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  Tuesday 21st of March 2023 08:47 AM

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How Long Can Bed Bugs Live In An Empty House? – Dominion Pest Control

When bed bugs infest your one and only home where you live, there is clearly an urgent need to get them removed right away. But what if they infest a property you own that youre not living in? Tempted to let the bed bugs die off on their own, you might be wondering, how long can bed bugs live in an empty house?

Bed bugs can live for as long as 4.5 months or more in an empty house before completely dying off. The two primary factors that determine how quickly or slowly the bed bugs could die off are the existence of a blood meal host, and the temperature of the house.

In most situations, even situations where a house is left unoccupied for extended periods of time, we still recommend exterminating bed bugs as quickly as possible to prevent a larger infestation and damage to furniture, and to ensure that they are gone for good.

Click below to request a bed bug consultation now. Or if youre daring enough to see if bed bugs will die off by themselves, keep reading to learn about this possibility.

If youve seen the damage that bed bugs can cause to bedding and furniture, you may be thinking that bed bugs feed on furniture, but thats not the case. Bed bugs survive on blood, and without access to a blood meal, they will eventually die.

If there was absolutely no host available from which to feed on their blood, a young bed bug could die as quickly as within several weeks, while an adult bed bug could survive as long as 4.5 months under optimal conditions of heat and humidity before dying of starvation1. They need humidity supplied by their blood meal in order to survive, and once that is utilized they will dry out and die.

Its also important to note that humans are not a bed bugs only source of food; bed bugs can also feed on rodents, pets, and other animals that may be living in the house too. So even if humans arent around, if there are animals in the house that the bed bugs can feed on, they could end up surviving well beyond the expected 4.5 months.

Another factor to consider is the temperature of the house. Bed bugs cannot survive for more than 3 weeks if the temperature is consistently below 25 degrees F, and theyll also die if exposed to temperatures above 113F for more than a week. So if the house coincidentally maintains those temperatures for long enough, it will kill the bed bugs. But keep in mind that if the temperature drops below 25 degrees at night but then rises above 30 degrees during the day (for example), bed bugs can still survive.

What all of this means is that if you simply vacate a home for a long period of time (even a year or more), you might still return to a bed bug infestation. The best course of action is to exterminate the bugs as quickly as possible. Click below to get started.

The most common places for bed bugs to hide are places where humans spend considerable amounts of time, such as couches, beds, and other furniture. So if there are any furniture items still remaining in the house, this would be the most likely place to check first.

If the house is completely empty, bed bugs could be hiding between cracks in the wall, they could be sneaking into small hideout areas in the gaps between light switch sockets and the wall, or they could be hiding behind loose trim or molding. If theres hardwood flooring in the house, the bugs could be hibernating between the cracks and possibly under the floorboards if theyre loose enough.

This is why its very important to use traps and lures to draw out bed bugs in vacant buildings. Without traps, bed bugs will likely find a good hiding spot and the treatment will be ineffective.

What this means is that its important to hire an experienced professional to remove bed bugs from an empty house instead of attempting treatment yourself.

The process of getting rid of bed bugs in an empty house is similar to getting rid of them in an occupied house, although it is a bit simpler and faster.

If theres any bedding, couches, or other furniture, remove any sheets, blankets, pillows, etc, and put them in large airtight bags or containers to transport them to the washer (so that the bed bugs dont spread through the hallways on your way to the washing machine). Then wash with hot water and dry with high heat.

Then follow our other recommendations for getting rid of bed bugs, including hiring a professional exterminator to ensure the bed bugs are eradicated as quickly as possible, and to make sure no bed bugs are left hiding in cracks or crevices in walls or flooring.

If youre in southern Pennsylvania, call us today at 717-393-7879 to get a free quote on bed bug removal. Were based in Lancaster PA and serve the surrounding areas including York, Harrisburg, Lebanon, and Hershey.

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How Long Can Bed Bugs Live In An Empty House? - Dominion Pest Control

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Pennsylvania is slowly discovering millions of unwanted guests. Bed bugs a strain of insect that was previously eliminated in the United States have come back with a vengeance. Reports from major population centers in Pennsylvania have made it clear that the pests, which have become an annoyance in New York City, have spread west into Pennsylvanias biggest cities and major towns.

The bugs are fairly harmless they sleep during the day in the mattress of a bed, the cracks of home walls, and the comfortable pockets of space left during construction. But during the night, they exit the mattress and spend their time feasting on the homes inhabitants. Serious outbreaks of the bugs can lead to hundreds of bugs, and thats just in a single night.

Residents of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have been reporting the bugs at increased levels over the past twelve months, with reported cases increasing on a near weekly basis. Pest control businesses in the state have been working overtime on their bed bug cases, as the small bugs are particularly difficult to remove. Just ten years ago, they were unlikely to receive a single case annually.

While other states have experienced bed bug outbreaks on larger scales than Pennsylvania New York City and San Francisco are major hotspots the bugs have become more common in cities such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Small towns have also been affected by the annoying pests, although their lower residential density makes it less likely that the bugs can spread easily.

Weve gone in-depth in Pennsylvania, searching for the states largest bed bug infestations and news on the control of the bugs. Please see below for specific information on the cause of bed bugs, ways to remove the bugs from your residence, and the most frequent areas for bed bug reports in the state.

How are bed bugs spreading through Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is a fairly diverse state. Home to both highly dense cities and a largely rural farm area, its not the perfect environment for bed bugs to spread easily. However, due to its large cities and its links to interstate transportation, bed bugs have spread from one area to another. The most common reason for the spread of bed bugs is travel, particularly from international tourists and local hotels.

Bed bugs are also spreading from other major cities on the East Coast. New York City is currently the countrys most frequently reported bed bug area, with hundreds of apartment complexes found to contain the pests. Due to unintentional transport in luggage, clothes, and other furniture, its now believed that Philadelphia Pennsylvanias largest city is the countrys second bed bug center.

Which cities are most at risk for bed bug infestation?

Pennsylvanias bed bug capital and one of the United States bed bug capitals is Philadelphia. A total of almost five-hundred bed bug cases have been reported over the last twelve months a large increase from previous levels. In 1990, pest control companies were unlikely to receive more than two or three calls annually. In 2010, many companies are tending to several cases on a daily basis.

The second-most likely area for bed bug activity is Pittsburgh, the states secondary city and one of its most important industrial centers. As one of the states major business and travel centers, hotels and short-term accommodation options make up a large portion of Pittsburghs bed bug complaint count. Several regional hotels have been forced to temporarily close in order to remove the bugs.

Why are bed bugs appearing so frequently in Pennsylvania?

The states temperate climate isnt an advantage when it comes to bed bug infestations. The bugs are relatively hardy and can live in even the chilliest of temperatures, although extreme heat has proven effective during eradication. Pennsylvanias largely urbanized population centers allow for the bugs to easily transfer from one person to another, particularly on public trains and busses.

Bed bugs in Philadelphia

Due to Philadelphias fairly public bed bug problem, businesses in the hotel industry have taken to fighting the pests head on. A recent conference at the Marriott Downtown explained the problem in simple terms to hoteliers, encouraging cleaning staff to examine mattresses and use dissolvable bags for laundry. While New Yorks hotels are faring worse, Philadelphia appears to be improving.

However, many of the citys residential areas are still home to bed bugs and other common pests. In contrast to previous decades, the amount of call outs for bed bugs has steadily risen over the past ten years in Philadelphia. New treatment options such as high-heat air blasting are proving effective, as the pests are immune to most chemical treatments and require repeated doses of commercial sprays.

Bed bugs in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has experienced bed bug outbreaks for the last six years. The small bloodsuckers have appeared on and off the radar for the better part of a decade, with occasional outbreaks annoying both residents and apartment complex owners. While high-profile lawsuits have been filed in San Francisco and New York City aimed a major hotels, Pittsburghs hotel industry has yet to suffer.

However, the bugs are still a major annoyance for residents. While fewer apartment buildings and residential homes in Pittsburgh are infested, the severity of the infestations are as high as those in New York City and other large metropolitan areas. No commercial outbreaks have been reported this year, although several unnamed hotels have been affected by the pests.

Recent outbreaks and news coverage in Pennsylvania

Recent outbreaks in Pennsylvania have been relatively minor. The few cases that are reported on are from small residential buildings and isolated buildings, with commercial buildings and offices fairly free of the pests. While a number of hotels within the city are said to contain bed bugs, local media outlets have not named any specific chains, independent operators, or bed bug hot spots.

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Mayor Kenney: Clearing homeless encampments is ‘multi-day operation,’ won’t tip hand on police intervention –

After rebuffing the city's final deadline on Wednesday, the homeless encampments on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and Ridge Avenue remained intact through Thursday, with little sign that a voluntary resolution is near.

Mayor Jim Kenney said Thursday that he still hopes to end the encampments amicably even over several days, if necessary but other options are being considered.

"This is going to be a multi-day operation," Kenney said.

Philadelphia officials are unsure how many homeless residents remain at each of the encampments. The sites have been barricaded by protest organizers, encampment leaders and activists who say they will not leave unless their demand for immediate, permanent housing is met.

Kenney did not rule out the possibility of bringing in police to dismantle the encampments, but declined to go into details.

"We continue to assess all of our options," Kenney said. "This comes in light of barricades and shields and hostile posture, and communications among certain protesters, as well as the serious health and safety concerns caused by the camps. At least one protester has publicly stated that they will use force, and we have evidence that the protesters are stockpiling supplies to aid in their resistance."

The city's priority is to maintain order and prevent wider violence from erupting out of a confrontation from the camps. Several stores in the area of the encampments have boarded up their windows out of concern for an escalating conflict.

At a press conference Thursday evening, the coalition behind the Parkway encampment condemned the city's "terrorization, intimidation and attempted manipulation" over the past few days.

Mayor Kenney says that this encampment is unlike any other encampment the city had to deal with and thats true," said Jamal Henderson, an encampment organizer. "Its true because this is not just a homeless encampment. This is a protest. This is a statement. This is an indictment on the citys 100-year failure to deal with chronic homelessness in this city.

Some homeless residents of the encampment repeated their frustrations with the city's shelters, calling them insufficient and inhumane, from problems with bedbugs to a lack of medical care and COVID-19 precautions. They also complained of bureaucracy and "years long" waiting lists that prevent them and their families from accessing city-run housing programs and homeless outreach services.

The organizers said the barriers at the encampments were erected to prevent violence and the use of police force, including tear gas, seen earlier this year during protests on Interstate 676. The city apologized for that incident over the summer and implemented a moratorium on the use of tear gas and other non-lethal munitions at peaceful protests involving passive resistance.

"The city is the one threatening us with violence," said coalition organizer Wiley Cunningham. "Not only in terms of sending in police to clear the encampments by force, but also by forcing homeless people back onto the streets with nowhere to go, no shelter and no sanitation in the midst of a global pandemic. The city's timeline for eviction is artificial, no one should have to leave this camp until they have been offered permanent housing that meets their needs."

As tension mounts around the encampments, Kenney said public pressure and media attention will not determine the city's timeline for police intervention.

"I'm not going to talk about strategy when it comes to police, nor a date or a time when it may happen," Kenney said. "I think that would not be in the best interest of our first responders and police to let that out before we do it."

To date, the city says it has assisted 142 homeless individuals from the encampments by placing them in shelters, residential treatment facilities, COVID prevention spaces and other service options suited to their needs. Further assistance has been hampered in recent days by the prevention of outreach workers from entering the encampments.

Resolving the standoff has been made especially difficult by the absence of any specific encampment leadership willing to stick to verbal agreements with the city, the mayor vented.

"We've met with scores of people over three months. We've had all kinds of requests that we've tried to fulfill. And when we fulfill them or pledge to fulfill them, then the requests or the demands change again, and the goalposts move further and further away," Kenney said.

The mayor insisted that Philadelphia's shelters are part of the solution, despite the demand for immediate permanent housing. While the city was willing to set aside 60 properties for encampment leaders to fix up through a non-profit, Kenney said the protesters were unwilling to accept that offer.

"The bottom line is that shelters are a pathway to permanent housing," Kenney said. "A lot of the people in those camps are either addicted individuals or people with mental health issues, or both. And you simply can't hand a set of keys to a house to a person who has all those additional needs. There's a process that we want to undertake."

As of Thursday night, the protesters say they will continue to pitch their tents and defend the encampments until the demand for safe, affordable housing is met by the city.

As Philadelphia's COVID-19 case counts continue to decline, the health department is prepared to loosen restrictions on outdoor gatherings.

Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said Thursday that the city will increase its outdoor gathering limit from 50 people to 150 people effective Monday, Sept. 14.

The decision comes from the health department's evaluation of COVID-19 transmission during the past six months.

"We have few, if any reports, where it's clear that spread occurred outdoors," Farley said. "We have many examples of spread of the virus indoors, even in some very small gatherings. There's also, I believe, increasing evidence that the virus may be transmitted through the air. That means that the air movement that occurs outdoors would be protective."

The limit on indoor gatherings will remain at 25 people, consistent with guidelines across Pennsylvania.

While most infections now appear to be circulating indoors among relatives and friends, Farley said outdoor transmission through droplets is still a concern.

Those who participate in outdoor gatherings of any size are urged to wear face masks and maintain distances of at least 6 feet from others when possible. Food and drinks at outdoor gatherings also are not advised.

"Getting together in a crowd over snacks is still high-risk, even if it's outdoors," Farley said.

With the return of Eagles games this weekend, Farley said the best option will be to watch with household members, not groups of friends.

After reviewing Gov. Tom Wolf's pending policy to increase indoor dining capacity from 25% to 50% on Sept. 21, Philadelphia will not make that change at the same time. The health department will instead assess indoor dining in the city at 25% capacity and consider making a change some time in October.

Farley said it remains too soon to tell how well indoor dining is going since it returned on Monday. The city does not have an official count of the number of restaurants that providing this option to customers and has not yet collected enough meaningful data from inspections.

The health commissioner highlighted the city's progress in halting serious infections at the six-month mark since Philadelphia reported its first case of COVID-19.

On April 24, there were 1,881 people hospitalized for COVID-19 across Southeastern Pennsylvania. That number has declined more than 90% to just 175 as of Sept. 10.

Similarly, the city has only reported four new deaths since the last week of August, a decrease of 98% from the worst week in April, when Philadelphia's weekly death toll had reached 250 people.

More broadly, outcomes from the virus have been improved by the use of drugs such as remdesivir, dexamethasone and convalescent plasma. There has also been significant progress in vaccine development.

Farley said he believes more improvements will be likely in the months ahead.

"We expect to continue to gradually restart and reopen activities that we've restricted in the past, while continuing to re-emphasize safety, especially that people need to wear masks." Farley said. "We expect that there will be some temporary setbacks and reversals, especially as we get to winter, but the long-term trajectory is clearly towards returning to normal."

Philadelphia reported 77 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, bringing the citywide total to 34,886 since the start of the pandemic. No new fatalities were reported on Thursday and the death toll stands at 1,763.

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Mayor Kenney: Clearing homeless encampments is 'multi-day operation,' won't tip hand on police intervention -

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Bed bugs released in men’s department of Pennsylvania …

Bed bugs were released at a Walmart in Edinboro, Pa. Walmart and State police are looking for the person/s involved. Buzz60

It's not uncommon to have an occasional influx of bedbugs at a motel. But at a Walmart?

That's exactly what police in northwestern Pennsylvania are investigating after several of the creepy critters were found crawlingaround a Walmart mens fitting room. Pill bottles containing the bugs were also found in the store.

Law enforcement officers believe the bugs were deliberately released into the Walmart near Erie. The motive isn't known.

An employee at the Walmart in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, first found a closed pill bottle containing live bed bugs on Thursday, police said. The bottle was found inside a boys jacket, which was for sale.

The jacket was disposed of according to police, and Ecolab, a company focused on clean water, safe food and healthy environments, according to its website, came to the Walmart the next day. An Ecolab employee found and identified the bed begs in the mens fitting room.

Kissing bugs: They suck blood and poop in your face. Heres how that spreads Chagas disease

Police were alerted after a second closed pill bottle was found on Saturday. The second bottle contained several dead bed bugs and was found in the mens department, near the belts, according to police.

Our third-party pest management service has visited the store, and after conducting a thorough review found no evidence of an infestation," a Walmart spokesperson said in an email to USA TODAY.

"We believe this to be an isolated incident and are taking all the necessary steps to help ensure a safe environment for customers and associates. We will continue working with law enforcement as they conduct their investigation.

The second bottle found at the store has been submitted for forensic analysis, according to police. Surveillance video from the store is also under review. Police said Walmart verified the incident was isolated after reaching out to other stores in the area.

Bed bugs can be found worldwide, according to the CDC. They don't spread disease, can live for "several months" without feeding and aren't considered dangerous, but can infest areas where people sleep and their bites can trigger serious allergic reactions, the CDC says.


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Bed bugs released in men's department of Pennsylvania ...

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Someone Released Bed Bugs at a Pennsylvania Walmart | CafeMom


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Someone Released Bed Bugs at a Pennsylvania Walmart | CafeMom

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