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  Sunday 3rd of December 2023 09:13 AM

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Latest Bed Bug Incidents and Infestations

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Don’t let the bed bugs bite –

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Were #1 in Northern Ontario The fastest and most effective form of bed bug treatment is treating with heat. This method is a safe one-time event over a 24/hour period which kills all life stages of bed bugs, whereas pesticides only affect the adult stages. The use of pesticides is limited, bed bugs need to encounter the chemical for it to harm them and are evolving an increasing resistance to pesticides. Due to their small size, bed bugs and their eggs can hide in the smallest cracks and crevices, making them difficult to find and treat which require multiple pesticide treatments over a period of time. They can be found in furniture, under baseboards, floorboards, carpets, wall hangings and even wallpaper. Bed bugs have a million places to hide where vacuums and sprays cant reach. Treating with heat allows us to get rid of the problem fast and avoid bringing toxic pesticides into your home. Our equipment is designed for a better, safer way to exterminate bed bugs. Dont let the bed bugs bite Call to speak with one of our specialists

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Don't let the bed bugs bite -

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This northern Ontario city is one of Canada’s top 10 for bed bugs – CTV Toronto

SUDBURY -- A city in northern Ontario has topped a list that no one wants to be on, Orkin Canada's top 10 bed bug cities.

Sudbury has taken the No. 2 spot behind Toronto for the most commercial and residential bed bug treatments carried out by a Canadian pest control company in 2020.

However, there is a bright spot, as the company said in a news release that bed bug sightings are down close to 20 per cent nationally when compared to the previous year.

"Travel bans, stay-at-home orders, and a general shift to working remotely have resulted in less opportunities for these hitchhikers to move around, for the first time since Orkin Canada released its annual survey five years ago," the pest control company said.

However, there is a risk for bed bugs spreading as the economy opens back up again.

"Beware of the return of borrowed office chairs," Orkin said. "Due to their ability to double in population about every 16 days, it should not be difficult for bed bugs to regain their grip on the Canadian market."

There are some tips to prevent bed bugs:

The top 10 Canadian cities with the most bed bug calls are:

Some of the changes from the previous year include, Toronto and Vancouver staying in the same spots, Ottawa fell from No. 5 to No. 10, and Whitby rose from No. 20 to No.8.

Find the full list of Canada's Top 25 Bed Bug Cities here.

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This northern Ontario city is one of Canada's top 10 for bed bugs - CTV Toronto

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Bed bug sightings plummet in Canada as COVID-19 makes it harder for them to spread –

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OTTAWA, Ontario (CTV News) Of the very few good things to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, bed bug sightings plummeted in 2020.

In a report released on Tuesday from Orkin Canada, bed bug sightings dropped by 20 per cent in 2020, marking the first decline in the five-year history of the report.

Bernie Grafe, Orkin Canadas branch manager for the Greater Toronto Area residential division, said the pandemic is the primary factor behind the decline.

Bed bugs are hitchhikers, he said in a phone interview with As people move around and visit, travel, go to work, go to public places, hotels, long-term rentals, you name it, they are essentially transporting the bed bugs around.

Youre not seeing a lot of people congregating in higher percentages and areas, so therefore the bed bugs are just not spreading.

Grafe said this is a trend Orkin Canada is seeing nationwide, but warned that this decline may go away when the pandemic ends.

Once the lockdown is released and one day there is a sense of normalcy, we will again see that spike go up just from that natural social behaviour, he said.

Bed bugscan lie dormant for several months at a time, meaning bugs in an office may still be alive when office work resumes.

People going back to work who havent been in to these environments for the last eight, nine, 10 months, those bed bugs are going to be hungry, he said.

Grafe said there arent any chemical treatments available that can prevent bed bugs from entering the home, meaning vigilance is the best method to keep them from spreading.

The biggest form of prevention is awareness, and that is through inspections and visually inspecting the environment that youre in, especially with hotels and long-term rentals, he said.

Grafe said its key to inspect the bed, behind picture frames and curtains for any bugs or fecal matter that the bugs may have left behind. He also recommends a thorough inspection of your office setting.

The report also included the Top 25 cities for bed bugs in Canada, with Toronto topping the list, followed by Sudbury, Oshawa, Vancouver and Winnipeg.

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Bed bug sightings plummet in Canada as COVID-19 makes it harder for them to spread -

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What’s the point in buying furniture? Queenston Road senior tormented by bedbugs –

Eloise Keene, a senior who lives alone, has been sleeping in a chair in her apartment in Hamiltons east end for two weeks.

The 75-year-old woman, who resides in a social housing building at 555 Queenston Rd., which is dedicated to seniors, said she threw out her furniture for the fifth time after a resurgence of bedbugs.

She said pest control has been treating her apartment every month since spring, and the bedbugs still werent going away.

One guy came in ... walked in right to my chair, (and) said Wonder if you still have bedbugs oh yeah, theres one ... on my chair, she said. I said to myself, I want to get rid of them and I knew the only way to get rid of them was to throw the furniture out; they taught me that.

She said she previously bought a leather couch and chair because she was told bedbugs dont like the material. Before she had her most recent inspection at the end of August, she threw those out, too.

Every time CityHousing Hamilton told me the bugs were gone, Id buy new furniture, said Keene, who is on a fixed income.

The city says theyve been doing better with bedbugs this year.

This years been relatively good in terms of complaints coming through, for both public and private buildings, said Coun. Chad Collins, who is also president of the CityHousing board of directors.

Bedbugs have plagued the city for years at a cost in the millions.

In 2009, the CityHousing Hamilton budget for pest control was $300,000. In 2017, that number was $1.3 million.

So far this year, CityHousing has spent more than $655,000 on pest control, according to numbers provided by city spokesperson Antonella Giancarlo on behalf of CityHousing Hamilton CEO Tom Hunter.

Giancarlo said in an email that 555 Queenston Rd. has had eight bedbug treatments so far this year, plus 46 cockroach treatments. In all the CityHousing buildings, there have been 664 bedbug treatments and 851 cockroach treatments this year.

Laverne Dow, another tenant in the building, said she believes there are more than three units at 555 Queenston Rd. with bedbugs, but acknowledged theres a stigma that prevents some tenants from calling for help.

In 2016, the city implemented a three-year bedbug strategy to help reduce the prevalence of the pests.

A summary of the community engagement report mentions some of the barriers to addressing the problem. Among them are a fear that reporting bedbugs might lead to blame on the tenant or possible eviction. Another is stigma that bedbugs are connected to poverty or unclean conditions.

Bedbugs can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time, the report notes.

When you dont call because you might be embarrassed, theres the opportunity then for the bugs to spread to other areas, said Collins. The longer something goes unchecked, the more that they have the opportunity to get into other places and impact other people.

Dow said shes concerned pest control is only treating the affected units and not the ones surrounding them, as she believes this allows the problem to persist.

Were not randomly going through to other units and just treating them without knowing whether pests are prevalent in the unit, said Collins, noting that staff tries to be proactive. He said one of the units at 555 Queenston had its pests discovered when a resident came into the building office and staff noticed a bedbug on her.

Dow and Keene both said theyve sought assistance from CityHousing to replace their baseboards and caulking to help seal their apartments to prevent the bugs from coming in, but theyve had no luck.


In an email, Giancarlo said CityHousing may provide help with baseboards and caulking depending on how much work is involved, noting that residents can request basic caulking work. But a property managers approval is needed for bigger projects such as replacing baseboards.

In the majority of cases, baseboard replacements and caulking are not necessary for the control of pests, she wrote.

Its actually disappointing that someone whos not just a senior but who lives in CityHousing is being forced to live with no furniture, said Dayna Sparkes, a member of ACORN Canadas Hamilton East chapter.

ACORN has been organizing for better protections for renters in Hamilton, including a licensing process for landlords and proactive enforcement of municipal property standards, including proper pest management, Sparkes noted.

I dont think people realize how extensive and thorough you have to be when youre getting treatment, she said. Its not an easy process.

Sparkes added that its challenging for seniors to remove furniture from their apartments and costly to laundry everything.

She believes CityHousing and other landlords have the responsibility to help their tenants get their furniture replaced.

Its the same thing as with having the pests themselves its not (the tenants) fault, she said.

Giancarlo said money is available to ODSP and Ontario Works recipients to offset the costs of mattresses, as well as preparation and prevention for bedbugs.

Keene said she hasnt yet received the results from the inspection, but after she threw out her furniture, she hasnt been bitten once.

Even if she could afford new furniture again, Keene said she doesnt see the point in replacing it.

Why buy it again if (the bugs are) going to come back? she said.

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What's the point in buying furniture? Queenston Road senior tormented by bedbugs -

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Here are Canadas Top 10 bed bug infested cities …

One of the countrys largest pest control providers has released a Top 10 list of cities in Canada that deal with bed bugs.

The list draws on data from Orkin Canada and is based on the number of commercial and residential bed bug treatments in a specific city. Note, while former city Scarborough is technically part of Toronto, its listed as a city here by Orkin.

READ MORE:Bed bugs becoming resistant to commonly-used insecticides: study

The Top 10 cities are:

WATCH:Upset man dumps hundreds of live bedbugs in Maine city office

According to the U.S.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), bed bugs have traditionally been seen in developing countries. However, they have been spreading fast across the U.S., Canada, U.K. and other parts of Europe. Their presence is not determined by the cleanliness of living conditions, meaning they can be found in any type of dwelling including five-star hotels and resorts.

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They are not known to spread disease but their bite can cause itching, allergic reactions or a secondary skin infection. A bite mark can take up to 14 days to develop in some people.

There are other clues that may point to an infestation:

Anyone who has detected signs of bed bugs is advised to seek expert advice in order to prevent widespread infestation.

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Here are Canadas Top 10 bed bug infested cities ...

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