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I receive a large number of requests from producers looking to do a Bed Bug TV show or segment requesting that I forward their request to my visitors.

What they are looking for are stories about bed bugs and nightmare infestations. So Ive decided to create a page dedicated to such requests and will post these requests below as they come in.

All comments are moderated (must be approved before going live) to prevent spam. If you are a producer looking for stories from my visitors, and want your request to go live, please leave a detailed explanation of what youre looking for, when and where it will be aired, deadlines and contact information.

To start it off, here is Chriss bed bug story Thanks for sharing Chris!

We had bed bugs, but we took matters into our own hands. Our first experience with them was when my husband all of a sudden had this line of bites on his shoulder and down the underside of his arm. Also, he was bitten under his arm pit in a line going towards his back. We had no idea what it was or where he couldve gotten bit. It was at the end of January and very cold. After that, I noticed bites by my ankles above our sock line a few days later, as well as my sons ankles. We were also getting bit around our the back of our waist where our shirt moves away from our pants.

My husband went to the doctor he was no help. They had no idea what it was, and just shrugged it off and said, Youre fine.. the bites will go away. I did some googling, and started thinking it was all different kind of things.. until I saw bed bugs. The bites seemed to be the same, but we never saw any bed bugs before and we werent traveling around then or long before then either.

The first time I noticed a bed bug, I didnt know what it was. I was changing our sons crib sheets, and I lifted the crib mattress to tuck the sheets around the corners. We had a dust ruffle on the bottom part of the crib, and on the white part of the dust ruffle that actually lies under the mattress, I saw something move. It was very small, and clear. I got tweezers and picked it up to put it in a ziplock bag. I looked at it closely it was a baby bed bug.

As I did more and more research, I changed some things about our lifestyle in the cleaning aspect of things

-We vacuumed every day. EVERYWHERE! We even vacuumed the couch inside out.. EVERYDAY.

-Didnt matter what we were washing, we used hot water. EVERYTHING was washed in hot water!

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Bed Bug Story - Bad Bed Bugs

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