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It's currently moving season, and with moving comes a lot of issues, unfortunately, one of those being bed bugs.

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During busy moving time the City Of Montreal frequently releases public announcements about how to prevent the spread of bed bugs in the city. As you know, bed bugs are a major concern and issue for any densely populated urban area.

As you can see, the Ville De Montreal Twitter page released this tweet reminding citizens of " adoptgood habits" when moving to be conscientious and prevent bed bug spread.

Le 1er juillet, a dmnage Montral! Adoptez les bons comportements.

July 1, 2018

You might be cringing in disgust at the moment, but know that it's a fact that bed bugs do not discriminate. Rich, poor, dirty, or clean, bed bugs feast off human blood and any home, regardless of how often the floor is swept, is the perfect breeding ground for these stubborn little critters.

Bites are usually the first sign of an infestation, and they will pop up quickly in multiples and appear similar to a mosquito bite. They are red, swollen, but they are much itchierthan a typical bug bite.

Obviously, an infestation can be 100% confirmed if you actually find some of these buggers in your bed or home. Thankfully, they are easy to spot becausethey are quite large and brown; about the size and shape of a lentil or apple seed.

If you spot a bed bug and you live in a building, it is your responsibility to contact your landlord right away. They will take the necessarynext steps to reach out to a professional to have the bug eradicatedwith no cost to the tenant.

Don't be ashamed or embarrassedto reach out to your landlord. It's their responsibilityto contact exterminators and get the issue dealt with ASAP. Preventing bed bugs from spreading takes a collective effort.

That said, when moving and picking up old furniture and clothes, it's important to take necessary steps and precautions to avoid spreading the bugs or eggs.

Read up HERE to find FAQs about bed bugs and what you can do to help prevent the spread.

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Montreal Issues Warning For Bed Bug Infestation - MTL Blog

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