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As another cool Fall hits Illinois, the state has more to contend with than just icy temperatures. One of the United States biggest public health problems is beginning to spread to the highly developed state bed bugs. The small bugs have caused major problems in cities such as New York and San Francisco, and they have the potential to become a major nuisance in Illinois, Chicago in particular.

Bed bugs were almost completely eliminated from the states houses in the 1940s and 1950s, as the usage of preventative chemicals increased and the construction of high-density housing took off. In recent years, however, theyve reappeared due to the weaker chemicals allowed to pest controllers, and a distinct lack of public awareness. Chicago is one of several cities playing part in the boom.

The biggest bed bug centers are, as to be expected, New York City and Philadelphia. As part of the nations highly urbanized Eastern Seaboard, the cities attract a great deal of travelers and temporary residents. But unlike New York or Philadelphia, Illinois and its major population centers, despite being a major tourism destination, arent exactly close to other populous urban areas.

Nevertheless, the bugs are making a comeback in the state. An article from the Illinois Department of Public Health has highlighted the problem, offering advice to residents that spot the bugs and are facing a major infestation. Its an unusual occurrence, given that other states have typically acted on the issue after the bugs became a major feature in local media programming and newspapers.

For residents, the proactive release is very much a good thing. While Illinois is facing a major bed bug problem, its still years behind centers such as New York City and San Francisco when it comes to their prevalence. The bugs are notoriously difficult to remove, making the early release and any attention building efforts a positive investment. If the state can act quickly, the bugs may not win.

This guide aims to educate readers as to the extent of Illinois bed bug problems, the options which residents can employ to remove the bugs, and major outbreaks in commercial buildings. While bed bugs arent as much of an issue in Illinois as they are in other states, their presence is certainly one that could lead to major economic, social, and public health problems. How are bed bugs spreading through Illinois? Illinois is not a major stopover point for road travelers, although the states network does allow for fairly rapid cross-country travel. Most experts have pointed towards Chicagos status as a traveler-friendly city as a potential cause for the bugs, along with the extreme density often seen in suburbs within the inner city. Public transportation remains a possible location for the bugs to spread.

While news outlets have claimed that the bugs can be found in low-end hotels, they remain just as likely to appear in luxurious resorts or high-end serviced apartments. Travel accommodation is one of several major breeding grounds for the bugs, with high turnover rates making it difficult for staff to detect and remove the pests. Overnight trains and buses are also major infestation sources.

In addition, a number of residents have reported home infestations after purchasing new clothing. Cases of retail infestations have appeared in New York City, and the presence of the pests in retail stores is a potential risk in Chicago. While no major commercial outbreaks have been reported, pest control experts have dealt with infestations in office buildings and major business centers this year.

Finally, the states biggest city Chicago is a major air travel hub. With OHare International Airport servicing hundreds of flights daily, the propensity for bed bugs to spread in hotels is an alarming thought for residents. Long-term tourism destinations are surprisingly not a significant breeding ground for the bugs, but Chicagos status as a frequent stopover spot puts it at risk.

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Bed Bugs Chicago - Bed

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