Home Remedies for Bed Bugs: Learn About DIY Treatments

Because of the maddening effects of bed bugs, homeowners are often tempted to try removing bed bugs on their own. Not only can this lead to frustration, but incorrect use of insecticides can pose health risks and may also help bed bugs develop a resistance to the insecticides used.

While waiting for a professional treatment, residents can try DIY bed bug control. None of these methods alone will solve a bed bug problem completely, but they can provide some short-term relief.

There are some DIY bed bug control products available over-the-counter. These may contain or lessen the severity of an infestation, but they are most effective when used along with a professional treatment plan.

BarriersEncasements work by completely enclosing mattresses to keep bed bugs out, while bed leg protectors keep pests on the floor from climbing onto beds. Without a professional whole-home treatment, either product may simply drive the insects into other areas of the house.

ChemicalsThere are many insecticide products that are available over the counter and registered with the Federal government for domestic use. They can be used for DIY bed bug control. Those who decide to use such insecticides should always follow the label directions exactly. Improper use can harm the environment, the user, and others in the building. Violation of the label or misuse of the product is an offence punishable under the Federal Pest Control Products Act.

There is no substitute for professional pest management. Choose the licensed experts at Orkin Canada for the safest and most effective solutions to bed bug problems.

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Home Remedies for Bed Bugs: Learn About DIY Treatments

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