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  Tuesday 18th of June 2024 15:12 PM

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Address : 30 east st, Northeast, Northeast, Pennsylvania, United States, Zip/Postco

Details: Has been embarrassingly majorly infested we all have some type of illness run with us from long-term exposure of like 3 years at least to heavy use of many different types of chemicals from an exterminator never cared the bugs I\\\'ve seen death illne

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A man held in a disgusting Georgia jail cell died after being ‘eaten alive’ by insects and bed bugs, his family says – Yahoo Lifestyle UK

A man died inside of a Georgia jail cell after he was "eaten alive" by bed bugs, his family alleges.

Lashawn Thompson was found dead at the Fulton County Jail in September 2022.

Thompson's cell "was not fit for a diseased animal," a lawyer for the man's family said.

A 35-year-old man died inside of a filthy Georgia jail cell after being "eaten alive" by insects and bed bugs, an attorney for the victim's family has alleged.

"It's just horrible," Michael Harper, a lawyer for the family of Lashawn Thompson, told Insider on Friday of the young man's death.

Thompson was discovered dead inside a disgusting cell at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 13, 2022 three months after he was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor simple battery, Harper said.

While he was held at the lockup, officers moved Thompson to the jail's psychiatric wing after they determined he had a mental illness, Harper said.

"They left him there essentially," Harper told Insider. "And they had a plan to take him to the medical observation unit, but their plan never happened, and they found him dead, eaten by these bed bugs."

Harper released graphic photos showing Thompson's body and the horrific conditions of his jail cell on Wednesday along with what he said was a report from the Fulton County medical examiner that described a "severe bed bug infestation" in Thompson's cell.

"There were no obvious signs of trauma found about the decedent's body," the purported medical examiner's report said. "The decedent's body was covered in bed bugs."

The medical examiner ruled Thompson's cause and manner of death as "undetermined," according to the Fulton County Sheriff's Office, which runs the jail.

Harper, citing jail records, alleged that jail staffers noticed that Thompson was "deteriorating" but did nothing to help him.

"They literally watched his health decline until he died," Harper said in a statement. He alleged that Thompson's jail cell "was not fit for a diseased animal."

"He did not deserve this," Harper continued. "Someone has to be held accountable for his death."

The Fulton County Sheriff's Office said in a statement provided to Insider on Friday that it has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Thompson's death.

Once the investigation is complete, Sheriff Patrick Labat will make an official request for review by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations "to determine whether any criminal charges are warranted in this case," the statement said.

"The health, well-being, and security of inmates in our care is our top priority. It's no secret that the dilapidated and rapidly eroding conditions of the current facility make it incredibly difficult to meet the goal of providing a safe, clean, well-maintained, and healthy environment for all inmates and staff," the statement continued.

It added, "Without making any explicit statements about Mr. Thompson's health, it's fair to say that this is one of many cases that illustrate the desperate need for expanded and better mental health services."

"That is precisely why Sheriff Labat continues to call [for] building a new Fulton County Jail and Criminal Justice Complex which will provide humane care in a safe and clean environment that offers mental health and other services that provide a strong foundation for rehabilitation," the statement said.

Brad McCrae, Thompson's brother, told reporters on Wednesday that the photos of his sibling's body were "heartbreaking," "hard to look at," and reminded him of the 1955 teen lynching victim Emmett Till.

"They're horrified," Harper told Insider of Thompson's family. "Can you imagine seeing these photos and knowing what happened to your loved one to die like that? They're just sick about it."

Thompson's family is now calling for a criminal investigation into Thompson's death and for the jail to be closed and replaced with a new facility.

The family is also planning to file a lawsuit against the jail, Harper told Insider.

Read the original article on Insider

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A man held in a disgusting Georgia jail cell died after being 'eaten alive' by insects and bed bugs, his family says - Yahoo Lifestyle UK

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DC ranks among the worst cities for bed bugs, new data says –

Although the pesky, blood-sucking inspects aren't know to spread disease, they can cause an allergic reaction or severe skin reaction in some people.

WASHINGTON As summer travel season gets underway, beware of these blood-sucking insects, that are tiny, but can ruin your vacation. Of course, we are talking about bed bugs.

They are small, wingless insects that are reddish-brown in color. They suck your blood, and although they aren't known to spread disease, they can cause an allergic reaction or severe skin reaction in some people, according to health experts at the Mayo Clinic.

Bed bugs hide in the cracks and crevices of beds, box springs, headboard, bed frames, and other objects around a bed and come out at night to feed. And your risk of running into them is higher if you spend time in hotels, hospitals or homeless shelters.

According to pest control companies, Orkin and Terminx, D.C. is in the top 10 worst cities for bed bugs in the entire country. The District ranks number 7 behind Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York for the pesky creatures.

The list is based on treatment data from the metro areas where Orkin performed the most bed bug treatments from Dec. 1, 2022 Nov. 30, 2023. The ranking includes both residential and commercial treatments. This is the fourth year the companies have put out the list. D.C. moved up two spots from last year.

Unfortunately, bed bugs are translucent when first born and harder to spot.

Exterminators say bed bugs can be found anywhere, even at high end resorts and hotels. So, it's important to stay vigilant.

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DC ranks among the worst cities for bed bugs, new data says -

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13 Massachusetts Cites Named on 2024’s Worst Cities for Bed Bugs List – Live 95.9

Massachusetts is a great place to live. From sandy, sprawling Cape Cod beaches, to the stunning Boston city skyline, all the way to the beautiful, lush mountains of the Berkshires, Massachusetts really has it all.

Massachusetts also has a great overall quality of life. It consistently finds itself featured on lists of the best places to live, the best small towns, and even the safest cities, so there is plenty to brag about.The Bay State also has some pretty decent weather. Yes, winters seem to drag on and be a little brutal at times, sure, but we don't contend with the extreme weather that occurs in so many other parts of the country.

What we do contend with are a few challenges with wildlife and bugs. While Massachusetts certainly isn't inhabited by apex predators, there are some smaller creatures that might not kill you, but can certainly make your life hell. We're talking about Bed Bugs.

As part of Bed Bug Awareness Week (yes, apparently that's a thing) which starts June 2,Pest Gnome recently examined 500 cities across the U.S. and compiled a list of the most bed bug-infested cities in the nation. A whopping 13 Massachusetts cities appeared on the list.

To reach their results, Pest Gnomedetermined the factors that are most relevant to bed bug infestations, including infestation risk, pest control, and density and then gave those each a weight and calculated scores.

A citys Overall Score is the average of its scores across all factors and categories. The highest Overall Score ranked Highest Risk (No. 1) and the lowest Lowest Risk (No. 500).

13 Massachusetts citieslanded on thePest Gnome rankings. Check them out below.

# 7 - Boston

#13 - Cambridge

#18 - Sommerville

#27 - Lawrence

#55 - New Bedford

#58 - Fall River

#67 - Worcester

#70 - Lowell

#83 - Lynn

#84 - Brockton

#117 - Springfield

#121 - Quincy

#192 - Newton

It's not all bad news for these Massachusetts cities, it actually might mean they're just popular. According to the report, cities like Las Vegas and Honolulu, known for their bustling tourist activity are seeing a surge in bed bugs, so at least Boston and the rest are in good company.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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13 Massachusetts Cites Named on 2024's Worst Cities for Bed Bugs List - Live 95.9

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6 Ohio Cities Are Infested with Bed Bugs in 2024 –

The worst bed bug cities in the United States for 2024 have been announced and it's looking bad for Ohio.

It's not a big surprise to see Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles in the top 5 since they are among the largest cities in the nation. However, the fact that Cleveland is in the top 5 worst cities for bed bugs is making Ohio itch. Orkin publishes the list of worst bed bug cities every year. Here's how they came up with their results,

The bed bug cities list is based on treatment data from the metro areas where Orkin performed the most bed bug treatments from Dec. 1, 2022 Nov. 30, 2023.

#4 Cleveland

Cleveland climbed from #10 last year to #4 this year.

Cleveland, Ohio is the Capital of Abductions

#11 Columbus

Columbus wasn't in the top 50 list last year. This year things got a little crazy and they jumped to #11.

Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio

#12 Cincinnati

The Nati moved up one spot from last year.

Cincinnati, Ohio Bed Bugs

#20 Youngstown

The smallest Ohio town on the list was #27 last year but got worst as it jumped to #20 this year.

#32 Toledo

The city that Ohio once went to war with Michigan for came in at #38 last year on the list that nobody wants to be on. It got worse for Toledo as they climbed to #32 this year.

Toledo, Ohiov bed bugs

#33 Dayton

Dayton got a tiny bit worse increasing from #34 last year to #33 this year.

Dayton, Ohio, bed bugs


Check out last year's worst cities in the U.S. for Bed Bugs below.

Every year the pest control gurus at Orkin put together a list of the Top 50 Bed Bug Destinations in the United States. Which areas do you travel to that you should take extra care to watch out for these blood-sucking insects? Let's countdown to the most bed-bug-riddled city in the United States.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

Visit link:
6 Ohio Cities Are Infested with Bed Bugs in 2024 -

Posted in Bed Bugs Ohio | Comments Off on 6 Ohio Cities Are Infested with Bed Bugs in 2024 –

Bed Bugs – AZ Animals

This post may contain affiliate links to our partners like Chewy, Amazon, and others. Purchasing through these helps us further the A-Z Animals mission to educate about the world's species.

The bed bug is an insect that feeds on blood and is most active at night. True to its name, the bed bug is most common in beds. These insects are notoriously difficult to get rid of. These parasitic insects are members of the genus Cimex. Their bites cause skin rashes, but may also cause psychological effects and allergic reactions.

Of the insects in the genus Cimex, two species cause infestations of bed bugs:

There are 11 subspecies of the genus Cimex. Only four out of 90 species of bed bugs feed on humans, with the aforementioned two preferring humans. The others are bat bugs.

Proper identification of bed bugs rules out confusion with other insects such as fleas, ticks, carpet beetles, and cockroaches. It also depends on the life stage of the bed bugs.

Adult bed bugs are five to seven millimeters long about the size of an apple seed and visible to the naked eye. They are brown and long with an oval-shaped, flat body unless its recently fed. If its fed, its body is round, reddish-brown in color, and longer. As true insects, they have beaks with three segments, an antenna with four parts, wings that arent for flying, short, golden hairs, and a sweet-musty odor coming from glands on their undersides.

These insects have five immature or young life stages called nymphs before they become adults. Nymphs are smaller and either whitish-yellow or translucent depending on whether theyve fed recently or not.

Bed bug eggs are pearly-white and tiny, about the size of a pinhead. If more than five days old, they have an eyespot marking.

Rather than the identification of live bed bugs, however, identification may instead mean recognizing an infestation. This is usually from early signs such as bites or spots of human blood. You may also see rusty stains from crushed bed bugs, dark spots from excrement, or pale yellow eggs and eggshells.

Early signs of bed bugs are uncomfortable, itchy nights in bed, marks on arms and shoulders, and an unpleasant odor resembling a wet towel. Symptoms of bed bug bites are skin rashes of red, itchy, flat welts in zigzag lines or clusters. The bites have a darker red spot in the middle. Some people may have allergic reactions and develop fever, severe itching, blisters, or hives. They can also cause secondary bacterial infections such as impetigo, lymphangitis, and ecthyma, as well as symptoms of psychological issues such as insomnia and anxiety.

Read this guide on how to identify bed bugs for more information.


When it comes to evolution, it is always important to factor in what the animal ate and what was in its diet. This is because survival ability dictates adaptation and supports evolution towards being more successful at obtaining that food source. It is especially important for animals like bed bugs that require a host to feed.

Specific species of bed bugs are generally known to feed on four different types of hosts: humans, bats, water birds, and other birds. This is because they have evolved to become very adept at feeding off them. As researchers are finding, however, the history of the bed bug ancestry dates back many millions of years ago and predates some of their current hosts, like humans. Scientists are working on solving the puzzle of how these insects were able to make the jump between different types of hosts over their evolution.

The habitat of these insects is worldwide, never in nature. Instead, they live in mattresses, fabrics, furniture, luggage, and pieces of wood. They hide from light and movement during the day and come out at night, so they wait in seams of furniture, curtain folds, electrical appliances, the junction of the wall and ceiling, loose wall hangings and wallpaper, and even in heads of screws. They can live singly but come together in clusters in their habitat.

Bed bugs live in mattresses and fabrics.


The diet of bed bugs is blood. Some species prefer the blood of one mammal over another in their diet, while others absolutely need the blood of a specific mammal to survive and lay viable eggs. Those that humans deal with as pests in homes, apartment buildings, and offices feed on human blood. Their bites dont hurt at first because they inject an anesthetic while they are feeding, which is four to 12 minutes. Plus, they feed during the night, when it is dark and humans are asleep. Their bites most often appear on the neck, face, arms, and hands.

Bed bugs feed on their hosts at night.

Dmitry Bezrukov/

To get rid of these insects more easily and quickly, noticing the early signs of bed bug infestation or symptoms of bed bug bites is important. Professionals first use visual inspection, then sniffing dogs, interceptor cups, and insect monitor cards. Average people, however, need methods that dont require a lot of money. Read our complete guide on how to get rid of bed bugs for more information.

To get rid of them, laundering and drying with heat is one method. Vacuuming and steam treatment are others. Commercial heating services offer whole-room heat or cold treatments to kill them. You can either heat a room at 140 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours or 130 degrees Fahrenheit for three hours. Cold treatment isnt possible or practical except through commercial heating services. If youre getting rid of infested furniture, make sure theyre unusable so other people wont spread bed bugs to their own homes.

Finally, there are chemical treatments. Pesticides can be effective but need to be handled very carefully, and bed bugs can become resistant. They cannot be used on items that people come into contact with. Liquid and dry formulas should only be applied to cracks and crevices. They may include insect growth regulators as well as desiccants, which dry out these insects. They must be registered by the EPA and labeled specifically for bed bug control.

Bed bugs exterminators use gloves and safety glasses to inspect infected mattress sheets and blanket bedding.

Michael OKeene/

An alternative is the use of botanical oils, which are plant-based insecticides. Certain neem oil insecticides are registered for bed bug control.

As for how to prevent them in the future, a mattress encasement will protect your bed. It covers both the mattress as well as the box spring. Diatomaceous earth and pheromone traps work on everything else. It is difficult to find how to prevent bed bugs with just one method, though, so its best to use them together. We recommend all of the items below be used in conjunction for the most effective bed bug prevention.

Adult bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye. They are small, long, and brown, about the size of apple seeds.

Look for signs of bed bug infestation by checking mattresses, furniture, clothes, luggage, and electrical appliances.

Heat treatment with hot water and high-heat drying of fabrics, hot or cold treatment by commercial heating services, and insecticides. As for how to prevent them, furniture covers, diatomaceous earth, and pheromone traps work best when used together.

Bed bugs have been around for 115 million years, as early as 400BC. They thrive in dark, damp places but can be anywhere from public transportation and homeless shelters to homes, apartment buildings, offices, public libraries, and 5-star hotels.

Diluted rubbing alcohol instantly kills all bed bugs it comes into contact with. Insecticides, which are best professionally applied by pest control services, also kill bed bugs instantly. But at home, you can use heat above 120 degrees F, a clothes iron, or laundering and dry with heat.

They dont. They only go on your body when they feed off your blood.

No, they dont live anywhere on the human body.

Yes, they are likely to hide in pillows.

Bed bugs eat human blood.

The greatest differences between a baby cockroach and a bed bug include size, shape, and antennae. Baby cockroaches are equal in size but grow slightly larger than them in a short amount of time. Baby cockroaches are cylindrical in shape, but bed bugs are oval-shaped, and that difference makes it easy to distinguish these creatures.

The subtlest difference between a spider beetle and a bed bug is in their shape. While both insects are oval-shaped, the bed bug is flatter than the spider beetle. A good picture that may help you spot this difference is that the bed bug is typically shaped like an apple seed, while the spider beetle looks like it is hunch-backed.

There are only two ways to differentiate male bed bugs from female ones: the shape of their abdomen and whether or not they lay eggs.

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Bed Bugs - AZ Animals

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