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  Friday 23rd of September 2022 16:45 PM

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Take a look inside a $650 NYC apartment the size of a parking space – Insider

September 23rd, 2022 by admin

New Yorkers love to complain about living in small apartments, but they've probably never lived in a place as small as Alaina Randazzo's place which doesn't even have a bathroom in the unit.

A video from YouTuber Caleb Simpson featuring Randazzo's 80 feet by 150 feet apartment the equivalent of a standard parking space has been viewed by more than 2.3 million amazed (and horrified) viewers, many of whom were shocked that the 25-year-old chose to live in such cramped quarters.

But what it lacks in square footage it makes up for in price Randazzo pays only $650 a month for the apartment, which is located in Manhattan's midtown. That's an impressively small number, given that the median New York rent is now $4,100 per month, according to a report from Douglas Elliman.

Randazzo, who works in fashion media, told Insider she previously sublet a room in a luxury high-rise for $2,500 a month. But she didn't like the "micromanaging" management at her building or the fact that she never left the building because it had so many amenities.

So earlier this year she began looking for a new place. She had initially wanted the apartment directly below the one she currently has. "It had a bathroom in the unit, and I think an oven," she said, but someone snapped it up before she could see it. Despite its small size, Randazzo told Simpson getting her current apartment was actually quite competitive.

"There were so many people touring the apartment when I came, and the agent was just like, you're really fun, I think you should have it," she said, calling the unit a "hot commodity."

The Missouri native moved into the space in February. She said she initially had some reservations about the unit, and her parents worried that it might be a hoax, but so far, so great. She's saving and investing her money, and with more pocket change, she's much more likely to bop around the city, exploring local cafes, traveling, and spending money on premium dog-watching services for her dog. "I mean, he's pampered," she says.

"I feel like this apartment's definitely for someone who's on the go because I honestly will use it just to sleep here," she said, noting that she often spends time away for work or travel. "Last week was fashion week. I was literally not home."

Take a look at what might be the smallest apartment in New York City.

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Take a look inside a $650 NYC apartment the size of a parking space - Insider

In America, Clean Water Is Becoming a Luxury Mother Jones – Mother Jones

September 23rd, 2022 by admin

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I cant forget to turn the kettle on before bed. In the morning, Ill need that water to wash my hands and brush my teeth. The rest Ill carefully store in the fridge, away from light and bacteria. Its a routine I shared with at least 1,500 neighborsfor the better part of a weekwhen E. coli bacteria tainted West Baltimores water, bringing risks from stomach bugs to lethal kidney disease. Welcome to life without clean, running water.

Across the country, extreme weather is accelerating breakdowns decades in the making. Storms are battering old water and wastewater networks, many with parts built a century ago or more for vastly different climate conditions. Floods are overwhelming existing facilities, sometimes contaminating water at the source.

Baltimore officials still cant pinpoint a cause, but storms caused dire flooding here in August, and thats contaminated the water before. Such storms are getting more common and less predictable, with climate change the likely reason. Rising sea levels make coastal floods even more dangerous, despite mitigation plans. A 2019 storm even flooded our harbor with more than a million gallons of sewage. And Baltimore is far from the only example.

Running water is everything, which you dont realize fully until youre without. Your morning coffee? Bottled or pre-boiled water. Pets? They need theirs bottled or boiled, too. Showers? Fine, if you keep your mouth closed throughout. But thats harder for kids, and the CDC recommends using bottled or boiled water (cooled first!) to bathe them. Are you one of the lucky few who found powdered infant formula? Dont forget to use bottled water, too. But city officials, after telling us to do just that, set up exactly three bottled-water pickup spots for everybody at risk.

This is all more likely to sound familiar if you live in a largely Black or Indigenous zip code. In Nevada, a recent report found that the number of Native families without indoor plumbing is actually increasing, and there remain Indigenous communities from South Dakota to Alaska without running water at all. Residents of Jackson, Mississippi, endured close to two months under a boil-water notice that was lifted last week.

Jacksons water system was already subject to a 2012 EPA consent decree. Its pipes and sewers are riddled with breaks, driving sewage problems that, despite the decree, only got worse. Torrential rainfall in July, which led to floods at a water treatment facility, were the final straw. A broken pump left thousands of residents with undrinkable wateror none at all. My five days were a breeze by comparison.

Much of the wider national water system traces to massive, state-funded postwar development projects, or retrofits to meet the new standards of the 1972 Clean Water Act. But the lifespan of a typical drinking water plant is 60 to 70 years. A 2020 report from the American Society of Civil Engineers says were in a replacement era: most drinking water pipes in the country need to be repaired or replaced by 2040. In 2019, ASCE found, wed have needed $129 billion in public funding to stay on trackbut total capital spending on water infrastructure at the local, state, and federal levels was approximately $48 billion, leaving a gap almost double the size.

Water, it turns out, cant flow unless cash does. You need continual funding, so that you can have projects planned, explains Natalie Exum, an environmental health scientist at Johns Hopkins University. Projects like water-source protection, reliable drinking water treatment, and installing new piping are how communities avoid the reactive band-aid projects that youre stuck with in a crisis.

We already pay a high price for disinvestment. Some six billion gallons of treated waterimagine 9,000 swimming poolsare lost daily to broken water mains. Meanwhile, from 1977 to 2017, federal spending on water infrastructure fell from 63 percent to just 9 percent of total need. Another study found that closing the roughly $81 billion water infrastructure underfunding gap could generate up to $200 billion in economic activity, and as many as 1.3 million jobs.

The same principle holds at the household level: if you can spend in advance, youll be much safer. Most people cant. In almost every way, I was unusually prepared. After begging our landlord for months, I got a dishwasher with a sanitize cyclebut many neighbors didnt, and had to wash dishes in any boiled water they could spare. Ive reported on too many climate and water disasters not to keep a large Costco pack of bottled water at home, and my partner is the son of doomsday preppers, so we have food-safe containers and water filters in the closet.

But E. coli first appeared in Sandtown-Winchester, an almost entirely Black neighborhood now best known as Freddie Grays home. One-third of its row houses are empty; one-third of people living there are in poverty. And emergency preparation isnt too cheap. (The public school where my partner teaches didnt have to change a thingits water was already unsafe, thanks to lead pipes.)

Austerity gets expensive sooner than later. The infamous Flint, Michigan, water crisis started with a plan to save $5 million by making the Flint River the citys main water source. Its costs have been almost unimaginable: $626 million to help treat some 20,000 children exposed to dangerous levels of lead, $53 million in legal fees alone. Then there are the social and economic knock-on effectsamong them, kids coping with lead-based brain damage are more likely to age into worse jobs, less money, and higher odds of arrest and criminalization. That still leaves the unquantifiable value of human life. By CDC estimates, low-level lead poisoning took about 1760 years of healthy life from Flints kids.

The Biden Administration is trying to fill some of the underlying holes. Its Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act sets aside EPA funding for water programs to the tune of $50 billion over five years, the largest contribution to water infrastructure that the federal government has ever made. More than $20 billion will go to safe drinking water, and another $15 billion to replacing lead pipes. Even that pales next to some of the bills spending, and its a drop in a well that weve been depleting for decades. But its spending on water does include earmarks for underserved communities and those most at risk, bringing them an estimated 40,000 jobs.

Our crisis in Baltimore overlapped not just with Jacksons, but another in a Manhattan public housing complex, where 2,600 people went eight days without water after now-disputed tests surfaced arsenic. A month earlier, 130,000 Michigan residents went a hot August day without water when a main failed. All evidence points to the likelihood that well see more boil-water notices and system disruptions each year.

Water failures and natural disasters are closely tied, one of many relationships that mean we cant tackle climate and infrastructure separatelyor guard public health without deep investments in both. You want to have those water notices be short-lived, so that you can still maintain the publics trust, says Exum, the environmental scientist. But the more frequently its happening, the harder it is to trust the system.

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In America, Clean Water Is Becoming a Luxury Mother Jones - Mother Jones

How to Move Without Taking Roaches (and Other Pests) With You – Lifehacker

August 13th, 2022 by admin

Photo: candy candy (Shutterstock)

I had a friend who once lived in a small, run-down apartment in Manhattan that was infested with roaches. When she moved out, she told me she had to inspect just about everything she owned because the nightmarish bugs were literally everywhere. (That was, understandably, the main reason she was moving in the first place.) If youre moving out of a place thats slowly filling up with roaches, bedbugs, moths, or other pests, you obviously dont want to repeat the experience. To avoid moving a civilization of insects with you, heres what you can do.

Your first step is to check everything. Roaches and other pests can hide just about anywherethats how they seem to appear out of nowhere. If you just pack up all your stuff without doing any due diligence, youll almost certainly be acting as a Roach Uber. Before packing a thing, check:

Concerning those cardboard boxesyes, theyre cheap and plentiful, but if you can swing it a much better choice for moving your possessions is a sealable plastic container. This will ensure that once youve certified something as pest-free, it will stay that way.

After checking for infestations, the next step is to clean everything. And I mean everything. Youre waging a war here, this is not time to slack off or get lazy. Wash or dry clean all your clothes (on hot, unless the label says otherwise) and immediately pack them into plastic containers. Run the dishwasher (again, on the hottest setting) and pack your flatware and cooking utensils directly from the dishwasheragain, in plastic bins if you can.

G/O Media may get a commission

Wash yourselfone of the last things you should do after packing up your stuff and cleaning an infested apartment or house youve been living in is to take a hot shower and change into fresh clothes. Pack the clothes youve been wearing in plastic (or wash them, or possibly burn them) and hit the road before anything can attach itself to you.

Finally, once youve inspected, cleaned, and removed all your stuff and are as sure as you can be that nothing is hitching a ride with you to your new place, you should call an exterminator or at least perform a DIY pretreatment of your new space. Your new home will be empty and (presumably) clean, so this is a perfect opportunity to inspect it for signs of bugs, then apply insecticides to make sure they dont come in after youve settled. With no furniture, dishware, or clothing in the way, you can get into the nooks and crannies and other hidden spots.

You might also consider a bedbug mattress cover, since youre starting fresh. These can help prevent bedbugs from getting into your bedding in the first place, and since you just spent all that time and energy cleaning every aspect of your life, why not make it count?

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How to Move Without Taking Roaches (and Other Pests) With You - Lifehacker

Pick Me! Renters offer landlords and agents free stuff to beat the competition for NYC apartments – Brick Underground

June 30th, 2022 by admin

Unless youve been living under a rockand even thats probably too pricey in New York City these daysyou know that rents here are wilding right now. Inventory is low, listings are flying off the market, and bidding wars are trending. Lines snake around the block for open houses as if a sneaker drop is about to happen.

So New York City rentersalways a savvy and creative bunchare trying to beat the competition by sweetening the deal for landlords and agents by offering things like designer clothing discounts, tickets to showseven fancy cheese. Others are offering to do things in the apartmentat their own expense. (The agents quoted here did not accept these gifts, it should be noted.)

Does waving a gift get the right kind of attention? You be the judge. Read on for ways renters are trying to win over renters and agents in this crazy rental market.

NeighborhoodManhattanBronxBrooklynQueensStaten IslandWestchesterJersey CityHoboken

Priceup to $2,000up to $3,000up to $4,000up to $5,000up to $6,000up to $7,000up to $8,000up to $9,000no maximum

Bedroomsstudioat least 1 bedroomat least 2 bedroomsat least 3 bedroomsat least 4 bedrooms5 or more bedrooms

Bathroomsat least 1 bathroomat least 1.5 bathroomsat least 2 bathroomsat least 2.5 bathroomsat least 3 bathroomsat least 3.5 bathroomsat least 4 bathrooms4.5 or more bathrooms

At 173 Luquer St. in Carroll Gardens, I just rented a lovely, top-floor one-bedroom with office, which listed at $3,000 per month.After one night of showings, we had 19 applications. Some renters offered $3,550 although neither the owners nor I were asking for higher offers. In the end, the owners chose a well-qualified tenant who offered to repaint the living room from blue to white at their own expense and kept the rent at $3,000. I was sad to have to advise [the other, higher bidders] about the owners first choice. Its a very difficult rental market at the moment!Dena Driver, an agent at Brown Harris Stevens

My landlord client was offered a 50 percent discount at Gucci and Chanel. Apparently the prospective renter works at a luxury clothing store and promised to pass along their discount. The apartment was a two bedroom, one bath in Williamsburg, but the candidates did not meet the financial criteria and their offer was declined.The apartment was listed at $3,900 and ended up getting rented at $4,200 to a different tenant. Marisol Banuelos, an agent at Keller Williams NYC

My client and her husbandownthree restaurants in Queens and offered to let meeat for free indefinitely in return for securing them a great apartment: A two bedroom in Forest Hills for $2,695. Parking is an additional $250 a month. They got it the apartmentand the family is so grateful. Kunal Khemlani, an agent at Living New York

Two renters offered to give tickets to the Jimmy Fallon show to the landlord of an Upper West Side two-bedroom apartment asking $3,750 that I was showing. They happened to work at the show.They got the apartment anyway, no tickets needed, because they came fully qualified and even offered a guarantor if needed. Meni Tsoukalas, an agent at BOND New York

Some people almost went crazy for a three-bedroom rental with private outdoor space I listed in East Village for $6,350! Mostly I gave tours to students who wanted to rent it with their roommates and who intended to use their parents as guarantors.One mom told me because I amFrench, she would offer me nicecheeseif shecouldget theapartment for her child. When you areFrench, people don't try to buy you with money but withcheeseand wine! Claire Collet, an agent at Living New York

One of my clients wanted to secure an 800-square foot, one-bedroom apartment in Tribeca. At just $3,870 per month rent, it was a lot cheaper than other rentals in the area. The apartment that she wanted history of bed bugs. She offered to pay for K9 bed bug inspections in her unit as well as neighboring units for one full year. This was a win-win for her, because now she will be aware of any bed bugs issues in the neighboring apartments. Diana Ludwiczak, CEO of Doctor Sniffs Bed Bug Dogs

Having been in a committed relationship for 35+ years we never felt the need to get married. We have happily lived together for most of these years in a large, two-bedroom, rent-stabilized apartment on the Upper East Side with a dining alcove, sun-filled rooms and plenty of closet space. Did I mention it is in a luxury doorman building right by the subway? We are paying less than a third of what everyone else in the building is paying. But now because we are getting older and only one of our names is on the lease, we asked management to allow both of us to be on it. We were told only married partners can be added. So this spring we went to the justice of the peace and tied the knotall for a rent-stabilized apartment. Till death do us part. Anonymous Upper East Side renter

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Pick Me! Renters offer landlords and agents free stuff to beat the competition for NYC apartments - Brick Underground

Can My Co-op Charge Me to Get Rid of the Bedbugs in My Apartment? – The New York Times

June 11th, 2022 by admin

Q: I live in a small Manhattan co-op. Last summer, my apartment had a bedbug infestation, which I treated by calling an exterminator. The process entailed multiple visits and cost several thousand dollars. I never billed the co-op, partly out of embarrassment, even though I might have been able to. I later learned that my upstairs neighbor also had bedbugs and treated them on her own. Now a year later, the board is updating its proprietary lease so that the treatment of bedbugs is entirely the responsibility of tenants. Can it do that? Do any state laws govern a co-ops response to bug infestations?

A: New York City tenants, including co-op shareholders, are entitled to live in apartments free of bedbugs. As the landlord, your co-op board is legally obligated to exterminate bedbug infestations and prevent them from returning, although the rules dont say who has to pay for the treatment. The city gives landlords 30 days to deal with the issue. The co-op is also required to file an annual report with the city and provide residents with a written notice of the buildings bedbug history.

Theres a practical reason for this: Bedbugs like to move around, frequently spreading to neighboring apartments, which could explain why you and your neighbor had an infestation around the same time.

The co-op is in the best position to handle a building-wide infestation, said Lisa A. Smith, a real estate lawyer and partner in the Manhattan office of the law firm Smith, Gambrell & Russell. The board can call a qualified professional who can treat the affected unit and inspect neighboring ones. The neighbors are not going to do that among themselves, Ms. Smith said.

Treating the infestation is one thing. Paying for it is another: The board could foist that bill onto shareholders. Most co-ops and landlords pay for extermination costs, while tenants pay for the costs associated with preparing their apartments for extermination and containing the infestation. The real cost is the prep, Ms. Smith said. Tenants, for example, often replace mattresses and sofas, and dry clean and wash all their clothes and linens.

Look at the proposed change to the lease and see what it says. Per city and state housing rules, the board cannot abdicate its responsibility to exterminate. It can pass extermination costs along to shareholders, but you can push back; those costs are not extraordinary for a building, but they may be large enough to stop an individual shareholder from coming forward about an infestation.

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Can My Co-op Charge Me to Get Rid of the Bedbugs in My Apartment? - The New York Times

NYC sues ‘worst’ landlord who has racked up over 1,900 violations – 6Sqft

April 6th, 2022 by admin

Streetview of Moshe Pillers East 172nd Street buildings 2022 Google Maps

The city this week filed a lawsuit against landlord Moshe Piller, who has accumulated over 1,900 violations for dangerous conditions across 15 buildings he owns in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Mayor Eric Adams on Thursday said the purpose of the lawsuit is to pressure Piller to repair his property or face tens of millions in civil penalties.

The time of landlords openly flouting the law and harassing tenants is over. This lawsuit sends a clear message that those who break the law will pay, Adams said in a statement.

For years, Moshe Piller has ignored his responsibilities as a landlord and racked up more than 1,900 violations landing him a spot as one of the citys worst landlords. While Piller made millions in profits, his tenants paid the price. Our administration wont allow people to willfully endanger the safety and well-being of their tenants.

The lawsuit lays out infractionscommittedby Piller, including work performed without a permit and repeated failures to immediately correct dangerous conditions at properties posing risks to tenants.

At Pillers property at 1742-1758 East 172nd Street in the Soundview section of the Bronx, the Department of Housing Preservation & Development has issued 189 violations, the Department of Buildings has issued 150 violations, and the Fire Department of New York has issued six violations.

These violations include dangerous elevator safety conditions, unsafe electrical wiring, work without a permit, lead-based paint hazards, and a lack of having multiple self-closing doors to contain a fire, the same violation that contributed to the scale of devastation in Januarys Bronx fire.

Many of these same violationswere found at Pillers other properties in Brooklyn and Manhattan, with the landlords property at 730-760 Rogers Avenue, located on the Prospect Lefferts Gardens/ Flatbush border, issued 262 violations, whichranged from illegal partitions of additional apartments or rooms to bed bugs infestations and mold.

The lawsuit is oneexample of the citys recent efforts to crack down on negligent landlords. Early in March, the city increased enforcement at 250 apartment buildings in the five boroughs that collectively accumulated almost 40,000 open housing maintenance code violations.

Piller is ranked28th on the public advocates 2021 Worst Landlord Watchlist and has faced criticism for years from tenant organizations likethe Flatbush Tenant Coalition.

It is time for Moshe Piller to finally see real consequences for harassing tenants and forcing us to live in dangerous conditions. Right now, we have a roof that leaks whenever it rains. Hes endangered peoples lives right here in Brooklyn and in the Bronx, Altagrace Aime, tenant leader of the Flatbush Tenant Coalition, said in a statement.

For years, Moshe Piller has been targeting tenants, taking us to court for nonpayment, and trying to evict us, all while he ignores repairs and acts like the law doesnt apply to him. Hes been overcharging us, hes been harassing us, and now hes trying to use the pandemic to collect even more money, while we live in decrepit and dangerous conditions. Enough is enough from Moshe Piller.


Tags : Department of Buildings, Eric Adams, FDNY, New York City Department of Housing Preservation & Development, worst landlords list

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NYC sues 'worst' landlord who has racked up over 1,900 violations - 6Sqft

To Open Homeless Shelters, N.Y.C. Relied on Landlord With Checkered History – The New York Times

December 21st, 2021 by admin

In addition to owning dozens of buildings used as shelters, Mr. Levitan has another source of steady revenue: He operates a for-profit maintenance company, Liberty One, that performs upkeep at many of his properties. At the building he bought in 2018 in College Point, Queens, the maintenance company was paid more than $800,000 in the last fiscal year money that also comes from the city, according to budget documents.

City contracting rules require the nonprofit groups running shelters to control costs by soliciting at least three independent bids for services. But in two cases identified in an independent audit and a lease Mr. Levitan required nonprofit groups to use his company without bidding, The Times found.

Mr. Levitan said there was zero requirement that nonprofit groups hire his company. However, Mr. McGinn, the city spokesman, said a review, done in response to questions from The Times, had discovered such a provision in one groups lease. He called the arrangement inappropriate and said it would be changed.

Mr. Levitan also owns an extermination company used in at least one of the new shelters, according to city records and a corporate disclosure. When ants infested some rooms in the building in the Mott Haven neighborhood in the Bronx, his company, Squash Exterminating, was called in to help.

Mr. Levitan said he started both the maintenance and the extermination company to streamline operations and provide better services.

In the more than two decades that he has been enmeshed in New Yorks homelessness machinery, Mr. Levitan has been repeatedly accused of neglect and poor conditions at some of his buildings.

In 2014, elected officials battled a plan to open a permanent shelter in Elmhurst, Queens, in the former Pan American hotel, which was owned by a limited liability company connected to Mr. Levitan. Residents of that building, which housed hundreds of homeless families, reported infestations of bedbugs, peeling lead paint and a lack of heat or hot water. The New York Daily News published a video, provided by tenants, of a growing horde of rats near a childrens play area.

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To Open Homeless Shelters, N.Y.C. Relied on Landlord With Checkered History - The New York Times

5 Signs You Don’t Have Bed Bugs – Glen Environmental

November 4th, 2021 by admin

One of the nasty and vexing creatures are the bed bugs. To the untrained eye, the bites of the bed bugs could be confused with that of the other insects. From itchy red welts to black spots, rust spits and musty odor; are some of the most common signs that tell the presence of bed bug infestation.

Unlike the blood-suckers or mosquitoes, the bed bugs inject a numbing agent before biting. Each of the bugs feeds about 10 to 15 minutes per week before they return back to their hiding place. The most common sign of a bite from the bed bugs are the splotchy welts that appear in a zigzag pattern. You have to look out for specific signs and symptoms to be assured that there are no bed bugs in your house.

Here are the 5 signs to watch out for in order to be assured there are no bed bugs present in your house.

These are the signs to watch out for to be assured your bed is not infested with bed bugs. The absence of the above-mentioned signs would confirm the absence of bed bugs in your home.

5 Signs You Don't Have Bed Bugs - Glen Environmental

Heres Why I Opted for Furniture Rental – Yahoo News

November 4th, 2021 by admin

My go-to conversation starter at parties is that in the last 10 years, Ive moved a total of 14 times. From Detroit to El Salvador, back to Michigan, then to California and Chicago, and around again. You could say that Im somewhat of a relocation expert. Most recently, I transported to New York, and in the five months that Ive been here, Ive already lived in two different Brooklyn apartments.

Although each move has been unique and challenging in its own right, New York City felt like a proper hazing. I dealt with a trifecta of infestations: Mice (which, to my dismay, I discovered while doing a video interview with singer Giveon), massive roaches that my landlord tried to convince me were water bugs, and the icing on my critter cakebed bugs. It was the latter that finally pushed me over the edge, and into my new, dreamy apartment in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Pacing the empty living room of my former infested abode for the last time, I contemplated the recurring challenges I faced throughout my 14 moves: Spending countless hours vetting hundreds of apartments, the time and stress of packing and unpacking, dealing with disinterested real estate agents, and reacquainting myself to a new neighborhood, to name a few. But the thing I just couldnt get past was the maddening amount of time andmost maddeninglymoney I devoted to meticulously furnishing an apartment only to have to move or sell everything for half the price a year later.

Not only did my bank account end up destroyed as a result, but so did the world around me. Some of my things ended up in landfills, which according to the EPA, is the fate for 12.2 million tons of furniture in a single year, not including rugs and carpets (an additional 3.4 million tons).

A view of the rental furniture carefully placed in the authors living room.

About a week after moving into my new apartment, I was laying on a queen-sized air mattress in my empty bedroom and flipping through Instagram stories when a solution manifested through the apps ultra-invasive algorithm. Dont buy furniture, conjure it, the advertisement read in an italic, serif typeface. Curious about what exactly that meant, I tapped over to the companys page, where I saw countless posts of chic sofas and side tables, among other youthful pieces. The account belonged to Conjure, a one-year-old New York furniture rental company that curates pieces inspired by Manhattans chicest neighborhoods, like the East Village, Soho, and Tribeca.

Story continues

I was puzzled. Furniture rental? Ive rented enough apartments, cars, and clothing to last a lifetime, so why had I never before considered the idea of renting furniture? The more deeply I thought about it, the more brilliant the concept became. For a 20-something professional with no roots, it doesnt really make sense to continually pour money into new furniture that gets hauled from place to place. What if I got a new job in six months and have to move again? Or if I lost my job and had to move back home, would I have to pay for a stale, overpriced storage unit to hold my bed, coffee table, dresser, and chairs? Not if I rent it all.

At that point, I was basically sold, and I wasnt alone. According to Fact.MR, the U.S. furniture rental market is expected to reach $10 billion in sales by 2031, growing at 6.8% per year until then and doubling the growth rate from 2016 to 2020. In simpler terms, more people are gravitating toward furniture rental as a means to an end.

The average millennial moves 12 times before moving into their forever home, says Ilyse Kaplan, president and COO of Feather. I think that in a strange way, COVID has helped people realize that things dont need to be permanent. So for somebody who might be moving frequently [and] renting their apartment, it makes a lot of sense to rent your furniture.

A set of black cane cantilever style chairs at the dining table.

Ilyse says that Feather, a leader in the furniture rental world, is experiencing year-over-year growth across their markets. Unsurprisingly, theyve seen a 400% increase in home office demand, something that likely wont let up considering the increasing number of companies opting for permanent remote working arrangements. Another noteworthy area of growth that Ilyse points out is the 260% increase in demand for cozy things, which includes everything from comfy sofas to plush chairs. With people spending more time at home it makes sense, she says. They really just want it to be set up in a way that works for what their life is like today.

As I scrolled through Conjures website from the comfort of my slowly deflating air mattress, I was pleasantly surprised by the monthly costs of their furniture items. Renters can choose to take home pieces for anywhere from three months to a year, with the monthly cost fluctuating depending on the amount of time you plan to rent an item for. A full-size, minimal white bed frame would cost you $12 a month for a year, adding up to $144 total. The cost of Conjure delivering, assembling, and retrieving the furniture alone could cost the same price as the bed itself.

But if you only want the bed for three months, the cost inflates to $40 per month, totalling $120, which may not be worth it for everyone. After the year is up, customers have the option to buy out the furniture (which, admittedly, is an expensive option), have Conjure pick it up, or trade it for another item. Like with renting an apartment, Conjure performs a soft credit check before delivering your order. So if your score falls below 600, this option may not be for you.

After completing my order, Conjure delivered the pieces to me in less than a week. The two movers arrived on a rainy day, and despite my efforts to hurry back to Brooklyn from Midtown, they beat me to my apartment and graciously waited until I arrived. They gingerly and efficiently brought in my chairs, lamp, dresser, side table, bed frame, mattress, and mirror, all neatly packaged in cardboard boxes and plastic-wrapped.

The rental dresser in the author's bedroom.

As they unpacked the items one by one, I braced myself for what was inside. My standards werent too high, considering I knew the pieces had traveled from apartment to apartment. But to my delight, everything was clean and in pristine condition. As I scarfed down some tortellini, I watched the movers meticulously piece together every single item and place them in the spots that I requested. In the span of an hour, my blank canvas of an apartment became a home.

While I was impressed with all the pieces, I was a little unenthusiastic about the look of the tall dresser in my bedroom. After raising the concern with Conjure, they quickly arranged to swap it out with another dresser more fitting for the space. (Conjure will remove furniture you change your mind about within the first three days, free of charge. A swap out costs $99 flat.) Comment end The ability to have the piece picked up and my new dresser delivered and assembled at the click of a button felt priceless.

After a month with my rental furniture, I feel lighter knowing that I can switch up my apartment design anytime I want and, more importantly, I dont have to think about selling, moving, or storing any furniture whenever I decide to move again. Although the financial realities that have trapped many millennials (including myself) in a never-ending cycle of renting and after-pay arrangements arent pretty, at least our temporary cane cantilever chairs can be.

A side table with decorative objects.

Originally Appeared on Architectural Digest

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Heres Why I Opted for Furniture Rental - Yahoo News

Bed bug bites: Air India offers waiver rather than refund to the tourist – BOL News

October 12th, 2021 by admin

A womans tweet about bed bug bites and the pain she received while flying business class on an Air India aircraft caused quite a stir on the Internet. Saumya Shetty posted a photo of reddened bumps on her hands caused by bed insect bites to the microblogging site.

Shetty claimed that she was flying from Newark, New Jersey to Mumbai with her three children on July 18 and was denied a seat change until thirty minutes before landing the next day after appealing twice.

Shetty, who is located in Manhattan, followed up on July 20 with a tweet saying that Air India had yet to contact her about the inconvenience she had experienced. What an #airindia #businessclass would do to you? AI still has to get in touch with me in spite of my repeated attempts to get in touch with them, she added.

Talking tothe media,the 36-year-old said that she was met with a callous attitude every time she reached out on their helpline numbers.

She said, I called their helpline yesterday and asked for a refund of my tickets. I was given an email ID to write a complaint, but the mail bounced.

She was instructed to travel to a local carriers office to pursue her complaint.

According to her, The lady executive (at Nariman Point.) told me I have been mailing on the wrong email IDs. I asked whose fault was it, in that case.

The woman said Id be given a waiver, that is, Id not be charged the penalty fee for canceling tickets. When I said I wanted a refund of the tickets, she countered me by saying that I still traveled on those tickets, she added.

Originally posted here:
Bed bug bites: Air India offers waiver rather than refund to the tourist - BOL News

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