Where and Why Bed Bugs Occur

Bed Bugs can occur in Everywhere. For Example in Bed, Furniture etc. The bed bug problem is worldwide and the biggest problems occur where there are high concentrations of people and travel. Because NYC is the number one destination for international travel, business and illegal immigrants, New York City is ground zero of the bed bugs epidemic, but the problem includes every major city in the united states, and the world too.
There are many reasons why bed bug infestations are on the rise. The numbers of bed bug infestations are growing worldwide, especially in the United States and America. The reason for the growth in bed bug infestations is that people are unaware they have a bed bug problem right away. People wake up itching and scratching in the morning thinking they need to change their detergent, or that they have a rash, so they go and see a dermatologist and get expensive prescription creams to reduce the inflammation. However, Treating the symptoms and not the cause - the cause is bed bugs. The other reason for the growth of Bed Bug infestation is because people try to deal with the bed bug problem on their own when they discover they have a problem, instead of seeking out a professional pest control exterminator.

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