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Bed bugs can be found almost anywhere, from apartment buildings to four star hotel rooms. Recently, they have become more problematic. Possible reasons include modern bed bugs resistance to pesticides, increased travel, global warming, and lack of public awareness. Most likely its a combination of all of these and others.

Q: What are bed bugs?

A: Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are parasites that feed on human blood. Adult bed bugs are about the size, shape and color of an apple seed. They are found wherever humans sleep, feed mostly at night, and can reproduce very rapidly.

Q. Do bed bugs spread disease?

A. Bed bugs should not be considered as a medical or public health hazard. Bed bugs are not known to spread disease. Bed bugs can be an annoyance because their presence may cause itching and loss of sleep.

The City of Chicago is committed to making sure residents have the best information to protect themselves from bed bugs. Most experts agree that public education and awareness are the best defenses against bed bugs.

The City has partnered with the Safer Pest Control Project NFP, to provide the bed bug fact sheets and other information available here. Please take the time to review the information carefully. Bed bugs are unlike most other pests and are difficult to control if actions are not taken quickly using the best methods available.

The following fact sheets have been provided by Safer Pest Control Project, a not for profit organization founded in 1994 to reduce the health risks and environmental impacts of pesticides in Illinois by advocating for the use of Integrated Pest Management, or IPM a proven, effective and economical method of pest control that aims to eliminate the root causes of the pest problem.

For more fact sheets and detailed information about pest control or Bed Bugs, you can visit their website

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City of Chicago :: Bed Bug Information

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