Hotel sues guest for posting review on TripAdvisor about bed bugs …

Canada-based Hotel Quebecis suing a former guest for $95,000. The reason? The guest wrote a negative review on TripAdvisor exposing the bed bugs in his room and refused to remove the review.

Laurent Azoulay from Montreal stayed at the hotel in April this year, having booked a two-night stay at the hotel due to its proximity to a hockey tournament for hishis eight-year-old son.

According to Azoulay, he woke up at 3am in his room to discover bed bugs were biting his legs. Azoulay approached the hotel staff regarding this incident, but since it was early in the morning and a weekend, all other rooms in the hotel were full. The hotel offered to move him to a nearby hotel.

But the guest didnt want to disturb his sleeping son, so remained in the room for the rest of the night.

Azoulay says in an audio interview with CBC:

Not only did I see them (bed bugs), I videotaped them, I kept them in a glass and showed it to the front desk.

After the hockey game, Azoulay was offered a different room in the hotel, and he moved into it. The hotel also offered him a discount of $40 as compensation for the incident.

Azoulay adds:

This (offering $40 compensation) is insulting.

Hotel sues guest for posting review on TripAdvisor about bed bugs ...

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