ELI5 What keeps bed bugs in check? Why haven’t they taken …

Technically if youre reactive to the bites (a cruel blessing because they make it easier to catch them early but they also itch like fucking hell nonstop for a week and slowly drive you mad literally, they can induce deep anxiety and sometimes even paranoia and psychosis) youll know as soon as you have even one bug. But the bastards are hard to find and you cant really confirm from just bites, so you have to go hunting: under your bed, around the edges of your mattress, in your bed frame are usually their favorite hiding spots, but they can also hide in wall sockets, in curtains, in discarded clothes, anywhere dark and quiet. Of course, once you have one bug, youre likely to have a few dozen more very quickly, because a pregnant female will lay around a half dozen eggs a day or more.

The flip side is if youre not allergic, you usually wont find out until you see one of the buggers scuttling across your mattress, or traipsing across your bathroom floor and thats when the infestation has gotten really bad, because they are so good at hiding that theyre only out in the open when all the other hiding spots are filled with other bugs.

Yes, I had nightmares after my infestation, why do you ask?

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ELI5 What keeps bed bugs in check? Why haven't they taken ...

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