Exterminating bed bugs | Gouvernement du Qubec – Quebec

If it is not possible to treat your fabrics and objects in the dryer or washer, apply oneorthe other of these treatments.

Treat your fabrics and objects with a steam cleaner. Gather all your items to be treated in the infested room. Treat everything at the same time in this room to avoid infesting other areas. The steam temperature must reach 100 C (212 F). Take care to move the steam cleaner slowly over the items in order to conduct a deep treatment

Place your fabrics and objects in the freezer at a temperature of at least -18 C (0.4 F). Lay out fabrics in the freezer without packing them in. Leave them in the freezer for at least 3 and half days.

Caution: Some domestic freezers are not cold enough. Make sure that the temperature of your freezer is at least -18 C (0.4 F) to apply this treatment. This temperature allows items to cool rapidly. Cooling of bed bugs must be quick in order to prevent them from adapting to the temperature and surviving.

After treating your fabrics and objects, take the following measures:

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Exterminating bed bugs | Gouvernement du Qubec - Quebec

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