IN Bed Bug Control Gets Rid Of Bed Bugs In Indiana, Kentucky …

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Actions Bed Bug Control Takes The Bite Out Of Bed Bugs

Concerns about bed bugs and their bites have many homeowners as well as business owners and managers in our region worried and with good reason. Though small in stature, these parasitic insects can cause major headaches. Bed bugs not only disrupt the normal day-to-day routine of homes and families in Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois, bed bugs can disrupt operations in hotels and other commercial environments, cause bad publicity, have the potential to incur high remediation and litigation costs and tarnish a companys hard earned reputation. At Action Pest Control, we understand how difficult it is to get rid of bed bugs, which is why we offer the most comprehensive bed bug control in Indianapolis, IN; Terre Haute, IN; Louisville, KY and throughout our service area.

To ensure complete elimination of bed bugs, all sources of infestation must be identified quickly and efficiently. Action Pest Control accomplishes this with our Bed Bug Detection Services. Trained to detect bed bugs in both residential and commercial settings with 98% accuracy, our canines will sniff out bed bugs, nymphs and eggs. Learn more about our bed bug detection services, or contact us today for more information.

Action Pest Control is the forefront of pest management technology with our bed bug heat remediation treatments, an eco-friendly yet highly effective method that kills bed bugs in all stages of development. Learn more about our heat remediation services for bed bugs.


"Very Confident with Action Pest. Jama Cartwright, Jama is friendly and very informative in her job and helped me a lot with questions I ask about my house treatments. I feel very confident with Action Pest and Jama!"

Jo Ann Woolsey

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IN Bed Bug Control Gets Rid Of Bed Bugs In Indiana, Kentucky ...

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