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  Friday 12th of May 2023 19:45 PM

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Bugging the Northwest: Giant (but harmless) house spiders are among us ‘Just wave as they go by’ – The Spokesman Review

Dont look now, but a spider the size of your palm may be in your house and this is the time of year its most likely to make an appearance.

Its a giant house spider and, boy, does it live up to its name. Big, brown and hairy-legged, it lives, eats and mates inside houses, garages and sheds.

Scientifically called Eratigena duellica, it is one of the few spider species that has evolved to live indoors, said Rod Crawford, spider expert at the University of Washingtons Burke Museum.

That includes here in Washington. Originally from Britain, the species was introduced to British Columbia almost a century ago and has since flourished in Washington and Oregon. The first specimens were documented in Spokane in the 1990s and in Pullman about a decade later, Crawford said.

But dont panic, he advised, adding that giant house spiders cause much needless consternation to humans who spot them darting across their floors. First and foremost, theyre not out to get you, he said.

People are afraid theyre dangerous, or likely to bite humans, or they came in from outdoors, or are wolf spiders all of which are completely false, he explained.

What is true is that giant house spiders are big, reaching 4 inches with their leg span. Although the female has a larger body, the males have longer legs, according to Iowa State Universitys BugGuide. Why? So they can scurry around in search of a female mate.

A male can pretty much cover the whole palm of my hand and frequently does since they are so docile they make great hands-on demonstrators to kids, Crawford said.

Not only are giant house spiders harmless, theyre also beneficial, eating pests including bedbugs, cockroaches, flies and earwigs. They build their large sheet webs with an exit funnel behind appliances, in dark corners, between storage boxes, in crawlspaces and other areas where theyre away from humans and pets.

Were not likely to see them unless their webs get disturbed or its mating season, which happens to be now. From early August to mid-September, mature males leave their webs to wander in search of mates and can run like the wind, Crawford explained.

If you see a giant house spider sprinting through your home, catching it and then placing it outside will kill the critter since it has never been outside in its life, he said.

Furthermore, if you think these big brown spiders are invading your home, remember that theyve been there all along, he added.

I always tell people to just wave as they go by, he said.

Bugging the Northwest: Giant (but harmless) house spiders are among us 'Just wave as they go by' - The Spokesman Review

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Oklahoma City activist facing allegations of neglect – KFOR Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) A well-known Oklahoma City community activist is facing accusations of abuse by caretaker and exploitation of an elderly person.

Many in the metro area may recognize Michael Washington as a big voice in meetings and demonstrations concerning the Oklahoma County Detention Center.

First of all, I think its a bunch of malarkey, Washington said, slamming down the allegations. Its a bunch of foolishness.

Court documents state that on July 11, the Oklahoma City Police Department was called to the home of 94-year-old Katherine Burkhalter, whom Washington lives with and has taken care of for over a decade.

Nurses with Kindful Hospice had called officers there, claiming Washington was not letting them in to attend to Katherine.

Court documents say the nurses said, Katherines vitals were dangerously low, adding that she was dehydrated and severely malnourished, and she required immediate transport to a hospital.

Washington told KFOR he met Katherine in 2011 at the grocery store and they became good friends.

He said they eventually formed an arrangement where he would live with her and take care of her if she allowed him to live in her home for free.

Katherines son, Byron Burkhalter, told KFOR he was aware that Washington was a caretaker of his mother, but that professional healthcare workers were also working with her.

We were establishing an overall care team, Byron said.

The son said he hired Kindful Hospice to check in on Katherine starting in March 2022, after he believed her health had declined to the point that she may die soon.

Byron told KFOR he was in town from Oregon on July 11 and witnessed police retrieving his mother from her home, describing Washington as belligerent and threatening, and claiming it took hours.

When they pulled her out, it was 105 degrees in the house, he said, while noting the working air conditioner was not turned on.

He had left her with a water bottle that was hot and that she couldnt reach. The last time we could tell that she had been changed was three days before. She was in her own fluids. There was a boil on the back of her head. There were bedbugs. There were cockroaches around.

The Kindful Hospice employees said, Katherines health began to decline over the last 4 5 months, and it is attributed to Michaels neglect when they would arrive at the home, they would often have to wait for Michael to get back home, sometimes waiting up to an hour.

Court documents say the hospice nurses told police, the home is disgusting and in disarray. They spoke about the basement being flooded with standing water, mold on the walls, roaches in the home, walls falling, air conditioner turned off, refrigerator not working, and the home being trashed and unsafe in the event of an emergency.

They also claimed they saw bank statements, money orders, and other financial documents they believe are being used to possibly exploit Katherine.

Washington said during the July 11 encounter with police, he told Byron that hes an absent son, is not allowed in the house, and gets no voice in Katherines life.

Upon seeing him in our yard, I said, Hold on, man. Youre not welcome, dude,' Washington said. Ive been here with her, providing for her for 11 years, her medical procedures, cleaning her house, taking her to get her medicines and cooking for her and washing her clothes for 11 years and where were you?

Byron says that his mother had a community of various family, friends, neighbors, and fellow churchgoers attending to her over the years, but claims Washington was shutting people out of her life increasingly.

He wants to control her, he said. He and he alone was her answer. He and he alone was her savior.

Byron said he has moved his mother, who has Alzheimer-dementia, to an assisted living home now. He said hes also trying to get her house and car keys back from Washington.

He wants her under his control because otherwise he has a weak claim to the house and the car, Byron said. The only way that he has housing and transportation, he has to get her and get her back into the house. Thats where his problem lies. We cant get her photos, we cant get her pocketbook or records. We dont know whats going on inside her house. The way that I read it, he doesnt really seem to have the ability to care for her. He seems to have a decent ability to think about himself.

Washington told KFOR Tuesday he will not give the keys back.

Im not giving him anything because he dont deserve it, he said. Their mindset is, Oh, weve got a house now. Shes gone now. We can sell this, now. We can make some money now. Thats all that is, is a financial incentive for this guy.

He also plans to take legal action against Byron, Kindful Hospice, the Oklahoma City Police Department, and the City of Oklahoma City.

Darn right Im going to sue for this. My reputation is tarnished.

Washington defended himself against the accusations, for one, saying Katherine liked the house hot.

To her, she felt comfortable, he said. Now at times she would say, Hey, man, its too hot. Cool it off, turn on the air conditioner. But Im in her house. Theres no kind of way in my God-given sense being the leader that I am I was going to say, OK lady, let me just burn you on up in here.'

Washington also said the basements less-than-ideal state was due to an earthquake and that the refrigerator wasnt on because he was defrosting it.

He continued his defense by telling KFOR he shared responsibility over Katherines health with the Kindful Hospice workers.

The nurses come four days a week, he said. That part is not out there, trying to make it look like Im some weird, crazy person.I myself have actually taken care of her, because of the love that I have for humanity. So, I volunteer. Im not paid to do this. Im not assigned by medical. Im doing the best that I can to provide for her. She couldnt have been that bad off, for the hospice to remain and let her lay in that setting like that if it was a big problem.

As for accusations of financial exploitation he said the following.

I dont control the finances, never have. And for me to be driving a 1989 car, shouldnt I have a 2020 or something like that? Thats totally absurd.

He added that he did help Katherine with her finances and would drive her to the bank.

Washington and Byron are now fighting in the Oklahoma County District Court for guardianship over Katherine, with Washington submitting a letter from August 2 he said was from Katherines nephew and Byrons cousin Paul Lehman, reading the first paragraph aloud to KFOR.

For approximately ten years, Mr. Washington has served as caregiver for my aunt, Mrs. Katherine Burkhalter, in her home in Oklahoma City,' he read. His continued employment was at her request as she enjoyed and appreciated his service to her. During this period, I have observed Mr. Washington to be courteous, dedicated, and professional in his actions and behavior.'

Byron said at this time, he has filed with the courts to get his mothers house and car keys back from Washington and to become his mothers guardian. He is also in the process of filing a protective order for her against Washington.

I need the system to protect her, he said. As long as hes away and shes safe, thats the thing. This is not about Michael. This is about Katherine. We can make sure her circumstances are decent, better than decent, and that shes getting the care. She can live the life that she has left.

Tuesday, Washington filed a motion to terminate Byron from being Katherines guardian. He is also applying to be the guardian himself.

No criminal charges have been filed against Washington at this time, but the Oklahoma County District Court has issued a search warrant of Burkhalters home.

Both Washington and Byron are looking forward to a court hearing in September about the status of guardianship over Katherine.

As for Kindful Hospice, its directorKimberly Nightengale said she cannot discuss her patients outside of the course of care, citing the privacy that must be maintained due to HIPAA laws.

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Oklahoma City activist facing allegations of neglect - KFOR Oklahoma City

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Oregon Health Authority : About Bed Bugs : Pesticide …

Public Health Significance History

Bed bugs have been following humans around since cave dwelling days. Since the 1940s (when bed bug populations dropped to very low numbers) they have developed resistance to many of the pesticides that were once used to control them. People travel more often and to farther destinations now compared to 50 years ago. Bed bugs travel with us by hitchhiking on our luggage, clothing and other belongings. For the last several decades scientists and pest control professionals haven't had to deal with them.

Although bed bugs feed on the blood of humans, they are not known to spread disease. Bed bugs impact several dimensions of our health, including physical, mental, social and economic. The physical effects from bed bug bites range from no mark to an itchy, red, slightly swollen bite mark. Bed bugs and their bites can lead to emotional stress, anxiety and insomnia. Misunderstandings about how someone gets bed bugs might make people feel ashamed, as if somehow their social status is to blame. This is not true, anyone can get bed bugs. Bed bugs do not discriminate, they have been found in luxury hotels, hospitals, houses, apartments and shelters.

Vacuum and clean regularly with soap and water. Eliminate clutter. While cleaning look for bed bugs, their eggs or their empty skeletons that they leave behind after molting.

Avoid setting your luggage on or near the bed. The bathtub and the hallway right as you walk into your room are considered to be the least likely places for bed bugs to hide. Ask lodging staff about their bed bug history, prevention and control policies. If you think you were in an area with bed bugs wash and dry your clothes on the hottest setting as soon as you get home. High heat for at least 20 minutes should kill adults and eggs. If you can't launder clothes right when you get home, store them in a sealed plastic bag until you can.

Don't panic. Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of but not impossible. Anyone can get bed bugs. If you find them be sure to let people who visit or live in your home know so that they can be on the lookout. Follow the prevention tips listed above. There are many online resources that can help you. Depending on the extent of the infestation you might do best by contacting a pest control professional who has experience with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and bed bugs.

It is not safe to spray your body with insect repellents (like DEET) before you go to sleep. Insect repellents are not meant to be trapped on your skin for long periods of time. Call the Oregon Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222 if you think you are experiencing health effects from doing this. Use products labeled for indoor use. Using pesticides that are for outdoor use puts people and pets in your home at risk for health problems. Avoid using products that do not list bed bugs as a pest on the product's label. Doing so could make them harder to control by forcing them to hide in even harder to reach places. Avoid bug bombs and foggers; they are not effective at reaching the cracks, crevices and hidden spaces where bed bugs hide.

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Oregon Health Authority : About Bed Bugs : Pesticide ...

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Ionescu adjusting to life in WNBA bubble – Brooklyn Daily Eagle

After a standout career at the University of Oregon, Sabrina Ionescu is relishing her opportunity to play in what she called the best professional women's league in the world. Photo: Chris Pietsch/AP

The spread of the coronavirus took away New York Liberty rookie Sabrina Ionescus bid for a second straight Final Four appearance, and perhaps even a national championship, at the University of Oregon back in March.

It also prevented the two-time Wooden Award winner from indulging in the pomp and circumstance reserved for a top overall pick in Aprils WNBA Draft, which was held virtually due to the ongoing pandemic.

The WNBAs use of a bubble environment will also delay Ionescus introduction to Brooklyn fans, who were likely to flood Downtowns Barclays Center this summer in order to see the 5-foot-11 guard from Walnut Creek, California, whom many deem a transformational player.

None of this, however, has dulled the 22-year-old triple-double machines enthusiasm for her much-anticipated professional debut.

Ionescu and her new teammates opened training camp this week at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, where the Liberty will play an abbreviated 22-game regular-season, beginning July 25 against the Seattle Storm, with the hopes of bouncing back from the two worst campaigns in franchise history.

While many have complained about the conditions at the bubble site, documenting everything from bed bugs to lousy boxed lunches and filthy bathrooms, Ionescu has let it be known that nothing can spoil her rookie season.

Her entry into what she deemed the best womens professional league in the world is just as thrilling to her as it would be if it were on the corners of Atlantic and Flatbush.

It was different than what I had expected, but it was nice, Ionescu said Monday during the Libertys initial media availability session. Just walking into the hotel and seeing all the WNBA posters and signs was really awesome.

Obviously had to wait four days (while quarantining) to meet the rest of the team, but that first time of us all being around each other was so fun. Its been really fun just to have interaction with teammates.

Aside from her unquestionable talent, Ionescu was brought to Brooklyn to resurrect a franchise that has gone a combined 17-54 over the past two years.

Her leadership skills and unflappable spirit should serve the Liberty well after team management traded away former team MVP Tina Charles and a positive test for COVID-19 knocked backcourt mate and former second overall pick Asia Durr out for the season.

Ionescu and whats left of the Liberty roster, mainly a group of first- and second-year players, must find a way not only to show up and compete in Bradenton, but to prove that they can excel in this bizarre environment.

Again, none of it seems to faze the only NCAA womens player ever to record 2,000 points, 1,000 assists and 1,000 rebounds.

I dont think I feel any pressure, Ionescu said. Obviously theres going to be ups and downs and its going to be a grind. Im entering the best professional league, and coming in as a rookie theres going to be players that have more experience, players that are better, that are stronger. Im just excited to learn.

I know theres going to be times when things dont go well, theres going to be times when things are going well, but thats all just part of the process. Im just excited to struggle a little bit and grow through that time and get better.

Though she expressed her desire to play in Brooklyn during the Libertys first full year at Barclays before COVID-19 made that an impossibility, Ionescu insists that playing in an empty arena in Florida over the next few months cant blemish her first foray into the pro game.

Its honestly not too different, she noted. We can get into the gym here, get shots up, go back, watch film, and then do the same thing the next day. Thats definitely what Im used to.

I really dont mind not playing in front of fans. The way that I practice and play is not really dependent on whos watching, Ionescu added. I dont think thats something thats necessarily going to be a detriment to our team or the way we play. Ive enjoyed being in here and being able to focus on basketball.

Though theyll have to wait at least one more year to watch her play, our boroughs basketball fanatics have to be thrilled that Ionescu is Brooklyn-bound.

Ive been working for this for my entire career and just super excited to be able to see that come to fruition, she said on draft night.

I just think being a part of a younger team and just trying to learn from them and seeing where I fit in, what role Im gonna play, is exciting and just bringing a competitive spirit that I have, and just excited to get there and start working with the team and hopefully just continue to use my platform and what I did at Oregon and bring that in to the Liberty.

July 15 | John Torenli

July 14 | Stephen Whyno Associated Press

July 13 | Tim Reynolds Associated Press

July 9 | John Torenli

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Ionescu adjusting to life in WNBA bubble - Brooklyn Daily Eagle

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Common Bugs in Oregon | The Bug Man Portland & Vancouver …

Ants of all kinds.

Rodents, roaches, and red-tailed bumble bees.

Silverfish, spiders, and sow bugs.

And on and on and on

The list of potential pests in the Pacific Northwest is long, indeed.

Fortunately,The Bug Manis ready to handle them all.

For more than 30 years, The Bug Man has provided outstanding pest control and pest removal services to our Oregon and Southwest Washington neighbors.During that time, weve remained true to one of our core beliefs: We can eliminate pests while still taking care of the environment.

In fact, we use EPA-certified products.

The Bug Man is staffed by a dedicated group of expert pest control technicians. Each member of our team is licensed and participates in continuous education and training to stay on top of the latest and most effective pest control procedures.

Specifically, each and every one of The Bug Mans pest control techsiscertified by the departments of agriculture in both Oregon and Washington. This means theyve passed rigorous and specific licensing programs, including 40 hours of additional instruction in order to keep their certifications current.

The Bug Man guarantees its work and always provides free phone estimates for the job.

If any of the pests on our Find Your Bug list are causing you trouble,contact The Bug Mantoday to get started on a safe, effective and environmentally responsible program of treatment, removal, and eradication.

Take a look at our extensive (and growing!) list of bugs to get an idea of what might be plaguing you. Whether you have aresidential pest problemor acommercial pest problem, The Bug Man has the tools, the skills, and the know-how to solve it.

Every bug is different, and each property presents its own unique challenges. Utilizing the latest pest-control techniques, and our integrated pest management system, The Bug Man will develop a treatment plan specifically for your individual needs.

We can even set up a treatment plan that prevents pest problems before they start. Call The Bug Man today and learn how monthly, quarterly, biannual, or annual service can help you.

The Bug Man also offers home inspectionsin cases where the homeowner is looking to sell. We also service multifamily housing, RVs, commercial properties, professional buildings, food processing centers, high-tech facilities. We also have a long and successful history of treating pest control problems within health care and government buildings, as well as schools and restaurants.

For the past 30 years, The Bug Man has been eliminating pests everything from carpenter ants and termites to roaches, bedbugs, hornets, wasps, beetles, rats, mice, moles, moths, and more!

Contact The Bug Man today to get started on a treatment program, and get rid of those pesky pests.

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Common Bugs in Oregon | The Bug Man Portland & Vancouver ...

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