Bedbug Removal

Once a bedbug infestation has occurred, it is nearly impossible to eradicate without help. The best way to get rid of these pests for good is by hiring a licensed pest management professional. There are many ways to prepare for the containment and extermination process. Because bedbugs do not only live in beds, it is extremely important to tidy up and organize in every room so that the exterminator can be most effective.

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Begin by removing all the bedding from every bed, as this will probably be where most of the bugs live, closest to their hosts. Remove and contain everything single thing that has ever been on your beds, sheets, pillows and pillow cases, blankets, plastic covers, everything, even stuffed animals or canopies. This will ensure that not only are the bugs killed, but the eggs as well, preventing another infestation.

Wash EVERYTHING including fabrics, linens, cloth, bedding, clothes, and anything that has seams or threads, because these pests will go to great lengths to hide. Even things that may have not come in contact with the infected area my have eggs or larvae. Be sure to WASH in HOT water, unless dry cleaning is required, then do dry cleaning.
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Be sure to empty out closets and storage areas that may have eggs, which can survive and later reproduce. This includes anything; fabric, towels, curtains, table covers, miscellaneous linens, etc., even if you haven’t used it, or it’s in the room next door, it has to be cleaned and properly stored and sealed afterward, and also organizing these areas and making them more vulnerable to extermination. Emptying out these nooks and crannies will allow our exterminators to treat the whole area and kill of any stage of bedbugs. This is a very important part of the process to ensure that there is no chance of them coming back, this way, you only have to do it once. So it is worth doing properly.

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Be sure to put all your thoroughly dried items in FULLY SEALED bins or garbage bags. You must do this step to prevent sneaky bed bugs from re-infesting your belongings by hiding again where they can populate. Bed bugs will take the opportunity, if you give it to them, to re-infest safe items, so be sure you're accurate. Don't underestimate these creepy little pests. Ever.
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VACUUME. Rugs, floors, carpets, mattresses, couch cushions, box springs, counters, and corners. If you can think of it, vacuume it. Rent a steam-vac for the carpets, cloth furniture, and rugs and mats, couch cushions, love seats, and chairs. VACUUME TWICE:

Box springs, mattresses, pillow covers, box spring covers, and everything where bedbugs could possibly hide. Don't underestimate their ability to go unseen in small crevices. Look for small blood stains and brown marks where they have fed and defecated. These are undoubtably areas where they live during the day. Once everything has been vacuumed twice, make sure they are ready to be sealed after treatment to really ensure they stay gone for good.

Vacuume Electronics, Tools, and Appliances:
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As stated before, bedbugs can hide anywhere they will fit. This includes all electronic equipment or tools, even a screwdriver tip. As well as vacuuming all the floors and walls, use a scrub brush attachment on your vacuume cleaner to suck up bedbugs and eggs from your computer, appliances, remotes, tv's, electrical sockets, and chargers. Any tiny crevice on devices can be a home for them.
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Use a Scrub Brush

Get a scrub brush and use it on every crack in the floor or wall. Scrub ceilings, wall moldings, behind pictures, around light fixtures, under tables, and in screw holes on furniture. Don't leave any possible bug home unscrubbed. Scrub in dressers, shelves, around books, window panes, and even door handles. It can't be said enough; bedbugs can hide anywhere they can fit. Using a scrub brush with a bit of warm water is essencial and will ensure that bedbug eggs and bedbug "goo" to hold their eggs will be knocked off and kill any future generations. Many bedbug clusters cannot be seen with the naked eye, so even if it looks like nothing is there, scrub it anyway, just to be safe. This is the key to really getting rid of them and relaxing once again.

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Move Everything for Easy Access

After scrubbing, cleaning, and vacuuming just about everything, be sure to clear a path around the walls and put things into clusters so that it is easier for the pest control expert to maneuver around the house and treat the objects and rooms. Make the perimeter of every room cleared out including every livable space. Our bedbug professional will need access to every nook and cranny to ensure that the bugs are dead and never to return.
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What to Do After Treatment

After our extermination professional has treated your home or business, be sure to stay out of the area for at least 4 hours so that the treatment can do its work! Once you return, wait for couches, beds, and other furniture to dry completely before using, just to be sure it does its job. Be prepared to follow-up with Professional Bed Bug Pest Control Exterminations. It is usually necessary to do a follow-up treatment before they are completely gone, as bedbugs are one of the toughest pests to kill. A second treatment is not as urgent as the first, and can be scheduled later on at your convenience. The most important thing is that once the first treatment is finished, that you keep clutter at a minimum, as well as vacuum often. Each person in your household should check their body and clothes on a daily basis just to know that the treatment and follow-up procedures are working. If not, then it's time for a second extermination appointment with one of our pest control experts.
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