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  Prince Edward Island, Canada Bed Bug Registry Map
  Tuesday 21st of March 2023 09:24 AM

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Bed bugs strike P.E.I. | CBC News

They arethe subject of a lawsuit in California, and Prince Edward Island has not been immune to the return of bed bugs as a serious problem in North America.

The tiny, blood-sucking insects were all but wiped out in North America in the 1950s, largely through the use of DDT, but the pest continued to thrive in other parts of the world. In the last few years, an increase in international travel and more cautious use of chemical pesticides have led to a resurgence of the bug.

"We discovered them unfortunately, it was reactive because a customer complained about having itch and bites," said hotel manager Michael Bird.

"We reacted to that and it was a first for us. We immediately called in our pest control services and began to take some action."

Bird discovered getting rid of bed bugs is not as easy as calling pest control. Before declaring the room free of pests, they threw out the mattress and box spring not just once, but twice.

"We did do it twice. Our problem was limited to one room, but we took all the precautions and we couldn't kill them," said Bird.

"Even though it wasn't recommended, we felt we had to go to the nth degree to make sure they didn't come back."

Cleaning no help with bed bugs

As the experience at the Delta Prince Edward shows, bed bug problems are not exclusive to squalid tenements.

Proper cleaning has no effect in preventing bed bugs. All they need to survive is a place to hide and human blood. Adults can survive for up to a year without a meal, and they can easily hitch a ride in suitcases to spread from anywhere to anywhere.

They are not even limited to beds. They can thrive in theatre seats, buses, airplanes anywhere they might occasionally find a meal.

Frank Legault of P.E.I. Pest Control said his company has dealt with 30 calls for bed bugs in the last three weeks.

"It is very surprising to me, because when I first came on Prince Edward Island in 1972, we had about one or three calls a year," said Legault.

"You can see the difference now, and it is a problem."

Bites from bed bugs are usually the first sign of an infestation. The reddish-brown bugs are only 0.6 centimetres long and come out in the dark, so are very difficult to spot. Bites develop into itchy, red welts, which can take up to a day after the attack to show up.

It is very unusual for bed bugs to transmit diseases, so while they are extremely annoying, they are not considered a health risk.

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Bed bugs strike P.E.I. | CBC News

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Musty With Bed Bugs – Review of Ambrose Tourist Home …

We rented the apartment for 3 nights. It's pretty spacious for our family of three. My husband and daughter's main complaint was that it's too musty. It didn't help when only one window in the entire place could be opened (though there were fans). This tourist home is very old after all. In here, it's like time had stopped since some 40/50 years ago, with no updating, and I wouldn't say this house is the heritage character kind.

For me, cleanliness is the most important thing, especially in the bathroom. I would say that the effort to keep the place clean was evident. The bathroom, the dining table top or the kitchen counter were all pretty clean and bedsheets/cover were quite contemporary as well as clean. It's just that when things are old and worn down, they don't look good, even if they are clean. Also, for me, old carpet is the killer. No matter how much you vacuum old carpet, their age would show AND you know dust and mites are trapped in there.

What's impressive for me, though, was that the simple continental breakfast was served to us. There was a small breakfast room with cutlery, cups and saucers all neatly set up. We sat down and Terra, the nice breakfast lady, asked us if we wanted white, whole wheat or raisin toasts. She also served us tea and coffee. There were also basic cereals that we could help yourselves with.

The front entrance did have cigarette smoke smell. Luckily, our apartment was smoke-free.

Nora, the owner, who appeared business-like, was actually quite friendly and open to chatting. She asked us where we were going next and advised us to take the ferry instead of driving all the way to Cape Breton. As we were talking, her son was putting a new Keurig coffee machine together for the place. So there's some updating!

Would I go back again? Probably not. But if you are looking for an inexpensive place that's close to downtown (we walked to downtown from here) to stay for a night or two, I would recommend it.

The rest is here:
Musty With Bed Bugs - Review of Ambrose Tourist Home ...

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i got bug bites – Review of Sherwood Motel, Charlottetown …

This place was very old and very dirty, but there are many other reviews online that talk about that particular issue, so I'll focus on something else.

On my recent stay, I got 8-10 bug bites from this place. Since I am not an expert/doctor I cannot tell whether they are bedbug bites or not, But this bug bites, whatever they are, left big deep red marks on my legs, and definitely not mosquito bites.

When i notified of the owner that they might have bedbugs, I thought I was doing them a favor, and I thought they'd thank me and take some precautionary measures. Instead, the owner became furious and started shouting at me that I was lying. It was unbelievable.

To my disbelief, the owner then showed how low a person could really become by refusing to give back my bag and told me she would not give back my bag unless I write them a letter saying I can't find a bedbug in the room. (worthy of World's Worst 100 Vacation Nightmares)

Now, how was I supposed to find tiny bugs with naked eyes, in a carpeted room with much upholstery? There is a reason that people use specially trained dogs for that purpose.

Bed bugs or any other bug bites don't necessarily mean that the place is horrible or sub-standard. They can happen anywhere. E.g. Waldorf Astoria is being sued for bedbugs. They travel with travelers and there isn't much you can do when a guest brings a bedbug/other pests with him to your motel/hotel/inn, etc.

However, if the owner starts shouting at you and demand that you find her a proof of bed bugs when a guest notifies her a potential issue, in my opinion, that is a lot worse than really having bedbugs.

If you are considering this place because of its low price, do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY.

Also, it appears they make beds but don't provide clean bedding between consecutive nights. it's either that or they did a horrible job in cleaning.

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i got bug bites - Review of Sherwood Motel, Charlottetown ...

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Freezing Bed Bugs: Does the Cold Kill Them?

How Bed Bugs Get Inside

Bed bugs are insects that are often introduced into homes via infested belongings such as luggage or second-hand furniture. Since these pests bite, homeowners with bed bugs usually want a quick and easy fix to get rid of them.

Unfortunately, these tough pests are able to breed quickly, hide well, and survive all but the most extreme conditions.

Putting infested objects like clothes or bedding in a freezer can help get rid of the bed bugs, but each item should be placed in a plastic bag prior to freezing.

Keep the temperature at -19 degrees Celsius for about four days in order to be effective. Even then, some bed bugs may live through the freezing process.


Keep in mind that putting some items into the cold may damage them. Freezing is also best for small items, not whole-house control. For mattresses, furniture, and other belongings, homeowners will need to explore other control methods.

Residents should not attempt to freeze bed bugs by turning off the heat or opening the windows in their homes during cool weather. This tactic does not work and can lead to burst pipes and structural damage.

Some pest professionals use heat or freezing treatments to control bed bugs, but these methods require special equipment, training and skills. As a result, freezing can kill bed bugs but is not the most practical approach for residents to attempt themselves.

A call to the bed bug experts at Orkin Canada is the best option to remove bed bug infestations.

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Freezing Bed Bugs: Does the Cold Kill Them?

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Prince Edward Island, Canada Bed Bug Registry Map Bed …

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