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  Tuesday 5th of July 2022 02:30 AM

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What to Do If You Find Bed Bugs In Your Hotel Room – Lifehacker

Photo: Akos Nagy (Shutterstock)

Nobody wants bed bugs. You do not want bed bugs. The hotel youre staying in does not want bed bugs, but its entirely possible that it has them. We have tips on how to check your hotel room for bed bugs, but what do you do if you actually find some? You do not want to risk bringing these guys home.

When you first enter your hotel room, do not flop your suitcase or yourself down on the bed. The same goes for the couch, or anything else upholstered. Roll your suitcase into the bathroom, and leave it there for now. You can set your purse down on the countertop or even a table, but to be totally honest, the safest place for all your stuff right now is the bathtub.

Bed bugs could be in any type of hotel, so dont assume that the hotel youre in is so nice or so clean that you dont need to check. The details on where to look, and what to look for, are here. In brief: pull up the bedsheets and mattress covers at the corners, and inspect for stains or gritty black or brown stuff.

Bed bugs live in dark crevices, out of sight, but they come out each night for blood meals (aka, you). They can hide in and around beds, so that includes headboards and picture frames; check around the edges of those, too. And despite the name, they can also live in non-bed furnishings, like couches. So check those places.

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If you find bed bug evidence on the mattress or elsewhere, take a minute to verify your suspicions. There are plenty of websites that will show you all the gory details of what a bed bug infestation looks like, so Ill spare you the visuals here. This FAQ from Reddits bedbug forum provides a good rundown of what youre looking for, and it also includes information on several lookalike species that are not bed bugs.

Because, honestly: a lot of people dont know what bed bugs look like. If you see a bug in your hotel room, its fair to suspect bed bugs, but make sure to verify your observation in case youve just happened upon an ant, a carpet beetle, or a roach. These guys may not be the best roommates, but they are nothing compared to the horror of possibly bringing home a bed bug infestation.

Now, just because you found ants or roaches, that does not mean that youre in the clear. You could have roaches and bedbugs. Just saying.

Alright, so youve found what youre pretty sure is bed bug evidence. The first thing I would do, after (or in the process of) identifying what Ive found, is to take clear photos, just in case these come in handy when making your complaint or asking corporate headquarters for a refund.

Next, your luggage! Is it in the bathtub? If so, its safe for now. If not, put it in the bathtub. Its possible for bed bugs to crawl into your bags and thereby hitch a ride home. If theres any chance that they snuck in while you werent looking (for example, if you dont find the bugs until after youve spent a few nights in the room), treat your suitcase as potentially contaminated until you can thoroughly clean it and everything in it. But thats for later.

Now, you have to figure out where youre spending the night, because ideally it will not be this bed bug-infested hotel room. Contact the front desk and explain the issue. Some states have laws requiring that any room with bed bugs have them exterminated before anybody can use the room again. You can reasonably expect the hotel to try to move you to a different room, or to let you cancel the reservation and go elsewhere.

If they do want to move you to a different room, ask for it to be as far away from the infested room as possible. A room right next door, or directly above or below, may be infested as well. Insist on inspecting the new room before you agree to stay there.

One more thing to do while youve got a hotel employee apologizing at you: Ask for garbage bags. If you did get some bed bugs in your suitcase, you dont want to bring them to your next accommodations. And if you didnt, you might be, understandably, extra paranoid about the possibility. Wrap your bags in plastic for the rest of your trip.

What if you have no other option, or you discovered the bugs after already spending a night in the cursed room? How bad is it to wake up with bed bug bites?

The good news is that bed bugs dont transmit diseases with their bites. They may be able to transmit Chagas disease through their feces, although the normal vector for that disease is bed bugs relative the kissing bug. What that means, for you: Dont scratch your bed bug bites until after youve washed the skin around them.

Okay, now time for the bad news. Bed bug bites are no fun. Most commonly, there will be several bites in clusters or in a row. They look a bit like mosquito bites, and they itch. You wont notice anything while youre being bitten, but you may find yourself itching the next day, or even a few days later.

If youve been bitten by a lot of bed bugs, you may be desensitized to them. Or maybe youre just luckypeoples reactions vary, and some people do not react at all.

If you need to stay in a place that may have bed bugs, get some plastic sheeting and place it on top of the bed, and dont allow it to touch the floor or any surroundings (pull the bed away from the headboard). You can put clean sheets on top of the plastic, but make sure your bedding doesnt touch the floor. Its relatively safe to sleep on a plastic-encased bed like this.

Alright, lets talk about that suitcase. Bed bugs may climb in it because theyre looking for a hiding place, but they may also be following the scent of your dirty laundry. If you cant manage to wrap your whole suitcase in plastic, at the very least bag up your laundry.

While youre still in the infested area, sort your laundry. Anything labeled dry clean only should skip the washer but is usually safe to go in the dryer. Sort the rest of your laundry the usual way, and plan to wash it using the hottest and harshest settings that wont destroy your clothes. If something can be washed in hot water, by golly, you will wash it in hot water. Seal up the laundry before you take it home or to the laundromat; if there are bugs in the bags, you dont want them crawling out.

At home, or at the next place you get the opportunity, empty everything out of your suitcase and vacuum the entire suitcase, inside and out, including all the pockets and nooks and crannies. Do this outdoors if you can, and seal up the debris when you take it out of the vacuum.

The University of Minnesota has a guide to laundering clothes to kill bed bugs. Pro tip: 30 minutes in the dryer, on high heat, will kill the bugs. You can use this treatment on clothes that dont need to be washed or that shouldnt get wet (like the dry-clean-only stuff).

Be careful about those bags, by the way. The guide has instructions on sealing up the empty, used bag so that any bugs inside wont be able to escape from the trash. And youll want to put your clothes immediately into clean bags (dont trust the folding table at the laundromat) and keep them sealed up until youre in a place that you know is bed bug-free.

Heres another small piece of good news: While it may be hard to find bed bugs, its pretty easy to kill them. They dont do well with extremes of temperature, so one way to kill them is to leave your belongings in a hot car or a garbage bag for a few days and let the summer sun bake them to death. (The University of Minnesota says the heat isnt reliable enough; the Texas A&M extension endorses the technique as long as you can get the contents of the bag up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour. I suspect this approach works better in Texas than in Minnesota.)

Freezing is also an option. To kill bed bugs, they must be below freezing temperatures for four days; consider using a thermometer to monitor the process, especially for large items where the surface might be cold but the inside may not be. The University of Minnesota warns that outdoor temperatures arent usually consistent enough to be able to freeze things just by leaving them outside in the winter; an actual freezer will do the job better.

Objects with hard surfaces, like wooden or plastic toys, can be wiped clean. Watch out for cracks and crevices, though; the little buggers like to hide. Its possible to fumigate small objects with kits you can buy, if you cant find another way to kill the bugs.

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How Do Bed Bugs Reproduce? | Terminix

Stopping the spread of bed bugs can be a difficult task, although new studies on bed bug reproduction are exploring how to reduce the frequency of mating. To understand how bed bugs spread, it is helpful to understand their mating habits.HOW DO BED BUGS REPRODUCE?On average, female bed bugs lay about one to seven eggs per day after a blood feeding has taken place. However, the mating process can sometimes be difficult for the female bed bug. Frequent mating can cause injury. As a result, female bed bugs do not necessarily produce more eggs with increased mating sessions. Instead, a female bed bug is more likely to travel away from her original location to an area where she can guarantee a food source and a lack of mates. With lack of disruption and access to food, a female bed bug can lay many eggs.HOW MANY EGGS CAN A FEMALE BED BUG LAY?On average, a female bed bug with access to regular meals will lay anywhere from 200 to 250 eggs during her lifetime. Because mating causes scarring, a female that has mated multiple times during a short period will lay fewer eggs than a female who has had time to recover from the reproduction process. The need for females to protect themselves from future mating sessions has helped to increase the spread of bed bugs.

Pregnant female bed bugs are more likely to travel in an attempt to avoid being mated with again. A single pregnant female can cause an infestation of more than 5,000 bed bugs within a six-month period.THE BED BUG REPRODUCTION CYCLEBed bug eggs take approximately six to 17 days to hatch. Hatched eggs are called nymphs. A nymph is not able to reproduce until it has fully matured. The length of time it takes for a nymph to mature depends on temperature. Eggs can hatch and become mature bed begs in as little as 21 days in warmer temperatures. It can take more than four months for the same process to occur in cooler temperatures. Nymphs can begin blood feeding as soon as they hatch. A single female bed bug can mate with any of her offspring after a nymph has fully matured.REDUCING THE BED BUG REPRODUCTION CYCLEA 2010 study conducted by Vincent Harraca from Lund University in Sweden revealed an alarm pheromone released by nymphs, and male bed bugs when approached, to prevent prowling males from attempting to mate. Mature males will attempt to mate with any bed bug that has recently fed. The fact that male mating is non-productive in propagating the bed bug population has inspired scientific research, which resulted in the discovery that immature nymphs and male bed bugs release a fear pheromone to prevent a mating attack. In the future, scientists hope to use this pheromone to reduce mating overall and lessen infestations.

Research by Warren Booth, a biologist at the University of Tulsa and a co-author of a 2015 study published in Molecular Ecology on bed bugs, has led scientists to suspect that a new species of bed bugs is beginning to emerge. According to the BBC, archaeologists have discovered fossil evidence of what appears to be bed bugs, indicating that they are as old as 3,500 years. Scientists believe bed bugs originated in bat caves and began feeding on humans as humans moved into caves. However, when humans switched to other dwellings, bed bugs followed.

Since that time bed bugs have evolved. In the 1950s, bed bugs all but disappeared. The reason for that, according to one theory, was the heavy use of a common household pesticide, DDT. Due to health and environmental impact, that pesticide was banned in the United States in the 1970s, but by that time bed bugs had built up a resistance to the chemical and it was no longer effective. Bed bugs have since made a massive comeback, causing a growing concern for households and businesses alike.

The bed bug reproduction cycle is effective due to the large number of eggs a female can lay. A pest management professional can help to determine the source of bed bugs in your home or business and provide the proper treatment to ensure that bed bugs get out and stay out.

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How Do Bed Bugs Reproduce? | Terminix

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Pest Control & Exterminator Company Near Me | Nextgen Pest Solutions

Nextgen Pest Solutions is a full-service bed bug exterminator and pest control company serving the greater Atlanta area, throughout South Florida on both coasts, and the Birmingham, Alabama area. We are able to treat, remove, or prevent essentially any type of pest. We also provide wildlife removal in Atlanta, Georgia, and throughout the state of Florida.

Our hometown for our Georgia operations is Cumming, Georgia in Forsyth County. We provide all types of pest control, wildlife removal, termite treatment, and mosquito control services for our neighbors in Forsyth County, Georgia.

Throughout our market, we specialize in bed bug treatments to homes, apartments, and hotels. We even provide free guides on topics like how to get rid of bed bugs, how to get rid of squirrels, how to get rid of mice, how to get rid of ants, how to identify animal poop, and more. We also provide wildlife removal services including raccoon removal, squirrel removal, bat removal, snake removal, possum removal, bee and wasp removal, and other types of wildlife common to Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

We provided top-quality bed bug services throughout Palm Beach, Pinellas, and Hillsborough Counties.

We offer mosquito control treatments and termite treatment plans during the spring and summer months when infestations are common throughout Florida and Georgia.

Our regular pest control and commercial pest control services can also protect against spiders, fleas and ticks, silverfish, beetles, house centipedes, millipedes, and more. And because we are licensed, insured, and bonded, you can feel confident that were taking care of your pest control needs.

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Pest Control & Exterminator Company Near Me | Nextgen Pest Solutions

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Love bugs: These nipple mites have sex on your face as you sleep – New York Post

Dont let the bedbugs mate.

Thought bedbugs were revolting? Microscopic nipple mites that make whoopie on peoples faces may soon become one with humans, according to a skin-scrawling study published in the journalMolecular Biology and Evolution.

Changes to their DNA have resulted in some unusual body features and behaviors, study co-author Alejandra Perotti,of the UKs University of Reading, said of the discovery.

Perotti was referring to the ubiquitous skin parasite demodex folliculorum, which resides in hair follicles on our face and nipples, and subsists on the oil released from our pores. If that wasnt revolting enough, these 0.3-mm-long skin-terlopers even mate on our faces during the night.

However, it appears these follicular freeloaders lovemaking habits have had terrible consequences. After analyzing their gene sequences, scientists found that the mites isolated existence and resultant inbreeding activities are causing them to shed superfluous genes, potentially transforming from parasites to internal symbionts. In laymens terms, they are merging with humans and may soon reside permanently within us.

We found these mites have a different arrangement of body part genes to other similar species due to them adapting to a sheltered life inside pores, said Perotti of the sex-induced interspecies splicing.

Potentially becoming one with humans isnt the only side effect of this gene reduction. For one, the mites are exclusively nocturnal as they lack UV protection as well as the gene that causes animals to be awakened by daylight. They also cant produce melatonin a compound that regulates sleep in small invertebrates but are able to power their facial hanky-panky sessions by harvesting the substance from their human host at sunset, Science Alert reported.

The mites unique gene arrangement has also bestowed males with a penis that juts upward from the front of their body. This forces them to cling to the females underside during sex as they both hang from the human hair.

Unfortunately, their peculiar procreation habits may paradoxically lead to their demise. Specifically, rampant inbreeding limits the number of genes the critters can pass onto offspring, effectively setting the mites on course for an evolutionary dead end, and potential extinction, the study found.

Fortunately, not all the findings were so morbid. The researchers also dispelled various mite myths, such as the belief that they dont have an anus, and therefore amass a lifetimes worth of waste on the human skin, resulting in rashes. Scientists discovered that these creatures do, in fact, have a rectal opening.

Mites have been blamed for a lot of things, said Dr. Henk Braig, co-lead author from Bangor University in the UK and the National University of San Juan in Argentina. The long association with humans might suggest that they also could have simple but important beneficial roles, for example, in keeping the pores in our face unplugged.

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Love bugs: These nipple mites have sex on your face as you sleep - New York Post

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How Long Do Bed Bugs Live? | Bed Bug Life Cycle | Terminix

If youve had to deal with bed bugs hitching a ride home on your pet or your luggage, youve probably asked yourself, "how long do bed bugs live?"

As far as insect life spans go, bed bugs crawl the earth for longer than most tapping out around the 10-month marker, according to And while that 10-month window is true for most, some are thought to live up to a year.

A bed bug life cycle includes multiple stages. A female bed bug lays eggs in groups of one to 50 and they take anywhere from six to 17 days to hatch, according to By the time she dies, a female will have laid hundreds of eggs.

The eggs are small, about 1 millimeter in size, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. One millimeter is around the size of a mustard seed.

With the right conditions and temperatures, a bed bug can go from an egg to its adult stage in approximately 37 days. Warmer climates promote faster bed bug reproduction and development.

Baby bed bugs are called nymphs. A nymph will go through five phases of growth before it becomes an adult, shedding its skin each time, according to the EPA. They start life at 1.5 millimeters (the thickness of a U.S. penny) and grow to about 4.5 millimeters (the size of a medium-to-large pearl).

Even in their nymph stages, bed bugs are ready to eat. They primarily feed off of people, but will also bite animals including dogs, cats, rodents and chickens. A bed bug can last up to a year or longer without feeding if the temperatures are ideal.

Still, the average bed bug life cycle isnt very long, but they do lead active lives, which includes aggressively mating. If you think you may have signs of bed bugs, contact a pest management professional immediately.

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How Long Do Bed Bugs Live? | Bed Bug Life Cycle | Terminix

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