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  Saturday 7th of May 2022 15:06 PM

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NYC sues ‘worst’ landlord who has racked up over 1,900 violations – 6Sqft

April 6th, 2022 by admin

Streetview of Moshe Pillers East 172nd Street buildings 2022 Google Maps

The city this week filed a lawsuit against landlord Moshe Piller, who has accumulated over 1,900 violations for dangerous conditions across 15 buildings he owns in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Mayor Eric Adams on Thursday said the purpose of the lawsuit is to pressure Piller to repair his property or face tens of millions in civil penalties.

The time of landlords openly flouting the law and harassing tenants is over. This lawsuit sends a clear message that those who break the law will pay, Adams said in a statement.

For years, Moshe Piller has ignored his responsibilities as a landlord and racked up more than 1,900 violations landing him a spot as one of the citys worst landlords. While Piller made millions in profits, his tenants paid the price. Our administration wont allow people to willfully endanger the safety and well-being of their tenants.

The lawsuit lays out infractionscommittedby Piller, including work performed without a permit and repeated failures to immediately correct dangerous conditions at properties posing risks to tenants.

At Pillers property at 1742-1758 East 172nd Street in the Soundview section of the Bronx, the Department of Housing Preservation & Development has issued 189 violations, the Department of Buildings has issued 150 violations, and the Fire Department of New York has issued six violations.

These violations include dangerous elevator safety conditions, unsafe electrical wiring, work without a permit, lead-based paint hazards, and a lack of having multiple self-closing doors to contain a fire, the same violation that contributed to the scale of devastation in Januarys Bronx fire.

Many of these same violationswere found at Pillers other properties in Brooklyn and Manhattan, with the landlords property at 730-760 Rogers Avenue, located on the Prospect Lefferts Gardens/ Flatbush border, issued 262 violations, whichranged from illegal partitions of additional apartments or rooms to bed bugs infestations and mold.

The lawsuit is oneexample of the citys recent efforts to crack down on negligent landlords. Early in March, the city increased enforcement at 250 apartment buildings in the five boroughs that collectively accumulated almost 40,000 open housing maintenance code violations.

Piller is ranked28th on the public advocates 2021 Worst Landlord Watchlist and has faced criticism for years from tenant organizations likethe Flatbush Tenant Coalition.

It is time for Moshe Piller to finally see real consequences for harassing tenants and forcing us to live in dangerous conditions. Right now, we have a roof that leaks whenever it rains. Hes endangered peoples lives right here in Brooklyn and in the Bronx, Altagrace Aime, tenant leader of the Flatbush Tenant Coalition, said in a statement.

For years, Moshe Piller has been targeting tenants, taking us to court for nonpayment, and trying to evict us, all while he ignores repairs and acts like the law doesnt apply to him. Hes been overcharging us, hes been harassing us, and now hes trying to use the pandemic to collect even more money, while we live in decrepit and dangerous conditions. Enough is enough from Moshe Piller.


Tags : Department of Buildings, Eric Adams, FDNY, New York City Department of Housing Preservation & Development, worst landlords list

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NYC sues 'worst' landlord who has racked up over 1,900 violations - 6Sqft

To Open Homeless Shelters, N.Y.C. Relied on Landlord With Checkered History – The New York Times

December 21st, 2021 by admin

In addition to owning dozens of buildings used as shelters, Mr. Levitan has another source of steady revenue: He operates a for-profit maintenance company, Liberty One, that performs upkeep at many of his properties. At the building he bought in 2018 in College Point, Queens, the maintenance company was paid more than $800,000 in the last fiscal year money that also comes from the city, according to budget documents.

City contracting rules require the nonprofit groups running shelters to control costs by soliciting at least three independent bids for services. But in two cases identified in an independent audit and a lease Mr. Levitan required nonprofit groups to use his company without bidding, The Times found.

Mr. Levitan said there was zero requirement that nonprofit groups hire his company. However, Mr. McGinn, the city spokesman, said a review, done in response to questions from The Times, had discovered such a provision in one groups lease. He called the arrangement inappropriate and said it would be changed.

Mr. Levitan also owns an extermination company used in at least one of the new shelters, according to city records and a corporate disclosure. When ants infested some rooms in the building in the Mott Haven neighborhood in the Bronx, his company, Squash Exterminating, was called in to help.

Mr. Levitan said he started both the maintenance and the extermination company to streamline operations and provide better services.

In the more than two decades that he has been enmeshed in New Yorks homelessness machinery, Mr. Levitan has been repeatedly accused of neglect and poor conditions at some of his buildings.

In 2014, elected officials battled a plan to open a permanent shelter in Elmhurst, Queens, in the former Pan American hotel, which was owned by a limited liability company connected to Mr. Levitan. Residents of that building, which housed hundreds of homeless families, reported infestations of bedbugs, peeling lead paint and a lack of heat or hot water. The New York Daily News published a video, provided by tenants, of a growing horde of rats near a childrens play area.

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To Open Homeless Shelters, N.Y.C. Relied on Landlord With Checkered History - The New York Times

5 Signs You Don’t Have Bed Bugs – Glen Environmental

November 4th, 2021 by admin

One of the nasty and vexing creatures are the bed bugs. To the untrained eye, the bites of the bed bugs could be confused with that of the other insects. From itchy red welts to black spots, rust spits and musty odor; are some of the most common signs that tell the presence of bed bug infestation.

Unlike the blood-suckers or mosquitoes, the bed bugs inject a numbing agent before biting. Each of the bugs feeds about 10 to 15 minutes per week before they return back to their hiding place. The most common sign of a bite from the bed bugs are the splotchy welts that appear in a zigzag pattern. You have to look out for specific signs and symptoms to be assured that there are no bed bugs in your house.

Here are the 5 signs to watch out for in order to be assured there are no bed bugs present in your house.

These are the signs to watch out for to be assured your bed is not infested with bed bugs. The absence of the above-mentioned signs would confirm the absence of bed bugs in your home.

5 Signs You Don't Have Bed Bugs - Glen Environmental

Heres Why I Opted for Furniture Rental – Yahoo News

November 4th, 2021 by admin

My go-to conversation starter at parties is that in the last 10 years, Ive moved a total of 14 times. From Detroit to El Salvador, back to Michigan, then to California and Chicago, and around again. You could say that Im somewhat of a relocation expert. Most recently, I transported to New York, and in the five months that Ive been here, Ive already lived in two different Brooklyn apartments.

Although each move has been unique and challenging in its own right, New York City felt like a proper hazing. I dealt with a trifecta of infestations: Mice (which, to my dismay, I discovered while doing a video interview with singer Giveon), massive roaches that my landlord tried to convince me were water bugs, and the icing on my critter cakebed bugs. It was the latter that finally pushed me over the edge, and into my new, dreamy apartment in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Pacing the empty living room of my former infested abode for the last time, I contemplated the recurring challenges I faced throughout my 14 moves: Spending countless hours vetting hundreds of apartments, the time and stress of packing and unpacking, dealing with disinterested real estate agents, and reacquainting myself to a new neighborhood, to name a few. But the thing I just couldnt get past was the maddening amount of time andmost maddeninglymoney I devoted to meticulously furnishing an apartment only to have to move or sell everything for half the price a year later.

Not only did my bank account end up destroyed as a result, but so did the world around me. Some of my things ended up in landfills, which according to the EPA, is the fate for 12.2 million tons of furniture in a single year, not including rugs and carpets (an additional 3.4 million tons).

A view of the rental furniture carefully placed in the authors living room.

About a week after moving into my new apartment, I was laying on a queen-sized air mattress in my empty bedroom and flipping through Instagram stories when a solution manifested through the apps ultra-invasive algorithm. Dont buy furniture, conjure it, the advertisement read in an italic, serif typeface. Curious about what exactly that meant, I tapped over to the companys page, where I saw countless posts of chic sofas and side tables, among other youthful pieces. The account belonged to Conjure, a one-year-old New York furniture rental company that curates pieces inspired by Manhattans chicest neighborhoods, like the East Village, Soho, and Tribeca.

Story continues

I was puzzled. Furniture rental? Ive rented enough apartments, cars, and clothing to last a lifetime, so why had I never before considered the idea of renting furniture? The more deeply I thought about it, the more brilliant the concept became. For a 20-something professional with no roots, it doesnt really make sense to continually pour money into new furniture that gets hauled from place to place. What if I got a new job in six months and have to move again? Or if I lost my job and had to move back home, would I have to pay for a stale, overpriced storage unit to hold my bed, coffee table, dresser, and chairs? Not if I rent it all.

At that point, I was basically sold, and I wasnt alone. According to Fact.MR, the U.S. furniture rental market is expected to reach $10 billion in sales by 2031, growing at 6.8% per year until then and doubling the growth rate from 2016 to 2020. In simpler terms, more people are gravitating toward furniture rental as a means to an end.

The average millennial moves 12 times before moving into their forever home, says Ilyse Kaplan, president and COO of Feather. I think that in a strange way, COVID has helped people realize that things dont need to be permanent. So for somebody who might be moving frequently [and] renting their apartment, it makes a lot of sense to rent your furniture.

A set of black cane cantilever style chairs at the dining table.

Ilyse says that Feather, a leader in the furniture rental world, is experiencing year-over-year growth across their markets. Unsurprisingly, theyve seen a 400% increase in home office demand, something that likely wont let up considering the increasing number of companies opting for permanent remote working arrangements. Another noteworthy area of growth that Ilyse points out is the 260% increase in demand for cozy things, which includes everything from comfy sofas to plush chairs. With people spending more time at home it makes sense, she says. They really just want it to be set up in a way that works for what their life is like today.

As I scrolled through Conjures website from the comfort of my slowly deflating air mattress, I was pleasantly surprised by the monthly costs of their furniture items. Renters can choose to take home pieces for anywhere from three months to a year, with the monthly cost fluctuating depending on the amount of time you plan to rent an item for. A full-size, minimal white bed frame would cost you $12 a month for a year, adding up to $144 total. The cost of Conjure delivering, assembling, and retrieving the furniture alone could cost the same price as the bed itself.

But if you only want the bed for three months, the cost inflates to $40 per month, totalling $120, which may not be worth it for everyone. After the year is up, customers have the option to buy out the furniture (which, admittedly, is an expensive option), have Conjure pick it up, or trade it for another item. Like with renting an apartment, Conjure performs a soft credit check before delivering your order. So if your score falls below 600, this option may not be for you.

After completing my order, Conjure delivered the pieces to me in less than a week. The two movers arrived on a rainy day, and despite my efforts to hurry back to Brooklyn from Midtown, they beat me to my apartment and graciously waited until I arrived. They gingerly and efficiently brought in my chairs, lamp, dresser, side table, bed frame, mattress, and mirror, all neatly packaged in cardboard boxes and plastic-wrapped.

The rental dresser in the author's bedroom.

As they unpacked the items one by one, I braced myself for what was inside. My standards werent too high, considering I knew the pieces had traveled from apartment to apartment. But to my delight, everything was clean and in pristine condition. As I scarfed down some tortellini, I watched the movers meticulously piece together every single item and place them in the spots that I requested. In the span of an hour, my blank canvas of an apartment became a home.

While I was impressed with all the pieces, I was a little unenthusiastic about the look of the tall dresser in my bedroom. After raising the concern with Conjure, they quickly arranged to swap it out with another dresser more fitting for the space. (Conjure will remove furniture you change your mind about within the first three days, free of charge. A swap out costs $99 flat.) Comment end The ability to have the piece picked up and my new dresser delivered and assembled at the click of a button felt priceless.

After a month with my rental furniture, I feel lighter knowing that I can switch up my apartment design anytime I want and, more importantly, I dont have to think about selling, moving, or storing any furniture whenever I decide to move again. Although the financial realities that have trapped many millennials (including myself) in a never-ending cycle of renting and after-pay arrangements arent pretty, at least our temporary cane cantilever chairs can be.

A side table with decorative objects.

Originally Appeared on Architectural Digest

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Heres Why I Opted for Furniture Rental - Yahoo News

Bed bug bites: Air India offers waiver rather than refund to the tourist – BOL News

October 12th, 2021 by admin

A womans tweet about bed bug bites and the pain she received while flying business class on an Air India aircraft caused quite a stir on the Internet. Saumya Shetty posted a photo of reddened bumps on her hands caused by bed insect bites to the microblogging site.

Shetty claimed that she was flying from Newark, New Jersey to Mumbai with her three children on July 18 and was denied a seat change until thirty minutes before landing the next day after appealing twice.

Shetty, who is located in Manhattan, followed up on July 20 with a tweet saying that Air India had yet to contact her about the inconvenience she had experienced. What an #airindia #businessclass would do to you? AI still has to get in touch with me in spite of my repeated attempts to get in touch with them, she added.

Talking tothe media,the 36-year-old said that she was met with a callous attitude every time she reached out on their helpline numbers.

She said, I called their helpline yesterday and asked for a refund of my tickets. I was given an email ID to write a complaint, but the mail bounced.

She was instructed to travel to a local carriers office to pursue her complaint.

According to her, The lady executive (at Nariman Point.) told me I have been mailing on the wrong email IDs. I asked whose fault was it, in that case.

The woman said Id be given a waiver, that is, Id not be charged the penalty fee for canceling tickets. When I said I wanted a refund of the tickets, she countered me by saying that I still traveled on those tickets, she added.

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Bed bug bites: Air India offers waiver rather than refund to the tourist - BOL News

The Pests That Are The Top Most Annoying In New Jersey –

August 13th, 2021 by admin

We have a lot of pests that we encounter every day here at the Jersey Shore, some of them are animals, some are insects, some are bosses, some are drivers, and unfortunately some are rodents. So which pesky pest is the peskiest and most prevalent of all?

My first guess was mosquitoes, such a huge Jersey Shore pest and probably the state bird, but apparently not pesky enough to be the top pest in a state full of them. So what's your next guess?

it's gotta be the drivers then right? Actually no. And after you hear what it the peskiest pest of them all in the Garden State, you're going to wish it was the bad drivers. It turns out the top New Jersey pest is the good old mouse.

According to Family Handyman, New Jersey is among 18 states where the most annoying and damage causing pests are those little sneaky mice we've all had to deal with at one time or another.

The Deer Mouse, the House Mouse and the White Footed Mouse are among the types you're most likely to see here in the Garden State. The Deer and House mouse each can be as big as 3 inches long. Yuck.

Before you put the For Sale sign up, at least we're not Idaho,Utah, Washington or Wyoming, where their top critter is the spider. Or Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana or Texas where cockroaches dominate the scene.

And by the way, 20 states have to deal with bed bugs as their most annoying pests, so people of the Garden state count your blessings!

I Bet Pests Don't Bother You In These 30 Special and Unique New Jersey Towns You Must Visit

Keep reading to see if your favorite beach town made the cut.

The 20 Dynamite New Jersey Diners That Are Too Tasty Not to Try

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The Pests That Are The Top Most Annoying In New Jersey -

Manhattan | Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Semi Trucks | Bed Bugs …

May 31st, 2021 by admin

Manhattan Bedbug Semi Truck Treatments - 888-269-6210 - 531 Trucker Bed Bug Reviews - Rating: 5.0

Most people think of their bed at home when they hear bed bugs mentioned. What they dont realize is that bed bugs can live in your vehicle just as easily as your home. This is very concerning for people that make a living in their vehicle and especially those that use it as a home away from home, such as Semi Truck Drivers. After a long day at work, no one wants to come home to a bed with bed bugs in it. If you are having to deal with bed bugs biting you all day while working and at night while you are sleeping it can seem unbearable. Let us get rid of the bed bugs so you can get the good nights sleep and be fresh and ready for a new day on the road. We always work with you to find the best time and place to meet for treatment so your schedule is less impacted.

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Manhattan | Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Semi Trucks | Bed Bugs ...

Bed Bug Exterminator Manhattan

May 31st, 2021 by admin

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Youll sometimes read that when you get bed bugs, youll know, but this is notalways so. Bed bug detection can be very difficult, and any infestation can easilygo undetected, particularly during the early stages when only a few bugs or eggsare present.Even a qualified bed bug inspector will be challenged when the entire infestationconsists of only one or two bed bugs or eggs that are present on a piece ofluggage that made it back to your house after a recent hotel stay or a trip to thesupermarket.Dont expect more obvious signs like bites to tip you off to the presence of bedbugs either, as they can often resemble those of other insects. A more accurateway to identify a possible infestation is to look for physical signs of bed bugs.When cleaning, changing bedding, or staying away from home, look for rusty orreddish stains on bed sheets or mattresses (caused by crushed bed bugs), darkspots (bed bug excrement), eggs and eggshells, which are tiny and pale yellow skins that nymphs shed as they grow larger, or look for the more tough tospot but still more obvious presence of live bed bugs.But the best advice is not to guess. If you think youve got bed bugs in the Bronx, give us a call!

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Bed Bug Exterminator Manhattan

Road trip at the dawn of an era: Women drive cross-country in 1909 –

May 11th, 2021 by admin

NJ Lottery Festival of Ballooning thanks frontline workers with balloon rides

The rain was a drag.

In a photo just before they left on the first ever all-female cross-country drive,Alice Huyler Ramsey and her companionsare draped indour rubber ponchos and clutching bouquetsin front of the Maxwell automobile showroom on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Her sisters-in-law appear grief stricken. Ramseybeams from the flank.

Ramsey, a 22-year-old from Hackensack, was about to leave her husband and year-old child behind for the epic girls trip. Itwould beon the Maxwell-Briscoe Companys dime.

Itsounded like a magnificent adventure, Ramsey wrote of the trip in her 1961 book, Veil, Duster and Tire Iron. And I liked it.

Born in Hackensack in 1886, Ramsey was an excellent mechanic, says Katherine Parkin, a Monmouth University professor who wroteWomen at the Wheel in 2017. Ramseyhad support both financially and emotionally from her husband, John Rathbone Ramsey, a lawyer more than twice her age whom she married after two years at Vassar College.

John, who was an aged attorney whom she met as a teenager. didnt drive. Nonetheless he bought Ramsey her first car, a red 1908 Maxwell, after an auto badly spooked her horse. She picked up the roofless roadsterin New Brunswick, took two lessons and never looked back.

In the summer of 1908, Ramseydrove 6,000 miles on the dirt and crushed stone highways near her summer rental in Asbury Park, Parkin says. By the fall, Ramsey was racing, The Record reported. Shes got pluck. Shes got determination, and she loves to drive, says Parkin. The car was freedom. It was adventure and, at the time, lives as women were very prescribed.

Ramsey'sfirst endurance racefrom Manhattan to Montauk Point in the 08 Maxwell caught the attention of company repCadwallader Carl Kelsey. Kelsey drove Maxwells up staircases to draw attention to the brand, but he had a grander stunt in mind. InRamsey, he found the ideal driver. Kelsey told her flatly: she would drivea Maxwell across America.

I was numb all over, Ramsey wrote. He might as well have said I would fly to the moon the following week!

Alice Ramsey at some point during the trip.(Photo: National Automotive History Collection,Detroit Public Library)

Ramsey agreed and set off more than six months later on June 9, 1909 in a dark-green Maxwell. The red one stayed in New Jersey. It now sits restored on loan atLeMay America's Car Museumin Tacoma, Washingtonnext to a dark-green 1909 Maxwell that made a cross-country trip in 2009 in tribute to Ramsey.Rene Crist, the museum's curator of collections, saysthe rare Maxwells make for apopular attraction.

This is one of our showcase displays, Crist says.The 08 is beautiful. It's just a gorgeous example and very rare. Allthose Maxwells are kind of rare, but they were popular at the time ... and mostly because of their advertising.

The 1909 that made the trip, like all cars of the day, didn't have muchto sayfor itself.It had four cylinders and three speeds.Its roof was a glorified umbrella. Itmade just 30 horsepower. Perhaps most importantly, itcarriedfour:Ramsey, the president of the Womens Motoring Club of New York; her older and adventure seeking sisters-in-law, Nettie Powell and Margaret Atwood; and her 19-year-old companion, Hermine Jahns.

The frocked quartet left New York Citys relatively well-kept roads equipped with hats, goggles, dusters and tire chains. The need for the gear quickly became clear. The country roads, little more than trails by modern standards, made travel a slog. On their best day, the women traveled 198 miles. On their worst, they managed only 4.

The group spent nearly two weeks crossing Iowa. In Nebraska, where the roads resembled gumbo, the Maxwell was twice extricated from the muck within the span of a mile. The farmers son caught one of their horses in pasture and pulled us out for a fee then walked on to the next hole, repeated his towing, but doubled his fee! Ramsey wrote.

Ramsey conducted tire changes after blowouts and standard maintenance throughout the trip. Still, a networkof local mechanics drafted by the Maxwell-Briscoe Company were also consulted for engine trouble, a broken axle and other damage. Mistakes were made. The car ran out of gas. At one point, Atwood and Powell were forced into roadside service. They used their silver toiletry holders to fill the radiator with runoff.

Alice Ramsey and her three passengers, Hermine Jahns and sisters-in-law Nettie Powell and Margaret Atwood, travel in a Maxwell motor car along a rural dirt road during their 1909 cross-country travel.(Photo: National Automotive History Collection,Detroit Public Library)

Often caked in mud, the women happily slept in hotels and ate at restaurants when they could. However, an Iowa creeks bank once acted as accommodation. In Utah, coffee, corn flakes and canned tomatoes sufficed for a morning meal.

Throughout the route, maps were shaky and road signs were lacking. In the East, Ramsey relied on Blue Books that relied on questionable navigation landmarks. The yellow home near Cleveland, for example, was painted green post-publication by a mischievous homeowner. To remain on populated paths, Ramsey often followed the route with the highest concentration of telegraph wires.

The West proved wilder.

Dukakis: Oscar winner, former Montclair resident Olympia Dukakis dead at 89

Paterson: 'Nothing has changed': Paterson has long history of police brutality and calls for reform

For subscribers: Wayne teachers' union leader sues school board, official, alleging slander

Without Blue Books or reliable maps, and only six years after Horatio Jacksons 1903 cross-continental drive, Ramsey occasionally relied on local drivers hired by the Maxwell-Briscoe Company to provide navigation. Still, she had to backtrack on several occasions, including a time when she was ledinto a sandpit, and then amine. That wason the way to Opal, Wyoming, where bedbugs ruined a nights sleep for Ramsey and Jahns.

Despite the daily trials, the significance of the event was not lost of Ramsey. In her book, Ramsey noted the crowds that gathered to see them in Detroit, the young Western Union telegraph page who froze as they drove through Chicago and the escort of Maxwells that brought them into the spectator-lined center of San Francisco.

The party arrived on Aug. 7 after roughly 3,800 miles and 59 days, The Record reported. Ramsey, who had expected to make the trip in about a month, said she drove 41 days due primarily to Jahns becoming ill on the trip. Ramseymade the return home by train.

The successful journey was important for the Maxwell-Briscoe Company. Though it failed to disclose the service history of the car to the public, the company claimed the trip proved their cars could safely travel anywhere with a young woman at the wheelstill a selling point for cars today, Parkin notes. People were generally unimpressed by Ramsey, however, she says.

Criticized for leaving her young son in the care of her nursemaid for two months, Ramsey was overlooked for being the 10thperson to complete the cross-country attempt, Parkin says. Ramseys trip also coincided with a cross-country race. The more popular exhibition featureda large cash prize offered by M. Robert Guggenheim.

Ramseys tale reached legendary status 50 years later in perhaps another effort to sell cars to women, Parkin says.

In October 1960, Ramsey was named the American Automobile Associations Woman Motorist of the Century and the Automobile Manufacturer Associations First Lady of Automotive Travel. The move allowed the industry to show off itssupport of women at a time when Americans were taking roadtrips and women were gaining consumer influence, Parkin says. It was nonetheless overdue recognition for a true pioneer or automotive adventure, she adds.

Before her death in 1983 at the age of 97, Ramsey, a mother of two made more than 30 coast-to-coast trips. She drove five of the six Swiss Alps passes and remained behind the wheeluntil she turned 95. In 2000, Ramsey became the first woman to be inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn, Michigan.

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Road trip at the dawn of an era: Women drive cross-country in 1909 -

Baltimore Comes In Second On Orkin’s List Of Cities With Most Bed Bugs – Yahoo News

February 4th, 2021 by admin

The Week

Prosecutors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, sought a new arrest warrant Wednesday for Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager charged with killing two people during an Aug. 25 protest against the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man now paralyzed from the waist down. The prosecutors said Rittenhouse has violated the terms of his $2 million bond by moving without informing the court or providing his new address. After a court filing sent to Rittenhouse was returned as undeliverable Jan. 28, Kenosha detectives visited Rittenhouse's listed address and discovered another man has been living there since mid-December, prosecutors explained. It is "extremely unusual for a defendant facing a charge of first-degree intentional homicide in Kenosha County to post cash bond and be released from custody pending trial," prosecutors said in their motion. "Rarely does our community see accused murderers roaming about freely." Along with Rittenhouse's arrest, they asked the court to increase his bond by $200,000, noting that since his $2 million bond had been paid from a "dubious internet fundraising campaign," Rittenhouse "has no financial stake in the bond" and no incentive to cooperate since "he is already facing the most serious possible criminal charges and life in prison." Rittenhouse's lawyer, Mark Richards, responded Wednesday night, saying his client is in an undisclosed "safe house" due to death threats and "has stayed in constant contact" with his lawyers, if not the courts. He said he had offered to provide prosecutors with the new address if they would keep it secret, and they declined. Rittenhouse, now 18, is accused of fatally shooting Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, and wounding a third man. He says he fired in self-defense. Prosecutors sought to amend the terms of his bail last month after video footage captured him drinking with a group of Proud Boys at a Wisconsin bar and flashing white-power hand signs. It is legal for 18-year-olds to drink in bars in Wisconsin if a parent is present, and Rittenhouse's mom was apparently at the bar with him. More stories from theweek.com5 scathing cartoons about the GOP's Marjorie Taylor Greene problemPro-worker Republicans go missingSherrod Brown publicly shames Rand Paul for not wearing a mask on the Senate floor

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Baltimore Comes In Second On Orkin's List Of Cities With Most Bed Bugs - Yahoo News

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