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Photos Jean-Franois Desgagns Children in shared custody, residences of elderly, restaurants, cinemas, banks, airline or transport, the conditions of spread of the bed bug are endless, according to experts. This is why, at Abat Extermination, we offer the tents of the thermal to deal with the luggage and killing any bed bugs caught during a stay abroad. On the photo, Samuel Genest, DG chez Abat Extermination, is working on a suitcase.

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The growing popularity of rented apartments on sites like Airbnb exploded with the proliferation of bed bugs, so much so that some holiday makers do take not only photos and souvenirs of their stay

According to information collected by The Log, the exterminateurs of the region are at work in nearly 300 apartments, condos or homes, mostly located in Old Quebec, popular area with tourists. It is also the most important period of the year for the companies of annihilation, struggling with the after-move and the massive arrival of the tourists come from the four corners of the globe, which trimbalent sometimes these unwanted in their suitcases.

Often, on AirBnb, people can stay longer in a hotel, and it is even worse, said Samuel Genest, general manager at Abat Extermination, indicating that individuals who rent their home do not necessarily have the same cleaning steps as the hotel and do not use the same cleaning products.

Rising from the 400th

Bed bugs do not make any discrimination. Thus, the cleanliness and the price of the places may not be good indicators for these little beasts that feed exclusively on human blood. We often find in large hotels, they are conveyed a lot by international tourism, said his side Jean-Philippe Tremblay, director at Maheu & Maheu.

A problem that is far improve to Quebec for a few years, according to the different companies of extermination. Since the 400th [anniversary of the city of Qubec], we have seen a huge increase, says the expert, who recommends that travellers to inspect the premises thoroughly, especially the beds, before undoing the suitcases. It is necessary to look at the seams, the head of the bed, the couches. Often it is their droppings that are found in the first. These are small black spots that do not fade in the wash, says-t it.

After the move

The weeks following the period of residential moves also provide the trouble exterminateurs, while some have dragged the insects with them, while others are installed in a home infested. We have at least 40 % more cases of bed bugs than the rest of the year, said for his part Jean-Franois Moreau, exterminator at the Extermination More. It takes a few weeks and even times of up to three months before people realize they have bed bugs , he adds.

The infestation of bed bugs can quickly become exponential. And the reputation of these small critters that can sometimes be detrimental to the work of exterminateurs. If, for example, we have a housing infested in a building with 16 apartments, it can quickly become a 16 problem. But we cant always go and check the other houses, because the owners do not want this to be known, for fear of losing their tenants, says Mr. Genest.

Critters that bite

Photo Jean-Franois Desgagns

The bed bug bite often on the fore-arm, near the armpit, or in the lower back. They are looking for the heat and where the skin is a little thinner. For example, if one sleeps with the arms under the pillow case, they run the risk of poking the arm, says the exterminator of Abat Extermination, indicating that the bites are often grouped together and straight line .

How to avoid them

Made to order. The bugs will be more easily spotted.

Vacuum often, including under the beds and behind the head of the bed.

Install a protective cover antipunaise on the mattress/box spring, available in several companies of extermination.

Wash at 65 C minimum sheets, pillows, clothing that may have come in contact with bed bugs.

Bed bugs die at -20 C (for four consecutive days) and to over 65 C. In the winter, leave your suitcase outside for a few days, during cold weather, before undoing it.

Install traps bed bugs. Some are very subtle and hide now in power strips electric.

Rapid Reproduction

Bed bugs reproduce at a high speed :

The bed bug (below) can lay between 200 and 500 eggs during its 10 to 12 months of life.

In 6 months, a bed bug can produce 30 000 other.

In 9 months, we spent hundreds of thousands. A male may mate with one or more females, and this several times per day.

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