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  Quebec, Canada Bed Bug Registry Map
  Monday 15th of May 2023 13:53 PM

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Latest Bed Bug Incidents and Infestations

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Bed bugs in Vancouver: Here’s where the city ranks | CTV News

Two cities in B.C.'s Lower Mainland rank among the top in Canada when it comes to bed bugs, according to a pest control company.

Vancouver came in third in the 2021 list, which ranks major cities based on the number of related calls made to Orkin Canada.

Nearby Burnaby claimed the 25th spot.

Orkin said the worst spot in the country for the bugs the company calls "extremely effective hitchhikers" because of their tendency to travel across rooms and along with luggage.

Toronto took the top spot, followed by Sudbury, Ont.

Also in the top 10 were: St. John's; the Ontario cities of Oshawa and Scarborough; the New Brunswick cities of Moncton and Saint John; Winnipeg; and Edmonton.

The calls made in those cities were for both residential and commercial bed bug treatments.

Orkin offered its advice to reduce the spread of bed bugs, which often enter residential spaces through travel.

"Bed bugs thrive in dark, cool places with long-term access to humans," the company wrote in a news release. "They can also be found on airplane and train seats, in buses or in rental cars."

Orkin said it's rare to pick them up in those locations, but it is possible.

Where people are more likely to encounter the bugs is in hotels and motels. For those types of locations, Orkin suggested ensuring clothing and luggage are never put directly on the bed.

The company said travellers should use metal luggage racks, as the bugs can't easily climb up metal surfaces the way they can on walls and wooden furniture.

Orkin also recommends packing clothes, shoes and other items into plastic bags, which can keep bed bugs that have crawled into a suitcase from getting into the house on clothing.

Anyone checking for bed bugs should also look at books, cloth toiletry kits and other personal items where they may be hiding.

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Bed bugs in Vancouver: Here's where the city ranks | CTV News

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‘Canada’s Top Bed Bug Cities’ Have Been Revealed & Montreal Isn’t Even Top 10 –

Orkin has released its list of 'Canada's Top Bed Bug Cities' and maybe surprisingly Montreal didn't even crack the top 10.

The Quebec metropolis lands at number 19 in the list, which ranks cities "by the number of bed bug treatments the company performed" in 2020.

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Toronto #1 Bed Bug City In Canada

So Montreal's low ranking could be explained by a less frequent use of Orkin compared to other pest control services in the city, but there's no way to know.

The number one spot of course went to Toronto.

It's followed in the ranking by Sudbury, Oshawa, Vancouver, Winnipeg, St. John's, Scarborough, Whitby, Edmonton and Ottawa.

"Bed bugs are extremely efficient hitch hikers," Orkin warns.

"They can move easily across a room and climb onto luggage or anything left on a bed in just one night."

The company's advice for keeping the critters out of your home include not putting luggage on beds when travelling, using metal luggage racks and packing clothes in plastic bags.

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'Canada's Top Bed Bug Cities' Have Been Revealed & Montreal Isn't Even Top 10 -

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This Map Shows You The Exact Location Of All Of The Bed Bug Infestations In Montreal – MTL Blog

Anyone who's ever had bed bugs know that the tiny creatures can cause a massive headache. Bed bugs bite you in your sleep like tiny little parasites, and the mere thought of that can lead to quite a few sleepless nights if you're dealing with an infestation.

It's therefore reasonable that people want to know where bedbugs are found in the city, especially when they're thinking about moving to a new building. According to Sant Montreal, "between 2010 and 2014, about 3% (22,000) of households a year had bed bugs."

Luckily, Open Data 101 Montreal has put together an easy-to-use, interactive map that gives you an idea of the location of bed bug infestations throughout the city.

The map was put together using open data from the city of Montreal. The data shows where exterminators declared that they had done extermination work for bedbugs.

It, therefore, may not be a totally accurate representation of where bedbugs are in the city right now, but it gives you a pretty solid estimate.


The map reveals some interesting findings.

For example, it gives us an idea of which neighbourhoods are the most affected by bed bug infestations.

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According to the data, Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie has the most declared exterminations, with a total of 4,509 over the last 18 years.

This is followed by VilleraySaint-MichelParc-Extension, with 4 495 exterminations, Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, with 4453 exterminations, and the Plateau, with 3 928 exterminations.

Sant Montral urges people with bed bug infestations to "act quickly to prevent bed bugs from spreading. Dont treat your home yourself: call a professional. If youre a tenant, the owner is responsible for taking care of the problem."

You can find out more about bed bug infestations on Sant Montral's website.

You can also explore the bed bug map here.

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This Map Shows You The Exact Location Of All Of The Bed Bug Infestations In Montreal - MTL Blog

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Montreal Issues Warning For Bed Bug Infestation – MTL Blog

It's currently moving season, and with moving comes a lot of issues, unfortunately, one of those being bed bugs.

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During busy moving time the City Of Montreal frequently releases public announcements about how to prevent the spread of bed bugs in the city. As you know, bed bugs are a major concern and issue for any densely populated urban area.

As you can see, the Ville De Montreal Twitter page released this tweet reminding citizens of " adoptgood habits" when moving to be conscientious and prevent bed bug spread.

Le 1er juillet, a dmnage Montral! Adoptez les bons comportements.

July 1, 2018

You might be cringing in disgust at the moment, but know that it's a fact that bed bugs do not discriminate. Rich, poor, dirty, or clean, bed bugs feast off human blood and any home, regardless of how often the floor is swept, is the perfect breeding ground for these stubborn little critters.

Bites are usually the first sign of an infestation, and they will pop up quickly in multiples and appear similar to a mosquito bite. They are red, swollen, but they are much itchierthan a typical bug bite.

Obviously, an infestation can be 100% confirmed if you actually find some of these buggers in your bed or home. Thankfully, they are easy to spot becausethey are quite large and brown; about the size and shape of a lentil or apple seed.

If you spot a bed bug and you live in a building, it is your responsibility to contact your landlord right away. They will take the necessarynext steps to reach out to a professional to have the bug eradicatedwith no cost to the tenant.

Don't be ashamed or embarrassedto reach out to your landlord. It's their responsibilityto contact exterminators and get the issue dealt with ASAP. Preventing bed bugs from spreading takes a collective effort.

That said, when moving and picking up old furniture and clothes, it's important to take necessary steps and precautions to avoid spreading the bugs or eggs.

Read up HERE to find FAQs about bed bugs and what you can do to help prevent the spread.

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Montreal Issues Warning For Bed Bug Infestation - MTL Blog

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This Montreal Apartment Complex Is So Infested With Cockroaches And Rats That The Public Health Department Had To Step In – MTL Blog

If you've ever found a bug in your apartment, then you understand the fear of wondering where the thousand other little critters are hiding. Not just any bug can spark horror, but when you think about bed bugs and cockroaches it really couldn't get any worse than that.

Until you start seeing rats. This should be where the line is drawn and evacuation measures are taken. Except that they aren't. Your new roommates are now giant rodents and creepy bugs that seem to multiply overnight. This might not be the case where you live, but it's the nightmare that tenants of an apartment in Montreal-Nord have been dealing with for over a year.

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TL;DRThe Public Health Department and the City of Montreal had no choice by to launch extermination efforts on a Montreal-Nord apartment building infested with cockroaches, bed bugs and rats. Complaints have been made since 2017, but with three extermination planned this week, all vermin is expected to finally be gone. More details below.

The complaints began rolling into the City of Montreal in 2017. After more than 15 inspection visits, it was decided that work would begin in 2018 to exterminate the bugs. Follow-ups were made last year, but the issue wasn't actually solved as the city received a new complaint of the bugs and rodents just last week.

Via 528094 Vadim Kozlovsky |

The City of Montreal and the Public Health Department had no choice but to intervene on Monday. Since then, tenants have met with infectious disease prevention teams and social workers while the building undergoes multiple exterminations.

The tenants are unable to be relocated due to the complexity of quickly finding accomodations for everyone, especially those that have pets.

What's even more shocking in the midst of the bug infestation is that the owner of the apartment complex completely abandoned their obligations towards the building. The owner now owes payment to the Laurentian Bank. Needless to say, this is one messy situation.

Over the course of the week at least three more exterminations will take place in the building, with the Public Health Department returning next week to ensure all vermin have been exterminated.

Until then, it sounds like it's going to be an absolute nightmare for any tenants of the building. At the very least, their apartments will no longer be overrun by the unwanted critters.


This Montreal Apartment Complex Is So Infested With Cockroaches And Rats That The Public Health Department Had To Step In - MTL Blog

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