FOX19 Investigates: Secret bed bug dangers

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Despite their best efforts, some people in Cincinnati are bringing home bed bugs in some creepy and unexpected ways, FOX19 News has learned.

Over the past month, we have been talking with bed bug experts, business owners --- and you --- about what you're seeing.

What may get you scratching involuntarily are the stories about the places you'd never expect to catch bed bugs.

FOX19 viewer Kevin, writing on the station's Facebook page, says he got them after renting a moving truck.

"It's the only place that it could have been," he said, "as the place I moved from did not have them and my new home did not have them to start."

We've heard similar stories, too. The problem is some rental companies don't properly inspect or clean their trucks after a family has turned-in the one they rented. So if they had bed bugs they're passed along to the next family that rents the truck.

FOX19 visited a large moving company in our area to see how their employees try to prevent carrying bed bugs from house to house. You'll see that part of the story Wednesday night at 10 o'clock.

We'll also meet a man who got bed bugs after hip replacement surgery. One of the medical devices he rented was infested with them. He has pictures of the bite marks to prove it.

Tune in Wednesday night at 10:00 p.m. to FOX19.

FOX19 Investigates: Secret bed bug dangers

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