tips may already be able to make an initial assessment.

bugs can grow up to 6 mm in size and can even be seen physically. After sucking, they can even get slightly bigger when they are full. These parasites hide in daylight but go in search of hosts to draw blood from at night. This is what bugs look like:

Unfortunately, the parasites dont make it that easy. bugs usually live between six months and a year, but they can also survive months without food

You usually wake up with noticeable stings, bites, or small swellings on your body and only look into the subject of bugs in more detail after researching on the Internet. If this is how you found us: dont worry, there is a professional and carefree solution to your problem.

The sucking usually hits a human blood vessel. The result: blood leaks out, which is sucked up by the parasite. This process causes blood stains on sheets, covers, and sleepwear due to delayed blood clotting.

Note: Bloodstains can of course also have other causes and do not necessarily have to be caused by a bug bite. However, multiple symptoms may indicate a parasite infestation.

Another indication of bug inversion is minimal black droppings that are left on the human skin when walking, in hiding places, and when sucking.

The droppings are approximately 0.5 1.0 millimeters in size. Large accumulations of these remnants can often be found near bug hiding places, e.g. on mattresses, bed frames, or behind wallpaper.

bugs go through a total of 5 larval stages during their development, with each phase beginning with a molt. The molting residues left behind are usually found near parasites nests. The skins are very light, almost completely transparent and their rounded shape is reminiscent of pests.

One of the most typical signs of a bug infestation is the sweet, disgusting smell of bugs, which occurs especially with heavier infestations. These pests have stinky glands that emit an oily secretion. This serves to ward off enemies as well as for reproduction.

To identify a possible infestation without a doubt, it is important to know the typical hiding places of bugs.

A detectives instincts are required here to locate the main hiding places and breeding grounds. These parasites prefer to stay in inhabited, closed rooms near human sleeping and resting places. For example bedroom, living room, pieces of furniture.

Here, people often stay relatively motionless for a long time and represent found food for bugs. bugs love warmth and darkness. They hide in crevices, cracks, and joints, preferring materials such as wood, paper, and textiles. Cool and humid places tend to be avoided.

bugs are stubborn and masters at hide-and-seek. Home remedies such as freezing objects or suction are usually not sufficient for long-term control. Finding all the hiding places and nests is often only possible for pest experts or using ultrasonic pest control if you want to solve the problem faster.

Do I have to dispose of the mattress or the bed frame? And what if they are already nesting in nightstands and sockets?

For private individuals, the feeling of disgust often prevails at having to lie down in an infested bed. For companies, especially the hotel industry, a bug infestation can quickly take on critical proportions, from an angry guest with a possible negative Internet rating to bugs being carried into other hotel rooms.

We, therefore, recommend contacting the pest expert directly if you suspect bugs. They quickly provide clarity and solutions to the pest problem.

An ultrasonic Pest Repeller is an electronic device that uses ultrasonic sound waves to repel insects, rodents, and other pests. Although humans are not able to hear these sounds, many animals, insects, and rodents do. There is much discussion about the ability of an ultrasonic pest repellent to drive away pests. While some say that ultrasonic pest repellents made their homes free of pests, others claim that the device is only partially / temporarily effective or simply ineffective.

Ultrasonic pest repellents depend on ultrasonic frequencies to disrupt pests. Ultrasound frequency is any frequency above 20,000 Hz, which is the maximum limit of human hearing. People cannot hear sounds beyond this point because the human drum does not vibrate fast enough to detect these sounds. However, other animals, such as dogs, cats, insects, spiders, and rodents, can hear these ultrasound sounds. While different animals respond to ultrasound sounds in different ways, most do not like these sounds and flee as a result.

Ultrasonic pest repellent can be used in any home, office, or warehouse to reduce or eliminate a wide variety of pests. Most households in the United States and abroad have moderate to severe cockroach infestation. These cockroaches can be driven away as soon as the ultrasonic pest repellent is activated.

Ultrasonic pest repellents have several advantages. They are environmentally friendly and do not pose any health risk to users. They do not contain any chemicals and do not need to be cleaned or emptied like other pest control agents. Because people do not hear ultrasound frequencies. The user will generally notice when using the device is the reduction of pests in the population.

As you can see, bugs have many ways of penetrating an apartment and making themselves kings there. Getting to the root of every abnormal sucking, especially at night, will go a long way in discovering and curbing bugs invading your apartment.

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6 Symptoms / Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation - News Anyway

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Bed Bug Bites: Symptoms and Treatments – Healthline

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Heres our process.


Bedbugs are small insects that feed on blood from humans or animals. They can live in your bed, furniture, carpet, clothing, and other belongings. Theyre most active at night, feeding on people while they sleep.

Bedbugs can be 1 to 7 millimeters long. Theyre flat, oval-shaped, and reddish-brown in color. They dont have wings, so they rely on animals or humans to carry them from one place to another.

Although bedbug bites are rarely dangerous, they can be very itchy. In some cases, they become infected or cause an allergic reaction.

If you suspect there are bedbugs living in your home, its important to get rid of them.

Some people dont develop noticeable symptoms from bedbug bites. When symptoms do develop, the bites tend to be:

Bedbugs can bite any part of your body. But theyll usually bite areas of skin that are exposed while you sleep, such as your face, neck, arms, and hands. In some cases, the bites may develop into fluid-filled blisters.

If a bedbug bites your skin, you wont feel it right away because the bugs excrete a tiny amount of anesthetic before feeding on people. It can sometimes take a few days for symptoms of bed bug bites to develop.

Bedbug bites often become noticeably red and swollen. Multiple bites may appear in a line or cluster in a small area of your body. The bites tend to be itchy. They may cause a burning sensation.

If you have bedbugs living in your home, they may not feed every single night. In fact, they can go multiple days without eating. It might take a few weeks to realize that the bites are part of a larger pattern.

Scratching bug bites can cause them to bleed or become infected. Learn more about the symptoms of an infected bug bite.

If you suspect there are bedbugs in your home, look for signs of them in your bed and other areas. For example, they often hide in:

You may see the bugs themselves. You may also find drops of blood or small black dots of bug droppings in your bed. If you find bedbugs, call your landlord or a pest control company.

To contain and eliminate the infestation, it helps to:

Several insecticides are also available to kill bedbugs. A pest control company may have access to insecticides or equipment that might be difficult for you to buy, rent, or use on your own. Find more tips for managing bedbug infestations and learn when to call a professional.

In most cases, bedbug bites get better within one to two weeks. To relieve symptoms, it may help to:

In rare cases, bedbug bites can cause allergic reactions. If you develop signs or symptoms of a serious allergic reaction, call 911.

Sometimes, bedbug bites can cause an infection known as cellulitis. To reduce the risk of infection, wash the bites with soap and water and try not to scratch them. Learn when its time to visit your doctor for treatment.

In addition to over-the-counter medications, there are several home remedies that may help relieve the symptoms of bedbug bites.

To soothe bitten areas, it may help to apply one or more of the following:

Although more research is needed, some studies suggest that camphor oil, chamomile oil, or some other types of essential oil may help relieve bug bites. Take a moment to learn more about seven essential oils that might help treat bites.

If you suspect that your baby or child has been bitten by bedbugs, check their sheets, mattress, bed frame, and nearby baseboards for signs of the bugs.

To treat bedbug bites on your baby or child, wash the bites with soap and water. Consider applying a cold compress or calamine lotion.

Talk to your childs doctor or pharmacist before using topical steroid creams or oral antihistamines to treat the bites. Some medications may not be safe for babies or young children.

If your child is old enough to understand your instructions, ask them not to scratch the bites. To prevent scratching, it may also help to trim your childs nails and cover the bites with a bandage.

Bedbug bites and fleabites are quite similar in appearance. Both can cause red bumps to form on your skin. Both can be very itchy.

When fleas bite you, they typically bite the lower half or your body or warm, moist areas around joints. For example, they may bite:

Bedbugs are more likely to bite upper parts of your body, such as your:

If you suspect that bedbugs or fleas have bitten you, check for signs of the bugs in your home. Bedbugs often hide in the seams of mattresses, cracks of bed frames and headboards, and baseboards around beds. Fleas tend to live on family pets and in carpet or upholstered furniture.

If you find bedbugs or fleas, its important to treat your home or pet to get rid of them. Get the information you need to identify and treat infestations of these pests.

Bedbug bites and mosquito bites can both be red, swollen, and itchy. If you have a line of bites that appear in a small area of your body, theyre more likely to be bedbug bites. Bites that appear in no apparent pattern are more likely to be mosquito bites.

Both bedbug bites and mosquito bites tend to get better on their own, within a week or two. To relieve itching and other symptoms, it may help to apply a cold compress, calamine lotion, or other topical treatments. Taking an oral antihistamine can help as well.

Its also possible to confuse bedbug bites with spider bites, ant bites, or other insect bites. Find out more about the differences between these types of bites.

Sometimes, people mistake hives for bedbug bites. Hives are red bumps that can develop on your skin as a result of an allergic reaction or other cause. Like bedbug bites, theyre often itchy.

If you develop red bumps on your skin that get larger, change shape, or spread from one part of your body to another in a short period of time, theyre more likely to be hives.

A small group or line of bumps that appear on one part of your body without changing shape or location are more likely to be bedbug bites.

If you develop hives along with breathing difficulties, dizziness, nausea, or vomiting, get medical help right away. You might be experiencing anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. Learn more about anaphylaxis and other potential causes of hives.

Spider bites can be red and itchy, much like bedbug bites. But unlike bedbugs, spiders rarely bite more than once. If you only have one bite on your body, its probably not from bedbugs.

Spider bites often take longer to heal than other types of bug bites. Some spider bites can cause serious damage to your skin, especially if they get infected. To reduce the risk of infection, wash any bug bites with soap and water.

Some spiders are poisonous. If you suspect a poisonous spider has bitten you, get medical help right away.

Bedbugs can live in any home or public area. But theyre common in places that have a lot of people, a lot of turnover, and close quarters. You may be at increased risk for encountering bedbugs if you live or work in a:

Unlike some types of bugs, bedbugs dont transmit diseases when they bite. But in some cases, bedbug bites can become infected. Potential signs and symptoms of an infection include:

If have a bedbug allergy, you may also develop an allergic reaction after being bitten. This may cause painful swelling or intense itching around the bite. In some cases, it can also trigger a potentially life-threatening reaction known as anaphylaxis.

If you suspect that youve developed an infection or allergic reaction to a bedbug bite, contact your doctor. Get emergency medical care if you develop any of the following after being bitten:

Bedbugs dont just bite humans. They can also feed on family pets.

If you have a pet whos been bitten by bedbugs, the bites will likely get better on their own. But in some cases, they might become infected. Make an appointment with a veterinarian if you suspect your pet has an infected bite.

If you hire a pest control expert to get rid of bedbugs in your home, let them know if you have a pet. Some insecticides may be safer for your pet than others. Its also important to wash your pets bed, stuffed toys, and other accessories where bedbugs may be living.

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9 Natural Bed Bug Repellent Remedies | Terminix

After WWII, bed bugs seemed to all but disappear in the United States thanks to the introduction of modern insecticides. Theyve made a resurgence, though, coming back in force with infestations now found across the United States. Reasons for the rapid spread are still unclear, but increased travel is one solution that has been explored by experts. With such risk on the rise, its natural to search for an effective bed bug repellent just as you would to combat other pests such as mosquitoes, ants and roaches. But bed bugs arent your average bug. Their need to feed and breed is fierce, and their close contact within your home can be alarming.

We already know inspection and early identification are key for putting a stop to these pesky parasites; now lets talk about prevention using some popular bed bug repellents. Whether youre interested in natural bed bug repellent, store-bought products or a bed bug repellent thats homemade, its important to understand what works and what doesnt and risks involved with each method.

Most skin-applied pest repellents must be registered by the EPA before they can be marketed, but that hasnt stopped people from concocting their own remedies. Essential oils have gotten a lot of press for pest prevention in the last few years and have been especially touted as effective treatment around pets and kids. Even though consumers may deem essential oils safer to use as a pest repellent for skin than other options, it doesnt make it true, and it certainly doesnt mean theyre more efficient.

In terms of the most widely talked about bed bug repellents, homemade options often include diatomaceous earth. Because of its abrasive properties, it works by absorbing water-protecting fats and oils from the outer layer of a bed bugs exoskeleton. The hope is that once sprinkled on a mattress or applied to cracks and crevices, bed bugs will come in contact with the powder and ultimately dry out and die from dehydration. It can be easily evaded, though, and bed bugs are notorious for spotting and avoiding such traps.

When people search for information about how to get rid of bed bugs naturally, peppermint likely comes up as one of the options. Supposedly, its scent keeps bed bugs away, and people are thus encouraged to utilize it throughout their homes. One specific method indicates that the leaves should be crushed and spread throughout infested areas to distribute the oil, and the process should be repeated until all signs of bed begs are eliminated. Not only does it seem to be a time-consuming process but also a messy one likely to yield minimal results.

It is said that black walnut tea offers bed bug repellent properties. Consumers are told that placing used tea bags throughout their homes and attempting to cover bedding and any open cracks can help eliminate both bed bug eggs and adults. However, there is no data to support this claim and youre more likely to waste time than get rid of parasites.

There are purportedly many ways to use petroleum jelly as a bed bug repellent. A popular method is to smear it across a bed frame and headboard and down the bed legs. The thought is that pests will get stuck when crawling up the bed in search of a host, but what if bed bugs are already hiding in the mattress? Not many things will stand between beg bugs and a blood meal, and petroleum jelly isnt one of them.

Theres little evidence that rubbing alcohol is an effective bed bug repellent, but there is plenty of proof that its flammable. When misused independently or mixed with other ingredients to increase efficacy, it can quickly become a fire hazard and put your home and family in danger.

Unlike diatomaceous earth, baby powder has minimal impact on bed bugs. Its properties are simply not strong enough to pierce the outer layer of these pests, and its subsequently unlikely to have the same dehydrating results. While it might do a great job masking their musty scent, baby powder is not an effective homemade bed bug repellent.

Some consumers rub furniture down with dryer sheets or place them around their home in hopes they act as a bed bug repellent. Unfortunately, theres simply no evidence to indicate that these products aid in prevention or deterrence.

Laundering linens in the hottest water as instructed by the manufacturer to maintain good hygiene is a harmless step one can take toward reducing current infestation. Good, old-fashioned soap on skin or around your home doesnt go a long way in repelling bed bugs.

Its never recommended to use homemade bed bug repellents when trying to control a pest issue in your home. Though some options may help reduce the spread of parasites, the most effective long-term bed bug treatment is professional pest control. Contact Terminix today for a FREE inspection.

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9 Natural Bed Bug Repellent Remedies | Terminix

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How Long do Bed Bug Bites Last, Take to Appear, Go Away …

A bite from a bed bug can be quite irritating and no one would enjoy its effect for even a micro-second. Find how long it takes to appear and the duration it lasts before it goes away or heals.

As soon as you identify that the bites on your skin are bed bug bites, the next question will be how long the bites will last. Having bug bites on open areas of your body such as the face and arms can be both irritating and embarrassing.

National Health Service doctors state that bed bug bites last for a few days. This however varies from one person to another. As explained by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), symptoms that come as a result of bug bites may last for about 14 days or 2 weeks.

If you have a very sensitive skin, you may have the bed bug bites last longer on your skin. Bed bug bites on a sensitive skin heal after approximately ten days.

To determine whether your skin is hypersensitive, you should look out for certain symptoms after the bite. They include; extreme itchiness, red bumps, clustered rashes, and bite marks.

If your skin is very sensitive to insect bites, you will most likely get an allergic reaction. In such a case, your period of healing will be way longer.

Your skin takes a while to overcome the reaction. The more sensitive your skin is, the longer you will take to heal and the more likely you develop complications.

According to the Center for Disease Control and prevention, when bed bug bites become infected, they last longer on the skin.

You are likely to get infections if you scratch the bed bug bites with dirty fingernails or if you expose the bites to a dirty environment.

CDC further confirms that too much scratching causes bacteria to get into the red bump leading to an infection.

If you have a weak immune system, your body finds it hard to fight something as minor as a bed bug bite. People with a strong immune system were found to heal from the bites sooner than those with a weaker system.

If you have been bitten by bed bugs severally in the past, you may not even realize it when they bite you. Some people become resistant to bed bug bites.

It is however not the case if the bed bugs bite you for the first time. When bitten for the first time, the bed bug bites are likely to last for long.

If you try available remedies for bed bug bites as soon as you notice the first symptoms, you shorten the length of time the bites take to heal.

Aloe vera and green tea bags are some of the available home remedies. If you choose to let the bites go away on their own, they may last a little longer.

How long it takes for bed bug bites to appear varies from one person to another.

For some people, the bites may appear the morning following the night they are bitten.

For others, however, it may take up to two weeks before the bed bug bites appear.

If the bites by the bed bugs were severe, you are likely to as well have the bites show up sooner than expected.

Moreover, people who have been bitten by bed bugs to the level of not reacting to them may not show any signs at all. If your skin is very sensitive, the bites may show up very soon on your skin.

Since bed bug bites can be very irritating, you may need to find ways of getting rid of them as soon as possible. Below are tips that will help you to eliminate bed bug bites faster;

Apply cold compress. On eMedicalHealth, Dr. Patrick Davis explains that cold compress is very helpful when applied on an insect bite. Bug bites are not an exception. It helps reduce not only the swelling but it also gives you a relief from any itching and pain.

You can also use tea bags to treat the bug bites. The Journal of Pharmacognosy and phytochemistry advises that green and black tea bags are the best since they have tannins which act as astringents. This is the property responsible for reducing itching and inflammation which comes with bug bites.

Research further shows that chamomile has anti-inflammatory effects which make it similar to hydrocortisone creams.

Honey is yet another remedy that has been found to reduce how long the bed bugs last. Honey is a natural antibiotic and is very helpful in case your bed bug bites become infected.

Since you may not realize when your bites are becoming infected, it is best if you apply honey even before you can note any infection.

Apply Aloe vera on the skin with bed bug bites as soon as you see them. Aloe vera nourishes the skin and as such promotes healing.

You are advised to avoid scratching your skin. Even if the bites cause a lot of itchiness on the skin, do not respond. Scratching the bites exposes the skin to bacterial infection.

As discussed earlier, when the bed bug bite marks are infected, it takes a very long time before the bites heal. You can try home remedies that relief itchiness.

If your bed bug bites are infected, you are advised to see the doctor for treatment. Remember, infected bed bugs take longer to heal than those not infected. This explains why you need to seek necessary medical attention so as to avoid such possible delays in healing.

Keep the area with the bed bug bites very neat. Ensuring no dirt comes into contact with it whatsoever. This is meant to reduce the chances of infections.

To ensure effectiveness of any of the above home remedies, apply them as soon as you realize the first signs that you were bitten by bed bugs.

Clean up your room and find an appropriate treatment for the bed bugs. If the bed bugs bite you yet another time, they worsen the current condition of the first bites.

Do not allow the bed bugs to bite you again, find a way to eliminate them. More and more bites mean you will take a longer time to heal.

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How Long do Bed Bug Bites Last, Take to Appear, Go Away ...

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