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I was going to post a explanation to my supposed "attack" on you, but as I see by the deletions of my correspondence, on this topic, you appear to have clout with this travel information group.

Well, just allow me to say that it was not a shot at you directly. It was a shot at inaccuracies that are posted to these type of sites by posters, in general. I guess that I am unable to advise you of recent Bed Bug problems that we incurred on your Island (as recent as this month). Unless you are a fast reader (lol). I am not saying your Island is the only province with Bed Bugs, heaven forbid! ALL PROVINCES have bed bugs.

We just were unfortunate to have been the unlucky ones to be staying at a 3 star cottage for the month of September, where we met up with these little critters. As Jasper had stated, some people are unaware that they have been bitten. As most cottages are usually rented for only a week at a time, the vacationers leave and go on their way. After day 11 on the Island, we noticed what we had thought were mosquito bites. by day 13, we were convinced and had it confirmed that in fact, they were bed bugs. By day 14 we were headed home. If anyone would like more details, please feel free to email me at

As for my SW Ont. friend, have a good

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