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Awesome Kong Recalls Her Short Lived WWE Run – Inside The Ropes

Awesome Kong opens up about her difficult departure from WWE and what she needed from them to stay.

It was reported at the closing end of 2010 that Awesome Kong had signed with WWE. She made her debut at the 2011 Extreme Rules PPV, attacking Michelle McCool after a match. A few weeks later, Awesome Kong shocked the WWE Universe when she revealed that she was pregnant and needed to take a leave of absence.

It was confirmed in July 2012 that Awesome Kong was released from the company. Although Kong has remained quiet on the subject for quite some time, the former Knockouts Champion has finally broken her silence regarding her WWE departure.

Speaking on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Awesome Kong opened up about what occurred leading up to her departure from the company and how she struggled emotionally following the loss of her child. She also discussed the politics in WWE, saying it was ultimately too much to handle.

Well after losing my baby emotionally and psychologically, I was not in the place physically, emotionally, and physiologically to deal with the okie doke. Now I say the okie doke, anybody who has had a WWE contract knows what that is. It is the politics, the mind games, the expectations, and the standard that you have to live up to. Im not saying that it is bad, but it is vigorous, and I wasnt up for the okie doke.

Im not into playing games, especially with what I had gone through. First my mother had gone, cancer, then my grandmother gone, my best friend from high school suddenly, my manager, God rest his soul, gone. Then now my baby was gone, and that is a lot of death back to back. I hadnt taken time off, I was just me being me.

The day we buried my mother, I went straight to the airport for Bound for Glory. So it was working, and the way they wanted me to come back was not healthy. I was like you can bring me straight back so I can go into autopilot and work, or let me go somewhere where I can really process all of this.

A lot of people like to paint WWE as the villains, but it is not as easy as that, it is very nuanced and archaic. For the most part, they were extremely supportive, they were invested in someone, excited about it, and it didnt turn out the way that they wanted it to. And of course just my luck, Mystico had to go and fall every damn week. Im like get it together, Triple H just got this job, you are falling and its not looking good right now, this sucks!

At the end, they asked me what do you need to come back, and I told them what I needed. It was very simple, it wasnt money, I felt bad that they were still paying me. But no they were going to pay me, and I told them I needed to go to a facility in Colorado because they wanted me to lose the baby weight. There is a facility where The Biggest Loser people train, it was just a coincidence. It had what I needed to get my physical and emotional well-being in alignment so I can go back quickly.

I told them and I told them I would pay for it. They called me back and said that they were going to send me down to Florida for a while, and thats the opposite of what I need! They send down there to a hotel that was filled with roaches and bed bugs. They do change and send me to a nice place, but it was so not what I needed, it was never going to work.

After departing from WWE, Awesome Kong wrestled on the independent circuit and in Japan for years. She would later be signed to AEW but ultimately left the company after taking a hiatus to film scenes for the popular Netflix series, GLOW. Awesome Kong announced her retirement from professional wrestling in August of 2021.

H/t Insight with Chris Van Vliet

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Awesome Kong Recalls Her Short Lived WWE Run - Inside The Ropes

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10 Florida "Bugs" That Bite or Sting – WanderWisdom

Since graduating university, Paul has worked as a bookseller, librarian, and educator. Born in the UK, he now lives in Florida.

There are many bugs in Florida that can bite or sting you. Read on to find out about 10 of the most common culprits.

Judy Gallagher, CC-BY-2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Having worked in yards, kayaked, cycled, played tennis, and generally experienced the outdoor life in Florida for over ten years, I sometimes feel like I've been bitten or stung by pretty much every insect and arachnid that the Sunshine State has to offer. This article lists ten common "bugs" (arthropods) that can make you go ouch in Florida.

I will discuss each bug listed in more detail below.

Biting midges are often referred to as no-see-ums because they are so small that they can be hard to spot.

CSIRO, CC-BY-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Also known as sandflies and no-see-ums, midges are tiny insects that swarm. They are known for being very annoying, and there are some varieties that bite. If you are unlucky enough to encounter them, chances are you won't be just bitten once, as the entire swarm will seek to join the feast.

Midges like being close to waterespecially salt marshes, mangrove swamps, and other humid environments. They are particularly prevalent around sunrise and sunset.

Their bites cause a burning sensation, and soon, a small red welt appears at the bite site. The only good news is that unlike mosquitos and some other biting insects, midges do not spread diseases.

Red fire ants, although originally from South America, have become quite common in Florida.

April Nobile, CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Originally from South America, red imported fire ants have become very common in Florida. Their bites cause painful lesions, followed around a day later by the appearance of white pustules on the skin. In my experience, the post-bite itching is often worse than the pain of the bite, as it goes on much longer.

These ants find plenty of opportunities to live around humans; they make their mounds in lawns and set up homes under patio slabs, on the edges of sidewalks, and in concrete driveways. When it rains heavily, they look for higher ground and sometimes venture indoors.

Mosquitos are extremely common in Florida, and some carry diseases like EEE and West Nile virus.

Mr.Ripp, CC-BY-SA-2.5 via Wikimedia Commons

Mosquito bites can be very uncomfortable and sometimes result in the transmission of viruses. Female mosquitos do the biting. They release saliva into the bite area, which causes the allergic reaction that some people get following being bitten. Typically, a puffy bump forms on the skin soon after the bite and gradually swells, reddens, hardens, and becomes itchy.

Mosquito-borne diseases in Florida include Eastern equine encephalitis, West Nile virus disease, and St. Louis encephalitis. There are a number of ways to avoid mosquito bites:

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By the time a bed bug infestation is discovered, it is often so severe that it is difficult and costly to eradicate.

Piotr Naskrecki, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Bed bugs are good at hiding in furniture (especially beds), clothing, and bags. These insects feed on people when they are asleep at night. They are so small and elusive that often the only way most people learn they have an infestation is by discovering their bites.

Infestations can be truly awful because they often go undetected initially, and by the time they are discovered, the population is sometimes too large and difficult to wipe out without considerable expense and disruption.

According to the Orkin top 50 rankings in 2016, the worst cities in Florida for bed bugs are Tampa, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Melbourne, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. If you are a visitor to Florida, it's wise to:

Florida carpenter ant bites do hurt, but they are not as severe as fire ant bites.

April Nobile, CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Carpenter ants get their name from their fondness for making their nests in rotting wood. They can't sting but will bite if they feel they or their nest are under threat. Their mandibles are large and capable of breaking human skin.

While their bites are not as itchy or long-lasting as those from red fire ants (number two on this list), they do still cause intense localized pain due to the formic acid that they inject into the bite site. Don't be too alarmed though; the bites are non-venomous and pose no serious health threats to people or pets.

Bee stings hurt, and for those with a bee allergy, they can be life-threatening.

Jon Sullivan, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Bees and wasps can cause painful stings individually, but it's getting multiple stings from a swarm that you should really be wary of. Most species are social and are fond of making their homes on or around human structures. If they feel that their home is threatened, they will attack by stinging and injecting a venom that is a nerve poison. In extreme circumstances (like if the victim has a rare allergy or gets a large number of stings in a short time), the results can even be fatal.

Black-legged ticksalso known as deer tickscan transmit Lyme disease to humans.

Scott Bauer, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Ticks are closely related to spiders and mites, and they can transfer some pretty serious diseases to humans. Four types of ticks that you should be particularly aware of in Florida are the lone star tick, the American dog tick, the black-legged tick, and the Gulf Coast tick.

Chiggers are most commonly found in damp areas with lots of vegetation.

Alan R Walker, CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Chiggers are mites that are most commonly found in low, damp areas with heavy vegetation. They attach themselves to human skin with their piercing mouth parts, but they don't feed on blood. Instead, they inject a fluid into the skin that dissolves tissue, which they feed on once it is liquified.

They usually die quickly because of the human immune reaction, but their bites cause uncomfortable welts to appear in about four to eight hours. Once present, these welts may last for as long as two weeks.

If you suspect that you have suffered a chigger attack, you should take a hot bath or shower and lather yourself with soapy water. Your clothes should be washed in hot, soapy water as well. The best way to avoid chigger bites is to cover yourself up when going into areas of heavy vegetation and to use an insect repellent.

Yellow flies are most common during the daylight hours in the summer.

Judy Gallagher, CC-BY-2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Yellow fly is the name used by ordinary Floridians to describe a highly aggressive species of yellow-bodied biting horse fly. As with mosquitoes, it's the females that do the biting. They actually use our blood to help their eggs develop.

Yellow flies are particularly abundant during the summer months when the weather is at its hottest, and they are most active during the daytime. These insects benefit from Florida's mild climate and its wet, undeveloped areas, in which they breed. The best way to protect yourself from them is to wrap up and wear long sleeves, pants, and closed-toe shoes.

Black widow bites are rarely fatal but can be severe and should always be treated by a medical professional.

Konrad Summers, CC-BY-SA-2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Florida is home to a number of spider species, many of which can bite if they feel threatened. The three that you should be particularly aware of are wolf spiders, widows, and brown recluses.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the authors knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

2019 Paul Goodman

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10 Florida "Bugs" That Bite or Sting - WanderWisdom

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What House Bugs Look Like Roaches – But Aren’t

Cockroaches are not desirable in the home.

We understand that the last thing people want to see in their living rooms is roaches crawling lazily across the floor.

Fortunately, there are many different bugs that only look like roaches.

But they are not!

Indeed, the roach that was scuttling through the kitchen might actually be one of six common bug species that are very similar to cockroaches.

But before we get into those bug details, lets check out what roaches look like.

If you want to find out what cockroaches look like let me tell you, their look will mostly depend on their species.

It may come as a surprise but there are four major indoor roaches species that reside in your homes in the United States.

Let us check out the characteristics of each species

a) German cockroach:

When you make a rough picture of a cockroach in your mind, then you are likely to think of this typical yellowish-brown bugger.

They range in size from inch to 5/8 of an inch in length.

You can identify a German roach by the two parallel bands which go from these pests heads back down to their alluring wings.

b) American cockroach:

These critters are big and glossy. They may be around 2-inches in length.

The color is of grave importance when you talk about identifying these cockroaches.

They are red-brown in color with soft amber streaks.

They have wing covers but they like to munch your food more than flying.

c) Oriental cockroach:

Because of their smooth and lustrous dark brown body, this cockroach type is also called black beetle cockroach or shad roach.

They grow around 1 inch in length.

Their color is their major distinctive spec as they are mostly almost black.

d) Brown-banded cockroach:

These house intruders are the smallest roach breed.

They are light brown in color, winged and small. They can sometimes be confused with German cockroaches.

But you can differentiate them on the basis of the two subtle haphazard lines on the wings of the brown-banded cockroaches while the German roaches feature dark lines behind their heads.

Roaches in general desire to have meals with you, bath with you enjoy during parties, and sometimes even sleep with you in your bed.

If you didnt like their aim, then you should focus on identifying the type of roach that has shown the courage to enter your house.

Once you find it out, you can take steps to free your house or office from these pathetic critters.

Ive compiled a list of bugs that could all possibly be the culprits moving about your home, to help you rule out the possibilities.

Lets check more about these mistaken ones and know how these are different from common kitchen roaches.

There are hundreds of thousands of beetle species in the world, and as such a few of them happen to look like roaches.

The June bug, for example, is squatter and wider than the average cockroach, but with a quick glance, they can look immensely similar.

And the June bug (also called June beetle and May beetle) isnt even the only beetle species that looks like a cockroach.

It is one of many that can make the job of knowing what-is-what really difficult.

The Basic Differences

Cockroaches do not have wing cases, and beetles do.

This is one of the first things to look for when you see a bug in your home.

A beetle will often not have exposed wings. They tuck them neatly into their bodies, under their external skeleton.

Cockroaches are just the opposite, leaving their wings resting outside of their bodies.

Then, of course, there are the more obvious attributes. Cockroaches have longer legs and antennae than beetles.

As said earlier, beetles are squatter and wider where cockroaches are longer.

When in doubt, if the bug is long and skinny, it might be a cockroach.

Beetle Types and Comparisons

Then there are ground beetles which are numerous. Ground beetles and oriental cockroaches look very similar.

While there are many ground beetles that are not look-alikes at all, because they have different colored exteriors, many of the dark ones look like oriental cockroaches to a large degree.

The biggest difference is that oriental roaches have larger heads.

These bugs will be found outside, underwood and rocks, or in more damp areas.

As mentioned above, yet another beetle that looks like a cockroach is the June bug.

The bug is attracted to light and feeds on plants. This is a sign that it is a beetle, not a cockroach.

Indeed, the beetle is also darker and rounder than cockroaches are.

Again, the squatter bugs are likely to be beetles. There is another thing that should be mentioned, however; beetles like to live in nature.

It is less likely that they will choose to live indoors, which is another fact that should be taken into account.

Cockroaches like the dark, and so tend to live inside more often.

Overall, it can be tricky to tell a cockroach apart from some of the different kinds of beetles.

Luckily, the typical beetle behavior is one of the giveaways.

Beetles will often be more active and spend time in wider, brighter outdoor spaces.

They are also squatter and wider. Make sure to take these things into account when you are trying to tell a roach apart from a beetle.

Water bugs, also known as toe-biters, are often thought of as many different species.

The oriental cockroach mentioned earlier, for example, is often called a water bug even though it cannot live in the water.

Real water bugs live near or in water where cockroaches prefer only damp areas.

There are many other insects that are titled water bug and there are many things that set the real water bug apart from the imposters.

It can be hard to tell what is what, so here are some things to keep in mind about water bugs and cockroaches.

A water bug differs from a cockroach in a few important ways.

First of all, despite the fact that both are relatively the same size, the water bug does not have, nor does it need antennae.

In addition, much like beetles, the water bug likes to live near light.

This leads to another key difference. Cockroaches are prone to minding their own business and inhabiting inhospitable areas.

The water bug, however, is a predator. A bite can cause severe damage due to the fact that its enzymes can disturb areas in humans.

The water bug has large pincers on the front of its body, which also help set it apart from the cockroach.

Overall, they are more active and open than cockroaches are.

Now you know the difference between a cockroach and a water bug and what to look out for.

And honestly, as annoying as cockroaches are to get rid of, at least they dont attack things like water bugs too.

In the end, if either of these things is in your home, youll want to get them out as soon as possible.

So far, the bugs on this list have been completely different from the American cockroach, and there is no reason to think anything different about the palmetto bug.

Only, the palmetto bug isnt different from the cockroach.

They are, in fact, the same thing. The palmetto bug is a species of cockroach from Florida that enjoys hiding under leaves.

The name then spread to many other kinds of cockroaches.

Largely, the palmetto bug became popular because people didnt want to admit that they had roaches in their homes.

Fortunately for them, the difference went unnoticed and to this day many people believe the palmetto bug and the common cockroach are entirely separate insects.

They arent, but the name stuck.

Because the American cockroach is the most common roach, it is the one most often called the palmetto bug.

As listed above, people also call it a water bug as well, in addition to some other nicknames, such as the southern cockroach that have stuck over the years.

It can be almost impossible to tell bed bugs apart from baby cockroaches without catching one to get a closer look.

They are both roughly the same size and color, with very few differences.

The baby cockroach is a slightly lighter color, with slightly formed stripes from its exoskeleton.

In addition, just like beetles, the bed bug is squatter and rounder than the baby cockroach.

This would be almost impossible to see unless both of the species could be compared with one another, but it is true nonetheless.

Finally, bed bugs have longer antennae than baby roaches do.

The difference in size between termites and cockroaches is not as prevalent as the difference in behavior.

The average termite, despite the fact that there are roughly forty species, likes to be in groups.

They have monarchs of their colonies, a king and queen, and gather in large groups. It is rare to find a singular termite.

This is not the case with cockroaches.

Cockroaches are not so prone to living in groups and are bigger than termites are.

In addition, termites are darker, hardened creatures.

Where termites almost look see-through, cockroaches look nearly black, except for the albino cockroach.

Another thing that separates termites from cockroaches is that they live in different areas.

Termites dont care as much about water sources or food.

They like to live secluded in walls and tight spaces, and they only take to eating wood and wood products.

Cockroaches, however, are often found in kitchens and places with food and moisture where they can easily find things to eat.

Crickets are not commonly found in the home, given that they are not suited to indoor environments.

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What House Bugs Look Like Roaches - But Aren't

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Florida couple bitten by bed bugs at Myrtle Beach hotel took infestation home, lawsuit says – WBTW

  1. Florida couple bitten by bed bugs at Myrtle Beach hotel took infestation home, lawsuit says  WBTW
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Florida couple bitten by bed bugs at Myrtle Beach hotel took infestation home, lawsuit says - WBTW

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