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Oregon Health Authority : About Bed Bugs : Pesticide …

Public Health Significance History

Bed bugs have been following humans around since cave dwelling days. Since the 1940s (when bed bug populations dropped to very low numbers) they have developed resistance to many of the pesticides that were once used to control them. People travel more often and to farther destinations now compared to 50 years ago. Bed bugs travel with us by hitchhiking on our luggage, clothing and other belongings. For the last several decades scientists and pest control professionals haven't had to deal with them.

Although bed bugs feed on the blood of humans, they are not known to spread disease. Bed bugs impact several dimensions of our health, including physical, mental, social and economic. The physical effects from bed bug bites range from no mark to an itchy, red, slightly swollen bite mark. Bed bugs and their bites can lead to emotional stress, anxiety and insomnia. Misunderstandings about how someone gets bed bugs might make people feel ashamed, as if somehow their social status is to blame. This is not true, anyone can get bed bugs. Bed bugs do not discriminate, they have been found in luxury hotels, hospitals, houses, apartments and shelters.

Vacuum and clean regularly with soap and water. Eliminate clutter. While cleaning look for bed bugs, their eggs or their empty skeletons that they leave behind after molting.

Avoid setting your luggage on or near the bed. The bathtub and the hallway right as you walk into your room are considered to be the least likely places for bed bugs to hide. Ask lodging staff about their bed bug history, prevention and control policies. If you think you were in an area with bed bugs wash and dry your clothes on the hottest setting as soon as you get home. High heat for at least 20 minutes should kill adults and eggs. If you can't launder clothes right when you get home, store them in a sealed plastic bag until you can.

Don't panic. Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of but not impossible. Anyone can get bed bugs. If you find them be sure to let people who visit or live in your home know so that they can be on the lookout. Follow the prevention tips listed above. There are many online resources that can help you. Depending on the extent of the infestation you might do best by contacting a pest control professional who has experience with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and bed bugs.

It is not safe to spray your body with insect repellents (like DEET) before you go to sleep. Insect repellents are not meant to be trapped on your skin for long periods of time. Call the Oregon Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222 if you think you are experiencing health effects from doing this. Use products labeled for indoor use. Using pesticides that are for outdoor use puts people and pets in your home at risk for health problems. Avoid using products that do not list bed bugs as a pest on the product's label. Doing so could make them harder to control by forcing them to hide in even harder to reach places. Avoid bug bombs and foggers; they are not effective at reaching the cracks, crevices and hidden spaces where bed bugs hide.

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Oregon Health Authority : About Bed Bugs : Pesticide ...

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Ionescu adjusting to life in WNBA bubble – Brooklyn Daily Eagle

After a standout career at the University of Oregon, Sabrina Ionescu is relishing her opportunity to play in what she called the best professional women's league in the world. Photo: Chris Pietsch/AP

The spread of the coronavirus took away New York Liberty rookie Sabrina Ionescus bid for a second straight Final Four appearance, and perhaps even a national championship, at the University of Oregon back in March.

It also prevented the two-time Wooden Award winner from indulging in the pomp and circumstance reserved for a top overall pick in Aprils WNBA Draft, which was held virtually due to the ongoing pandemic.

The WNBAs use of a bubble environment will also delay Ionescus introduction to Brooklyn fans, who were likely to flood Downtowns Barclays Center this summer in order to see the 5-foot-11 guard from Walnut Creek, California, whom many deem a transformational player.

None of this, however, has dulled the 22-year-old triple-double machines enthusiasm for her much-anticipated professional debut.

Ionescu and her new teammates opened training camp this week at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, where the Liberty will play an abbreviated 22-game regular-season, beginning July 25 against the Seattle Storm, with the hopes of bouncing back from the two worst campaigns in franchise history.

While many have complained about the conditions at the bubble site, documenting everything from bed bugs to lousy boxed lunches and filthy bathrooms, Ionescu has let it be known that nothing can spoil her rookie season.

Her entry into what she deemed the best womens professional league in the world is just as thrilling to her as it would be if it were on the corners of Atlantic and Flatbush.

It was different than what I had expected, but it was nice, Ionescu said Monday during the Libertys initial media availability session. Just walking into the hotel and seeing all the WNBA posters and signs was really awesome.

Obviously had to wait four days (while quarantining) to meet the rest of the team, but that first time of us all being around each other was so fun. Its been really fun just to have interaction with teammates.

Aside from her unquestionable talent, Ionescu was brought to Brooklyn to resurrect a franchise that has gone a combined 17-54 over the past two years.

Her leadership skills and unflappable spirit should serve the Liberty well after team management traded away former team MVP Tina Charles and a positive test for COVID-19 knocked backcourt mate and former second overall pick Asia Durr out for the season.

Ionescu and whats left of the Liberty roster, mainly a group of first- and second-year players, must find a way not only to show up and compete in Bradenton, but to prove that they can excel in this bizarre environment.

Again, none of it seems to faze the only NCAA womens player ever to record 2,000 points, 1,000 assists and 1,000 rebounds.

I dont think I feel any pressure, Ionescu said. Obviously theres going to be ups and downs and its going to be a grind. Im entering the best professional league, and coming in as a rookie theres going to be players that have more experience, players that are better, that are stronger. Im just excited to learn.

I know theres going to be times when things dont go well, theres going to be times when things are going well, but thats all just part of the process. Im just excited to struggle a little bit and grow through that time and get better.

Though she expressed her desire to play in Brooklyn during the Libertys first full year at Barclays before COVID-19 made that an impossibility, Ionescu insists that playing in an empty arena in Florida over the next few months cant blemish her first foray into the pro game.

Its honestly not too different, she noted. We can get into the gym here, get shots up, go back, watch film, and then do the same thing the next day. Thats definitely what Im used to.

I really dont mind not playing in front of fans. The way that I practice and play is not really dependent on whos watching, Ionescu added. I dont think thats something thats necessarily going to be a detriment to our team or the way we play. Ive enjoyed being in here and being able to focus on basketball.

Though theyll have to wait at least one more year to watch her play, our boroughs basketball fanatics have to be thrilled that Ionescu is Brooklyn-bound.

Ive been working for this for my entire career and just super excited to be able to see that come to fruition, she said on draft night.

I just think being a part of a younger team and just trying to learn from them and seeing where I fit in, what role Im gonna play, is exciting and just bringing a competitive spirit that I have, and just excited to get there and start working with the team and hopefully just continue to use my platform and what I did at Oregon and bring that in to the Liberty.

July 15 | John Torenli

July 14 | Stephen Whyno Associated Press

July 13 | Tim Reynolds Associated Press

July 9 | John Torenli

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Common Bugs in Oregon | The Bug Man Portland & Vancouver …

Ants of all kinds.

Rodents, roaches, and red-tailed bumble bees.

Silverfish, spiders, and sow bugs.

And on and on and on

The list of potential pests in the Pacific Northwest is long, indeed.

Fortunately,The Bug Manis ready to handle them all.

For more than 30 years, The Bug Man has provided outstanding pest control and pest removal services to our Oregon and Southwest Washington neighbors.During that time, weve remained true to one of our core beliefs: We can eliminate pests while still taking care of the environment.

In fact, we use EPA-certified products.

The Bug Man is staffed by a dedicated group of expert pest control technicians. Each member of our team is licensed and participates in continuous education and training to stay on top of the latest and most effective pest control procedures.

Specifically, each and every one of The Bug Mans pest control techsiscertified by the departments of agriculture in both Oregon and Washington. This means theyve passed rigorous and specific licensing programs, including 40 hours of additional instruction in order to keep their certifications current.

The Bug Man guarantees its work and always provides free phone estimates for the job.

If any of the pests on our Find Your Bug list are causing you trouble,contact The Bug Mantoday to get started on a safe, effective and environmentally responsible program of treatment, removal, and eradication.

Take a look at our extensive (and growing!) list of bugs to get an idea of what might be plaguing you. Whether you have aresidential pest problemor acommercial pest problem, The Bug Man has the tools, the skills, and the know-how to solve it.

Every bug is different, and each property presents its own unique challenges. Utilizing the latest pest-control techniques, and our integrated pest management system, The Bug Man will develop a treatment plan specifically for your individual needs.

We can even set up a treatment plan that prevents pest problems before they start. Call The Bug Man today and learn how monthly, quarterly, biannual, or annual service can help you.

The Bug Man also offers home inspectionsin cases where the homeowner is looking to sell. We also service multifamily housing, RVs, commercial properties, professional buildings, food processing centers, high-tech facilities. We also have a long and successful history of treating pest control problems within health care and government buildings, as well as schools and restaurants.

For the past 30 years, The Bug Man has been eliminating pests everything from carpenter ants and termites to roaches, bedbugs, hornets, wasps, beetles, rats, mice, moles, moths, and more!

Contact The Bug Man today to get started on a treatment program, and get rid of those pesky pests.

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Researchers, growers have ‘superweeds’ in their sights | Research Center – Capital Press

Besieged by lawsuits and a rising tide of weeds resistant to its popular Roundup herbicide, German chemical giant Bayer is touting a landmark discovery a molecule that will kill resistant weeds using a different mode of action.

Mode of action describes precisely where and how an herbicide kills a weed at the tissue or cellular level: for example, by interrupting a weeds growth.

Were super excited by the breakthrough we think weve made, said Bob Reiter, head of research and development in Bayers crop science division.

R&D takes time, and Axel Trautwein, a molecular scientist at Bayer, said a decade may pass before a new product reaches the marketplace.

But many farmers are already enthusiastic.

Im excited about this, said Randy Grant, grower and president of the Idaho Sugarbeet Growers Association. We need more tools in our toolbox.

The discovery comes after a nearly 30-year drought in development of new herbicides, and experts say Bayers innovation will have profound impacts on farming. But many growers and researchers worry the new tool wont be enough by itself to combat the populations of herbicide-resistant weeds taking hold on more than half of U.S. farms.

Resistance is part of a weeds basic biological struggle for survival. When a field of weeds is sprayed again and again with a single herbicide, that herbicide kills weaker individual plants, but some naturally strong weeds have random traits that allow them to survive the herbicide. These survivors reproduce, passing on resistant traits to the next generations.

Weeds are not the only pests whose populations evolve to resist pesticides. Parasites do it. Mosquitoes do it. Even bed bugs do it.

Growers now grapple with so-called superweeds present on hundreds of millions of acres across the U.S., according Stratus Ag Research.

The Washington Grain Commission estimates herbicide-resistant weeds across all crops increase growers costs on average 30% to 40% per acre. In U.S. corn and soybeans alone, researchers estimate uncontrolled weeds amount to more than $43 billion in annual losses.

Gayle Goschie, alongside siblings Gordon and Glenn, co-manages Goschie Farms, nestled among the croplands, brawny oaks and blue-green hills near Silverton, Ore.

The Goschies are known for their hops and wine grapes, but they also grow grass seed, corn and wheat. Local researchers recognize the farm for its use of cover crops to help suppress weeds.

But even with such crop management, said Goschie, her use of glyphosate, the molecule behind Roundup, has led to patches of resistant weeds that refuse to die.

With some variation, were still relying on glyphosate, said Goschie. I kind of want to kick myself, because for 20 years weve made sure we didnt burn out any particular fungicide or insecticide. But there was something about glyphosate just walking to the shelf, knowing you had this herbicide that would do what its always done. I dont know why we didnt think about the fact that it would lead to resistant weeds the same way.

Researchers say glyphosates rise to ubiquity led to resistant weeds springing up to withstand it.

Bayers Trautwein said the new herbicide will complement rather than replace glyphosate, killing weeds that Roundup cannot.

We dont know its name; Bayer has not yet released that.

Asked by Capital Press, Bayer also declined to identify the molecule.

The herbicide, said Trautwein, is in R&D phase two: human and environmental studies, development of manufacturing routes and field trials. The next step will be navigating government regulators.

Reiter, the R&D head, said the molecule will provide post-emergent broadleaf control, attacking weeds after they show themselves. He predicts the herbicide will control tough grasses.

In a February conference call, some investors, including PJ Juvekar of Citigroup, expressed concern Bayers new herbicide might lead to further weed resistance.

Clearly, youre trying to stay one step ahead of this resistance, he said. So how do you balance that staying ahead versus weeds developing resistance to different herbicides?

Reiter hesitated.

First of all, obviously in some ways it can be a race, he answered, but its also an opportunity.

The new herbicide is part of Bayers broader commitment to invest $5.4 billion in finding new methods of weed control during the 2020s.

And Bayer doesnt plan to stop with an herbicide.

In almost all of our seeds, we have the trait for glyphosate resistance, said Liam Condon, president of Bayers crop science division.

One example is Roundup Ready crops, which reduce crop damage when herbicides are sprayed, make weeds easier to manage, streamline labor and even diminish the need for tillage, according to the Department of Chemistry at Harvard University.

Bayer says its plant biotech team is already engineering crops to go along with the new mode of action.

The first synthetic herbicide was discovered in the 1940s. Franck Dayan, professor of weed science at Colorado State University, called it a paradigm shift in agriculture.

Scientists discovered new modes of action every few years through the 1980s. That changed with the introduction of glyphosate-resistant crops.

Roundup, paired with glyphosate-resistant crops, was so effective it overwhelmed most competition, contributing to the lapse in herbicide research, said Dayan.

According to the EPA, about 280 million pounds of glyphosate are used in the U.S. annually three times more than all other pesticides.

Going from previous herbicides to glyphosate was like going from a Model T to a Tesla, said Duane Grant, a sugar beet grower with operations in Rupert, Idaho, and Ontario, Ore. He is no relation to Randy Grant.

There was little incentive for companies to compete, said Dayan.

Dayan said more stringent regulations and the higher costs of developing an herbicide from $184 million in 2000 to more than $300 million today have also erected an expensive barrier to research.

And consolidation within the agrochemical industry has led to fewer companies doing that research. For example, in 2018, Bayer acquired Monsanto for $63 billion.

As glyphosate-resistant weeds evolved, it opened the door for other companies to market their products to be used in rotation or mixed with Roundup. Now Bayer is stepping up its own R&D.

Bayer and Monsanto before it have a complex legal history.

And Roundup has had its day in court well, many days.

The company is currently facing more than 20,000 lawsuits claiming the weed-killer causes a cancer called non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Bayer has lost the first three cases, which resulted in multimillion-dollar verdicts. These are on appeal.

In mid-March, Bayer reached draft settlement terms with multiple law firms representing a substantial share of the plaintiffs. The parties were discussing a roughly $10 billion settlement, but a Bayer spokesperson Charla Lord said the COVID-19 outbreak has stalled negotiations. The outcome remains uncertain.

The EPA has backed Bayer, endorsing glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, as safe in independent assessments. The European Food Safety Authority and Germanys Federal Institute for Risk Assessment have also concluded glyphosate is not carcinogenic. Numerous scientists, including Dayan, agree.

But people on both sides of the debate have said theyre uneasy about the way Bayers research gets vetted.

Court documents containing emails and text messages reveal that between 2015 and 2017, Monsanto executives disrupted peer-reviewed research processes and collaborated with academics to push their message.

Some researchers also say Bayer and the EPA regulated and regulator are too close for comfort.

Theyre really chummy, said Nathan Donley, senior scientist at the Center for Biological Diversity, an environmental nonprofit that filed an amicus brief on behalf of a cancer patient claiming damage from Roundup. Theres a level of familiarity thats unprofessional.

Bayers critics say they fear new herbicide research may face similar vetting issues.

Some researchers say Bayers lawsuits have pulled attention away from the herbicide-resistant weeds that continue to multiply.

With the way we use herbicides, even if we introduce a new one, its just a matter of time before resistance evolves, said Gina Nichols, a Ph.D. candidate at Iowa State University who researches weed control. I firmly believe we should be pursuing integrated weed management.

Nichols said she likes to think of weed suppressing methods such as crop rotation and cover cropping as non-chemical modes of action.

The farmers Nichols works with say theyve seen herbicide-resistant weeds decrease when using cover crops.

Nichols advocates a multi-strategy approach. Her research shows cover crops reduce the biomass, or size, of weeds but not the number. Crop rotation, in contrast, reduces the number of weeds but not the biomass. So cover crops and rotations, she said, are complementary.

Shaking up the planting interval leaving more time between diverse crop rotations can reduce weeds by 50%, her research shows. And including a forage in crop rotation can reduce weeds by 80%.

Crop rotation is common, but cover cropping is more unusual.

The benefits of cover crops are widely touted, but in the real world of farming, it is often challenging to work cover crops into your rotation, said Nick Andrews of Oregon State Universitys Extension Service.

Andrews said cover crops can be expensive, time-consuming and can even backfire.

Pest relationships are complex and very site-specific, he said.

One example of a cover crop backfiring comes from the sugar beet industry.

Duane Grant, who is also CEO of Grant 4-D Farms in Rupert, Idaho, and grows for Amalgamated Sugar Co., recalls an incident last year in which sugar beet farmers in Treasure Valley planted cover crops to enrich humus, only to find those crops acted as hosts for nematodes, roundworms that kill sugar beets.

Youve got to understand what youre trying to do to the soil, he said.

Grant grows Roundup-Ready sugar beets and has less than 5% herbicide-resistant weeds, he says. But hes fortunate. Research from the Weed Science Society of America, published by Cambridge University Press, found herbicides used in sugar beets averaged only 32% control of kochia, a major weed threat with widespread glyphosate resistance.

Grant said although hes excited about Bayers new herbicide development, he also wants to pursue weed control alternatives, including cover cropping.

We just dont think we know enough about cover crops to safely experiment yet, he said.

Nichols said the cover crop knowledge gap is gradually closing.

Practical Farmers of Iowa, a farm peer-support organization, pairs farmers interested in using cover crops with other farmers who are experienced. Nichols said she hopes similar programs pop up across the U.S. In the meantime, she encourages farmers to talk with extension and cooperative agents to find weed control solutions.

Some farmers have jumped onboard, even participating in field trials. Researchers at the University of California-Davis are experimenting with cover crop mixtures in almond orchards, where growers face resistance evolving in ryegrass, hairy fleabane, horseweed and jungle rice.

With an uncertain future for Bayers innovations and a clear proliferation of superweeds, many farmers say theyre determined to improve their weed management programs.

In Silverton, the Goschies say they are eager to combat resistant weeds more holistically.

Its springtime. In the vineyards, under tangled vines, a great green carpet of ryegrass mingled with clover smothers weeds and steals their sunshine. The permanent covering requires mowing only two or three times a season.

Among the hops, in late summer or early fall, the Goschies will plant their annual cover crop a legume, such as peas, with a spring grain.

Fighting weeds can be challenging, said Goschie. Weve got a lot of experimenting, fine-tuning to do. Im thankful for the great support base we have of public researchers. Were getting better at cover cropping. And farming, you know hard as it is its really beautiful.

Researchers, growers have 'superweeds' in their sights | Research Center - Capital Press

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Why Trump Awarding the G-7 Summit to His Own Resort Is a Direct Violation of the Constitution – The Mary Sue

Perhaps you, like me, fired up your internet this morning just to wonder why #BedBugSummit was trending on twitter. Amazingly, this had nothing to do with noted bed bug Bret Stephens. News broke yesterday that noted impeachment inquiry star Donald Trump decided to add another offense to the incredibly long list of bad things hes done just this month and award himself the G-7 (Group of Seven) summit at his own resort property in Doral, Florida. That resort? Apparently infested with bed bugs.

Not only is this gross and not only is this just another stunt by Trump to build up his own brand and empire off the presidency, its a clear violation of the Emoluments clause on the United States Constitution. Now, we know that Donald Trump neither cares about nor understands the constitution as he has made clear for years. But we care about it and we know you do too, so what isthis important but hard to spell clause all about?

The Emoluments clause (not the emollients clause or the annulments clause, thank you, spellcheck) is found in Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8 of the Constitution. Heres the text:

No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.

So, what is an emolument? According to Merriam-Webster, its the returns arising from office or employment usually in the form of compensation or perquisites. So, its a fancy way of saying payment or gifts. The clause was intended to prevent foreign influence over US elected leaders, a ship which has clearly sailed for Trump, but hes still in violation of the Constitution even if he says hes not.

Its the foreign state thing thats the big deal here. By setting the G-7 at his own, vermin-infested resort, the president is requiring foreign countries to pay him money to stay there. This is far different from the near-constant stream of cash that his administration and campaign have funneled into Trump propertiesthis is soliciting and demanding foreign money to go into his own pockets.

Theres an even wilder aspect to thisTrump is already being sued for violating the Emoluments Clause by Maryland and DC and the suit is on-going. And its separate from a different Emoluments suit because he refused to divest himself of his empire. The very fact Trump continually benefits from foreign and domestic use of his (crappy) resorts and hotels is blatantly self-serving and unconstitutional.

Does this affect the impeachment inquiry? Not really. That inquiry is focused on the pressuring of foreign powers to interfere in American elections, with a deep connection to Ukraine. But there is a tenuous emoluments connectionRudy Giuliani. Hes under scrutiny for working with Ukraine to pressure and lobby on their behalf and some of that influence prior to his appointment as legal counsel to the pres was about getting a Trump property built in Ukraine.

This is all a complex mess of corruption with so much self-dealing and disregard for the laws of the land that it could make your head spin. The simple thing to understand here is this: the decision to put the G-7 at the Doral property is another in a long line of greedy, illegal things Trump has done, but perhaps this one is bad enough, and public enough, that it will add to the growing tide of scandals and finally get this guy out of here.

At least we can dream of it? So goodnight, and please, let these bed bugs bite.

(image: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

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