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Montreal Immigration and Refugee Board forced to close down due to bed bug infestation – The Post Millennial

On Remembrance Day, Don Cherry was fired from Sportsnet for a comment he made on Coachs Corner regarding poppies. He complained that not enough immigrants were wearing them and suggested that it represented a general ingratitude by immigrants of the benefits they enjoy by living in Canada.

His comment, now dubbed the you people comment, caused predictable outrage. The state broadcaster pointed out that Cherrys remarks could not possibly have merit because of the fact that there are visible minorities who fought for this country. Try not to think too hard about the fact that they conflated visible minorities with immigrants. I happen to be both, but many Canadians happen to be one or the other.

Many in the media interpreted (some in bad faith) it as an attack on all minorities through Canadian history. While there is a general stereotype that people of colour were not born in Canada, I dare claim that it is a fast disappearing one, at least from personal experience having lived most of my life in Ontario.

Unfortunately, while that stereotype is on the decline, another is on the rise. Even more unfortunately, the one that is on the rise has an uncomfortably high level of merit. After all, Don Cherry did not come up with an original idea, he merely expressed the wrong opinion in the wrong forum.

I know many fellow immigrant-minorities who find it quite puzzling that the mainstream media and a large section of society simply cannot fathom why racist attitudes are apparently becoming more prevalent and acceptable by progressives who hurl racist abuse against anyone who does not accept the woke dogma of the day and by the sentiment sometimes called whitelash. Did the white people of Canada spontaneously develop previously a non-existent or hidden collective race consciousness?

On the contrary, I cautiously claim that as each generation in society has its own cultural features, so do successive waves of immigrants. This is true regardless of the predominant country of origin or religion of any given wave of immigration. Not that immigrants are the same regardless of their origin, but that immigrants of the same origin will still tend to behave differently depending on when they came to Canada, and this is likely true even correcting for the amount of time spent in Canada.

In other words, an immigrant of minority x in 1990 who immigrated in 1975 will be systematically different from an immigrant of the same minority x in 2015 who immigrated in 2000. This is despite the fact that they are from essentially the same origin and have spent the same amount of time in Canada. This should not be a controversial statement.

This is because of two changing variables: the state of society in the country of origin, and the state of society in the destination country. Our society has definitely been changing, so it should not be a surprise if the way we integrate immigrants into our society changes as well. In fact, there may be a very strong case that our immigration culture has been changing mostly not because of changes in where our immigrants come from or their culture, but because of changes in our own culture and championing the cultural mosaic.

Not many people would argue with the fact that our society has become much more accommodating of social minorities, such as people in the LGBTQ community or people living with disabilities. Hopefully, not many people would argue with the claim that this is largely a positive thing for society as a whole.

Under Canadian Human Rights Law, individuals must be accommodated by society, including the government, employers, service providers, and other individuals. This accommodation must seek to prevent discrimination based on a prohibited ground to the point of undue hardship. Setting aside whether we as a society have enumerated the proper prohibited grounds, whether undue hardship is an appropriate threshold, or whether that threshold is interpreted as it should be, it is definitely reasonable for individuals to expect at least some accommodation from society because we do not all share the same characteristics, disadvantages, and capabilities, and a blanket allowance for all forms of discrimination will create discontent and will exclude too many people for society to function well.

For much of history, this accommodation was arguably too little, and we had been moving in the right direction for a long time. However, somewhere along the way, it became inappropriate to consider the extent to which individuals can be expected to accommodate society. Society is made up of individuals, and it is impossible for millions of idiosyncrasies to be accommodated perfectly. One individuals right is necessarily another individuals duty not to infringe upon that right. Where we create more rights, we create more duties for others.

I am not trying to argue that the poor white people of Canada are being victimized because they now have more duties not to infringe upon others rights not to be unfairly discriminated against. Rather, it is that rights must have a limit, or we create unlimited duties that can have negative consequences or even become impractical.

The phrase Islam is right about women is one illustration of this conflict. The phrase was coined to point out a popular contradiction in our modern outrage culture. The idea is that you can either be offended because you think the statement is discriminatory against either muslims or women, but thinking that it is discriminatory against muslims is sexist and thinking that it is discriminatory against women is Islamophobic. The phrase does not claim that Islam is worse for women than any other religion, and there is a good case that Christianity, as with most other religions, are sexist as well, at least by modern western standards. However, the illustration only works because muslims are considered, rightfully in my opinion, to face disproportionately high levels of unfair discrimination.

Other examples include: lessons promoting LGBTQ equality being pulled from classrooms because of complaints by immigrants that such ideas infringe upon freedom of thought or religion, claims by trans activists that lesbians are transphobic for refusing to sleep with people with penises, or labelling the term bisexual as exclusionary of non-binary individuals.

Excuse the cliche, but the point is this: we cant only keep asking what our country can do for us, and not what we can do for our country. The country is nothing more than a collection of us, and we cant expect all of us to do everything for each individual while making no attempt to fit into our society.

Canadians are bound together by what we have in common, but without the effort of individuals, the few remaining values that hold us together will only continue to weaken and we will become ever more divided into factions competing to score the biggest take for their particular team. Soon, there could be nothing we have in common with each other, other than our shared struggle to compete with each other for resources.

Diversity does not make balkanization inevitable, but our current societal trajectory probably does when diversity is our strength is zealously pushed without expecting some common values and customs to be upheld to keep us all together.

Don Cherry was merely pointing out one aspect of that fact.

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Montreal Immigration and Refugee Board forced to close down due to bed bug infestation - The Post Millennial

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Manitoba housing IPMG Got Bed Bugs? Bedbugger Forums

Hello again,

Here is another letter that came under my door, last week.

WHAT YOU SEE ISNT WHAT YOU GETMANITOBA HOUSING DECEIVES TENANTSDear Fellow Tenants:This is a follow-up to the letter concerning 30 second sprays at 185 Smith, month after month, year after year with no end to the bedbugs in our lifetime and the ineffectiveness of the bedbug treatments at 185 Smith and all of Manitoba Housing.I have had bedbugs for over 4 years at 185 Smith and have been treated over 30 times in this period, with no end in sight. During this 4 year period, I have always had bed bugs to some extent but recently something has changed in that my suite is now considered bedbug free. The only problem is that I still have bedbugs, but during my last inspection the inspectors checked the traps and did a quick look around and told me that my suite was bedbug free. When I pointed out that there were bedbugs on one trap and why was I considered bedbug free, I was told not to worry about the bugs as the trap had done its job and caught the bedbugs. My trap had caught 2 bedbugs, so odds are there are many more hiding in the wall because using insect traps doesnt guarantee that you will catch them all. If it did there would be no need to spray chemicals and there wouldnt be a bedbug problem at 185 Smith and Manitoba Housing.So here I am not getting treated when I have activity and other tenants are getting treated when they dont have activity as one of my neighbors is, does this make sense to you? I originally thought the problem was strictly with the treatments and not with the inspections, but after this last encounter I have come to the realization that the inspection process is equally at fault. Whether the trap catches or doesnt catch bedbugs the result is considered the same, no activity. This is total bullshit and is just another example of how ineffective their inspections and treatments are. After talking with my property manager friend and friends at 185 Smith and other buildings, I have come to the following conclusion, which is the only one that makes sense. It seems that Manitoba Housing is not being honest with how many suites have bedbug activity, as how are they to be believed when their inspectors can look you in the eye and lie about there being no bedbug activity, when there obviously is.The more I thought about this, the madder I became. If Manitoba Housing has to lie about the number of suites that have bedbug activity, then the problem is obviously out of control. This doesnt surprise me as I have found out that over 300 units approximately are being treated at 185 Smith each month in a day or two. How can they expect to get rid of the bedbugs when they spent 30 seconds spraying each suite. In my conversations with local pest control experts, I was told that at least 15 to 20 minutes was necessary in each suite to have a chance to get rid of the bedbugs. Every month most tenants spend hours preparing for a bedbug treatment that usually lasts 30 seconds. I have no problem in preparing my suite for treatment but I expect, no, I demand that an honest effort be made to try and get rid of the bedbugs. Obviously they dont care about us as tenants or in getting rid of the bedbug problem that has plaqued Manitoba Housing for many years when the best they can do is a 30 second spray and they lie about the number of suites with bedbug activity. We have all seen on CBC, the pathetic excuse of a bedbug treatment where Manitoba Housing bug sprayers were pouring chemicals down a kitchen sink, not wearing a mask, talking on a phone and not doing a proper job in someones home. We have also seen on CBC, the problems the tenants at 101 Marion are having with bedbugs and how upset they are about the never ending 30 second sprays. We have also seen on CBC, the out of control cockroach problem at a building on Kennedy Street. Obviously, there are major problems with the pest control services at Manitoba Housing and the current management provided by Dave Funk and Dean Geller. I have seen Dave Funk talk on TV one time about how Manitoba Housing would stay the course and continue what they were doing to try and solve their pest control problems. I say to Dave Funk, why would you want to stay on a course that is obviously failing and it is time for a new course. I, and many of my friends at 185 Smith and many other Manitoba Housing buildings have lost all faith in the current management provided by Dave Funk and Dean Geller and would like to see Poulins return or possibly Monarch Pest Company and have either take over the bedbug treatments at 185 Smith and all of Manitoba Housing. Whether the current pest control program is allowed to continue, a mistake, or whether they start using Poulins or Monarch, or another commercial company, one thing is very important. That is that there be no connection between the bug spraying and the inspections. This is the only way to keep the results honest as the current numbers of units with bedbug activity provided by Manitoba Housing are extremely suspect.I am fed up with being manipulated and lied to and you should be too. As I have stated before and as some of you have already shown by contacting the media and elected representatives, is that we have a voice and that voice will be heard. Write your local government representatives and add your voice to the growing number who are doing the same, so we may finally get treated with the respect that we deserve and demand. We may live at Manitoba Housing but we deserve the same respect and rights as other citizens expect, as we are not second- class citizens. I have included the same list of people to contact with a few additions. We must rise up and fight for our rights and now is the time to do it. Lets end the madness now.

My hope is that after you have read this letter you will share your story. We want other tenants of 185 Smith to share their stories on the ineffectiveness of the spraying and the inspections. We also want tenants of other Manitoba Housing buildings to do the same, as I am distributing this same letter to multiple buildings as well as various media outlets and government officials.Go to the 21st floor of 185 Smith and demand answers as to why we are still itching and scratching at night and are still infested with bedbugs.

Let these people know if you are being treated for bedbugs. How many times have you been treated for bedbugs and for how many months or years. Let them know if the problem is getting better or worse. Have you been threatened with eviction or been talked down to? Let them know how long it takes for them to spray your unit or to inspect it. Let them know if you have bedbug activity and are not getting treated. Let them know about your frustrations or concerns. These people and organizations will listen and help.

I also ask that you speak with friends and family in other Manitoba Housing buildings and ask them if they have similar experiences with the pest control service provided by Manitoba Housing. If so, have them call and write as well, and lend their voices to the cause.

We have to understand that there is strength in numbers and by writing and calling in, we will make our concerns known. By doing this we will be heard and we will affect positive change. Also, call and mail these people continuously until they agree to help. We must be relentless in our pursuit of justice as we cannot and will not live with the bedbugs anymore. I would like to thank you for lending your voices to this very important causeenough is enoughthe madness ends now!!


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Manitoba housing IPMG Got Bed Bugs? Bedbugger Forums

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Manitoba, Canada Bed Bug Registry Map Bed Bug Infestation Reports and Google …

I am having trouble with bugs. We have extremely tiny black bugs, compared to coffee grounds and black pepper. Our dog had fleas in the summer, but I think we took care of the problem Continue reading

Bed bugs in Saskatoon are a growing concern among homeowners. Continue reading

How The Heat Assault Bed Bug Heating Equipment Works Bed bugs and bed bug eggs are killed once air temperatures reach the kill zone of 125F (52C). Heat Assault produces temperatures of 145F or higher using forced convection technology. This means that kill zone heat isproduced quickly and uniformly pumped through the treatment area ensuring the death of ALL bed bugs and bed bug eggs in a matter of seconds.Heat Assaults peak temperature ensures that the hard to reach areas such as wall voids andareas insulated by clothing or carpeting are able to betreated effectively Continue reading

When one hospital discovered a cancer patient lived in a home with bed bugs, it took stern action, refusing to provide a diagnostic scan and radiation treatment to the infested person. Another facility canceled a procedure for a kidney-disease sufferer under similar circumstances. Continue reading

Our neighbors have admitted to having bed bugs and told our landlord they took care of it NOW COUPLE MONTHS LATER we found a couple on one of our beds! Please know me or my husband have NEVER had bed bugs before we told our landlord and she is getting a pest control company to come treat both places and they are using Dragnet i was wondering can this being in our place pose a risk to my 5 year old! I read permethrin can be toxic to children Im worried A certified pest professional should follow strict regulations and apply the insecticide according to label directions. If you vacate the premises as directed there should be no risk to your family Continue reading

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Manitoba, Canada Bed Bug Registry Map Bed Bug Infestation Reports and Google ...

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Getting Rid of Tiny Biting Black Bugs | ThriftyFun

I am having trouble with bugs. We have extremely tiny black bugs, compared to coffee grounds and black pepper. Our dog had fleas in the summer, but I think we took care of the problem.

I did notice black stuff inside the air conditioner in the bedroom which when wiped almost looks like the bugs, but thousands all stuck together. There is also a huge patch of grass in the neighbor's yard that is completely dead. Could it come from there? I am not sure if these are fleas or other bugs. You cannot see them move, but can pick them up with tape and get several. They seem to be everywhere.

I have bombed the house 5 times, 4 gallons of different sprays, flea carpet powder, DE, salt and borax, salt and vinegar, and even hairspray.

These do bite. I am afraid to go out or have someone over. It has been about 2 months now. Everything in my house was cleaned with dog shampoo, vinegar, Windex and even bug stuff.

November 21, 20140 found this helpful

I have these things also. In Central Texas. Got rid of them for a while but they reappeared. The Hot shot bedbug and flea fogger I got at the grocery store completely killed them off for awhile. But I only do that when we will be gone overnight, and I didn't figure out their life cycle, so they will probably be immune now.

I will just have to get more aggressive with vaccuming and laundry. I think I am going to put dirty clothes in a large garbage can on the back porch till I do the laundry. Have tried borax in every laundry load,and including sprinkling on the area rug then vaccuming a few hours later, now going to sprinkle salt each time I add dirty clothing and towels. let em eat that!

Too many possibilities where the infestation comes from. Most likely the post office where I work. There were rats and they were exterminated,but now probably mites from that. The tubs the mail comes in are nasty, and the mail handlers probably too. One guy transfered to our post office and he sneezes and blows loudly all the time, I think he has bugs in his nose. Also went to San Deigo Cali last fall before it started. Maybe I brought them back.

I had a vaccume cleaner and a steam machine repaired at a vaccume shop and also one repaired for my mothernlaw. Could have come from the shop,they had unclaimed vaccums everywhere. I used to be more aggressive with sulfur pellets on the yard, but I got a little lax there. I think these things eat the sulfur,now, but the snakes don't like it. So I put some more out a few weeks ago. You do that before a light rain,and all the pest will be gone. I usually use a spreader and start closest to the foundation or porch and circle around the whole place until the yard has sulfur every where.

I bought a good spreader this year with large rubber wheels. It was convenient (the Scotts brand) with a snap in fertilizer bag. So when I used the fertilizer up, I just made a slit in the bag and added my sulfur pelets in there. Oh, it worked so easy and it came with a switch to make the path narrow when you need to not get it all over the place. The bag closes up at the bottom when you remove it. I do recommend that spreader if you do your own yard, like I do.(we have chiggers her you know, but not with the sulfur treatment). We don't have fire ants in our yard either. I hope they don't eat these other pests.

Occasionally I use "home defense" around the perimeter and inside perimeter of our house. I bought the one with the battery operated sprayer for around $20. There is no odor & it works pretty good.

My next door neighbor has chickens, got them last year, a while before my problem started. She is very clean though. So if she has bugs, I think they were there before she moved in. Her place is very well kept inside and out. The neighbors on the other side have dust mites, and who knows what? I still love them (what rate you gonna do?). They moved in 5 years ago, and I kept it out of my house that long.

My mother in law has a dog. She does not take to the vet and I have to treat her lawn and get her dog store bought drops and spray her carpet. She's 90, and I have seen raid cans in her home. So the weird little bugs that bite might have come from her place?

We have chimney sweep birds, that nest in our chimney every spring. Dogs inside which I don't like (I sneeze and gag), but my husband wants them in, so he wins. That inside thing used to be only in freezing weather, but he retired and thinks the animals are his babies now. Cats too. Got a ferrel cat last year, he doesn't seem to scratch, but the outside only cat does, since we got the other ferrel inside and outside cat. We have had the outside cat since 2006 and never had bugs from or on her.

My neighbor has a dog she only combs fleas out. I use all the stuff for that. Every animal gets drops, which we have to switch brands depending on how they work. That neighbor & I walk our dogs together; so there you go, the uncombed ones jump onto us. Last spring I used flea shampoo,and the vet switched us to revolution, which worked better, and I added flea collars on all the pets.

That combo worked, in spite of the neighbor not using any pesticides. Seems they bite me & that one cat and get in the dogs ears. I treat that all the time, by cleaning the ears with solution and then putting a little mineral oil in ears. There is no black ear mite residue, but I have removed what looked like a tick or large mite.

I made a homemade air cleaner with a fan and furnace filter. It helped a lot, but my husband doesn't like it on, so he keeps turning it off. Remember he does not get bit. They probably live on him, and only eat me.

I found a site for my local ag university. I'm calling them tomorrow to see if I can send a sample for some help. When you rub your hands or wherever you feel them biting, with hand sanitzer, eventually you'll feel a little grain and you can wipe that on a paper towel or kleenex and see them.

Tonight I just kept rubbing my hands and finally they actually fell onto the kleenex. there are a lot more on you than you think. They do not like clove oil and it helps to put some drops of that and a few drops of lavender oil in alcohol and spay yourself and everything. Also some tea tree oil in baking soda sprinkled over area rug and vacuum. I bought a dyson, because of the dog hair. I put it outside after use, because I know the bugs can escape with a bag less vacuums cleaner. I have seen a nest of these things in some dog hair that wandered under the sofa. They also will die with direct application of windex,so i buy that at Sams club. I ain't running out of Windex!

I made some clove oil by boiling whole cloves and poured the solution in a jar. I left it on the kitchen counter and there are no bugs around that. So I put one on the back of the toilet and same there.I shampoo with Paul Mitchell tea tree shampoo and conditioner daily. Bath with Dr Teal's eucalyptus & spearmint epsom salt, sulfur soap, and oil down with Dr Teal's. I use "shea Moisutre" shea butter Camomile & argan oil Baby eczema therapy and clean my face with Burts Bees deep cleansing cream and use the Clinique sonic face brush.

I have used sulfur 8 directly on any itches and rubbing that in will cause one to become a grain I can remove. The Wi dex is sprayed all over the bathroom; including in the tub before I bathe or shower and after.

They also turn loose if you rub vicks on your skin. So I guess they don't like eucalptyus. I am thinking maybe get a mister with eucalpytus oil or a humidifier, with any kind of eucalyptus oil or paste in that tray where the steam comes out, will help. However, I know you need to keep the moisture down, because I see the larger ones in the bathroom. They look like pepper on the floor, and stick to everything. Only turn loose when windexed. I think if you covered yourself with Desitin that would smother them, but then they would return.

What also helps me, is I take garlic pills (the cheap ones from walmart) And evening primrose oil (that's expensive, but parasites dont like it, so I buy that at the health store,and take that). All that stuff helps get the population down, but as long as the animals are allowed inside, I think they will still thrive.

If I sound "matter of fact" about it all, that's just because the panic only affects your health, along with the lack of sleep. I know if I have a sickly house plant, the bugs invade it,so keep that in mind. Take your vitamins, especially C! If your nose itches, put tea tree oil on a qtip and spread it around in the nasal cavity. That needs to be done through out the day for a while, then you can go to once or twice a day. I even use some of those alcohol wipes inside the nose to clean it out. alternate the alcohol, saline nasal rinse and tea tree oil. Believe me that works way better on a sinus infection than any nose spray the doc will prescribe. And kinda gently squeeze, squish around, or press on the mid part of the nose.That seems to make it open and clear out some. It just takes determination, and diligence, and a year of non stop attacking. I also take probiotics and/or eat yogurt. No serious sinus infection this year. When I really think I can't beat allergies, I will resort to taking zertec, but get off of it when I get better.

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Getting Rid of Tiny Biting Black Bugs | ThriftyFun

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Saskatoon Bed Bug Control & Bud Bug Heat Treatment …

Bed bugs in Saskatoon are a growing concern among homeowners. Bed bug infestations can be found in your carpet, bedding, and mattresses - even behind your wallpaper. Poulin's bed bug control service in Saskatoon will inspect your residence; determine the best course of action and provide quality professional remediation of bed bug populations in your home or commercial building.

Poulins Saskatoon arms themselves with the latest technology to identify and eliminate a bed bug infestation. We follow all industry best practices and adhere to all safety standards.

To ensure successful control of bed bugs, our service professionals conduct a thorough inspection of areas that bed bugs are known to reside. Based on our vast experience in bed bug control, we carefully inspect common areas in which bed bugs inhabit such as box springs, mattresses, head boards and even nightstands. Bed bug remediation is handled through the application of Canadian-approved residual insecticides, vacuums or a process called heat treatment.

The most effective bed bug treatment in Saskatoon is utilizing high heat equipment. Our bed bu heat treatment equipment was designed specifically for this type of pest application. Our equipment will heat up the affected environment to 135?F which produces lethal temperature for all stages of bed bugs. Heat treatments in Saskatoon typically have a 99% success rate for a single treatment, providing an eco-friendly, non-toxic solution.

Poulin's Saskatoon1524 Idylwyld Dr. N, Saskatoon, SK S7L 1B1

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Saskatoon Bed Bug Control & Bud Bug Heat Treatment ...

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