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The Tyranny of Hotness – The New York Times

November 26th, 2023 by admin

A beautiful person is so often a confrontation. Even in silence, symmetrical features announce their presence and elicit a reaction: desire, admiration, curiosity, resentment, belittlement, rage or envy. The response is rarely neutral.

In this way, beautiful people are different from comedians who have to work for a crowds attention. Comics choreograph their lines, pauses and gestures to get a laugh. Then they practice, and fail, and practice more. Why would an attractive person toil for a reaction if they dont have to?

This is why my colleague Jason Zinoman, The Timess comedy critic, recently chose to disclose a bias of his: He is skeptical of attractive men in comedy. And he isnt alone. The conventional wisdom is that male comics need to be relatable, not hot, lest their beauty distract from the bit. But that may be changing.

Stand-up stages are crawling with beautiful men. Chris Rock is showing off his abs. Jimmy Fallon smiles boyishly on late night. Trevor Noah and his dimples date actresses. An industry once known for nerdy, affable guys Jerry Seinfeld, Bob Newhart, Jim Gaffigan is becoming another venue for charmers. One annoyed late night writer complained to his peers: Youve let the popular kids appropriate the very art form that helped you deal.

No one represents this shift better than Matt Rife, a cartoonishly hot man who became famous by posting his comedy on TikTok. The platforms algorithms, which funnel attention toward people who could be in perfume ads, led to more viral videos. On Wednesday, he made his comedic debut on Netflix, with a special entitled Natural Selection.

Rife leans into his sex appeal. He styles his hair like a member of BTS, posts workout clips online and uses a shirtless photo on his website.

But his beauty doesnt only explain his popularity; its become part of his act. In the trailer for Natural Selection, he smiles for photos with screaming women and is mock arrested by police officers who, like Zinoman, are skeptical of his mixing of cheekbones with comedy. Why did the algorithm choose you? one asks. I heard he got lip filler, another replies.

In another video, Rife laments his good fortune: I cant even hang myself because my jawline will cut the rope, he said, adding a curse word.

Like a tyrant, Rifes beauty rules his comedy. But hes not a victim the day after his special was released, it became the No. 1 TV show on Netflix in the U.S. Royalties have a way of taking the sting out of envy.

Read more of Zinomans critique and our story on how Rife blew up.

U.N. workers who visited Al-Shifa, the major Gaza hospital that the Israeli military stormed four days ago, called it a death zone.

The team said several patients had died because of a lack of medical services, and reported signs of gunfire inside the hospital.

Israels seizure of Al-Shifa is central to its plan to eradicate Hamas. So far it is not clear the strategy is working, write Eric Schmitt, Ronen Bergman and Adam Goldman.

Parts of southern Gaza were hit by airstrikes, according to the U.N. and a Palestinian news agency, even as the Israeli military warns residents to evacuate from the north to the south.

President Biden used an opinion piece in The Washington Post to call for an end to extremist violence against Palestinians in the West Bank. He said the U.S. was prepared to issue visa bans against attackers.

Students are experiencing a learning loss crisis. All levels of government need to devote substantial resources to make up for lost ground, the Times editorial board writes.

Here are columns by Maureen Dowd on David Axelrod vs. Biden and Ross Douthat on Nikki Haley.

The Sunday question: Is the Supreme Courts ethics code a step in the right direction?

Recent reports about the justices conduct caused many Americans to lose trust, and the new code they have adopted will allow the court to regain that trust if they show they are following the new rules they have set, The Washington Posts editorial board writes. But no one besides the justices themselves can hold them accountable, and trust us is never an adequate answer, especially when dealing with matters of ethics, Erwin Chemerinsky writes for The Los Angeles Times.

Earlier this year I spoke with Emma Chamberlain, a pioneer of YouTube virality, about the psychological costs of online fame.

Do you think theres a natural shelf life to being a YouTube star? Both in terms of the stars ability to keep doing it and the audience staying interested?

Yes. This schedule that YouTubers put themselves on is rigorous. Theres pressure to be producing at a level that is unrealistic. Inevitably people burn out or they become too obsessed with being consistent, and they never take time off to evolve their creative side, so it becomes stale.

Your life is different from what it was when you started on YouTube: Youre in Lancme campaigns. Youre at the Met Gala. Do you worry that the rarefied circumstances of your life now might chip away at your relatability?

I have thought about this a lot. And guess what? People who have one follower on Instagram? There is no difference between me and those people. I think a lot of celebrities dont feel that way. There are some who have this experience, and they feel immortal, unstoppable. I know thats not true.

Unlike movie stars or reality-TV stars or even online influencers, the YouTube celebrity is still such a new phenomenon that we dont have much in the way of templates for what a career that started in that space tends to look like. But do you have any sense of what your arc might look like?

I have vague ideas of things that I might want to pursue when Im older. Also, if I want to quit, maybe I quit! Maybe when Im 30, Ill be like, Im done. Im going to open up a tiny coffee shop and work there and get married and have babies. No one knows!

Read more of the interview here.

If you have a frozen turkey, allow one day of thawing in the refrigerator for every four pounds of bird, and choose from our best turkey recipes. Today is a good day to plan your table setup and pick out serveware, napkins, unscented candles and drinking glasses.

Get ahead with this mashed potato casserole, which can be made two days before Thanksgiving.

Stop bedbugs from coming home with you from vacation.

Add warmth to your home with these Christmas lights.

What to Watch For

Argentina is holding a runoff presidential election today.

Biden will turn 81 and pardon two turkeys tomorrow.

The Netherlands has elections on Wednesday.

Thursday is Thanksgiving.

What to Cook This Week

Fresh ricotta is one of those magic ingredients that elevate a dish, Emily Weinstein writes in the Five Weeknight Dishes newsletter. She recommends mixing it into a pasta bake, dolloping it on a charcuterie board or using it as a cloudlike base for squash on toast a great Thanksgiving appetizer.

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The Tyranny of Hotness - The New York Times

Sioux Falls Parade of Lights Makes Top National Thanksgiving … – ESPN Sioux Falls

November 26th, 2023 by admin

For 31 years Downtown Sioux Falls has launched the holiday season with the annual Sioux Falls Parade of Lights. And, people outside of South Dakota have noticed.

Downtown Sioux Falls

When you have a good thing going people spread the word. According to, holiday traditions are made with a spirit of gratitude, reflection, and family bonding.

The most treasured Thanksgiving tradition in South Dakota is the Sioux Falls Parade of Lights. ranked it as number nine on the list of Most Cherished Thanksgiving Traditions of 2023.

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, thousands of people line Phillips Avenue in downtown Sioux Falls for mesmerizing displays of shimmering lights, intricate floats, and heartwarming performances.

Downtown Sioux Falls

We will await the awards that include the Spirit of Sioux Falls, Downtown Sioux Falls Award, Mayors Choice, Best Use of Lights, Hometown Pride Award, and Best Workmanship.

A couple of events just prior to the Parade of Lights include the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony outside of Washington Pavilion. And, the Jingle Bell Run that supports the Sioux Falls chapter of the Arthritis Foundation.

As you can imagine Black Friday shopping is the big draw to the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Tradition for some, chaos for others. As the largest shopping center in the U.S., there are acres and acres of extravagant decorations and special holiday-themed events.

Minnesotas Answer to Entertaining Thanksgiving Relatives is The Loop

Ranked as the #5 Thanksgiving tradition, you could spend the entire Thanksgiving weekend at the Mall of America shopping, eating, and experiencing over 25 rides at the Nickelodeon Universe.

[WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter private or abandoned property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing.]

Gallery Credit: Sandi Hemmerlein

20 South Dakota Restaurants

Gallery Credit: Dave Roberts

Leg warmers, pillbox hats, and overalls are a few of the most memorable fashion trends over the last 100 years. Take a trip down memory lane and explore these trends.

Gallery Credit: Andrew Lisa

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Sioux Falls Parade of Lights Makes Top National Thanksgiving ... - ESPN Sioux Falls

A Lot of Minnesotans Need an Extra Vacation…After a Vacation – Minnesota’s New Country

November 18th, 2023 by admin

Man, vacations can be EXHAUSTING, amirite?

Cramming all of the things we want to do but can't because of "work" and "bills" into a few days can leave us...well, in need of another vacation.

A post-vacation vacation? A 2ndvacation, like 2nd breakfast in Lord of the Rings but unfortunately out here in the real world with no shires or murderous towers eyeballing us for jewelry?

I wanna go to there (Photo by Thomas Schweighofer on Unsplash)

Traveling abroad (that's not very nice!) can leave us drained. We call it "jet lag". So, when we get to a vacation destination, we need a brief reprieve before embarking on our rest and relaxation.

Make it make sense.

Heck international travelers say that they begin to prepare for their fancy out-of-the-Midwest trips over TWO WEEKS before takeoff. I'm well-known (among exes) for not packing for cross-country travel until 5 minutes after we were supposed to leave for the airport.

Way to go, ding dong! (Photo by Arturo Rey on Unsplash)

Of course, sitting in a (hopefully consistently) flying metal tube for hours can be exhausting, especially if you're stuck in the middle seat. Nobody wants that, and if you do you're in dire need of attention. Perhaps try voicing a controversial opinion on the internet instead.

The MIDDLE seat?!?! (Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash)

If you're traveling this season, be sure to plan ahead. Try to pack ahead of time, too. Just because I can't learn my lesson doesn't mean you can't use me as an example of what not to do. It's part of my karmic community service.

You're welcome!

H/T: SWNSdigital

[WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter private or abandoned property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing.]

Gallery Credit: Sandi Hemmerlein

Here are the best ways to survive your hotel stay with little kids!

Gallery Credit: Heidi Kaye

Making your flight is stressful enough without a toddler in tow. Dont just wing it! Follow these helpful tips for making your air travel a pretty fly experience.

Gallery Credit: Heidi Kaye

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A Lot of Minnesotans Need an Extra Vacation...After a Vacation - Minnesota's New Country

The Bed Bugs in Paris: Here’s What We Know So Far – Cond Nast Traveler

October 16th, 2023 by admin

Heres a sentence I never thought Id write: bedbugs have taken over the city of Paris, and we are now faced with the prospect that the outbreak could travel overseas. The infestation began just before Paris Fashion Week (yes, these bugs have good taste), when reports broke of increased sightings of the insects in homes, cinemas, trains and even hospitals. Now, questions are being asked about the safety of traveling to and from Paris; what we can do to prevent the spread, and whether the critters are already settling in our mattresses. Below, we answer all your questions about travel and the bedbug spread.

Bedbugs typically reside in mattresses and bed frames.

The city is no stranger to travelersParis is the worlds most-visited city with 44 million tourists in 2022. Nor is it a stranger to bedbugs: between 2017 and 2022, more than one in 10 French households reported bedbug infestations, according to ANSES, the French health and safety agency. But ANSES reports that the upsurge in bed-bug infestations in recent years has been due in particular to the rise in travel and the increasing resistance of bedbugs to insecticides. In other words, these particular bedbugs have mutated to become superbugs: they have evolved to create defenses and adaptations against certain chemicals typically used to destroy them.

The insects typically reside in mattresses and bed frames, lying in wait for humans to go to sleep before they crawl up and suck blood for their tea. But they can also travel via humans, hitching a ride on clothing, suitcases and hand luggage to travel the world and explore horizons new.

Yes. Paris is a big city, and while the infestation is being widely reported, it isn't everywhere. You can check with your hotel or property prior to arrival to ensure they dont currently have an infestation, and ask what measures are in place to help guests. There is no guidance on the US government website to suggest that traveling to Paris is currently unsafe. Keep reading for top tips on how to check your hotel room for bedbugs and how to avoid taking them home.

See the rest here:
The Bed Bugs in Paris: Here's What We Know So Far - Cond Nast Traveler

Bedbugs arent just in Paris. Theres a global resurgence. –

October 16th, 2023 by admin

On a brisk morning last month, the deputy mayor of Paris, Emmanuel Grgoire, stood in front of a French TV camera with a serious look on his face and said: No one is safe.

He wasnt talking about the threat of climate change or some frightening new virus. He was talking about bedbugs.

For the blissfully unaware, bedbugs are small wingless insects that bite humans and feast on our blood, often at night. They find us by sensing the carbon dioxide in our breath and our body heat. While bedbugs can carry a large number of pathogens, they dont seem to transmit diseases to humans, though they do produce itchy welts.

In recent weeks, viral videos showing insects that look like bedbugs on the Paris metro and trains, and sightings of bedbugs in movie theaters and at the airport, have fueled fears of a widespread outbreak across the city. People have been panicking. These little insects are spreading despair in our country, a French politician told Parliament earlier this month, urging the prime minister to act. (She brought a vial of bed bugs with her into the chamber, presumably in an effort to strengthen her point.)

Elevating these concerns is the looming Summer Olympics, which will take place in Paris just 10 months from now. Millions of people will descend on Paris for the Games. And you know what likes millions of people? Bedbugs.

The extent of the current outbreak isnt clear, and most of the sightings have not been confirmed. Videos, news reports, and memes have almost certainly made the problem seem far bigger than it really is (go figure!).

But this isnt exactly good news. Paris certainly does have bed bugs. So does Chicago, New York, and every other major city in the world. These bloodsuckers are, unfortunately, everywhere.

It gets worse: Over the last two decades, theres been a global resurgence in bedbugs, according to a recent scientific review, following lows in the mid-20th century. The resurgence has been widespread, affecting virtually every sector of society, the authors wrote.

Scientists say this surge is unlikely to wane anytime soon. So for now, its a bedbugs world. Welcome.

No matter how potent the threat of bedbugs may feel today, I promise that it used to be worse. These insects have been gorging on our legs and arms and crotches for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Egypt long before the invention of chemical pesticides.

In the 1800s, some London hotels were so infested that lodgers were advised to become half-drunk to obtain some sleep, according to the recent scientific review. Entire buildings would be burned down in order to stamp out an infestation. It was the golden age of bedbugs (at least from the perspective of a bedbug).

The tables turned in the 1940s, when the chemical DDT was popularized as an insecticide. During World War II, militaries sprayed DDT to control mosquito-borne diseases, such as malaria, as well as body lice. It was also shown to be highly effective at killing bedbugs. Along with other newly developed pesticides, DDT helped wipe out bedbug populations. By the 1960s, bedbug infestations were rare, at least among wealthy nations, according to the review.

For the next few decades, citizens in the US and Europe enjoyed evenings largely free of bedbug bites, even after DDT was banned in the US in 1972 (for its harmful impacts on humans and wildlife). But the reprieve obviously didnt last.

Around the turn of the century, the parasites began reentering peoples homes and beds in droves, according to reports from the UK, US, Australia, Japan, and a handful of other countries. In Australia, for example, infestations of bed bugs rose by an estimated 4,500 percent between 1999 and 2006. There isnt clear data on the number of infestations in the US, though in 2010 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Environmental Protection Agency issued a joint statement, warning of an alarming resurgence of these pests.

That brings us to today. Bedbugs are back. Why?

There are some obvious reasons. More people live in cities now, and bedbugs love densely packed warm bodies. Were also traveling more than ever before, giving bedbugs an opportunity to spread (see: horror stories of bedbugs in Airbnbs).

But the main reason why its boom time for bedbugs, according to the review, is that theyve evolved resistance to many pesticides, our main line of defense. Indeed, these critters are now resistant to most of the major classes of insecticides, the review states, including pyrethroids, which is still one of the most commonly used insecticides. Theyve also developed resistance to DDT, which attacks insects in a similar way to pyrethroids.

Insecticides, especially the use of pyrethroids, are useless, said Chow-Yang Lee, a professor of urban entomology at the University of California Riverside and a co-author of the recent review. That will never get rid of bedbugs.

Theres also some evidence that powders like diatomaceous earth which is designed to kill the bugs by drying them out no longer work either. At least some of the insects have evolved resistance to desiccation, Lee said.

That doesnt mean bedbugs are impossible to destroy. High temperatures, around 113 degrees Fahrenheit and above, kill the insects, and research suggests that they arent likely to evolve heat tolerance. So do extremely cold temperatures. Fumigation using highly toxic chemicals and insecticide combinations can work too, Lee said, especially when theyre used repeatedly.

But these effective options come with a very important caveat: Theyre expensive.

Low-income communities often cant afford these eradication methods, Lee said, which can cost several hundred to thousands of dollars for a single apartment. Large complexes might hire an exterminator, but he or she may only spend a few minutes in each unit spraying chemicals that dont work, he said.

These communities may also be home to elderly folks who cant easily vacate their apartments for treatment; the exterminator has to work around them, so theyll undoubtedly miss some spots. These less-affluent communities are considered reservoirs that can spread bedbugs throughout a city, Lee said.

The biggest challenge when it comes to treating bedbugs is cost, Lee said.

While its hard to eradicate bedbugs, its relatively easy to avoid them.

Heres a tip: When you enter a hotel or Airbnb, immediately check the mattress for reddish-brown blood stains, Lee said. After bed bugs feast, he said, they defecate, and their poop includes some staining hemoglobin (sorry). You can also look for the bugs themselves, which are visible to the naked eye; theyre roughly the size of an apple seed.

Lets say you do end up staying somewhere with bedbugs. When you get back home, Lee said, dont bring your luggage inside. Take out your clothes and put them in the dryer for at least 30 minutes (or wash them and then dry them). Then, use a garment steamer to heat-treat your luggage outside. That should kill any eggs.

Now lets say youve found them in your home. Immediately call for professional help, Lee said. Do not attempt to treat it yourself, he said. If the infestation is small, an exterminator may treat your bed or furniture with a hand-held steamer, though if theyre everywhere, the exterminator may want to fumigate or place your furniture into a heat chamber thats when the costs will go up.

Finally, a word from Lee for all of you thrifters: Be very wary about taking anything off the street, especially in cities like New York and Chicago. If you plan to take in any furniture especially sofas, chairs, beds, and mattresses you should have it heated first.

Books, too, should be treated. Do not bring them directly into the house, Lee said. If its the middle of summer or winter, you can leave the books outside for a day or two the heat or cold will force the bedbugs out or kill them. Or you can simply put them in a sealed plastic bag and place them in your freezer for a few days.

These solutions will help you avoid bites or a home invasion. Yet until cheaper effective options are available or the cost of heat treatment is subsidized for low-income communities its unlikely the bedbug problem in the US and elsewhere will be eliminated. According to the EPA, financial assistance [for bedbug treatment] is not generally available.

In the meantime, well have to learn to live with the threat of bedbugs.

We have not seen the light at the end of the tunnel, Lee said. Until we come out with some method that is affordable to everyone, we will remain in the tunnel.

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Bedbugs arent just in Paris. Theres a global resurgence. -

Bed bugs in NYC: What renters need to know – 6Sqft

October 16th, 2023 by admin

Everyones social media feeds have been flooded with startling images and videos of Paris streets filled with discarded mattresses amid a citywide bed bug infestation. New York City is no stranger to bed bugs, which faced a major outbreak a decade ago and currently ranks second on this years Orkins Top 50 Bed Bug Cities List. And now with reports that the infestation could spread throughout Europe and land in the Big Apple, New York apartment dwellers should know the best way to deal with the blood-sucking insects, from how to prevent an infestation and your rights as a tenant to the legal responsibility of property owners.

Paris is in the midst of an unrelenting bed bug infestation brought to the worlds attention by travelers posting photos and videos of the insects in the citys public transit system, on high-speed trains, and at the Charles de Gaulle airport. The news is especially troubling since Paris is set to host the 2024 Olympics, which will bring thousands of visitors from across the globe to the city.

No one is safe, Emmanuel Grgoire, Deputy Mayor of Paris, posted on X. Faced with a bed bug infestation, coordinated measures are needed that bring together health authorities, communities and all relevant stakeholders to prevent the risk and act effectively.

The city has until July 26 to get the infestation under control before visitors arrive for the Olympics.

Bed bugs are small insects commonly found in large metropolitan cities. Adult bed bugs have flat, brown oval bodies and are similar to the size of an apple seed. Younger bugs are incredibly small with translucent or whitish-yellow bodies.

They prefer to hide in small crevices found in mattresses, such as under mattress seams, inside mattresses, and in the cracks in box springs. Bed bugs are most active at night and feed on blood to grow and reproduce.

While they cant spread disease, bed bugs inflict itchy and painful bites on their victims that can sometimes lead to allergic reactions. Bed bug bites are usually clustered and aligned in a linear or circular fashion. The most common locations for bites are on the face, neck, back, chest, arms, legs, and around the crotch, according to Orkin.

There are a few ways to confirm if you have bed bugs. First, bed bugs undergo a molting process in which after feeding on blood, they shed their skin. These sheddings, which are usually the same shape and size as the bugs themselves, are indicators of an infestation. Molted skins can typically be found along mattress seams, behind headboards, along baseboards, and stuck to personal belongings, according to Virginia Tech.

Another way is to look for fecal spots, that is, the excreted waste bed bugs leave after feeding. These spots are black in color and are usually seen in groups of 10 or more. However, if the infestation is small enough, there can be as little as one or two spots.

Spots can be found along mattress seams and on the tag, on the wood frame of box springs, behind the headboard, along the tops of baseboards or the edge of carpeting, on electrical outlets, and in curtain seams close to the rod.

Tenants need to alert their landlord or building manager as soon as possible and ask them to seal any cracks and crevices to prevent more pests from entering their homes. For those who think they have bed bugs, immediately wash and dry your clothing on high heat for 30 minutes, or store them in a tightly-sealed plastic bag until you can wash them.

The citys Department of Health recommends that New Yorkers experiencing a bed bug infestation should take these measures:

You can call 311 or click here to file a bed bug complaint online.

New York City building owners are required by law to address and solve any bed bug infestations at their properties. In the five boroughs, tenants have the right to a bed bug-free home under the citys housing maintenance code, found in Subchapter 2, Article 4, which lists bed bugs as a Class B violation and considers them hazardous.

After being notified of an infestation, property owners have 30 days to correct the problem and are mandated to make sure none of the previously affected units get infested again. To eradicate the infestation, owners should hire a professional pest management service and let tenants know about the planned use of pesticides in advance.

If your landlord refuses to address the infestation or is unresponsive following the first filed complaint, tenants may file another one with the citys Department of Housing Preservation and Development by calling 311.

If a landlord blames their tenant for the infestation or continues to neglect the problem, tenants can escalate the issue by filing a complaint with the states Division of Housing and Community Renewal (for rent-regulated tenants), or by taking the property owner to housing court in an HP action, according to the Met Council on Housing.

In most cases, landlords are only responsible for covering the costs of property damages and out-of-pocket fees in situations where there is proven negligence to solve the issue on their part. If a tenant proves that the original infestation or an ongoing infestation is the result of a landlords lack of care, then tenants can make a claim for compensation to cover the costs.

For disabled or elderly residents who are unable to move furniture or clean clutter, tenants must make a request to their landlord in writing, explaining why they need their landlord to help complete these tasks. Adult Protective Services may also be able to help elderly tenants with cleaning work. More information on that can be found by calling 311.

Property owners are also required to provide their tenants with a written bed bug history notice that discloses any infestations that have occurred in their building within the last year.

To be proactive in preventing future infestations, property owners should inspect their units after a vacancy and make sure they are clean and free of pests before a new resident moves in.

Besides taking these immediate courses of action, property owners should provide their tenants with helpful information on how to identify and prevent bed bugs. They should also encourage tenants to file a report as soon as possible, and inspect all of the apartments across, above, and below the affected unit.

Landlords should also assist tenants in moving furniture or getting rid of clutter if they are unable to themselves.

The chances of bed bugs hitching a ride on you while traveling are low, but not impossible. Bed bugs have the potential to latch onto clothing and luggage, especially in places where travelers sleep.

Here are some easy steps you can take to prevent unwanted guests on your next vacation:

More recommendations from the citys Department of Health and Mental Hygiene can be found here.

See the rest here:
Bed bugs in NYC: What renters need to know - 6Sqft

Paris’s bedbug problem is probably no worse than other major cities – New Scientist

October 16th, 2023 by admin

Common bedbugs dont spread diseases, but they are an itchy nuisance

blickwinkel / Alamy

If you are a light sleeper like me, you can definitely feel it when bedbugs crawl on your skin.

My brief encounter with these ravenous insects in a prestigious manoir near Paris last year left me with long lines of red wheals down my back, arms and legs, and an itch so unbearable and relentless that I had to take prescription-strength antihistamines for more than a week.

Fortunately, I knew the simple, immediate steps I had to take to keep the apple seed-sized bugs from coming home with me. Many others havent been so fortunate. As it prepares for millions of visitors to arrive for the 2024 Summer Olympics, the city of Paris is battling a significant resurgence of these blood-sucking bugs, in the words of Emmanuel Grgoire, the deputy mayor.

Not only are bedbugs now in peoples homes, they are also in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, cinemas and public transportation systems and are rapidly spreading throughout France, says Grgoire. He is urging the countrys federal government to act immediately to rein in the crisis, starting with financial assistance so that lower-income families can afford effective treatment for their homes. Professional extermination usually requires several house calls, costing well over 900.

But the state of panic has been fuelled by social media posts and international news coverage that exaggerate a much less serious problem, says Arezki Izri at the Sorbonne Paris North University. There is no scientific evidence of any increase in infestation rates this year, despite all the media attention.

The only existing survey of bedbug infestations in France showed that 11 per cent of French homes were infested between 2017 and 2022. Izri thinks rates in 2023 are probably about the same and are roughly equivalent to rates in other major cities in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.

People are going crazy over a media buzz, he says. I had a woman call me in a panic today threatening to jump out a window because shes terrified she brought home bedbugs from a trip. What we need is better education about these bugs.

Common bedbugs (Cimex lectularius) and tropical bedbugs (Cimex hemipterus) are two of about 90 species in the Cimex genus that consume human blood, with the other Cimex species mainly targeting bats and birds. They can harbour up to 40 kinds of bacteria, fungi, parasites and other infectious agents, but so far there is no evidence that they transmit any diseases to humans.

Still, their saliva causes mild to severe allergic reactions in up to 90 per cent of those they biteand can bring about secondary skin infections and sleep deprivation. They can also lead to psychological issues, mostly related to the stress of getting rid of the bugs and social stigma, even though studies show socioeconomic status and cleanliness have nothing to do with infestation rates.

Humans and bedbugs have been cohabitating ever since they both lived in caves 11,000 years ago and probably before. Eighty years ago, potent insecticides like pyrethroids began to be used wipe out large populations of the bugs in industrialised nations. Entire generations of people came to know bedbugs as something almost folkloric.

That was until 1990, when bedbugs started making a comeback, as mutants that survived insecticide treatments gave rise to lines of genetically resistant bugs. Despite news reports suggesting a sudden epidemic, Paris has actually been hosting a gradually growing population of bedbugs for decades.

The strong revival of tourism following the end of covid-19 lockdowns could, in theory, have increased the risk of infestations in Paris especially given that France is a hotspot for tourism and that French people tend to travel a lot, says Izri. That equates to millions of tourists swapping beds as they move luggage that could be unwittingly carrying parasitic passengers from hotel to Airbnb to overnight train couchette, then back home.

While the bugs cant fly or hop, they are adept crawlers that can easily run from one apartment to the next in the same building, and they can travel on used furniture as well as on peoples clothes and bags wherever they go.

Importantly, though, this doesnt mean France is exporting bedbugs across the planet. On the contrary, says Izri, it is possible that many of the countrys bedbugs are imported from the UK, the US or any other country with its own resident bedbug population.

To reduce risks, travellers should check mattress seams for tiny black waste stains, keep luggage closed and up high or in the bathroom and immediately hot wash and dry clothes once back home. If an infestation occurs, people should act quickly and without panicking to place clothes, pillows and blankets in -20C (-4F) freezers for two hours, and have other items professionally heated to 180C (356F). Chemical treatments should be avoided, as they contribute to insecticide resistance, pollute the environment and generally give a false impression of being effective, says Izri. If you experience an adverse reaction to bedbug bites, consult your doctor.


Paris's bedbug problem is probably no worse than other major cities - New Scientist

How to Get Rid of Bedbugs – The New York Times

October 16th, 2023 by admin

Remove sheets, pillows and any clothing, towels, stuffed animals or textiles that may have been exposed to bedbugs, and carefully seal them up in heavy-duty garbage bags.

When youre ready, remove these items and loosely pack them in the dryer. Run it on the hottest cycle for 30 minutes to kill any bugs or eggs. (If the items arent otherwise dirty, you dont need to wash them first.)

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How to Get Rid of Bedbugs - The New York Times

Major Snowstorm Expected To Hit New York State Next Month – Hudson Valley Post

October 16th, 2023 by admin

Weather experts are telling New Yorkers to brace for a major snowstorm next month.

AccuWeather2023-2024 winter seasonis calling for a lot of snow for New York State.

AccuWeather bluntly told Northeast residents, like New Yorkers, to "Get your snow shovels ready!"

The weather company believes "millions of people" in the Northeast will see more snow than last winter.

"A strengthening El Nio will make this winter different than last year in part of the United States. It will be colder with plenty more snow for millions of people," AccuWeather states. "This winter's weather in the Northeast is expected to be much different than last winter across most of New England and the mid-Atlantic."

The bad winter may start in just a few weeks. Find out when below.

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Take a look at the top stories that may have impacted your hometown from the past week. The rest of this article continues below:

Take a look at the top stories from the past week in the Hudson Valley


The weather team at AccuWeather believes a major snowstorm may impact New York State in November.

"An early-season nor'easter can't be ruled out either as the ingredients for a snowstorm may come together sometime in November," AccuWeather said.

AccuWeather also thinks January and February could bring a lot of snow.The company believes thewindow for "snow-producing nor'easters" that could "dish out hefty snowfall amounts" starts in late January through the month of February.

A "giant horror plant" that can cause blindness and severe burns is still in New York State, despite the best efforts from New York officials.

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Major Snowstorm Expected To Hit New York State Next Month - Hudson Valley Post

How Snowy And Cold Will Winter In New York Be This Year? –

October 16th, 2023 by admin

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, portions of New York near Canada may experience polar vortexes,

Under certain combinations of meteorological conditions, the polar vortex can be displaced from the North Pole, which could open the door for cold blasts to hit southern Canada and the central and eastern United States during this upcoming winter.

For the Northeast region, which includes Albany, there will be above-average snow from mid-to-late November, mid-December, and early to mid-January. Temperatures are expected to be above normal with the coldest temperatures hitting from mid-to-late November, early to mid-January, and early to mid-February.

In the Atlantic Corridor, which includes New York City, rain and snowfall will be above normal. The most snowfall is predicted to happen at the end of December, late January, and mid-February. Temperatures are expected to be above normal with the exception of January and February when they will potentially drop.

In the Appalachian region, which includes Elmira, there will be above-normal rain and snowfall. The most snow will fall in late December, mid-to-late January, and early to mid-February. The coldest temperatures will happen from January through mid-February.

For the Lower Lakes region, which includes Buffalo, snowfall will be above normal with the majority of it happening in late December, January, and mid-February. It will be colder than normal in early and late December, as well as January through mid-February.

Photo by Alex Padurariu on Unsplash

Coldest Temperature in New York The lowest temperature ever recorded in New York State was on February 18, 1979. The National Weather Service station in Old Forge, New York, recorded a temperature of -52F. Old Forge is located in the northern region, between Syracuse and Albany.

Old Forge is Adirondack Base Camp for visitors who launch out near and far seeking everything from serenity to adventure. It is the largest hamlet in historic Town of Webb, which includes Eagle Bay, Big Moose and Stillwater. From here, you can explore the Central Adirondack region and all of the Adirondack Park.

Most Snowfall in 24 Hours On February 1, 1966, the National Weather Service station in Camden recorded 50 inches of snowfall within a 24-hour period. Camden is located between Syracuse and Utica, just northeast of Oneida Lake.

Gallery Credit: Karolyi

Winter isn't over yet, Buffalo!

Gallery Credit: Canva

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How Snowy And Cold Will Winter In New York Be This Year? -

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