Musty With Bed Bugs – Review of Ambrose Tourist Home …

We rented the apartment for 3 nights. It's pretty spacious for our family of three. My husband and daughter's main complaint was that it's too musty. It didn't help when only one window in the entire place could be opened (though there were fans). This tourist home is very old after all. In here, it's like time had stopped since some 40/50 years ago, with no updating, and I wouldn't say this house is the heritage character kind.

For me, cleanliness is the most important thing, especially in the bathroom. I would say that the effort to keep the place clean was evident. The bathroom, the dining table top or the kitchen counter were all pretty clean and bedsheets/cover were quite contemporary as well as clean. It's just that when things are old and worn down, they don't look good, even if they are clean. Also, for me, old carpet is the killer. No matter how much you vacuum old carpet, their age would show AND you know dust and mites are trapped in there.

What's impressive for me, though, was that the simple continental breakfast was served to us. There was a small breakfast room with cutlery, cups and saucers all neatly set up. We sat down and Terra, the nice breakfast lady, asked us if we wanted white, whole wheat or raisin toasts. She also served us tea and coffee. There were also basic cereals that we could help yourselves with.

The front entrance did have cigarette smoke smell. Luckily, our apartment was smoke-free.

Nora, the owner, who appeared business-like, was actually quite friendly and open to chatting. She asked us where we were going next and advised us to take the ferry instead of driving all the way to Cape Breton. As we were talking, her son was putting a new Keurig coffee machine together for the place. So there's some updating!

Would I go back again? Probably not. But if you are looking for an inexpensive place that's close to downtown (we walked to downtown from here) to stay for a night or two, I would recommend it.

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Musty With Bed Bugs - Review of Ambrose Tourist Home ...

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