Bed Bug Bites or Mosquito Bites? Got Bed Bugs …

David James comment to Jules Noise My point is that what you are suggesting has been tested in the real world numerous times. We have run tests

where we have made co2 with the beacon for more than a month on site with bed bugs. Did we catch bed bugs, of

course, did we eliminate the population? Not even close. I know it may not be the outcome you desire (or me either)

but the reality is even running a beacon continually in a empty room with bed bugs for more than a month will not

trap them out. I do agree with several of your insights, such as a cloud of too much co2 being a problem, as it

definetly is and will confuse them. But the tests you want performed were done a year ago and they failed. Just

like trapping out a mature yellow jacket nest with pheromones fails. Nature finds a way.

@djames1921___I said:"They will have to do some experimentation on an idea they believe does not work." I

believe you will do it, David, it will bug you too much if you don't. There is nobody better than you to understand

what a CO2 bedbug trap is because you already make part of it. The other part is a shield over the bed (it is in

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Bed Bug Bites or Mosquito Bites? Got Bed Bugs ...

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