Bedbug Information

Cimicidae or bedbugs, are small parasitic insects that reproduce and survive by feeding on human and animal blood. Theses pests have many different hiding places including bedding, mattresses, walls, electric sockets, cracks, furniture, dressers, closets, picture frames, luggage, appliances, head boards, wall hangings,  and small nooks and crannies within a building. During the day they will hide almost anywhere out of sight until night  when they come out to feed on blood, a very uncomfortable situation as most people are in their deepest sleep, left as prey for the bugs. If they can't find humans, they will move on to other animals such as household pets.

Various health problems can occur because of bedbugs including skin rashes, psychological disturbance, and allergic reactions. To treat the issue, extermination experts must find the bedbugs hiding places and contain them accurately so that none are left to reproduce and create more problems. To rid your home or business of these pests, it is absolutely essential that you call a professional to properly contain and kill the bugs. You must get rid of any clutter within your home. Isolate bags or luggage and seal it up.

Adult bed bugs, babies and eggs

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