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Maybe you just think you have Bed Bugs? Call Us Now!

We understand that many people are searching for solutions to their bed bugs problem, and would rather talk to someone over the phone. Armed with some of the worlds leading bed bug resources and authorities to help, we are here with all your bed bug questions or concerns. We help you to evaluate problems, provide sound resources to all callers and point you in the direction of a qualified bed bug professional that can offer immediate help with your situation.

For over 6 years, the IBBRA Bed Bug Hotline has provided a sign of hope along with vital resources for thousands of people affected by bed bugs.

Our organization provides confidential, one-on-one support to each of our callers. We offer experienced advocates to speak to, a sympathetic and understanding ear, compassionate caring heart, essential education, and direct communication options to skilled professional resources for immediate relief.

Our growing database offers technically experienced bed bug elimination services, bed bug detection service providers, product resources and legal help.

We work to create awareness through community outreach programs, educational books, posters (in both English & Spanish), power points and sustained partnerships with bed bug professionals worldwide, all focused on eliminating your bed bug problem.

Today, our hotline is continuing to grow and provide these critical services to many.

Phone Support

Trained bed bug advocates are available to take your calls through our toll free hotline at 1-888-9-NOBEDBUGS (888-966-2332) or any of our service providers in your area. Just click on the map and put in your zip code to find the nearest provider.

Compassionate and Confidential

Many times our callers are in tears and afraid to talk about it. Maybe youre are being shut out and not allowed to visit others because they know you have/had bed bugs. Maybe you are embarrassed or feel dirty. Some people feel they are going crazy. We can assure you that you are not, you are not alone and not the only one feeling these emotions. Dont be scared or ashamed of sharing this information with us, your secrets safe. Know that bed bugs can affect anyone at any time and has equally affected people of all lifestyles globally.

If you chose not to share your name or contact information that is fine with us, we will never expose you, use your name or contact anyone because of your problem. We will still give you the confidential and compassionate care and information you need and point you in the right direction.

By sharing your bed bug stories, trails and errors with us helps us to acknowledge more of what is necessary for the industry and helps us develop well-needed resources to fill these needs. Therefore, we thank you for your trust in us!

(All calls and chats are completely confidential unless you specifically ask us to share your information with other professionals for help with your problem).

Since bed bugs are still a mystery and misunderstood by most, the IBBRA provides support for anyone to call and get answers. Suspecting you have bed bugs or if you have found a bed bug, we recommend that you get immediate assistance from an experienced professional in your area, but if you are unsure and dont know which way to turn, the IBBRA can help answer your questions and direct you to the appropriate help that you need.

No matter what the circumstances or if any of the above applies to you, and you need immediate help, give us a call 888-966-2332 or visit our service provider map

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