Bed Bug Report for Hilton Palmer House, Chicago, IL

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Anonymous on 07/31/2012

On July 5 2012, I wrote the previous report: "I just returned from a 4 night stay at the Palmer House, Jun 29 to Jul 3 2012..." I would like to confirm that after consulting with my physician, the welts mentionned in my previous report were not "Bedbugs" related, so no bedbugs to report for the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago. I will stay there again whenever I return to Chicago, a beautiful and very well located hotel.

Anonymous on 07/05/2012

I just returned from a 4 night stay at the Palmer House, Jun 29 to Jul 3 2012 and had a wonderful stay. I found the hotel to be beautiful with a great location. On the last day of my stay and since I have returned I'm now getting red welts in the "line of three" pattern common with bedbug bites. Needless to say Im freaking out praying that I did not bring any with me and infected my home and will be consulting my family physician asap. As I was unsuspecting I did not thoroughly inspected my ro

om so I cannot say for sure if my room was infected but since the Palmer House is the only hotel I stayed at recently, it is safe to assume it's where I got bitten and screw up an otherwise great vacation.

Palmer House Hilton on 10/06/2011

The Palmer House prides itself on its 140 year record for providing scrupulous attention to any and all issues that deal with even the slightest breakout of insect infestation anywhere in the hotel. The recent flurry of news activity relating to bed bugs in American lodging institutions is one that is not taken lightly. However, those that directly relate to our hotel, are taken with extreme seriousness and grave concern. It should be made clear that our record for being proactive, preventat

ive and consistently diligent in the training of our room attendants to be aware of even the slightest possibility of such an occurrence is investigated immediately and thoroughly. When there is even the slightest shadow of a doubt we put a guest room out of order until we have conclusively proven that our suspicions are unfounded. With that said, we must make it absolutely clear the recent blogs of guests claiming to be bitten or otherwise affected by bed bugs or other insects in our hotel, are very concerning and without documentation. For questions or concerns please contact: Ms. Karen Mitchell (312-621-7320) or Mr. Ken Price (312-621-7326).

Anonymous on 08/30/2011

I stayed here on 8/24/11 and 8/25/11. Room was great. Excellent hotel all around. HOWEVER, second night I woke up with about one hundred (hard to count) little bites (red, itchy bumps) all over my back, armpits and arms.

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Bed Bug Report for Hilton Palmer House, Chicago, IL

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