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  Sunday 17th of October 2021 19:13 PM

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The cause and treatment for bedbugs | CAA-Quebec Residential

Bedbugs (Cimex lectularius) are visible to the naked eye. Brown and flat, measuring 4 mm to 7 mm (0.2 to 0.3 in) long, bedbugs are attracted to the vibrations, warmth, odours and CO2 that we give off as we breathe.

This insect got the name bedbug because it feeds on human blood in the middle of the night while we sleep, most often hiding in mattresses or elsewhere in the bedroom. Bites are often clustered in the areas of the body that are most exposed during sleep, such as the arms and legs.

After feeding for about 15 minutes, a bedbug will retreat into hiding for about a week. Bedbugs are extremely resilient and can survive in a dormant state for months on end without food.

Females lay two to four eggs per day, depositing them inside objects, cracks in furniture and floors, crevices along baseboards, etc. As an infestation intensifies, the colony grows beyond the bedroom to other rooms in the house and, potentially, to neighbouring houses. Bedbugs travel inside wall and floor cavities, inside ducts and along pipes and electrical wires.

Bedbugs leave stains on bedding and mattresses. (Brown stains are from blood after bites; black stains are the insects fecal matter.)

Like many other invaders, this species spreads because of widespread international travel and exchanges of goods. Bedbugs can be found in suitcases, fabric, furniture, cargo vehicles, etc.

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The cause and treatment for bedbugs | CAA-Quebec Residential

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7 types of bug bites Canadians can expect this summer …

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With a long winter behind us, most Canadians are looking forward to spending more time outdoors. Whether youre hiking, camping or just being lazy at the lake, health experts say its always important to keep an eye out for summer bugs.

Canada has a wide range of bugs and insects, says Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease specialist at Toronto General Hospital, but the majority of them wont seriously hurt you.

The vast majority of insects that bite are really only a nuisance, meaning that it might cause a little bit of pain, he told Global News. Its only a handful of bugs that can cause severe problems.

READ MORE: Southern Ontario likely to see an onslaught of mosquitoes this summer expert

Of all the bug bites that are going to occur in Canada this year, a relatively small proportion of them are going to result to a medical issue, thats the big picture.

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Below, Bogoch breaks down the most common creatures we see in Canada during the summer, as well as how to protect yourself.

Tick seasonhas already started in Canada, and Bogoch says there is an increasing number of cases of Lyme disease in the country as well.

Lyme is transmitted by tick bites and ticks that transmit Lyme are present across the country, he explained. Its not entirely clear what the boundaries of these ticks are.

If youre are bitten by a tick with a potential for Lyme disease, speak to your doctor right away if you think you have symptoms.

Health Canada [is]taking it very seriously and have put in a lot of money, energy and resources to provide healthcare workers information on how to treat Lyme and find out exactly where it is.

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Bogoch says to protect yourself, wear insect repellent if youre going to any grassland or wooded areas, and when you return home, make sure you conduct a full tick check from head to toe.

Mosquitoes are not only a huge nuisance but some also carry infection.

Later on in the summer we start to see cases of West Nile virus, the mosquito-transmitted infection, he said. In the past few years there havent been that many cases of West Nile virus in the country, but its certainly a possibility.

READ MORE: Insect repellent does natural beat DEET?

Bogoch adds the majority of people who end up getting the virus have no symptoms or mild symptoms like a fever, headache, muscle aches and pains or fatigue. They generally feel unwell for a couple of days, and mostwerenot ill enough to see the doctor. He adds there are rare forms of severe West Nile virus, but the majority of us will just have to deal with bites.

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Use a repellent with at least 30 per cent DEET, he said, and dont forget to reapply.

Bee and wasp bites are extremely painful, but they dont carry any infections, Bogoch says. Anyone who has an allergic reaction tend to keep EpiPens, but for the majority of us, it is just dealing with the initial painful bite and washing out the area as quickly as possible.

Its hard to avoid bees and wasps during summer months, but if you can, dont irritate them.

If you are working in Northern Ontario or even the Northern prairie provinces, you should expect horseflies and black flies. The bites hurt, but they are not going to pose any significant risk,Bogoch said, adding that for people who spend a lot of time outdoors, it could feel like being eaten alive.

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To protect yourself, wear insect repellent and try not to expose skin.

Canada has many different types of spiders, and believe it or not there are even some venomous ones. They are extraordinarily rare and timid, but the southern parts of Canada have black widow spiders, Bogoch noted.

Most spiders are harmless. If you experience a black widow bite, wash it with water right away and seek medical attention.

They arent special to summer, but Bogoch says we should keep an eye out for bed bugs when we travel.

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They dont transmit infections, but they can bite, he said, adding some people end up with itchy red welts all over their bodies.

READ MORE: Will this cold Canadian winter mean fewer biting bugs in the summer?

The most frustrating thing about bed bugsis removing them from your home or not bringing them with you in the first place. If you suspect bed bugs, deep clean your sheets and mattress or contact a professional cleaning service.

We have a few types of biting ants, but they dont transmit infections, Bogochsaid. Ants are also a nuisance, but known complications from ant bites are very rare.

During summer months, many of them make nests, he adds. If you want to avoid bites, avoid nests.

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7 types of bug bites Canadians can expect this summer ...

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Exterminating bed bugs | Gouvernement du Qubec – Quebec

If it is not possible to treat your fabrics and objects in the dryer or washer, apply oneorthe other of these treatments.

Treat your fabrics and objects with a steam cleaner. Gather all your items to be treated in the infested room. Treat everything at the same time in this room to avoid infesting other areas. The steam temperature must reach 100 C (212 F). Take care to move the steam cleaner slowly over the items in order to conduct a deep treatment

Place your fabrics and objects in the freezer at a temperature of at least -18 C (0.4 F). Lay out fabrics in the freezer without packing them in. Leave them in the freezer for at least 3 and half days.

Caution: Some domestic freezers are not cold enough. Make sure that the temperature of your freezer is at least -18 C (0.4 F) to apply this treatment. This temperature allows items to cool rapidly. Cooling of bed bugs must be quick in order to prevent them from adapting to the temperature and surviving.

After treating your fabrics and objects, take the following measures:

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Exterminating bed bugs | Gouvernement du Qubec - Quebec

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The Cost Of Taking Groceries For Granted: Canadas Food Labour Bill Is Coming Due – Chatelaine

Desmond Daley, a migrant worker from Jamaica, at Pfennings Organic Farms in New Hamburg, Ont. in 2018. (Photo: Jim Rankin/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

As pork, beef and poultry plants across North America cope with outbreaks of COVID-19, two issues loom large: the effect on our food supply, and the effect on industry workers. The United States has decided which is more importanton Tuesday, American meat plants were deemed essential infrastructure that cant close without federal permission. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau neither committed to nor ruled out doing the same here. The priority is both things, he said. Keeping people safe and ensuring a good supply of food to Canadians.

Priority, though, is a singular word. Theres a choice to be made, and workers will not be safe if the meat business goes on as usual. The coronavirus has had a devastating toll on them: at a Cargill plant in High River, Alta., 821 workers had tested positive for COVID-19 as of Thursday, the countrys largest outbreak linked to a single site. One worker, a woman in her 60s, has died. Other plants havent been hit as hard, but numbers are quickly climbing, and there have been shift reductions and temporary shutdowns from B.C. to Quebec.

The pandemic is breaking multiple links of Canadas food supply chain. Many farmers are scrambling to find workers. Spring usually brings tens of thousands of foreigners to Canadian fields, most from the Caribbean and Latin America via the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP). This year, COVID-19 has thrown multiple wrenches into that process, including a 14-day federal isolation requirement when workers land.

Its not clear yet whether significant food shortages are a real riskTrudeau said hes watching the issue with concern. But its inevitable that consumers will be affected eventually. Higher costs are almost certainly on the horizon, and maybe thats a necessary correction. Prices at Canadian supermarkets have never reflected the true value of the labour that goes into stocking them.

As in other rich countries, underpaid workers from poor countries have long kept Canadas food industries running. Now, Mexicans and Central Americans have a new reason to avoid the U.S. and Western Europe is desperate for seasonal workers from Eastern Europe and Africa. In Canada, and elsewhere, fears about availability and cost are accompanied by another worrythat the risks long endured by food industry workers might spill over onto the rest of us.

The state of farm workers housing is just one example. Last year, the Toronto Star reviewed thousands of complaints about everything from rats and bedbugs to a lack of working sinks. Such conditions were always dangerous for workers, as well as undignified, and a violation of their rights. Its only now, though, that a COVID-19 outbreak in a cramped dormitory threatens Canadians health, too.

A page from a colouring book being shared by Justicia 4 Migrant Workers.

And so, worried Ontario farming communities are imposing new housing rules. In Windsor-Essex County, that includes soap (presumably at functional sinks) for all that coronavirus handwashing. In Haldimand-Norfolk County, bunkhouses for those who are self-isolating are limited to three residents, a public health stipulation that one local farmer told TVO doesnt make sense.

Amazingly, the same farmer said that replacing SAWP workers with unemployed locals isnt as easy as it sounds. Many foreign workers have been back and forth between his farm and their home countries for five or more years, and are some of his core people.

They also tolerate conditions most Canadians wouldnt: the average migrant farm labourer here works 10 to 12 hours a day, six days a week, with no overtime or vacation pay, according to the new book,Uncertain Harvest: The Future of Food on a Warming Planet. In it, food security researchers Ian Mosby, Sarah Rotz and Evan D. G. Fraser argue that Canadas food system owes SAWP workers a path to citizenship. Clearly, their skills are needed here.

But as for so many essential workers, respect and protection are hard to come by, even now. A JBS plant in Brooks, Alta. isnt shutting down to contain its outbreak, even temporarily: instead, the company is offering short-term disability to workers who are pregnant, over 70, or otherwise vulnerable.

In Chatham-Kent, Ont., 47 workers at the greenhouse Greenhill Produce have tested positive. Even though there are significant profits on the line800 tractor trailer loads of peppers may end up rottingthe advocacy group Justicia for Migrant Workers (J4MW) believes that staff there still arent being protected. J4MW just shared a message, purportedly from a Greenhill worker, that as of April 24, the positive and the negative are living in the same house using the same utensils, same bathroom

We ask for sanitizers to help kill the spreading of the virus in such a crowded place, the message continued. To draw attention to the problem, J4MW is sharing a colouring book onlinecompleted pages can be turned into posters or social media posts.

The Greenhill workers request for anonymity is unsurprising. Foreign workers immigration status is usually tied to individual employers, making them reluctant to report bosses who violate rules and regulations. Again, thats always been trouble for them, but now its trouble for everyone. In both Chatham-Kent and High River, the outbreak is also in the larger community.

About 70 percent of Cargills employees in High River are Filipino, some permanent residents, others with more precarious status. As community advocate Cesar Cala told CBC, Many of the temporary foreign workers, their stay in Canada is based on their work visa connected to Cargill. They do have a union, which asked for a cleaning and inspection closure in mid-April.

But it took hundreds of positive diagnoses before the plant announced a temporary shutdown on April 20. Now, over a quarter of its 2,000 workers have COVID-19, and the Alberta Federation of Labour is demanding a criminal negligence investigation into one death.

When COVID-19 hit Canada, the result was supermarket shelves, stripped completely. Things have stabilized since then, but its likely that a new round of panic will hit meat departments this week. This is just the start, though: many farmers are way behind schedule for planting. Asparagus pickers are already scarce in B.C. and Ontario, where an industry spokesperson has worried that a significant amount of the provinces crop will stay in the ground this year.

Most Canadians arent used to such instability, in large part because of the risks offloaded onto migrant workers. Well, our food has been bought on credit for a long time, and now the bill has come due.

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Maureen Halushak, editor-in-chief, Chatelaine

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The Cost Of Taking Groceries For Granted: Canadas Food Labour Bill Is Coming Due - Chatelaine

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‘Papa, are we going to leave?’ So many families facing eviction in Parc-Extension – Montreal Gazette

When the eviction notices arrived for all six apartments in Mohammed Amfizguys building on Dec. 27, he and most of his neighbours resolved to challenge them so they could stay.

But he and his wife also started looking around at other apartments in Parc-Extension, he said just in case.

They quickly found that units are scarce, and the rent for what is available is double to nearly triple what had until recently been the going $600-plus per month in the neighbourhood.

Now, with their Feb. 28 eviction hearing at the Rgie du logement approaching, the couples worry about where the family will live come June seems to have spread to their three children, who are concerned about possibly having to change schools.

Theyre asking me questions every day, Amfizguy, who works as a technician for a telecommunications company, said of his children, aged seven, 11 and 12. Papa, are we going to leave the neighbourhood and lose our friends?

The building where Amfizguys family has been living since 2013 was sold in the fall. The new landlord notified the building tenants that he intends to enlarge the units substantially, one of the three conditions permitting a building owner to evict a renter under Quebec law.

Parc-Extension, which is a largely immigrant neighbourhood of about 30,000 residents sandwiched between Acadie Blvd. and the railway that borders Jarry Park, and running from the Metropolitan Expressway down to just below Beaumont Ave., has long been one of the poorest postal codes in Canada.

But rents here, like in other neighbourhoods, started to rise when the apartment vacancy rate across the city dropped below two per cent two years ago.

And since the Universit de Montrals new science campus was inaugurated on the other side of the railway tracks that run below Beaumont in the fall, the neighbourhood has been thrust into an accelerated gentrification process.

It has brought corresponding interest from condo and luxury apartment developers to build on whatever space is available, and a spike in eviction notices as existing landlords try to cash in on the influx of students and professionals, the local housing group says.

We definitely notice a very stark increase in the number of people facing evictions, Amy Darwish, a community organizer with the Comit daction de Parc-Extension, said. She added that the vacancy rate in Parc-Extension is around one per cent, substantially below the already critically low 1.5 per cent for Montreal as a whole.

In past years, usually around this time of year, we were seeing people coming in with problems relating to their living conditions problems with cockroaches, with bedbugs and mice.

However, in the past month alone, the group has been contacted by 30 tenants whove received eviction notices in about 20 apartment buildings in Parc-Extension, she said. The number is unheard of for the group, she added.

Those are just the situations that were aware of, Darwish said. In a lot of instances, tenants will either not be aware that they can oppose an eviction, or will be facing so much harassment from their landlord that theyll just accept to sign a deal and leave.

The situation is particularly stressful for families who need two or more bedrooms, given that the vacancy rate in the neighbourhood for larger units seems to be even lower than the overall average, Darwish said.

The pressure is high for Amfizguys neighbour, Hicham Darwano, whose wife is expecting their second child in March.

Shes more stressed about where were going to be able to live than about giving birth, he said of his wife.

They currently pay $605 a month for their 4, Darwano said. Rents for equivalent units in their neighbourhood run about $1,200 to $1,400.

The cheapest rent they can find outside the neighbourhood is around $1,000, and it means moving 60 kilometres from work, he said. He has a masters degree in environmental chemistry, he said, but works as a phone accessory salesman because hes unable to find a job in his field.

As a result, Darwano said hell have to consider renting a 3 if their eviction goes through, even though his family is about to expand.

The evictions are across the district, the Comit daction de Parc-Extension says. Theyre also in all types of buildings multiplexes and apartment buildings.

The new university campus is located in Outremont borough, at the border with VilleraySt-MichelParc-Extension borough. But a passageway was built leading from the campus to the mtro station on the other side of the railway tracks, and that has opened Parc-Extension to a clientele thats prepared to pay higher rents, Darwish said.

Renovictions, a term coined by housing groups to refer towhen a landlord pressures a tenant to leave so an apartment can be renovated and rented for substantially more, is also happening in the neighbourhood, she said.

By law, a landlord in Quebec can only evict to enlarge, subdivide or change the vocation of a dwelling.

But tenants can also be legally forced to leave due to repossession, either because the landlord is claiming the dwelling for himself or herself, or to move in an immediate family member or dependent.

However, there are new rules that restrict the right to evict or repossess when the tenant is over the age of 70.

The rules and obligations are different with eviction and repossession.

A tenant who wants to contest an eviction notice must open a file at the Rgie du logementwithin 30 days of receiving the notice, otherwise she or he is deemed to have accepted. The landlord need only to prove to the Rgie that he or she truly intends to divide, enlarge or legally change the vocation of the unit to win.

Contrary to the eviction process, a tenant who doesnt respond within 30 days to a landlords written notice of repossession is deemed to have refused it. The obligation is then the landlords to apply to the Rgie du logement within 30 days of the tenants refusal or within 30 days of the expiry of the period given to the tenant to respond.

Thats the situation for Aziz Khlifi, a Parc-Extension resident whos in limbo as he waits to see if his landlord will apply to the rental board to repossess his apartment after sending him a notice in late December. He says the landlord told him he wants to move into the building, and into his particular flat.

I have stress at work, stress at home, the father of two said. If I were still a bachelor, it would be less of a problem. I could share an apartment with a roommate if I had to. But with kids, you need space and you need to manage on a budget.

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'Papa, are we going to leave?' So many families facing eviction in Parc-Extension - Montreal Gazette

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