Just Bugs | GTA, Vaughan, Richmond Hill Bed Bug Pest Control

Just Bugs Professional Pest Control offers more than just bed bug eradication - they're in the peace of mind business. Because when you discover a bed bug infestation - or a wasp nest in your wall, or termites in your floor - you also get stress anxiety and sleepless nights.

Having Just Bugs on your side means a quick and affordable end to the problems of household pets. Mike Cardaci - Bed Bug Mike - and his team are trained and experienced in the traditional methods for eliminating beg bugs and other pests, as well as the modern methods of heat treatments.

The first step is a thorough and scientific examination of the premises. Then through consultation with you the homeowner or property manager, a course of action is determined. Health Canada-approved chemical treatments are an option, as are the Just Bugs-developed heat treatments methods.

When you have a bed bug problem - or difficulties with other household pets, Bed Bug Mike and Just Bugs are available to assess and eliminate the issues on budget and most importantly, as quickly as possible.

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Just Bugs | GTA, Vaughan, Richmond Hill Bed Bug Pest Control

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