Quebec City Bed Bug Issues: Bed Bugs in Quebec City, QC

Are There Bed Bugs in Quebec City?

Visitors from all over the world travel to Quebec City to experience its old-world charm and historical roots. Unfortunately, bed bugs also make frequent appearances in the provinces capital. About 6 mm in length and ranging in colour from brown to red, these pests are hard to keep away. While they are wingless and unable to jump, bed bugs often hitchhike into homes and businesses by clinging onto luggage, used furniture, and second-hand clothing.

One bed bug is enough to disgust most people, but it is unlikely to find these pests living alone. Since they breed prolifically, bed bugs can be difficult to control. They often hide in large numbers around bedrooms, waiting until nighttime to feed on human blood. Their meals only take minutes, but the bite marks left behind may be red and itchy for days. Though reactions vary, bed bugs are not known to transmit any diseases. Anxiety and insomnia are some of the most common conditions to result from infestations.

Bed bugs in Quebec City can infest any home or business, regardless of how clean it is. However, homeowners can take some steps to prevent them from spreading. Carefully inspect all used items before bringing them indoors. If bed bugs are already inside, vacuuming around baseboards and trim can help remove the pests. Though these measures may help, they are not enough to avoid or eliminate the problem. When the pests become apparent, contact the licensed professionals at Orkin Canada, who are trained to manage all bed bug issues.

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Quebec City Bed Bug Issues: Bed Bugs in Quebec City, QC

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