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recent bites from bed bugs

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Another bed bug bite photo from entomologist Lou Sorkin, who feeds his pet bed bug colony regularly. As odd as this seems to someone going through bed bugs, researchers like Lou go through all this just to learn more about our enemy, Mr. Cimex Lectularius. And you know the saying, someone has to do it? Well, no one actually has to, in this case. So thank goodness they do!

Lou says of this photo,

[Bed bug bites] from bed bug adult and nymphs. First, second instars of nymphs. Adult bed bug fed on top of left vertical-positioned vein. There was no appreciable size difference between adult and nymph bites. The initial swelling reaction subsides around 30 minutes after bites and feeding.

Bedbugger S. also found that when she tested her bed bug bite reactions (actually watching bugs bite her in a laboratory setting), her adult and nymph bed bug bites were not discernable from one another in size or appearance.

Remember, click the photo, then all sizes then large to view in all its glory. And note: the purplish mark on the lower right is a birthmark, not a bed bug bite reaction!

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bed bug bites, photos — Got bed bugs?

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